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Card 142: Mario Balotelli

Mario Balotelli (Manchester City FC)

Mario Balotelli (Manchester City FC)

142. Panini UEFA Champions League 2011-2012. Adrenalyn XL

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«Mario Balotelli»

«Mario Balotelli»

Section: Manchester City FC

Type: Rising Stars

Offer (15):
AustriaRolandito    Czech Republicpeethazelii    GermanyLiverpool1892    DenmarkWinther97    United Kingdomjohnbs1009    Hungarylalilnga, mojo61    Polandbryan201, Brajczes, voytek54, trickas, Kacper123456789, adrian0371    SwedenCisson78    Turkeyselamiertac

Need (17):
Belgiumbojami    Switzerlanddidierdomi    GermanyHellRacer63, TorbanTribal    Francecocan72, Fandesports88    Polandbucik81, Maciej123, wtk6666, Demek00, pawepie, jacobs19, kamiltw, Konters, olesia321, walus90    Portugaljuca1971

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