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Panini Northern Ireland. We're going to France!

Northern Ireland. We're going to France!

Year: 2015
Total stickers: 204

collecting: 23 / completed: 21


2Team Photo--641.50
3Team Photo--732.33
4Windsor Park Stadium--651.20
5Michael O'Neill--623.00
6Michael McGovernNorthern Ireland Squad-632.00
7Roy CarrollNorthern Ireland Squad-651.20
8Alan MannusNorthern Ireland Squad-690.67
9Trevor CarsonNorthern Ireland Squad-824.00
10Chris BairdNorthern Ireland Squad-632.00
11Conor McLaughlinNorthern Ireland Squad-641.50
12Lee HodgsonNorthern Ireland Squad-661.00
13Gareth McAuleyNorthern Ireland Squad-623.00
14Ryan McLaughlinNorthern Ireland Squad-707.00
15Ryan McGivernNorthern Ireland Squad-522.50
16Luke McCulloughNorthern Ireland Squad-623.00
17Paddy McNairNorthern Ireland Squad-651.20
18Jonny EvansNorthern Ireland Squad-818.00
19Aaron HughesNorthern Ireland Squad-732.33
20Craig CathcartNorthern Ireland Squad-623.00
21Daniel LaffertyNorthern Ireland Squad-732.33
22Stuart DallasNorthern Ireland Squad-717.00
23Niall McGinnNorthern Ireland Squad-632.00
24Ben ReevesNorthern Ireland Squad-560.83
25Sammy ClinganNorthern Ireland Squad-723.50
26Steven DavisNorthern Ireland Squad-616.00
27Corry EvansNorthern Ireland Squad-522.50
28Paddy McCourtNorthern Ireland Squad-632.00
29Oliver NorwoodNorthern Ireland Squad-818.00
30Paul PatonNorthern Ireland Squad-651.20
31Chris BruntNorthern Ireland Squad-717.00
32Shane FergusonNorthern Ireland Squad-531.67
33Will GriggNorthern Ireland Squad-732.33
34Billy McKayNorthern Ireland Squad-723.50
35Kyle LaffertyNorthern Ireland Squad-732.33
36Andrew LittleNorthern Ireland Squad-723.50
37Caolan LaveryNorthern Ireland Squad-808.00
38Liam BoyceNorthern Ireland Squad-570.71
39Josh MagennisNorthern Ireland Squad-670.86
40Martin PatersonNorthern Ireland Squad-641.50
41Jamie WardNorthern Ireland Squad-717.00
42Michael McGovernNorthern Ireland Squad-641.50
43Michael McGovernNorthern Ireland Squad-632.00
44Michael McGovernNorthern Ireland Squad-531.67
45Michael McGovernNorthern Ireland Squad-661.00
46Michael McGovernNorthern Ireland Squad-623.00
47Michael McGovernNorthern Ireland Squad-651.20
48Roy CarrollNorthern Ireland Squad-651.20
49Roy CarrollNorthern Ireland Squad-641.50
50Roy CarrollNorthern Ireland Squad-832.67
51Roy CarrollNorthern Ireland Squad-623.00
52Roy CarrollNorthern Ireland Squad-707.00
53Roy CarrollNorthern Ireland Squad-732.33
54Chris BairdNorthern Ireland Squad-641.50
55Chris BairdNorthern Ireland Squad-818.00
56Chris BairdNorthern Ireland Squad-707.00
57Chris BairdNorthern Ireland Squad-661.00
58Chris BairdNorthern Ireland Squad-632.00
59Chris BairdNorthern Ireland Squad-723.50
60Conor McLaughlinNorthern Ireland Squad-623.00
61Conor McLaughlinNorthern Ireland Squad-670.86
62Conor McLaughlinNorthern Ireland Squad-824.00
63Conor McLaughlinNorthern Ireland Squad-623.00
64Conor McLaughlinNorthern Ireland Squad-723.50
65Conor McLaughlinNorthern Ireland Squad-632.00
