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Panini Teenage Munant Ninja Turtles. Turtle Power

Teenage Munant Ninja Turtles. Turtle Power

Year: 2013
Total cards: 128

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 13 / completed: 2


1Leo-Base card150.20
2Donnie-Base card221.00
3Mikey-Base card020.00
4Raph-Base card111.00
5Turtles Group-Base card120.50
6Splinter-Base card160.17
7Leo-Base card230.67
8Donnie-Base card120.50
9Mikey-Base card202.00
10Raph-Base card140.25
11Splinter-Base card202.00
12April O'Neil-Base card202.00
13Kirby O'Neil-Base card212.00
14Mr. Murakami-Base card050.00
15Pete the Pigeon Man-Base card202.00
16Kraangdroid-Base card240.50
17Shredder-Base card111.00
18Karai-Base card221.00
19The Foot Clan-Base card130.33
20Baxter Stockman-Base card212.00
21Dogpound-Base card101.00
22Snakeweed-Base card221.00
23Spider-Bytez-Base card250.40
24Fishface-Base card212.00
25Fong-Base card111.00
26The Purple Dragon Gang-Base card212.00
27The Rat King-Base card160.17
28Monkey Mutant-Base card212.00
29Mutant Wasp-Base card120.50
30M.O.U.S.E.R.S.-Base card120.50
31Leatherhead-Base card240.50
32Leonardo-Base card212.00
33Donatello-Base card212.00
34Michelangelo-Base card202.00
35Raphael-Base card140.25
36Splinter-Base card212.00
37April O'Neil-Base card120.50
38Hamato Yoshi-Base card101.00
39Carlos Chang O'Brien Gambe-Base card111.00
40The Pulverizer-Base card212.00
41Leatherhead-Base card140.25
42Mr. Murakami-Base card221.00
43Pete the Pigeon Man-Base card313.00
44Spike-Base card120.50
45Metalhead-Base card120.50
46Tang Shen-Base card212.00
47The Kraang-Base card230.67
48Shredder-Base card111.00
49Karai-Base card212.00
50Hachiko-Base card140.25
51The Foot Clan-Base card202.00
52Baxter Stockman-Base card212.00
53Chris Bradford-Base card202.00
54Snake-Base card050.00
55Vic-Base card212.00
56Xever-Base card221.00
57Traag-Base card111.00
58Fong-Base card130.33
59The Purple Dragon Gang-Base card130.33
60Dr. Victor Falco-Base card202.00
61Monkey Mutant-Base card202.00
62Oroku Saki-Base card020.00
63Leo-Special card515.00
64Donnie-Special card202.00
65Mikey-Special card414.00
66Raph-Special card505.00
67Turtles-Special card616.00
68Splinter-Special card616.00
69April O'Neil-Special card717.00
70Leo-Special card606.00
71Donnie-Special card515.00
72Mikey-Special card313.00
73Raph-Special card404.00
74Splinter-Special card515.00
75April O'Neil-Special card313.00
76Kirby O'Neil-Special card505.00
77Pete the Pigeon Man-Special card505.00
78Metalhead-Special card404.00
79Normans-Special card606.00
80Kraangdroid-Special card515.00
81Shredder-Special card505.00
82Hachiko-Special card522.50
83The Foot Clan-Special card606.00
84Baxter Stockman-Special card414.00
85Dogpound-Special card717.00
86Snakeweed-Special card505.00
87Spider-Bytez-special card606.00
88Fishface-Special card505.00
89Fong-special card414.00
90The Purple Dragon Gang-Special card623.00
91Cockroach-Special card606.00
92Monkey Mutant-Special card606.00
93Turtle Power-Ultimate card515.00
94Beat This!-Ultimate card422.00
95Leo-Ultimate card404.00
96Donnie-Ultimate card515.00
97Mikey-Ultimate card515.00
98Raph-Ultimate card515.00
99Splinter-Ultimate card616.00
100April-Ultimate card422.00
101The Kraang-Ultimate card414.00
102Shredder-Ultimate card531.67
103Leo's Katanas-Base card212.00
104Donnie's Bo-Base card230.67
105Raph's Sai-Base card101.00
106Mikey's Nunchucks-Base card111.00
107Splinter's Staff-Base card260.33
108Shredder's Blades-Base card111.00
109Kraang Weaponry-Base card150.20
110Xever's Knives-Base card313.00
111Mutagen Canister-Base card120.50
112Donnie's Laptop-Base card221.00
113Pizza Power-Up-Base card250.40
114Smoke Bombs-Base card111.00
115Tiger Claws-Base card130.33
116Patrol Buggy-Base card212.00
117Shellraiser-Base card221.00
118Drag-On Chopper-base card111.00
119Dojo-Base card240.50
120Kraang Warehouse-Base card221.00
LE1Donnie-Limited Edition606.00
LE2Leo-Limited Edition717.00
LE3Mikey-Limited Edition505.00
LE4Raph-Limited Edition616.00
LE5Turtle Power-Limited Edition616.00
LE6Shredder-Limited Edition616.00
LE7Splinter-Limited Edition616.00
LE8The Kraang-Limited Edition707.00