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Panini Calcio Cards 2001-2002

Calcio Cards 2001-2002

Year: 2001
Total cards: 187

Collection preview (77% scanned images)

collecting: 10 / completed: 8


1M. TaibiAtalantaBase card340.75
2G. BelliniAtalantaBase card340.75
3M. CarreraAtalantaBase card331.00
4C. DoniAtalantaBase card441.00
5L. ZauriAtalantaBase card431.33
6D. ZenoniAtalantaBase card340.75
7G. ComandiniAtalantaBase card431.33
8G. PagliucaBolognaBase card422.00
9S. FresiBolognaBase card340.75
10R. OliveBolognaBase card350.60
11F. PecchiaBolognaBase card331.00
12L. ZauliBolognaBase card350.60
13J. R. CruzBolognaBase card441.00
14G. SignoriBolognaBase card431.33
15L. CastellazziBresciaBase card431.33
16D. BoneraBresciaBase card431.33
17A. CaloriBresciaBase card340.75
18J. GuardiolaBresciaBase card431.33
19A. FilippiniBresciaBase card340.75
20R. BaggioBresciaBase card422.00
21I. TareBresciaBase card250.40
22C. LupatelliChievo VeronaBase card340.75
23M. D’AngeloChievo VeronaBase card350.60
24E. CoriniChievo VeronaBase card350.60
25EribertoChievo VeronaBase card431.33
26C. Jose ManfrediniChievo VeronaBase card350.60
27S. PerrottaChievo VeronaBase card331.00
28B. CorradiChievo VeronaBase card441.00
29G. TagilatelaFiorentinaBase card350.60
30D. AdaniFiorentinaBase card340.75
31M. TorricelliFiorentinaBase card230.67
32R. BaronioFiorentinaBase card340.75
33A. Di LivioFiorentinaBase card340.75
34D. MorfeoFiorentinaBase card350.60
35N. GomesFiorentinaBase card321.50
36F. ToldoInterBase card431.33
37M. MatrrazziInterBase card431.33
38S. ConceicaoInterBase card431.33
39SeedorfInterBase card450.80
40J. A. ZanettiInterBase card422.00
41RonaldoInterBase card431.33
42C. VieriInterBase card431.33
43G. BuffonJuventusBase card632.00
44L. ThuramJuventusBase card641.50
45E. DavidsJuventusBase card632.00
46P. NedvedJuventusBase card531.67
47A. TacchinardiJuventusBase card531.67
48A. Del PieroJuventusBase card623.00
49D. TrezeguetJuventusBase card641.50
50A. PeruzziLazioBase card431.33
51A. NestaLazioBase card431.33
52G. PancaroLazioBase card431.33
53S. FioreLazioBase card431.33
54F. LiveraniLazioBase card431.33
55G. MendietaLazioBase card331.00
56H. J. CrespoLazioBase card522.50
57A. ChimentiLecceBase card331.00
58D. BalleriLecceBase card230.67
59G. PopescuLecceBase card331.00
60L. StoviniLecceBase card340.75
61G. GiacomazziLecceBase card441.00
62J. E. ChevantonLecceBase card331.00
63D. VugrinecLecceBase card340.75
64C. AbbiatiMilanBase card422.00
65P. MaldiniMilanBase card340.75
66D. AlbertiniMilanBase card422.00
67R. CostaMilanBase card441.00
68SerginhoMilanBase card431.33
69F. InzaghiMilanBase card431.33
70A. ShevchenkoMilanBase card340.75
71S. FreyParmaBase card450.80
72F. CannavaroParmaBase card441.00
73R. N. SensiniParmaBase card414.00
74M. J. AlmeydaParmaBase card422.00
75S. LamouchiParmaBase card441.00
76H. NakataParmaBase card331.00
77M. Di VaioParmaBase card431.33
78A. MazzantiniPerugiaBase card230.67
79T. DellasPerugiaBase card350.60
80Ze MariaPerugiaBase card240.50
81D. BaioccoPerugiaBase card240.50
82Jung Hwan AhnPerugiaBase card331.00
83G. TedescoPerugiaBase card422.00
84Z. VryzasPerugiaBase card541.25
85M. GuardalbenPiacenzaBase card531.67
86A. LucarelliPiacenzaBase card340.75
87E. Di FrancescoPiacenzaBase card422.00
88C. GautieriPiacenzaBase card431.33
89F. MatsuzalemPiacenzaBase card340.75
90N. CacciaPiacenzaBase card331.00
91D. HubnerPiacenzaBase card250.40
92F. AntonioliRomaBase card331.00
93V. CandelaRomaBase card422.00
94W. A. SamuelRomaBase card531.67
95A. CassanoRomaBase card422.00
