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Panini NBA Basketball 2009-2010

NBA Basketball 2009-2010

Year: 2009
Total stickers: 384

NBA Basketball Stars 2009/10

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1Team Kit- Boston CELTICSBoston CELTICS-1728.50
2Kevin GarnettBoston CELTICS-1735.67
3Paul PierceBoston CELTICS-8150.53
4Rajon RondoBoston CELTICS-9110.82
5Lester HudsonBoston CELTICS-6130.46
6Ray AllenBoston CELTICS-7100.70
7Kendrick PerkinsBoston CELTICS-871.14
8Eddie HouseBoston CELTICS-761.17
9Glen DavisBoston CELTICS-5170.29
10Rasheed WallaceBoston CELTICS-7150.47
11Robert ParishBoston CELTICS-5140.36
12Team Kit-New Jersey NETSNew Jersey NETS-1572.14
13Devin HarrisNew Jersey NETS-2237.33
14Brook LopezNew Jersey NETS-9110.82
15Yi JianlianNew Jersey NETS-7120.58
16Terrence WilliamsNew Jersey NETS-2438.00
17Bobby SimmonsNew Jersey NETS-7120.58
18Team RecordNew Jersey NETS-10110.91
19Jarvis HayesNew Jersey NETS-6140.43
20Tony BattieNew Jersey NETS-5130.38
21Rafer AlstonNew Jersey NETS-9110.82
22Courtney LeeNew Jersey NETS-1191.22
23Team Kit-New York KnicksNew York KNICKS-1644.00
24Ai HarringtonNew York KNICKS-2063.33
25Danilo GallinariNew York KNICKS-7120.58
26Chris DuhonNew York KNICKS-8120.67
27Jordan HillNew York KNICKS-2237.33
28Wilson ChandlerNew York KNICKS-6130.46
29Willis ReedNew York KNICKS-881.00
30Nate RobinsonNew York KNICKS-991.00
31David LeeNew York KNICKS-7130.54
32Jared JeffriesNew York KNICKS-991.00
33Darko MilicicNew York KNICKS-6130.46
34Team Kit-Philadelphia 76ersPhiladelphia 76ers-1836.00
35Andre IguodalaPhiladelphia 76ers-2036.67
36Thaddeus YoungPhiladelphia 76ers-4170.24
37Samuel DalembertPhiladelphia 76ers-8120.67
38Jrue HolidayPhiladelphia 76ers-790.78
39Elton BrandPhiladelphia 76ers-5110.45
40Billy CunninghamPhiladelphia 76ers-7120.58
41Louis WilliamsPhiladelphia 76ers-8130.62
42Willie GreenPhiladelphia 76ers-6120.50
43Jason KaponoPhiladelphia 76ers-6120.50
44Primoz BrezecPhiladelphia 76ers-790.78
45Team Kit-Toronto RAPTORSToronto RAPTORS-1443.50
46Chris BoshToronto RAPTORS-2036.67
47Andrea BargnaniToronto RAPTORS-7140.50
48Jose CalderonToronto RAPTORS-7130.54
49DeMar DeRozanToronto RAPTORS-2254.40
50Rasho NesterovicToronto RAPTORS-8110.73
51NBA RecordToronto RAPTORS-9130.69
52Marco BelinelliToronto RAPTORS-5100.50
53Jarett JackToronto RAPTORS-9110.82
54Antoine WrightToronto RAPTORS-890.89
55Hedo TurkogluToronto RAPTORS-6150.40
56Team Kit-Chicago BULLSChicago BULLS-1744.25
57Derrick RoseChicago BULLS-2045.00
58Luol DengChicago BULLS-10140.71
59John SalmonsChicago BULLS-1081.25
60James JohnsonChicago BULLS-7130.54
61Brad MillerChicago BULLS-7120.58
62NBA RecordChicago BULLS-6120.50
63Joakim NoahChicago BULLS-9120.75
64Tyrus ThomasChicago BULLS-890.89
65Jannero PargoChicago BULLS-8110.73
