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Topps Slam Attax: Then, Now, Forever

Slam Attax: Then, Now, Forever

Year: 2015
Total cards: 253

Collection preview (98% scanned images)

collecting: 55 / completed: 11


1Roman ReignsChampionRainbow foil Card1527.50
2Brock LesnarChampionRainbow foil Card1562.50
3Seth RollinsChampionRainbow foil Card1562.50
4John CenaChampionRainbow foil Card1543.75
5Daniel BryanChampionRainbow foil Card1243.00
6Nikki BellaChampionRainbow foil Card1543.75
7King BarrettChampionRainbow foil Card1326.50
8RusevChampionRainbow foil Card1252.40
9Randy OrtonChampionRainbow foil Card1427.00
10The New DayChampionRainbow foil Card1434.67
11RybackChampionRainbow foil Card1343.25
12Dolph ZigglerChampionRainbow foil Card1391.44
13Bray WyattChampionRainbow foil Card1644.00
14SheamusChampionRainbow foil Card1628.00
15PaigeChampionRainbow foil Card1644.00
16Dean AmbroseChampionRainbow foil Card1829.00
17Triple HThen & NowMirror foil Card1527.50
18StingThen & NowMirror foil Card1434.67
19Chris JerichoThen & NowMirror foil Card1252.40
20Brock LesnarThen & NowMirror foil Card1326.50
21Big ShowThen & NowMirror foil Card1535.00
22Daniel BryanThen & NowMirror foil Card1334.33
23Randy OrtonThen & NowMirror foil Card1334.33
24GoldustThen & NowMirror foil Card1553.00
25Roman ReignsThen & NowMirror foil Card1527.50
26KaneThen & NowMirror foil Card1234.00
27Mark HenryThen & NowMirror foil Card1644.00
28UndertakerThen & NowMirror foil Card1352.60
29Bray WyattThen & NowMirror foil Card1744.25
30The RockThen & NowMirror foil Card1343.25
31John CenaThen & NowMirror foil Card1653.20
32The MizThen & NowMirror foil Card1635.33
33Adam Rose - Party FoulSignature MoveMirror foil Card1381.63
34Big E - The Big EndingSignature MoveMirror foil Card1281.50
35Big Show - KO PunchSignature MoveMirror foil Card1452.80
36Cesaro - Cesaro SwingSignature MoveMirror foil Card1262.00
37Damien Sandow - TerminusSignature MoveMirror foil Card1936.33
38Erick Rowan - Full Nelson SlamSignature MoveMirror foil Card1071.43
39Fandango - The Last DanceSignature MoveMirror foil Card1362.17
40Goldust - Curtain CallSignature MoveMirror foil Card1142.75
41Jack Swagger - Patriot LockSignature MoveMirror foil Card1553.00
42Kofi Kingston - DropkickSignature MoveMirror foil Card1234.00
43Luke Harper - Discus ClotheslineSignature MoveMirror foil Card933.00
44Mark Henry - World's Strongest SlamSignature MoveMirror foil Card1291.33
45The Miz - Skull-Crushing FinaleSignature MoveMirror foil Card1226.00
46Natalya - SharpshooterSignature MoveMirror foil Card1271.71
47Neville - Red ArrowSignature MoveMirror foil Card1243.00
48Nikki Bella - Rack AttackSignature MoveMirror foil Card1226.00
49R-Truth - CrossbodySignature MoveMirror foil Card1252.40
50Randy Ortan - RKOSignature MoveMirror foil Card1161.83
51Roman Reigns - SpearSignature MoveMirror foil Card1371.86
52Seth Rollins - PedigreeSignature MoveMirror foil Card1472.00
53Sin Cara - Senton BombSignature MoveMirror foil Card1443.50
54Stardust - The Queen's CrossbowSignature MoveMirror foil Card1371.86
55Titus O'Neil - Clash Of The TitusSignature MoveMirror foil Card1452.80
56Tyson Kidd - SharpshooterSignature MoveMirror foil Card1071.43
57Triple H - PedigreeSignature MoveMirror foil Card1527.50
58The Ascension - Fall Of ManSignature MoveMirror foil Card1243.00