66Gareth McAuleyNorthern Ireland Squad-641.50
67Gareth McAuleyNorthern Ireland Squad-818.00
68Gareth McAuleyNorthern Ireland Squad-818.00
69Gareth McAuleyNorthern Ireland Squad-632.00
70Gareth McAuleyNorthern Ireland Squad-623.00
71Gareth McAuleyNorthern Ireland Squad-723.50
72Luke McCulloughNorthern Ireland Squad-751.40
73Luke McCulloughNorthern Ireland Squad-732.33
74Luke McCulloughNorthern Ireland Squad-623.00
75Luke McCulloughNorthern Ireland Squad-732.33
76Luke McCulloughNorthern Ireland Squad-641.50
77Luke McCulloughNorthern Ireland Squad-632.00
78Paddy McNairNorthern Ireland Squad-741.75
79Paddy McNairNorthern Ireland Squad-616.00
80Paddy McNairNorthern Ireland Squad-707.00
81Paddy McNairNorthern Ireland Squad-632.00
82Paddy McNairNorthern Ireland Squad-632.00
83Paddy McNairNorthern Ireland Squad-560.83
84Jonny EvansNorthern Ireland Squad-741.75
85Jonny EvansNorthern Ireland Squad-632.00
86Jonny EvansNorthern Ireland Squad-551.00
87Jonny EvansNorthern Ireland Squad-623.00
88Jonny EvansNorthern Ireland Squad-632.00
89Jonny EvansNorthern Ireland Squad-824.00
90Aaron HughesNorthern Ireland Squad-670.86
91Aaron HughesNorthern Ireland Squad-717.00
92Aaron HughesNorthern Ireland Squad-717.00
93Aaron HughesNorthern Ireland Squad-690.67
94Aaron HughesNorthern Ireland Squad-732.33
95Aaron HughesNorthern Ireland Squad-515.00
96Craig CathcartNorthern Ireland Squad-522.50
97Craig CathcartNorthern Ireland Squad-761.17
98Craig CathcartNorthern Ireland Squad-723.50
99Craig CathcartNorthern Ireland Squad-531.67
100Craig CathcartNorthern Ireland Squad-670.86
101Craig CathcartNorthern Ireland Squad-761.17
102Niall McGinnThe Road to France-522.50
103Kyle LaffertyThe Road to France-808.00
104Gareth McAuleyThe Road to France-732.33
105Kyle LaffertyThe Road to France-732.33
106Jamie WardThe Road to France-560.83
107Roy CarrollThe Road to France-623.00
108Chris BruntThe Road to France-723.50
109Gareth McAuleyThe Road to France-707.00
110Chris BairdThe Road to France-651.20
111Niall McGinnThe Road to France-570.71
112Conor McLaughlinThe Road to France-632.00
113Stuart DallasNorthern Ireland Squad-808.00
114Stuart DallasNorthern Ireland Squad-824.00
115Stuart DallasNorthern Ireland Squad-842.00
116Stuart DallasNorthern Ireland Squad-909.00
117Stuart DallasNorthern Ireland Squad-606.00
118Stuart DallasNorthern Ireland Squad-919.00
119Niall McGinnNorthern Ireland Squad-661.00
120Niall McGinnNorthern Ireland Squad-732.33
121Niall McGinnNorthern Ireland Squad-723.50
122Niall McGinnNorthern Ireland Squad-541.25
123Niall McGinnNorthern Ireland Squad-641.50
124Niall McGinnNorthern Ireland Squad-751.40
125Steven DavisNorthern Ireland Squad-933.00
126Steven DavisNorthern Ireland Squad-723.50
127Steven DavisNorthern Ireland Squad-632.00
128Steven DavisNorthern Ireland Squad-515.00
129Steven DavisNorthern Ireland Squad-606.00
130Steven DavisNorthern Ireland Squad-632.00
131Corry EvansNorthern Ireland Squad-651.20
132Corry EvansNorthern Ireland Squad-531.67
133Corry EvansNorthern Ireland Squad-641.50
