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Funmate NHL Hockey Puffy Sticker 1983-1984

NHL Hockey Puffy Sticker 1983-1984

Year: 1984
Total stickers: 154

Funmate NHL Hockey Puffy Stickers 1983-84.

collecting: 1 / completed: 0


2LogoBoston Bruins-101.00
3Barry PedersonBoston Bruins-101.00
4Rick MiddletonBoston Bruins-101.00
5Jim SchoenfeldBoston Bruins-101.00
6Ray BourqueBoston Bruins-101.00
7Pete PeetersBoston Bruins-101.00
8Terry OBoston Bruins-101.00
9LogoBuffalo Sabres-101.00
10Mike FolignoBuffalo Sabres-101.00
11Real CloutierBuffalo Sabres-101.00
12Gil PerreaultBuffalo Sabres-101.00
13Dale McCourtBuffalo Sabres-101.00
14John Van BoxmeerBuffalo Sabres-101.00
15Phil HousleyBuffalo Sabres-101.00
16LogoCalgary Flames-101.00
17Doug RisebroughCalgary Flames-101.00
18Steve TambelliniCalgary Flames-101.00
19Don EdwardsCalgary Flames-101.00
20Paul ReinhartCalgary Flames-101.00
21Kent NilssonCalgary Flames-101.00
22Lanny McDonaldCalgary Flames-101.00
23LogoChicago Black Hawks-101.00
24Tony EspositoChicago Black Hawks-101.00
25Al SecordChicago Black Hawks-101.00
26Doug WilsonChicago Black Hawks-101.00
27Steve LarmerChicago Black Hawks-101.00
28Tom LysiakChicago Black Hawks-101.00
29Denis SavardChicago Black Hawks-101.00
30LogoDetroit Red Wings-101.00
31Ron DuguayDetroit Red Wings-101.00
32John OgrodnickDetroit Red Wings-101.00
33Walt McKechnieDetroit Red Wings-101.00
34Danny GareDetroit Red Wings-101.00
35Brad ParkDetroit Red Wings-101.00
36Reed LarsonDetroit Red Wings-101.00
37LogoEdmonton Oilers-101.00
38Wayne GretzkyEdmonton Oilers-101.00
39Mark MessierEdmonton Oilers-101.00
40Glenn AndersonEdmonton Oilers-101.00
41Jari KurriEdmonton Oilers-101.00
42Paul CoffeyEdmonton Oilers-101.00
43Ken LinsemanEdmonton Oilers-101.00
44LogoHartford Whalers-101.00
45Pierre LaroucheHartford Whalers-101.00
46Greg MillenHartford Whalers-101.00
47Risto SiltanenHartford Whalers-101.00
48Mark JohnsonHartford Whalers-101.00
49Blaine StoughtonHartford Whalers-101.00
50Ron FrancisHartford Whalers-101.00
51LogoLos Angeles Kings-101.00
52Jim FoxLos Angeles Kings-101.00
53Bernie NichollsLos Angeles Kings-101.00
54Charlie SimmerLos Angeles Kings-101.00
55Marcel DionneLos Angeles Kings-101.00
56Larry MurphyLos Angeles Kings-101.00
57Dave TaylorLos Angeles Kings-101.00
58LogoMinnesota North Stars-101.00
59Neal BrotenMinnesota North Stars-101.00
60Craig HartsburgMinnesota North Stars-101.00
61Bobby SmithMinnesota North Stars-101.00
62Brian BellowsMinnesota North Stars-101.00
63Dino CiccarelliMinnesota North Stars-101.00
64Dennis MarukMinnesota North Stars-101.00
65LogoMontreal Canadiens-101.00
66Mats NaslundMontreal Canadiens-101.00
67Guy LafleurMontreal Canadiens-101.00
68Larry RobinsonMontreal Canadiens-101.00
69Mario TremblayMontreal Canadiens-101.00
70Ryan WalterMontreal Canadiens-101.00
71Steve ShuttMontreal Canadiens-101.00
72LogoNew Jersey Devils-101.00
73Don LeverNew Jersey Devils-101.00
74Tapio LevoNew Jersey Devils-101.00
75Hector MariniNew Jersey Devils-101.00
76Bob MacMillanNew Jersey Devils-101.00
