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Topps Slam Attax Rumble

Slam Attax Rumble

Year: 2011
Total cards: 226

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 11 / completed: 4


1John CenaChampionRainbow foil Card212.00
2The MizChampionRainbow foil Card240.50
3Alberto Del RioChampionRainbow foil Card230.67
4Kofi KingstonChampionRainbow foil Card212.00
5John MorisonChampionRainbow foil Card240.50
6Triple HChampionRainbow foil Card240.50
7Brie BellaChampionRainbow foil Card313.00
8Big ShowChampionRainbow foil Card120.50
9Randy OrtonChampionRainbow foil Card221.00
10ChristianChampionRainbow foil Card422.00
11KaneChampionRainbow foil Card331.00
12Wade BarrettChampionRainbow foil Card321.50
13ShemusChampionRainbow foil Card130.33
14Mark HenryChampionRainbow foil Card240.50
15The Great KhaliChampionRainbow foil Card250.40
16Justin Gabriel & Heath SlaterChampionRainbow foil Card240.50
17Dolph Ziggler - Zig zagSignature MoveMirror Foil Card431.33
18Jack Swagger - Ankle lockSignature MoveMirror Foil Card150.20
19John Cena - Attitude adjustmentSignature MoveMirror Foil Card250.40
20Rey Mysterio - 619Signature MoveMirror Foil Card150.20
21The Miz - Skull crushing finaleSignature MoveMirror Foil Card140.25
22R-Truth - Lie detectorSignature MoveMirror Foil Card240.50
23John Morison - Starship painSignature MoveMirror Foil Card150.20
24Kofi Kingston - Boom dropSignature MoveMirror Foil Card130.33
25Chris Masters - MasterlockSignature MoveMirror Foil Card240.50
26Triple H - PedigreeSignature MoveMirror Foil Card130.33
27Santino Marella - The cobraSignature MoveMirror Foil Card331.00
28Evan Bourne - Air bourneSignature MoveMirror Foil Card140.25
29Eve - MoonsaultSignature MoveMirror Foil Card140.25
30Vladimir Kozlov - Iron curtainSignature MoveMirror Foil Card120.50
31Ezekiel Jackson - Torture rackSignature MoveMirror Foil Card150.20
32Randy Orton - RKOSignature MoveMirror Foil Card212.00
33Undertaker - TombstoneSignature MoveMirror Foil Card250.40
34Sin Cara - Moonsault side slamSignature MoveMirror Foil Card150.20
35Cody Rhodes - Cross RhodesSignature MoveMirror Foil Card331.00
36Christian - KillswitchSignature MoveMirror Foil Card230.67
37Mark Henry - World strongest slamSignature MoveMirror Foil Card250.40
38Shemus - High crossSignature MoveMirror Foil Card140.25
39Wade Barrett - WastelandSignature MoveMirror Foil Card331.00
40Daniel Bryan - Lebell lockSignature MoveMirror Foil Card250.40
41WWE ChampionshipTitle BeltMirror Foil Card250.40
42Intercontinental ChampionshipTitle BeltMirror Foil Card130.33
43World Heavyweight ChampionshipTitle BeltMirror Foil Card230.67
44United States ChampionshipTitle BeltMirror Foil Card130.33
45WWE Tag Team ChampionshipTitle BeltMirror Foil Card221.00
46WWE Divas ChampionshipTitle BeltMirror Foil Card230.67
47WWE Money in the bank briefcaseTitle BeltMirror Foil Card221.00
48WWE Slammy AwardTitle BeltMirror Foil Card140.25
49Alberto Del RioRawBase Card150.20
50Alex RileyRawBase Card170.14
51Beth PhoenixRawBase Card160.17
52Big ShowRawBase Card170.14
53Brie BellaRawBase Card150.20
54Chris MastersRawBase Card150.20
55Curt HawkinsRawBase Card150.20
56David Hart SmithRawBase Card160.17
57David OtungaRawBase Card150.20
58Dolph ZigglerRawBase Card150.20