66Kirk HinrichChicago BULLS-7120.58
67Team Kit-Cleveland CAVALIERSCleveland CAVALIERS-1635.33
68LeBron JamesCleveland CAVALIERS-2438.00
69Mo WilliamsCleveland CAVALIERS-5120.42
70Delonte WestCleveland CAVALIERS-1291.33
71Daniel GreenCleveland CAVALIERS-881.00
72Daniel GibsonCleveland CAVALIERS-6140.43
73Team RecordCleveland CAVALIERS-8130.62
74Anthony ParkerCleveland CAVALIERS-8120.67
75Shaquille O`NealCleveland CAVALIERS-5120.42
76Anderson VarejaoCleveland CAVALIERS-9120.75
77Zydrunas IlgauskasCleveland CAVALIERS-6120.50
78Team Kit-Detroit PISTONSDetroit PISTONS-1753.40
79Tayshaun PrinceDetroit PISTONS-1635.33
80Richard HamiltonDetroit PISTONS-7130.54
81Rodney StuckeyDetroit PISTONS-6120.50
82Austin DayeDetroit PISTONS-5140.36
83Ben GordonDetroit PISTONS-1271.71
84Isiah ThomasDetroit PISTONS-3130.23
85Will BynumDetroit PISTONS-11101.10
86Kwame BrownDetroit PISTONS-6120.50
87Charlie VillanuevaDetroit PISTONS-7130.54
88Ben WallaceDetroit PISTONS-7130.54
89Team Kit-Indiana PACERSIndiana PACERS-1133.67
90Danny GrangerIndiana PACERS-23211.50
91Mike DunleavyIndiana PACERS-5100.50
92T.J. FordIndiana PACERS-10101.00
93Tyler HansbroughIndiana PACERS-680.75
94Jeff FosterIndiana PACERS-10120.83
95Team RecordIndiana PACERS-9130.69
96Earl WatsonIndiana PACERS-13101.30
97Dahntay JonesIndiana PACERS-8120.67
98Troy MurphyIndiana PACERS-881.00
99Brandon RushIndiana PACERS-8120.67
100Team Kit-Milwaukee BUCKSMilwaukee BUCKS-1252.40
101Andrew BogutMilwaukee BUCKS-1944.75
102Michael ReddMilwaukee BUCKS-8110.73
103Francisco ElsonMilwaukee BUCKS-1152.20
104Brandon JenningsMilwaukee BUCKS-22211.00
105Charlie BellMilwaukee BUCKS-1152.20
106Luke RidnourMilwaukee BUCKS-5150.33
107Luc Mbah a MouteMilwaukee BUCKS-6130.46
108Hakim WarrickMilwaukee BUCKS-11120.92
109Ersan IlyasovaMilwaukee BUCKS-1171.57
110Oscar RobertsonMilwaukee BUCKS-10140.71
111Team Kit-Atlanta HAWKSAtlanta HAWKS-1271.71
112Joe JohnsonAtlanta HAWKS-1844.50
113Josh SmithAtlanta HAWKS-8120.67
114Mike BibbyAtlanta HAWKS-1152.20
115Jeff TeagueAtlanta HAWKS-780.88
116Al HorfordAtlanta HAWKS-6140.43
117Bob PettitAtlanta HAWKS-9180.50
118Maurice EvansAtlanta HAWKS-9130.69
119Zaza PachuliaAtlanta HAWKS-8130.62
120Marvin WilliamsAtlanta HAWKS-7110.64
121Jamal CrawfordAtlanta HAWKS-10101.00
122Team Kit-Charlotte BOBCATSCharlotte BOBCATS-1133.67
123Boris DiawCharlotte BOBCATS-22211.00
124Gerald WallaceCharlotte BOBCATS-641.50
125Raja BellCharlotte BOBCATS-8100.80
126Gerald HendersonCharlotte BOBCATS-961.50
127DeSagana DiopCharlotte BOBCATS-7120.58
128Team RecordCharlotte BOBCATS-10101.00
129D.J. AugustinCharlotte BOBCATS-1152.20
130Vladimir RadmanovicCharlotte BOBCATS-942.25
131Tyson ChandlerCharlotte BOBCATS-9120.75
132Raymond FeltonCharlotte BOBCATS-780.88
