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Panini England 2016. Adrenalyn XL

England 2016. Adrenalyn XL

Year: 2016
Total cards: 132

The England Adrenalyn XL Official Trading Card Collection is on sale 19th May 2016.

collecting: 44 / completed: 20


1England CrestIntro-1381.63
2Home ShirtIntro-1672.29
3Away ShirtIntro-14101.40
4Wembley StadiumIntro-10280.36
5Roy HodgsonIntro-13200.65
6Nike BallIntro-13111.18
7Top Scorers: Wayne Rooney, Danny Welbeck, Theo WalcottCareer Performance-2063.33
8Most Assits: Wayne Rooney, Theo Walcott, Danny WelbeckCareer Performance-1291.33
9Minutes Played: Wayne Rooney, Joe Hart, James MilnerCareer Performance-17101.70
10Joe HartTeam Mates-9230.39
11Jack ButlandTeam Mates-12230.52
12Fraser ForsterTeam Mates-11190.58
13Tom HeatonTeam Mates-10210.48
14Kyle WalkerTeam Mates-10180.56
15Nathaniel ClyneTeam Mates-9280.32
16Phil JonesTeam Mates-11170.65
17Chris SmallingTeam Mates-11230.48
18Gary CahillTeam Mates-11200.55
19John StonesTeam Mates-16170.94
20Phil JagielkaTeam Mates-10260.38
21Kieran GibbsTeam Mates-14240.58
22Ryan BertrandTeam Mates-13190.68
23Danny RoseTeam Mates-12180.67
24Luke ShawTeam Mates-12190.63
25Jack WilshereTeam Mates-13230.57
26Jordan HendersonTeam Mates-11260.42
27James MilnerTeam Mates-10210.48
28Jonjo ShelveyTeam Mates-10200.50
29Raheem SterlingTeam Mates-9310.29
30Ryan MasonTeam Mates-10150.67
31Adam LallanaTeam Mates-12210.57
32Michael CarrickTeam Mates-14131.08
33Fabian DelphTeam Mates-10260.38
34Eric DierTeam Mates-13170.76
35Dele AlliTeam Mates-12210.57
36Ross BarkleyTeam Mates-11190.58
37Alex Oxlade-ChamberlainTeam Mates-10250.40
38Andros TownsendTeam Mates-10200.50
39Jesse LingardTeam Mates-10230.43
40Theo WalcottTeam Mates-12220.55
41Wayne RooneyTeam Mates-11250.44
42Harry KaneTeam Mates-13210.62
43Jamie VardyTeam Mates-13190.68
44Danny WelbeckTeam Mates-13160.81
45Daniel SturridgeTeam Mates-11220.50
46Kyle WalkerTeam Mates - New Home Kit-11260.42
47John StonesTeam Mates - New Home Kit-12170.71
48James MilnerTeam Mates - New Home Kit-12210.57
49Danny DrinkwaterTeam Mates - New Home Kit-14170.82
50Dele AlliTeam Mates - New Home Kit-12150.80
51Theo WalcottTeam Mates - New Home Kit-11260.42
52Harry KaneTeam Mates - New Home Kit-12240.50
53Jamie VardyTeam Mates - New Home Kit-12200.60
54Daniel SturridgeTeam Mates - New Home Kit-13190.68
55Fraser ForsterTeam Mates - New Away Kit-10200.50
56Nathaniel ClyneTeam Mates - New Away Kit-11280.39
57Chris SmallingTeam Mates - New Away Kit-13230.57
58Gary CahillTeam Mates - New Away Kit-12190.63
59Danny RoseTeam Mates - New Away Kit-11230.48
60Adam LallanaTeam Mates - New Away Kit-11160.69
61Eric DierTeam Mates - New Away Kit-11190.58
62Ross BarkleyTeam Mates - New Away Kit-13170.76
63Danny WelbeckTeam Mates - New Away Kit-10250.40
64Phil JonesTeam Mates - Dynamos-11140.79
65James MilnerTeam Mates - Dynamos-10210.48
66Fabian DelphTeam Mates - Dynamos-9270.33
67Raheem SterlingTeam Mates - Key Players-11230.48
68Daniel SturridgeTeam Mates - Key Players-12170.71
69Joe HartTeam Mates - Key Players-11180.61
70Wayne RooneyTeam Mates - Goal Machines-10230.43
71Harry KaneTeam Mates - Goal Machines-12180.67
72Danny WelbeckTeam Mates - Goal Machines-11180.61
73Eleven - Joe Hart, Nathaniel Clyne, Phil Jagielka, Gary Cahill, Kieran Gibbs, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Jordan Henderson, Raheem Sterling, Harry Kane, Wayne Rooney, Danny WelbeckEleven-1691.78
74Phil JagielkaTime Machines-15131.15
75Michael CarrickTime Machines-15111.36
76Wayne RooneyTime Machines-1691.78
77Joe HartGoal Stoppers-14131.08
78Jack ButlandGoal Stoppers-1853.60
79Fraser ForsterGoal Stoppers-17111.55
80Phil JagielkaDouble Trouble-14121.17
81Jordan HendersonDouble Trouble-1863.00
82Wayne RooneyDouble Trouble-14111.27
83Jamie VardyDouble Trouble-2739.00
84Joe HartSignatures-20121.67
85Adam LallanaSignatures-14111.27
86Jack WilshereSignatures-20121.67
87Raheem SterlingSignatures-15190.79
88Theo WalcottSignatures-1782.13
89Wayne RooneySignatures-15101.50
90Gary CahillDefensive Rocks-1844.50
91Phil JonesDefensive Rocks-1791.89
92Chris SmallingDefensive Rocks-1772.43
93Phil JagielkaDefensive Rocks-13150.87
94Kyle WalkerDefensive Rocks-1782.13
95Ross BarkleyMidfield Masters-1572.14
96Jonjo ShelveyMidfield Masters-14121.17
97Adam LallanaMidfield Masters-1772.43
98Jordan HendersonMidfield Masters-17121.42
99Andros TownsendMidfield Masters-13140.93
100Michael CarrickMidfield Masters-1772.43
101John StonesNext Generation-2082.50
102Dele AlliNext Generation-1691.78
103Eric DierNext Generation-1944.75
104Jack ButlandNext Generation-12121.00
105Joe HartExperts-1271.71
106Kyle WalkerExperts-18111.64
107James MilnerExperts-11130.85
108Wayne RooneyExperts-2182.63
109Jack WilshereGame Changers-12130.92
110Ross BarkeleyGame Changers-17151.13
111Harry KaneGame Changers-17111.55
112Adam LallanaInventiveness-14111.27
113Dele AlliInventiveness-14111.27
114Raheem SterlingInventiveness-15111.36
115Dele AlliOnes To Watch-15121.25
116Eric DierOnes To Watch-1744.25
117Jamie VardyOnes To Watch-12140.86
118Wayne RooneyCaptain-1892.00
119Harry KaneMaking History-18131.38
120Wayne RooneyMaking History-15131.15
121Group CelebrationCelebrations-1982.38
122Group CelebrationCelebrations-15121.25
123Group CelebrationCelebrations-1872.57
124Group CelebrationCelebrations-1882.25
125Group CelebrationCelebrations-1782.13
126Group CelebrationCelebrations-14190.74
LE-DADele Alli-Limited Edition29029.00
LE-GCGary Cahill-Limited Edition31031.00
LE-HKHarry Kane-Limited Edition34034.00
LE-JHJoe Hart-Limited Edition31031.00
LE-JVJamie Vardy-Limited Edition2145.25
LE-RSRaheem Sterling-Limited Edition30030.00