59Drew McIntyreRawBase Card150.20
60Evan BourneRawBase Card150.20
61EveRawBase Card160.17
62Gail KimRawBase Card170.14
63GoldastRawBase Card140.25
64Jack SwaggerRawBase Card170.14
65Jerry "The King" LawlerRawBase Card180.13
66Jim RossRawBase Card140.25
67John CenaRawBase Card160.17
68John MorrisonRawBase Card170.14
69JTGRawBase Card140.25
70Justin RobertsRawBase Card160.17
71Kelly KellyRawBase Card150.20
72KharmaRawBase Card160.17
73Kofi KingstonRawBase Card140.25
74MaryseRawBase Card160.17
75Mason RyanRawBase Card140.25
76MelinaRawBase Card130.33
77Michael ColeRawBase Card130.33
78Michael McGillicuttyRawBase Card170.14
79Nikki BellaRawBase Card140.25
80PrimoRawBase Card150.20
81R-TruthRawBase Card160.17
82Rey MysterioRawBase Card150.20
83Ricardo RodriguesRawBase Card180.13
84Santino MarellaRawBase Card170.14
85Scott StanfordRawBase Card140.25
86The MizRawBase Card160.17
87The RockRawBase Card170.14
88Triple HRawBase Card160.17
89Tyler ReksRawBase Card160.17
90Vickie GuerreroRawBase Card160.17
91Vladimir KozlovRawBase Card170.14
92Zack RyderRawBase Card170.14
93AJSmackdownBase Card150.20
94Alicia FoxSmackdownBase Card230.67
95Booker TSmackdownBase Card160.17
96Brodus ClaySmackdownBase Card160.17
97ChristianSmackdownBase Card150.20
98Cody RhodesSmackdownBase Card170.14
99Daniel BryanSmackdownBase Card150.20
100EdgeSmackdownBase Card140.25
101Ezekiel JacksonSmackdownBase Card150.20
102Heath SlaterSmackdownBase Card170.14
103HornswoggleSmackdownBase Card190.11
104Jack KorpelaSmackdownBase Card140.25
105Jey UsoSmackdownBase Card140.25
106Jimmy UsoSmackdownBase Card150.20
107Jinder MahalSmackdownBase Card140.25
108Josh MathewsSmackdownBase Card170.14
109Justin GabrielSmackdownBase Card140.25
110KaitlynSmackdownBase Card170.14
111KaneSmackdownBase Card250.40
112LaylaSmackdownBase Card140.25
113Mark HenrySmackdownBase Card180.13
114Mat StrikerSmackdownBase Card180.13
115NatalyaSmackdownBase Card240.50
116Randy OrtonSmackdownBase Card150.20
117Ranjin SinghSmackdownBase Card160.17
118Rosa MendesSmackdownBase Card160.17
119SheamusSmackdownBase Card170.14
120Sin CaraSmackdownBase Card170.14
121TaminaSmackdownBase Card180.13
122Ted DiBiaseSmackdownBase Card160.17
123The Great KhaliSmackdownBase Card160.17
124Theodore LongSmackdownBase Card180.13
125Todd GrishamSmackdownBase Card170.14
126Trent BarretaSmackdownBase Card180.13
127Tyson KiddSmackdownBase Card170.14
128UndertakerSmackdownBase Card260.33
129Wade BarrettSmackdownBase Card170.14
130William RegalSmackdownBase Card170.14
131Yoshi TatsuSmackdownBase Card170.14
132Byron SaxtonNXTBase Card120.50
133Conor O'BrianNXTBase Card160.17
134Darren YoungNXTBase Card160.17
135Lucky CannonNXTBase Card140.25
136Titus O'NeilNXTBase Card160.17
137Kane & Big ShowTag TeamBase Card150.20
138Santino Marella & Vladimir KozlovTag TeamBase Card160.17
139David Otunga & Michael McGillicuttyTag TeamBase Card170.14
140Justin Gabriel & Heath SlaterTag TeamBase Card160.17
141The Bella TwinsTag TeamBase Card160.17
142The Uso BrothersTag TeamBase Card160.17
143Zack Ryder & PrimoTag TeamBase Card170.14
144Yoshi Tatsu & Mark HenryTag TeamBase Card160.17
145Iron SheikLegendBase Card160.17
146Jake "The Snake" RobertsLegendBase Card170.14