59Xavier Woods - Honor RollSignature MoveMirror foil Card1491.56
60Zack Ryder - Rough RyderSignature MoveMirror foil Card1271.71
61Kevin Owens - Pop-Up PowerbombSignature MoveMirror foil Card1352.60
62Charlotte - Figure 8Signature MoveMirror foil Card1572.14
63Finn Balor - Coup De GraceSignature MoveMirror foil Card1252.40
64Sami Zayn - Helluva KickSignature MoveMirror foil Card1472.00
65Adam RoseRawBase Card1091.11
66Big ERawBase Card1271.71
67Big ShowRawBase Card1291.33
68Bo DallasRawBase Card1381.63
69Booker TRawBase Card1171.57
70Bray WyattRawBase Card971.29
71Brie BellaRawBase Card991.00
72Brock LesnarRawBase Card10110.91
73Byron SaxtonRawBase Card1152.20
74CameronRawBase Card1472.00
75CesaroRawBase Card1291.33
76Chris JerichoRawBase Card1171.57
77Curtis AxelRawBase Card1161.83
78Daniel BryanRawBase Card1291.33
79David OtungaRawBase Card961.50
80Dean AmbroseRawBase Card8120.67
81DiegoRawBase Card1033.33
82Dolph ZigglerRawBase Card981.13
83El ToritoRawBase Card1262.00
84EmmaRawBase Card1362.17
85Erick RowanRawBase Card1161.83
86FandangoRawBase Card1091.11
87FernandoRawBase Card1252.40
88Jack SwaggerRawBase Card1371.86
89Jamie NobleRawBase Card1081.25
90JBLRawBase Card1281.50
91Joey MercuryRawBase Card10120.83
92John CenaRawBase Card1271.71
93KaneRawBase Card1091.11
94KalistoRawBase Card1252.40
95Kevin OwensRawBase Card11101.10
96Kofi KingstonRawBase Card9110.82
97KonnorRawBase Card1181.38
98LanaRawBase Card1071.43
99Luke HarperRawBase Card1252.40
100Michael ColeRawBase Card10101.00
101The MizRawBase Card961.50
102NaomiRawBase Card981.13
103NevilleRawBase Card10130.77
104Nikki BellaRawBase Card13111.18
105PaigeRawBase Card1081.25
106Paul HeymanRawBase Card1371.86
107R-TruthRawBase Card1281.50
108Randy OrtonRawBase Card851.60
109Renee YoungRawBase Card1071.43
110The RockRawBase Card10110.91
111Roman ReignsRawBase Card1243.00
112RusevRawBase Card991.00
113RybackRawBase Card11101.10
114Seth RollinsRawBase Card1081.25
115Sin CaraRawBase Card9100.90
116Stephanie McMahonRawBase Card1181.38
117Summer RaeRawBase Card1171.57
118Triple HRawBase Card1071.43
119ViktorRawBase Card1171.57
120Xavier WoodsRawBase Card1181.38
121Zack RyderRawBase Card1091.11
122Zeb ColterRawBase Card9120.75
123Alicia FoxSmackdownBase Card1452.80
124King BarrettSmackdownBase Card10120.83
125ChristianSmackdownBase Card1181.38
126Damien SandowSmackdownBase Card1152.20
127Darren YoungSmackdownBase Card1152.20
128EdenSmackdownBase Card1161.83
129Eva MarieSmackdownBase Card11101.10
130GoldustSmackdownBase Card1181.38
131Heath SlaterSmackdownBase Card9120.75
132HornswoggleSmackdownBase Card1281.50
133Jerry "The King" LawlerSmackdownBase Card7110.64
134Jey UsoSmackdownBase Card1391.44
135Jimmy UsoSmackdownBase Card1491.56
136Lillian GarciaSmackdownBase Card1262.00
137Mark HenrySmackdownBase Card11101.10
138NatalyaSmackdownBase Card1362.17
139Rosa MendesSmackdownBase Card1381.63
140SheamusSmackdownBase Card9140.64
141StardustSmackdownBase Card1462.33
142Titus O'NeilSmackdownBase Card1281.50
143Tony ChimelSmackdownBase Card1381.63
144Tyson KiddSmackdownBase Card1081.25
145UndertakerSmackdownBase Card1081.25
146Aiden EnglishNXTBase Card991.00
147Alex RileyNXTBase Card1352.60
148Alexa BlissNXTBase Card11111.00
149Angelo DawkinsNXTBase Card1281.50
150Baron CorbinNXTBase Card1252.40
