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Panini Manchester United 2013-2014. Trading Cards

Manchester United 2013-2014. Trading Cards

Year: 2013
Total cards: 131

The Official Manchester United Trading Card Collection 2013-14.

80 - Base cards, including sub-set Champions - 20 cards
30 - Ultra Cards (1 in 4 packets)
10 - Platinum Cards (1 in 10 packets)
6 - Premier Cards (1 in 15 packets)
5 - Limited Edition

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 21 / completed: 2


1David De GeaLine-Up CardsBase card751.40
2David De GeaLine-Up CardsUltra Card13013.00
3David De GeaLine-Up CardsBase card732.33
4RafaelLine-Up CardsBase card732.33
5RafaelLine-Up CardsUltra Card10010.00
6RafaelLine-Up CardsBase card717.00
7Patrice EvraLine-Up CardsBase card919.00
8Patrice EvraLine-Up CardsUltra Card11011.00
9Patrice EvraLine-Up CardsBase card919.00
10Phil JonesLine-Up CardsBase card732.33
11Phil JonesLine-Up CardsUltra Card11011.00
12Phil JonesLine-Up CardsBase card832.67
13Rio FerdinandLine-Up CardsBase card551.00
14Rio FerdinandLine-Up CardsUltra Card13013.00
15Rio FerdinandLine-Up CardsBase card723.50
16Jonny EvansLine-Up CardsBase card824.00
17Jonny EvansLine-Up CardsUltra Card11011.00
18Jonny EvansLine-Up CardsBase card717.00
19AndersonLine-Up CardsBase card818.00
20AndersonLine-Up CardsUltra Card10010.00
21AndersonLine-Up CardsBase card832.67
22Wayne RooneyLine-Up CardsBase card832.67
23Wayne RooneyLine-Up CardsUltra Card11011.00
24Wayne RooneyLine-Up CardsBase card651.20
25Ryan GiggsLine-Up CardsBase card641.50
26Ryan GiggsLine-Up CardsUltra Card13013.00
27Ryan GiggsLine-Up CardsBase card732.33
28Chris SmallingLine-Up CardsBase card818.00
29Chris SmallingLine-Up CardsUltra Card11011.00
30Chris SmallingLine-Up CardsBase card623.00
31Anders LindegaardLine-Up CardsBase card824.00
32Anders LindegaardLine-Up CardsUltra Card12012.00
33Anders LindegaardLine-Up CardsBase card824.00
34Javier HernandezLine-Up CardsBase card732.33
35Javier HernandezLine-Up CardsUltra Card11011.00
36Javier HernandezLine-Up CardsBase card661.00
37Nemanja VidicLine-Up CardsBase card632.00
38Nemanja VidicLine-Up CardsUltra Card12012.00
39Nemanja VidicLine-Up CardsBase card10110.00
40Michael CarrickLine-Up CardsBase card933.00
41Michael CarrickLine-Up CardsUltra Card13013.00
42Michael CarrickLine-Up CardsBase card10110.00
43NaniLine-Up CardsBase card732.33
44NaniLine-Up CardsUltra Card11011.00
45NaniLine-Up CardsBase card732.33
46Ashley YoungLine-Up CardsBase card741.75
47Ashley YoungLine-Up CardsUltra Card12012.00
48Ashley YoungLine-Up CardsBase card824.00
49Danny WelbeckLine-Up CardsBase card732.33
50Danny WelbeckLine-Up CardsUltra Card12012.00
51Danny WelbeckLine-Up CardsBase card818.00
52Robin van PersieLine-Up CardsBase card11111.00
53Robin van PersieLine-Up CardsUltra Card11011.00
54Robin van PersieLine-Up CardsBase card924.50
55FabioLine-Up CardsBase card832.67
56FabioLine-Up CardsUltra Card11011.00
57FabioLine-Up CardsBase card732.33
58Tom CleverleyLine-Up CardsBase card661.00
59Tom CleverleyLine-Up CardsUltra Card11011.00
60Tom CleverleyLine-Up CardsBase card623.00
61Darren FletcherLine-Up CardsBase card818.00
62Darren FletcherLine-Up CardsUltra Card11011.00
