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Topps Slam Attax Mayhem

Slam Attax Mayhem

Year: 2010
Total cards: 234

Collection preview (96% scanned images)

collecting: 12 / completed: 3


1Jack SwaggerChampion CardFoil431.33
2Drew McIntyreChampion CardFoil240.50
3John CenaChampion CardFoil350.60
4The MizChampion CardFoil250.40
5David Hart Smith & Tyson KiddChampion CardFoil431.33
6EveChampion CardFoil522.50
7LaylaChampion CardFoil522.50
8Triple HChampion CardFoil541.25
9Randy OrtonChampion CardFoil531.67
10Chris JerichoChampion CardFoil422.00
11UndertakerChampion CardFoil551.00
12Big ShowChampion CardFoil450.80
13EdgeChampion CardFoil422.00
14SheamusChampion CardFoil616.00
15MelinaChampion CardFoil515.00
16Kofi KingstonChampion CardFoil414.00
17Chavo Guerrero - Frog SplashSignature Move CardFoil313.00
18Chris Masters - Master LockSignature Move CardFoil541.25
19Christian - KillswitchSignature Move CardFoil422.00
20Dolph Ziggler - SleeperSignature Move CardFoil522.50
21Kane - ChokeslamSignature Move CardFoil616.00
22Luke Gallows - Gallows PoleSignature Move CardFoil531.67
23Matt Hardy - Twist of FateSignature Move CardFoil414.00
24Montel Vontavious Porter - PlaymakerSignature Move CardFoil541.25
25Undertaker - Tombstone PiledriverSignature Move CardFoil623.00
26Evan Bourne - Shooting Star PressSignature Move CardFoil522.50
27Mark Henry - World's Strongest SlamSignature Move CardFoil414.00
28Rey Mysterio - 619Signature Move CardFoil431.33
29R-Truth - Scissor KickSignature Move CardFoil515.00
30Ted DiBiase - Dream StreetSignature Move CardFoil641.50
31The Great Khali - Khali BombSignature Move CardFoil422.00
32The Miz - Skull Crushing FinaleSignature Move CardFoil321.50
33Zack Ryder - Zack AttaxSignature Move CardFoil541.25
34Edge - SpearSignature Move CardFoil441.00
35Randy Orton - RKOSignature Move CardFoil531.67
36John Cena - Attitude AdjustmentSignature Move CardFoil380.38
37John Morrison - Starship PainSignature Move CardFoil732.33
38Jack Swagger - Gutwrench PowerbombSignature Move CardFoil541.25
39Beth Phoenix - Glam SlamSignature Move CardFoil350.60
40Michelle McCool - Faith BreakerSignature Move CardFoil541.25
41Maryse - French KissSignature Move CardFoil632.00
42Gail Kim - Eat DefeatSignature Move CardFoil641.50
43WWE ChampionshipTitle CardFoil515.00
44Intercontiniental ChampionshipTitle CardFoil331.00
45Women's ChampionshipTitle CardFoil414.00
46World Tag Team ChampionshipTitle CardFoil414.00
47World Heavyweight ChampionshipTitle CardFoil331.00
48United States ChampionshipTitle CardFoil431.33
49WWE Tag Team ChampionshipTitle CardFoil414.00
50WWE Divas ChampionshipTitle CardFoil331.00
51WWE Money in tha Bank BriefcaseTitle CardFoil522.50
52WWE Slammy AwardTitle CardFoil531.67
53You're Kicked OutGM CardFoil531.67
54You're Kicked OutGM CardFoil431.33
55You're Kicked OutGM CardFoil431.33
56Returning to the RingGM CardFoil414.00
57Returning to the RingGM CardFoil623.00
58Returning to the RingGM CardFoil522.50
59John CenaMatell - Flex ForceFoil641.50
60Chris JerichoRaw CardBase card360.50
61David Hart SmithRaw CardBase card240.50
62EdgeRaw CardBase card370.43
63Evan BourneRaw CardBase card2100.20
64Ezekiel JacksonRaw CardBase card260.33
65GoldustRaw CardBase card240.50
66Jerry "The King" LawlerRaw CardBase card340.75
67Jey UsoRaw CardBase card170.14
68Jimmy UsoRaw CardBase card160.17
69John CenaRaw CardBase card280.25
70John MorrisonRaw CardBase card370.43
71Justin RobertsRaw CardBase card260.33
72Mark HenryRaw CardBase card360.50