133Team Kit-Miami HEATMiami HEAT-6190.32
134Dwyane WadeMiami HEAT-10101.00
135Mario ChalmersMiami HEAT-1091.11
136Michael BeasleyMiami HEAT-10101.00
137Chris QuinnMiami HEAT-7110.64
138Udonis HaslemMiami HEAT-881.00
139Team RecordMiami HEAT-7160.44
140Daequan CookMiami HEAT-1052.00
141Joel AnthonyMiami HEAT-10110.91
142Quentin RichardsonMiami HEAT-9120.75
143Jermaine O`NealMiami HEAT-1291.33
144Team Kit-Orlando MAGICOrlando MAGIC-5200.25
145Dwight HowardOrlando MAGIC-10110.91
146Rashard LewisOrlando MAGIC-8150.53
147Jameer NelsonOrlando MAGIC-9100.90
148Mikael PietrusOrlando MAGIC-881.00
149J.J. RedickOrlando MAGIC-8170.47
150NBA RecordOrlando MAGIC-9160.56
151Anthony JohnsonOrlando MAGIC-7100.70
152Vince CarterOrlando MAGIC-8140.57
153Ryan AndersonOrlando MAGIC-8100.80
154Matt BarnesOrlando MAGIC-9100.90
155Team Kit-Washington WIZARDSWashington WIZARDS-7220.32
156Antawn JamisonWashington WIZARDS-7190.37
157Gilbert ArenasWashington WIZARDS-11120.92
158Caron ButlerWashington WIZARDS-7130.54
159Nick YoungWashington WIZARDS-670.86
160Andray BlatcheWashington WIZARDS-12111.09
161Elvin HayesWashington WIZARDS-5120.42
162Mike JamesWashington WIZARDS-10140.71
163Mike MillerWashington WIZARDS-9100.90
164Randy FoyeWashington WIZARDS-881.00
165Fabricio ObertoWashington WIZARDS-9130.69
166Andre Igoudala2008-2009 Minutes Played - Top 3-1836.00
167Joe Johnson2008-2009 Minutes Played - Top 3-991.00
168O.J. Mayo2008-2009 Minutes Played - Top 3-10101.00
169Anthony Morrow2008-2009 3-point % - Top 3-1929.50
170Jameer Nelson2008-2009 3-point % - Top 3-11111.00
171Troy Murphy2008-2009 3-point % - Top 3-871.14
172Chris Paul2008-2009 steals per game - Top 3-2538.33
173Dwyane Wade2008-2009 steals per game - Top 3-5120.42
174Jason Kidd2008-2009 steals per game - Top 3-991.00
175David Lee2008-2009 double-doubles - Top 3-2237.33
176Dwight Howard2008-2009 double-doubles - Top 3-8110.73
177Chris Paul2008-2009 double-doubles - Top 3-680.75
178Terry CummingsPassing the torch-1944.75
179Blake GriffinPassing the torch-1836.00
180Walt FrazierPassing the torch-1929.50
181Jordan HillPassing the torch-2245.50
182Pau GasolPassing the torch-2045.00
183Marc GasolPassing the torch-21210.50
184Kevin DurantPassing the torch-1735.67
185James HardenPassing the torch-2438.00
186Mitch RichmondPassing the torch-1635.33
187Omri CasspiPassing the torch-2254.40
188Chris MullinPassing the torch-1836.00
189Stephen CurryPassing the torch-2254.40
190Alvan AdamsPassing the torch-1635.33
191Taylor GriffinPassing the torch-21210.50
192Jose Calderon2008-2009 free throws % - Top 3-21210.50
193Ray Allen2008-2009 free throws % - Top 3-5100.50
194Steve Nash2008-2009 free throws % - Top 3-10110.91
195Dwight Howard2008-2009 blocks per game - Top 3-24212.00
196Chris Andersen2008-2009 blocks per game - Top 3-7120.58