147Koko B. WareLegendBase Card140.25
148British BulldogLegendBase Card170.14
149Sgt. SlaughterLegendBase Card160.17
150Ravishing Rike RudeLegendBase Card160.17
151Bam Bam BigelowLegendBase Card340.75
152Junkyard DogLegendBase Card170.14
153The Million dollar man Ted DiBiaseLegendBase Card150.20
154Rowdy Roddy PiperLegendBase Card150.20
155Mr. Wonderful Paul OrndorffLegendBase Card180.13
156Jimmy "Superfly" SnukaLegendBase Card150.20
157Nikolai VolkoffLegendBase Card150.20
158The american dream Dosty RhodesLegendBase Card150.20
159Bobby "The Brain" HeenanLegendBase Card150.20
160Hillbilly JimLegendBase Card180.13
161Mr. Perfect Curt HennigLegendBase Card170.14
162Barry WindhamLegendBase Card160.17
163Cowboy Bob OrtonLegendBase Card150.20
164Jerry "The King" LawlerLegendBase Card150.20
165EarthquakeLegendBase Card160.17
166Ricky "Dragon" SteamboatLegendBase Card150.20
167VaderLegendBase Card140.25
168Gorilla MansoonLegendBase Card150.20
169Terry FunkLegendBase Card130.33
170IRSLegendBase Card160.17
171YokozunaLegendBase Card160.17
172BatistaLegendBase card180.13
173DieselLegendBase Card150.20
174Big Boss ManLegendBase Card160.17
175Greg ValentineLegendBase Card160.17
176Papa ShangoLegendBase Card160.17
177Paul BearerLegendBase Card160.17
178Road WarriorsLegendBase Card180.13
179Shawn MichaelsLegendBase Card160.17
180Trish StratusLegendBase Card160.17
181Stone Cold Steve AustinLegendBase Card140.25
182Dean MalenkoLegendBase Card150.20
183Steel ChairPropBase Card160.17
184SledgehammerPropBase Card140.25
185TablePropBase Card140.25
186Trash CanPropBase Card150.20
187LadderPropBase Card160.17
188Steel StepsPropBase Card160.17
189Ring BellPropBase Card170.14
190Brass KnucklesPropBase Card140.25
191Kendo StickPropBase Card160.17
192GiutarPropBase Card160.17
193HandcuffsPropBase Card130.33
194Fire ExtinguisherPropBase Card160.17
195CrutchesPropBase Card160.17
196Announcers TablePropBase Card160.17
197Stell PipePropBase Card140.25
198MicrophonePropBase Card160.17
199TLC MatchMatch TypeBase Card160.17
200Stell Cage MatchMatch TypeBase Card160.17
201Hell In A Cell MatchMatch TypeBase Card160.17
202Stretcher MatchMatch TypeBase Card150.20
203Casket MatchMatch TypeBase Card150.20
204Elimination Chamber MatchMatch TypeBase Card160.17
205I Quit MatchMatch TypeBase Card130.33
206Ambulance MatchMatch TypeBase Card250.40
207Falls Count Anywhere MatchMatch TypeBase Card140.25
208Lumberjack MatchMatch TypeBase Card170.14
209No Disqualification MatchMatch TypeBase Card130.33
210Beat The Clock MatchMatch TypeBase Card160.17
211Royal RumblePay Per ViewBase Card160.17
212Elimination ChamberPay Per ViewBase Card160.17
213Wrestlemania XXVIIPay Per ViewBase Card160.17
214Exteme RulesPay Per ViewBase Card150.20
215Over The LimitPay Per ViewBase Card160.17
216Capitol PunishmentPay Per ViewBase Card180.13
217Money In The BankPay Per ViewBase Card170.14
218Summer SlamPay Per ViewBase Card140.25
219VengeancePay Per ViewBase Card160.17
220Night Of ChampionsPay Per ViewBase Card170.14
221Survivor SeriesPay Per ViewBase Card140.25
222Hell In A CellPay Per ViewBase Card160.17
223TLCPay Per ViewBase Card140.25
B1John CenaBonusLenticular card606.00
LE1The MizLimited EditionFoil Card717.00
LE2The RockLimited EditionFoil Card404.00