134Corry EvansNorthern Ireland Squad-707.00
135Corry EvansNorthern Ireland Squad-732.33
136Corry EvansNorthern Ireland Squad-707.00
137Oliver NorwoodNorthern Ireland Squad-723.50
138Oliver NorwoodNorthern Ireland Squad-933.00
139Oliver NorwoodNorthern Ireland Squad-651.20
140Oliver NorwoodNorthern Ireland Squad-723.50
141Oliver NorwoodNorthern Ireland Squad-741.75
142Oliver NorwoodNorthern Ireland Squad-641.50
143Chris BruntNorthern Ireland Squad-818.00
144Chris BruntNorthern Ireland Squad-919.00
145Chris BruntNorthern Ireland Squad-851.60
146Chris BruntNorthern Ireland Squad-606.00
147Chris BruntNorthern Ireland Squad-541.25
148Chris BruntNorthern Ireland Squad-732.33
149Shane FergusonNorthern Ireland Squad-732.33
150Shane FergusonNorthern Ireland Squad-551.00
151Shane FergusonNorthern Ireland Squad-641.50
152Shane FergusonNorthern Ireland Squad-732.33
153Shane FergusonNorthern Ireland Squad-717.00
154Shane FergusonNorthern Ireland Squad-680.75
155Kyle LaffertyNorthern Ireland Squad-670.86
156Kyle LaffertyNorthern Ireland Squad-717.00
157Kyle LaffertyNorthern Ireland Squad-717.00
158Kyle LaffertyNorthern Ireland Squad-651.20
159Kyle LaffertyNorthern Ireland Squad-723.50
160Kyle LaffertyNorthern Ireland Squad-541.25
161Josh MagennisNorthern Ireland Squad-522.50
162Josh MagennisNorthern Ireland Squad-717.00
163Josh MagennisNorthern Ireland Squad-531.67
164Josh MagennisNorthern Ireland Squad-641.50
165Josh MagennisNorthern Ireland Squad-732.33
166Josh MagennisNorthern Ireland Squad-623.00
167Jamie WardNorthern Ireland Squad-661.00
168Jamie WardNorthern Ireland Squad-909.00
169Jamie WardNorthern Ireland Squad-623.00
170Jamie WardNorthern Ireland Squad-623.00
171Jamie WardNorthern Ireland Squad-616.00
172Jamie WardNorthern Ireland Squad-717.00
173Jonny EvansThe Road to France-732.33
174Oliver NorwoodThe Road to France-541.25
175Gareth McAuleyThe Road to France-651.20
176Stuart DallasThe Road to France-641.50
177Kyle LaffertyThe Road to France-732.33
178Gareth McAuleyThe Road to France-723.50
179Steven DavisThe Road to France-651.20
180Josh MagennisThe Road to France-741.75
181Michael O'NeillThe Road to France-670.86
182Craig CathcartThe Road to France-707.00
183Craig Cathcart, Niall McGinnThe Road to France-623.00
184Michael McGovernCampaign Heroes-541.25
185Roy CarrollCampaign Heroes-790.78
186Gareth McAuleyCampaign Heroes-732.33
187Jonny EvansCampaign Heroes-732.33
188Craig CathcartCampaign Heroes-723.50
189Steven DavisCampaign Heroes-732.33
190Chris BruntCampaign Heroes-651.20
191Corry EvansCampaign Heroes-570.71
192Oliver NorwoodCampaign Heroes-560.83
193Kyle LaffertyCampaign Heroes-717.00
194Jamie WardCampaign Heroes-717.00
195Josh MagennisCampaign Heroes-661.00
196CelebrationBon Voyage-924.50
197CelebrationBon Voyage-717.00
198CelebrationBon Voyage-723.50
199CelebrationBon Voyage-717.00
200CelebrationBon Voyage-623.00
201CelebrationBon Voyage-732.33
202CelebrationBon Voyage-717.00
203CelebrationBon Voyage-632.00
204CelebrationBon Voyage-651.20