197Marcus Camby2008-2009 blocks per game - Top 3-6120.50
198Chris Paul2008-2009 assists per game - Top 3-28214.00
199Deron Williams2008-2009 assists per game - Top 3-7100.70
200Steve Nash2008-2009 assists per game - Top 3-10160.63
201Dwight Howard2008-2009 total rebounds - Top 3-2036.67
202David Lee2008-2009 total rebounds - Top 3-7140.50
203Troy Murphy2008-2009 total rebounds - Top 3-6150.40
204Team Kit-Denver NUGGETSDenver NUGGETS-1362.17
205Carmelo AnthonyDenver NUGGETS-2137.00
206Chauncey BillupsDenver NUGGETS-8130.62
207J.R. SmithDenver NUGGETS-1252.40
208Ty LawsonDenver NUGGETS-10101.00
209NeneDenver NUGGETS-9130.69
210NBA RecordDenver NUGGETS-8120.67
211Kenyon MartinDenver NUGGETS-991.00
212Arron AfflaloDenver NUGGETS-1281.50
213Chris AndersenDenver NUGGETS-961.50
214Joey GrahamDenver NUGGETS-9100.90
215Team Kit-Minnesota TIMBERWOLVESMinnesota TIMBERWOLVES-2036.67
216Al JeffersonMinnesota TIMBERWOLVES-1628.00
217Ryan GomesMinnesota TIMBERWOLVES-10110.91
218Kevin LoveMinnesota TIMBERWOLVES-951.80
219Jonny FlinnMinnesota TIMBERWOLVES-1735.67
220Ryan HollinsMinnesota TIMBERWOLVES-981.13
221Team RecordMinnesota TIMBERWOLVES-6110.55
222Damien WilkinsMinnesota TIMBERWOLVES-1191.22
223Corey BrewerMinnesota TIMBERWOLVES-981.13
224Ramon SessionsMinnesota TIMBERWOLVES-1091.11
225Sasha PavlovicMinnesota TIMBERWOLVES-861.33
226Team Kit-Oklahoma City THUNDEROklahoma City THUNDER-1527.50
227Kevin DurantOklahoma City THUNDER-2036.67
228Jeff GreenOklahoma City THUNDER-1252.40
229Russell WestbrookOklahoma City THUNDER-1191.22
230James HardenOklahoma City THUNDER-24212.00
231Nenad KrsticOklahoma City THUNDER-790.78
232Team RecordOklahoma City THUNDER-6150.40
233Thabo SefoloshaOklahoma City THUNDER-8120.67
234Shaun LivingstonOklahoma City THUNDER-1091.11
235Kevin OllieOklahoma City THUNDER-971.29
236Kyle WeaverOklahoma City THUNDER-9100.90
237Team Kit-Portland TRAIL BLAZERSPortland TRAIL BLAZERS-8120.67
238Brandon RoyPortland TRAIL BLAZERS-9100.90
239LaMarcus AldridgePortland TRAIL BLAZERS-1061.67
240Travis OutlawPortland TRAIL BLAZERS-8100.80
241Jeff PendergraphPortland TRAIL BLAZERS-933.00
242Steve BlakePortland TRAIL BLAZERS-751.40
243Bill WaltonPortland TRAIL BLAZERS-5120.42
244Rudy FernandezPortland TRAIL BLAZERS-10110.91
245Greg OdenPortland TRAIL BLAZERS-1191.22
246Joel PrzybillaPortland TRAIL BLAZERS-1081.25
247Andre MillerPortland TRAIL BLAZERS-1152.20
248Team Kit-Utah JAZZUtah JAZZ-6250.24
249Deron WilliamsUtah JAZZ-7140.50
250Carlos BoozerUtah JAZZ-8120.67
251Mehmet OkurUtah JAZZ-7120.58
252Eric MaynorUtah JAZZ-1191.22
253Ronnie BrewerUtah JAZZ-1281.50
254Karl MaloneUtah JAZZ-12130.92
255Andrei KirilenkoUtah JAZZ-991.00
256C.J. MilesUtah JAZZ-11111.00
257Kyle KorverUtah JAZZ-8130.62
258Paul MillsapUtah JAZZ-9140.64