73Michael ColeRaw CardBase card250.40
74PrimoRaw CardBase card280.25
75R-TruthRaw CardBase card280.25
76Randy OrtonRaw CardBase card280.25
77Ranjin SinghRaw CardBase card260.33
78Santino MarellaRaw CardBase card360.50
79SheamusRaw CardBase card360.50
80Ted DiBiaseRaw CardBase card260.33
81The Great KhaliRaw CardBase card250.40
82The MizRaw CardBase card280.25
83Triple HRaw CardBase card260.33
84Tyson KiddRaw CardBase card270.29
85Vladimir KozlovRaw CardBase card290.22
86William RegalRaw CardBase card260.33
87Yoshi TatsuRaw CardBase card490.44
88Zack RyderRaw CardBase card250.40
89Alicia FoxRaw CardBase card290.22
90Brie BellaRaw CardBase card290.22
91EveRaw CardBase card260.33
92Gail KimRaw CardBase card240.50
93JillianRaw CardBase card360.50
94MaryseRaw CardBase card340.75
95MelinaRaw CardBase card270.29
96NatalyaRaw CardBase card441.00
97Nikki BellaRaw CardBase card450.80
98TaminaRaw CardBase card360.50
99Big ShowSmackdown CardBase card360.50
100Caylen CroftSmackdown CardBase card380.38
101Chavo GuerreroSmackdown CardBase card422.00
102Chris MastersSmackdown CardBase card380.38
103ChristianSmackdown CardBase card340.75
104CM PunkSmackdown CardBase card370.43
105Cody RhodesSmackdown CardBase card370.43
106Curt HawkinsSmackdown CardBase card331.00
107Dolph ZigglerSmackdown CardBase card360.50
108Drew McIntyreSmackdown CardBase card360.50
109FinlaySmackdown CardBase card250.40
110HornswoggleSmackdown CardBase card360.50
111Jack SwaggerSmackdown CardBase card250.40
112JTGSmackdown CardBase card250.40
113KaneSmackdown CardBase card240.50
114Kofi KingstonSmackdown CardBase card350.60
115Luke GallowsSmackdown CardBase card290.22
116Matt HardySmackdown CardBase card370.43
117Matt StrikerSmackdown CardBase card360.50
118Montel Vontavious PorterSmackdown CardBase card350.60
119Rey MysterioSmackdown CardBase card490.44
120ShadSmackdown CardBase card360.50
121Theodore LongSmackdown CardBase card370.43
122Todd GrishamSmackdown CardBase card260.33
123Tony ChimelSmackdown CardBase card321.50
124Trent BarretaSmackdown CardBase card480.50
125Tyler ReksSmackdown CardBase card441.00
126UndertakerSmackdown CardBase card560.83
127Vance ArcherSmackdown CardBase card360.50
128Beth PhoenixSmackdown CardBase card470.57
129Kelly KellySmackdown CardBase card380.38
130LaylaSmackdown CardBase card360.50
131Michelle McCoolSmackdown CardBase card360.50
132Rosa MendesSmackdown CardBase card350.60
133SerenaSmackdown CardBase card350.60
134TiffanySmackdown CardBase card370.43
135Vickie GuerreroSmackdown CardBase card290.22
136Darren YoungNXT CardBase card260.33
137David OtungaNXT CardBase card250.40
138Heath SlaterNXT CardBase card280.25
139Justin GabrielNXT CardBase card370.43
140Michael TarverNXT CardBase card431.33
141Skip SheffieldNXT CardBase card340.75
142Wade BarrettNXT CardBase card270.29
143Alex RileyNXT CardBase card280.25
144Husky HarrisNXT CardBase card230.67
145KavalNXT CardBase card340.75
146Lucky CannonNXT CardBase card240.50
147Eli CottonwoodNXT CardBase card240.50
148Michael McGillicuttyNXT CardBase card290.22
149Percy WatsonNXT CardBase card441.00
150Titus O'NeilNXT CardBase card250.40
151Jamie KeyesNXT CardBase card280.25
152Davit Hart Smith & Tyson KiddTag Team CardBase card270.29
153Trent Barreta & Caylen CroftTag Team CardBase card260.33
154Chris Jericho & The MizTag Team CardBase card280.25
155Montel Vontavious Porter & JTGTag Team CardBase card260.33
156Curt Hawkins & Vance ArcherTag Team CardBase card260.33
