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Card 457: Ricardo Vaz Te

Ricardo Vaz Te (West Ham United)

Ricardo Vaz Te (West Ham United)

457. Topps English Premier League 2012-2013. Match Attax

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«Ricardo Vaz Te»

«Ricardo Vaz Te»

Section: West Ham United

Type: Man Of The Match

Offer (4):
United Statesartecon7

FranceRom1Marseille    United Kingdommanchester1    PolandMarellapl

Need (16):
ArmeniaArtakMelikyan    Canadamcmsmith63    Francejeje6395    United Kingdomthebradburys, royster61, gmilne1903, everyday, botanybaykid    HungaryRegosb, rosencrantz, ufeca79    Italygrifomane62    Polandbarteq_99, edie76, Sebix3654    Turkeyobelix

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