96G. O. BatistutaRomaBase card321.50
97V. MonterllaRomaBase card431.33
98F. TottiRomaBase card431.33
99L. BucciTorinoBase card331.00
100F. GalanteTorinoBase card340.75
101A. AstaTorinoBase card441.00
102D. De AscentisTorinoBase card230.67
103B. CauetTorinoBase card541.25
104M. FerranteTorinoBase card441.00
105C. LucarelliTorinoBase card350.60
106L. TurciUdineseBase card431.33
107V. BertottoUdineseBase card230.67
108M. GargoUdineseBase card350.60
109M. JorgensenUdineseBase card441.00
110D. M. P. CortesUdineseBase card260.33
111D. Di MicheleUdineseBase card350.60
112R. MuzziUdineseBase card331.00
113G. RossiVeneziaBase card230.67
114J. AlgerinoVeneziaBase card331.00
115W. VialiVeneziaBase card340.75
116D. J. AnderssonVeneziaBase card431.33
117M. BressanVeneziaBase card331.00
118I. VannucchiVeneziaBase card340.75
119F. ManieroVeneziaBase card331.00
120F. FerronVeronaBase card331.00
121M.OddoVeronaBase card441.00
122M. ZanchiVeronaBase card441.00
123M. G. CamoranesiVeronaBase card350.60
124A. MazzolaVeronaBase card431.33
125A. MutuVeronaBase card340.75
126A. GilardinoVeronaBase card340.75
A1G. O. BatistutaRomaGli attaccanti331.00
A2H.J CrespoLazioGli attaccanti441.00
A3A. Del PieroJuventusGli attaccanti632.00
A4M. Di VaioParmaGli attaccanti422.00
A5F. InzaghiMilanGli attaccanti422.00
A6V. MontellaRomaGli attaccanti331.00
A7RonaldoInterGli attaccanti431.33
A8A. ShevchenkoMilanGli attaccanti422.00
A9D. TrezeguetJuventusGli attaccanti422.00
A10C. VieriInterGli attaccanti431.33
C1G. BuffonParmaStelle in maglia nuova202.00
C2G. BuffonParma/JuventusStelle in maglia nuova303.00
C3G. BuffonJuventusStelle in maglia nuova303.00
C4A. CassanoBariStelle in maglia nuova101.00
C5A. CassanoBari/RomaStelle in maglia nuova101.00
C6A. CassanoRomaStelle in maglia nuova101.00
C7S. FioreUdineseStelle in maglia nuova101.00
C8S. FioreUdunese/LazioStelle in maglia nuova101.00
C9S. FioreLazioStelle in maglia nuova101.00
C10F. InzaghiJuventusStelle in maglia nuova303.00
C11F. InzaghiJuventus/MilanStelle in maglia nuova202.00
C12F. InzaghiMilanStelle in maglia nuova101.00
C13H. NakataRomaStelle in maglia nuova101.00
C14H. NakataRoma/ParmaStelle in maglia nuova101.00
C15H. NakataParmaStelle in maglia nuova101.00
C16P. NedvedLazioStelle in maglia nuova202.00
C17P. NedvedLazio/JuventusStelle in maglia nuova202.00
C18P. NedvedJuventusStelle in maglia nuova303.00
C19R. CostaFiorentinaStelle in maglia nuova101.00
C20R. CostaFiorentina/MilanStelle in maglia nuova101.00
C21R. CostaMilanStelle in maglia nuova101.00
C22L. ThuramParmaStelle in maglia nuova202.00
C23L. ThuramParma/JuventusStelle in maglia nuova202.00
C24L. ThuramJuventusStelle in maglia nuova303.00
C25F. ToldoFiorentinaStelle in maglia nuova101.00
C26F. ToldoFiorentina/InterStelle in maglia nuova101.00
C27F. ToldoInterStelle in maglia nuova101.00
G1R. BaggioBresciaI grandi101.00
G2G. O. BatistutaRomaI grandi101.00
G3F. CannavaroParmaI grandi101.00
G4A. Del PieroJuventusI grandi303.00
G5P. MaldiniMilanI grandi101.00
G6G. MendietaLazioI grandi101.00
G7H. NakataParmaI grandi101.00
G8A. NestaLazioI grandi101.00
G9F. TottiRomaI grandi101.00
G10J. A. ZanettiInterI grandi101.00
M1H. Nakata
P1C. AbbiatiMilanI portieri101.00
P2F. AntonioliRomaI portieri101.00
P3L. BucciTorinoI portieri000.00
P4G. BuffonJuventusI portieri303.00
P5F. FerronVeronaI portieri101.00
P6S. FreyParmaI portieri101.00
P7G. PagliucaBolognaI portieri101.00
P8A. PeruzziLazioI portieri101.00
P9M. TaibiAtalantaI portieri101.00
P10F. ToldoInterI portieri101.00
S1H. NakataParmaCarta Scarpa101.00