63Darren FletcherLine-Up CardsBase card723.50
64Antonio ValenciaLine-Up CardsBase card818.00
65Antonio ValenciaLine-Up CardsUltra Card12012.00
66Antonio ValenciaLine-Up CardsBase card832.67
67Shinji KagawaLine-Up CardsBase card732.33
68Shinji KagawaLine-Up CardsUltra Card12012.00
69Shinji KagawaLine-Up CardsBase card651.20
70Alexander ButtnerLine-Up CardsBase card651.20
71Alexander ButtnerLine-Up CardsUltra Card10110.00
72Alexander ButtnerLine-Up CardsBase card732.33
73Wilfried ZahaLine-Up CardsBase card10110.00
74Wilfried ZahaLine-Up CardsUltra Card12012.00
75Wilfried ZahaLine-Up CardsBase card824.00
76Guillermo VarelaLine-Up CardsBase card1025.00
77Guillermo VarelaLine-Up CardsUltra Card11011.00
78Guillermo VarelaLine-Up CardsBase card824.00
79Marouane FellainiLine-Up CardsBase card10010.00
80Marouane FellainiLine-Up CardsUltra Card12012.00
81Marouane FellainiLine-Up CardsBase card732.33
82Michael KeaneLine-Up CardsBase card551.00
83Michael KeaneLine-Up CardsUltra Card12012.00
84Michael KeaneLine-Up CardsBase card717.00
85Ben AmosLine-Up CardsBase card1025.00
86Ben AmosLine-Up CardsUltra Card10010.00
87Ben AmosLine-Up CardsBase card919.00
88Adnan JanuzajLine-Up CardsBase card909.00
89Adnan JanuzajLine-Up CardsUltra Card12012.00
90Adnan JanuzajLine-Up CardsBase card808.00
91David De GeaPlatinum CardsPlatinum Cards13013.00
92Patrice EvraPlatinum CardsPlatinum Cards11011.00
93Phil JonesPlatinum CardsPlatinum Cards10110.00
94Chris SmallingPlatinum CardsPlatinum Cards12012.00
95Javier HernandezPlatinum CardsPlatinum Cards10010.00
96Nemanja VidicPlatinum CardsPlatinum Cards12012.00
97Ashley YoungPlatinum CardsPlatinum Cards10010.00
98Antonio ValenciaPlatinum CardsPlatinum Cards12012.00
99Marouane FellainiPlatinum CardsPlatinum Cards11011.00
100Club CrestPlatinum CardsPlatinum Cards12012.00
101Rio FerdinandPremier CardsPremier Cards10010.00
102Wayne RooneyPremier CardsPremier Cards10110.00
103Ryan GiggsPremier CardsPremier Cards14014.00
104Michael CarrickPremier CardsPremier Cards12012.00
105Danny WelbeckPremier CardsPremier Cards10010.00
106Robin van PersiePremier CardsPremier Cards10010.00
107Antonio ValenciaChampionsBase card723.50
108Danny WelbeckChampionsBase card551.00
109Marouane FellainiChampionsBase card551.00
110Jonny EvansChampionsBase card531.67
111Phil JonesChampionsBase card717.00
112Michael CarrickChampionsBase card623.00
113Robin van PersieChampionsBase card818.00
114Tom CleverleyChampionsBase card522.50
115David De GeaChampionsBase card732.33
116Chris SmallingChampionsBase card641.50
117Patrice EvraChampionsBase card623.00
118Ryan GiggsChampionsBase card832.67
119RafaelChampionsBase card818.00
120AndersonChampionsBase card818.00
121Rio FerdinandChampionsBase card623.00
122Javier HernandezChampionsBase card641.50
123NaniChampionsBase card441.00
124Nemanja VidicChampionsBase card623.00
125Wayne RooneyChampionsBase card919.00
126Shinji KagawaChampionsBase card723.50
LE-DWDanny WelbeckLimited EditionLimited Edition12012.00
LE-MCMichael CarrickLimited EditionLimited Edition11011.00
LE-RGRyan GiggsLimited EditionLimited Edition13013.00
LE-RVPRobin van PersieLimited EditionLimited Edition12012.00
LE-WRWayne RooneyLimited EditionLimited Edition13013.00