259Team Kit-Golden State WARRIORSGolden State WARRIORS-6190.32
260Stephen JacksonGolden State WARRIORS-7140.50
261Monta EllisGolden State WARRIORS-11130.85
262Corey MaggetteGolden State WARRIORS-6130.46
263Stephen CurryGolden State WARRIORS-23211.50
264Kelenna AzubuikeGolden State WARRIORS-9110.82
265Rick BarryGolden State WARRIORS-6180.33
266Andris BiedrinsGolden State WARRIORS-7110.64
267Anthony MorrowGolden State WARRIORS-6130.46
268Ronny TuriafGolden State WARRIORS-9120.75
269C.J. WatsonGolden State WARRIORS-7140.50
270Team Kit-Los Angeles CLIPPERSLos Angeles CLIPPERS-1535.00
271Eric GordonLos Angeles CLIPPERS-1936.33
272Al ThorntonLos Angeles CLIPPERS-7150.47
273Chris KamanLos Angeles CLIPPERS-971.29
274Blake GriffinLos Angeles CLIPPERS-2137.00
275Marcus CambyLos Angeles CLIPPERS-8100.80
27608-09 NBA RecordLos Angeles CLIPPERS-6110.55
277Rasual ButlerLos Angeles CLIPPERS-951.80
278Baron DavisLos Angeles CLIPPERS-9110.82
279Sebastian TelfairLos Angeles CLIPPERS-7130.54
280Craig SmithLos Angeles CLIPPERS-8100.80
281Team Kit-Los Angeles LAKERSLos Angeles LAKERS-1744.25
282Kobe BryantLos Angeles LAKERS-2538.33
283Pau GasolLos Angeles LAKERS-780.88
284Andrew BynumLos Angeles LAKERS-7150.47
285Adam MorrisonLos Angeles LAKERS-1081.25
286Lamar OdomLos Angeles LAKERS-11101.10
287Kareem Abdul-JabbarLos Angeles LAKERS-9100.90
288Derek FisherLos Angeles LAKERS-7130.54
289Sasha VujacicLos Angeles LAKERS-10110.91
290Jordan FarmarLos Angeles LAKERS-851.60
291Ron ArtestLos Angeles LAKERS-7110.64
292Team Kit-Phoenix SUNSPhoenix SUNS-1735.67
293Steve NashPhoenix SUNS-1936.33
294Jason RichardsonPhoenix SUNS-11101.10
295Amar`e StoudemirePhoenix SUNS-1181.38
296Earl ClarkPhoenix SUNS-780.88
297Leandro BarbosaPhoenix SUNS-1181.38
29808-09 NBA RecordPhoenix SUNS-7130.54
299Channing FryePhoenix SUNS-1271.71
300Grant HillPhoenix SUNS-11101.10
301Jared DudleyPhoenix SUNS-991.00
302Goran DragicPhoenix SUNS-881.00
303Team Kit-Sacramento KINGSSacramento KINGS-971.29
304Kevin MartinSacramento KINGS-21210.50
305Andres NocioniSacramento KINGS-10101.00
306Francisco GarciaSacramento KINGS-9120.75
307Tyreke EvansSacramento KINGS-1929.50
308Spencer HawesSacramento KINGS-10110.91
309Team RecordSacramento KINGS-8150.53
310Jason ThompsonSacramento KINGS-8100.80
311Beno UdrihSacramento KINGS-8100.80
312Sean MaySacramento KINGS-10101.00
313Sergio RodriguezSacramento KINGS-981.13
314Team Kit-Dalls MAVERICKSDalls MAVERICKS-1535.00
315Dirk NowitzkiDalls MAVERICKS-1644.00
316Jason KiddDalls MAVERICKS-9130.69
317Josh HowardDalls MAVERICKS-981.13
318Rodrigue BeauboisDalls MAVERICKS-1181.38
319Jason TerryDalls MAVERICKS-10130.77
320Team RecordDalls MAVERICKS-8100.80
321Jose BareaDalls MAVERICKS-9120.75
322Erick DampierDalls MAVERICKS-961.50