77Phil RussellNew Jersey Devils-101.00
78Glenn ReschNew Jersey Devils-101.00
79LogoNew York Islanders-101.00
80Mike BossyNew York Islanders-101.00
81Denis PotvinNew York Islanders-101.00
82Billy SmithNew York Islanders-101.00
83John TonelliNew York Islanders-101.00
84Clark GilliesNew York Islanders-101.00
85Bryan TrottierNew York Islanders-101.00
86LogoNew York Rangers-101.00
87Anders HedbergNew York Rangers-101.00
88Rob McClanahanNew York Rangers-101.00
89Reijo RuotsalainenNew York Rangers-101.00
90Willie HuberNew York Rangers-101.00
91Barry BeckNew York Rangers-101.00
92Don MaloneyNew York Rangers-101.00
93LogoPhiladelphia Flyers-101.00
94Bobby ClarkePhiladelphia Flyers-101.00
95Darryl SittlerPhiladelphia Flyers-101.00
96Mark HowePhiladelphia Flyers-101.00
97Brian ProppPhiladelphia Flyers-101.00
98Bill BarberPhiladelphia Flyers-101.00
99Behn WilsonPhiladelphia Flyers-101.00
100LogoPittsburgh Penguins-101.00
101Greg MalonePittsburgh Penguins-101.00
102Paul GardnerPittsburgh Penguins-101.00
103Rick KehoePittsburgh Penguins-101.00
104Michel DionPittsburgh Penguins-101.00
105Mike BullardPittsburgh Penguins-101.00
106Randy CarlylePittsburgh Penguins-101.00
107LogoQuebec Nordiques-101.00
108Peter StastnyQuebec Nordiques-101.00
109Marian StastnyQuebec Nordiques-101.00
110Anton StastnyQuebec Nordiques-101.00
111Tony McKegneyQuebec Nordiques-101.00
112Michel GouletQuebec Nordiques-101.00
113Dan BouchardQuebec Nordiques-101.00
114LogoSt. Louis Blues-101.00
115Blake DunlopSt. Louis Blues-101.00
116Rob RamageSt. Louis Blues-101.00
117Mike LiutSt. Louis Blues-101.00
118Brian SutterSt. Louis Blues-101.00
119Jorgen PetterssonSt. Louis Blues-101.00
120Bernie FederkoSt. Louis Blues-101.00
121LogoToronto Maple Leafs-101.00
122Bill DerlagoToronto Maple Leafs-101.00
123John AndersonToronto Maple Leafs-101.00
124Rick VaiveToronto Maple Leafs-101.00
125Mike PalmateerToronto Maple Leafs-101.00
126Peter IhnacakToronto Maple Leafs-101.00
127Borje SalmingToronto Maple Leafs-101.00
128LogoVancouver Canucks-101.00
129Richard BrodeurVancouver Canucks-101.00
130Dave WilliamsVancouver Canucks-101.00
131Stan SmylVancouver Canucks-101.00
132Darcy RotaVancouver Canucks-101.00
133Thomas GradinVancouver Canucks-101.00
134Kevin McCarthyVancouver Canucks-101.00
135LogoWashington Capitals-101.00
136Rod LangwayWashington Capitals-101.00
137Brian EngblomWashington Capitals-101.00
138Milan NovyWashington Capitals-101.00
139Mike GartnerWashington Capitals-101.00
140Bobby CarpenterWashington Capitals-101.00
141Pat RigginWashington Capitals-101.00
142LogoWinnipeg Jets-101.00
143Dave BabychWinnipeg Jets-101.00
144Brian MullenWinnipeg Jets-101.00
145Scott ArnielWinnipeg Jets-101.00
146Dale HawerchukWinnipeg Jets-101.00
147Morris LukowichWinnipeg Jets-101.00
148Paul MacLeanWinnipeg Jets-101.00
149Hart TrophyTrophies and Awards-101.00
150Calder TpophyTrophies and Awards-101.00
151Lady Byng TrophyTrophies and Awards-101.00
152Vezina TrophyTrophies and Awards-101.00
153Conn Smythe TrophyTrophies and Awards-101.00
154James Norris TrophyTrophies and Awards-101.00