157William Regal & Vladimir KozlovTag Team CardBase card230.67
158The Uso BrothersTag Team CardBase card270.29
159Iron SheikLegend CardBase card250.40
160Jake "The Snake" RobertsLegend CardBase card270.29
161Koko B. WareLegend CardBase card260.33
162British BulldogLegend CardBase card360.50
163Sgt. SlaughterLegend CardBase card370.43
164Ravishing Rike RudeLegend CardBase card260.33
165Bam Bam BigelowLegend CardBase card250.40
166Junkyard DogLegend CardBase card350.60
167The Million dollar man Ted DiBiaseLegend CardBase card260.33
168Rowdy Roddy PiperLegend CardBase card470.57
169Mr. Wonderful Paul OrndorffLegend CardBase card270.29
170Jimmy "Superfly" SnukaLegend CardBase card350.60
171Nikolai VolkoffLegend CardBase card240.50
172The american dream Dosty RhodesLegend CardBase card331.00
173Bobby "The Brain" HeenanLegend CardBase card350.60
174Hillbilly JimLegend CardBase card380.38
175Mr. Perfect Curt HennigLegend CardBase card360.50
176Barry WindhamLegend CardBase card270.29
177Cowboy Bob OrtonLegend CardBase card260.33
178Jerry "The King" LawlerLegend CardBase card250.40
179EarthquakeLegend CardBase card260.33
180Ricky "Dragon" SteamboatLegend CardBase card270.29
181VaderLegend CardBase card280.25
182Gorilla MansoonLegend CardBase card331.00
183Terry FunkLegend CardBase card280.25
184IRSLegend CardBase card230.67
185YokozunaLegend CardBase card370.43
186Steel ChairProp CardBase card270.29
187SledgehammerProp CardBase card370.43
188TableProp CardBase card280.25
189Trash CanProp CardBase card250.40
190LadderProp CardBase card240.50
191Stell StepsProp CardBase card260.33
192Ring BellProp CardBase card260.33
193Brass KnucklesProp CardBase card360.50
194ShillelaghProp CardBase card270.29
195Kendo StickProp CardBase card431.33
196Baseball BatProp CardBase card331.00
197GuitarProp CardBase card531.67
198HandcuffsProp CardBase card270.29
199Fire ExtinguisherProp CardBase card280.25
200CrutchesProp CardBase card260.33
201Announcers TableProp CardBase card350.60
202Stell PipeProp CardBase card450.80
203MicrophoneProp CardBase card260.33
204TLC MatchMatch Type CardBase card480.50
205Steel Cage MatchMatch Type CardBase card250.40
206Hell In A Cell MatchMatch Type CardBase card340.75
207Stretcher MatchMatch Type CardBase card240.50
208Casket MatchMatch Type CardBase card360.50
209Elimination Chamber MatchMatch Type CardBase card250.40
210Inferno MatchMatch Type CardBase card270.29
211Ambulance MatchMatch Type CardBase card431.33
212Backstage BrawlMatch Type CardBase card340.75
213Royal RumblePay Per View CardBase card260.33
214Elimination ChamberPay Per View CardBase card460.67
215Wrestlemania XXVIPay Per View CardBase card360.50
216Exteme RulesPay Per View CardBase card441.00
217WWE Over The LimitPay Per View CardBase card2100.20
218Fatal 4 WayPay Per View CardBase card370.43
219Money In The BankPay Per View CardBase card380.38
220Summer SlamPay Per View CardBase card280.25
221Night Of ChampionsPay Per View CardBase card260.33
222Hell In A CellPay Per View CardBase card370.43
223WWE Bragging RightsPay Per View CardBase card370.43
224TLCPay Per View CardBase card270.29
225John CenaTNQ CardBase card515.00
226The MizTNQ CardBase card515.00
227UndertakerTNQ CardBase card515.00
228Rey MysterioTNQ CardBase card515.00
LE1SheamusLimited EditionFoil717.00
LE2HornswoggleLimited EditionFoil732.33
LE3Rey MysterioLimited EditionFoil723.50
LE4Montel Vontavious PorterLimited EditionFoil717.00
LE5Triple HLimited EditionFoil422.00
LE6Drew McIntyreLimited EditionFoil717.00