323Shawn MarionDalls MAVERICKS-10101.00
324Tim ThomasDalls MAVERICKS-1352.60
325Team Kit-Houston ROCKETSHouston ROCKETS-1343.25
326Yao MingHouston ROCKETS-1936.33
327Tracy McGradyHouston ROCKETS-7110.64
328Luis ScolaHouston ROCKETS-8140.57
329Jermaine TaylorHouston ROCKETS-7110.64
330Aaron BrooksHouston ROCKETS-871.14
331Clyde DrexlerHouston ROCKETS-6150.40
332Shane BattierHouston ROCKETS-9100.90
333Carl LandryHouston ROCKETS-10150.67
334Kyle LowryHouston ROCKETS-790.78
335Trevor ArizaHouston ROCKETS-1061.67
336Team Kit-Memphis GRIZZLIESMemphis GRIZZLIES-1434.67
337O.J. MayoMemphis GRIZZLIES-2036.67
338Rudy GayMemphis GRIZZLIES-7130.54
339Marc GasolMemphis GRIZZLIES-8140.57
340Hasheem ThabeetMemphis GRIZZLIES-21210.50
341Mike ConleyMemphis GRIZZLIES-11160.69
342Team RecordMemphis GRIZZLIES-8110.73
343Darrell ArthurMemphis GRIZZLIES-9140.64
344Marko JaricMemphis GRIZZLIES-8120.67
345Zach RandolphMemphis GRIZZLIES-9110.82
346Steven HunterMemphis GRIZZLIES-8110.73
347Team Kit-New Orleans HORNETSNew Orleans HORNETS-1728.50
348Chris PaulNew Orleans HORNETS-1944.75
349David WestNew Orleans HORNETS-9140.64
350Peja StojakovicNew Orleans HORNETS-10140.71
351Darren CollisonNew Orleans HORNETS-942.25
352Ike DioguNew Orleans HORNETS-890.89
35308-09 NBA RecordNew Orleans HORNETS-9100.90
354James PoseyNew Orleans HORNETS-8150.53
355Emeka OkaforNew Orleans HORNETS-9120.75
356Hilton ArmstrongNew Orleans HORNETS-10101.00
357Devin BrownNew Orleans HORNETS-7110.64
358Team Kit-San Antonio SPURSSan Antonio SPURS-1371.86
359Tony ParkerSan Antonio SPURS-1829.00
360Tim DuncanSan Antonio SPURS-10130.77
361Manu GinobiliSan Antonio SPURS-8150.53
362DeJuan BlairSan Antonio SPURS-9150.60
363Roger MasonSan Antonio SPURS-10110.91
364George GervinSan Antonio SPURS-9130.69
365Matt BonnerSan Antonio SPURS-9140.64
366Michael FinleySan Antonio SPURS-9110.82
367Richard JeffersonSan Antonio SPURS-7140.50
368Antonio McDyessSan Antonio SPURS-9150.60
369Kobe Bryant2008-2009 points in 1 game - Top 3-2237.33
370Dwyane Wade2008-2009 points in 1 game - Top 3-8130.62
371LeBron James2008-2009 points in 1 game - Top 3-7170.41
372Shaquille O`Neal2008-2009 field goal % - Top 3-20120.00
373Nene2008-2009 field goal % - Top 3-11120.92
374Andris Biedrins2008-2009 field goal % - Top 3-8170.47
375Dwyane Wade2008-2009 scoring - Top 3-2137.00
376LeBron James2008-2009 scoring - Top 3-1291.33
377Kobe Bryant2008-2009 scoring - Top 3-8140.57
378LeBron James2008-2009 points-rebounds-assists - Top 3-1427.00
379Dwyane Wade2008-2009 points-rebounds-assists - Top 3-780.88
380Chris Paul2008-2009 points-rebounds-assists - Top 3-9110.82
381LeBron James2008-2009 NBA Awards-7120.58
382Kobe Bryant2008-2009 NBA Awards-971.29
383Jason Terry2008-2009 NBA Awards-890.89
384Derrick Rose2008-2009 NBA Awards-780.88