151BayleyNXTBase Card10101.00
152Becky LynchNXTBase Card1243.00
153BlakeNXTBase Card1252.40
154Bull DempseyNXTBase Card1243.00
155Cal BishopNXTBase Card1161.83
156CarmellaNXTBase Card1462.33
157Chad GableNXTBase Card1071.43
158CharlotteNXTBase Card1171.57
159Colin CassadyNXTBase Card1281.50
160Corey GravesNXTBase Card1152.20
161Dana BrookeNXTBase Card1252.40
162Dash WilderNXTBase Card1052.00
163Devin TaylorNXTBase Card1191.22
164Enzo AmoreNXTBase Card1281.50
165Finn BalorNXTBase Card11101.10
166Hideo ItamiNXTBase Card8110.73
167Jason AlbertNXTBase Card1052.00
168Jason JordanNXTBase Card1252.40
169JojoNXTBase Card1081.25
170Marcus LouisNXTBase Card1061.67
171Mojo RawleyNXTBase Card1091.11
172MurphyNXTBase Card11101.10
173Rich BrennanNXTBase Card1061.67
174Sami ZaynNXTBase Card10110.91
175Samoa JoeNXTBase Card1152.20
176Sasha BanksNXTBase Card12101.20
177Sawyer FultonNXTBase Card1181.38
178Scott DawsonNXTBase Card1061.67
179Simon GotchNXTBase Card1281.50
180Solomon CroweNXTBase Card1181.38
181Sylvester LefortNXTBase Card1271.71
182Tye DillingerNXTBase Card951.80
183Tyler BreezeNXTBase Card1191.22
184William RegalNXTBase Card1091.11
185Bam Bam BigelowWCWBase Card1171.57
186Dean MalenkoWCWBase Card1362.17
187Diamond Dallas PageWCWBase Card9110.82
188MadusaWCWBase Card11130.85
189Brian PillmanECWBase Card1181.38
190Big Boss ManLegendsBase Card1161.83
191Billy GunnLegendsBase Card1181.38
192Bob BacklundLegendsBase Card971.29
193Bret "Hit Man" HartLegendsBase Card10110.91
194British BulldogLegendsBase Card9120.75
195Bruno SammartinoLegendsBase Card1381.63
196DieselLegendsBase Card1071.43
197"Magnificent" Don MuracoLegendsBase Card1152.20
198Eddie GuerreroLegendsBase Card1061.67
199EdgeLegendsBase Card9120.75
200"Hacksaw" Jim DugganLegendsBase Card1061.67
201Honky Tonk ManLegendsBase Card971.29
202Jake "The Snake" RobertsLegendsBase Card1343.25
203Jerry "The King" LawlerLegendsBase Card942.25
204Jimmy "Superfly" SnukaLegendsBase Card1271.71
205Lex LugerLegendsBase Card961.50
206LitaLegendsBase Card9120.75
207"Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiaseLegendsBase Card971.29
208"Mr. Perfect" Curt HenningLegendsBase Card1161.83
209"Mr. Wonderful" Paul OrndorffLegendsBase Card1281.50
210Papa ShangoLegendsBase Card1161.83
211"Ravishing" Rick RudeLegendsBase Card1281.50
212Razor RamonLegendsBase Card991.00
213"Nature Boy" Ric FlairLegendsBase Card1181.38
214Ricky "The Dragon" SteamboatLegendsBase Card991.00
215Road DoggLegendsBase Card9100.90
216"Rowdy" Roddy PiperLegendsBase Card1081.25
217Sgt. SlauterLegendsBase Card11101.10
218Shawn MichaelsLegendsBase Card780.88
219StingLegendsBase Card11111.00
220Stone Cold Steve AustinLegendsBase Card8130.62
221Terry FunkLegendsBase Card1171.57
222Trish StratusLegendsBase Card1271.71
223Ultimate WarriorLegendsBase Card1052.00
224VaderLegendsBase Card971.29
225YokozunaLegendsBase Card1362.17
226The AscensionTag TeamBase Card1061.67
227The BushwhackersTag TeamBase Card9100.90
228Tyson Kidd & CesaroTag TeamBase Card1181.38
229Erick Rowan & Luke HarperTag TeamBase Card1133.67
230Los MatadoresTag TeamBase Card1052.00
231The Lucha DragonsTag TeamBase Card1181.38
232The Prime Time PlayersTag TeamBase Card1091.11
233The New DayTag TeamBase Card1343.25
234The Bella TwinsTag TeamBase Card1252.40
235The New Age OutlawsTag TeamBase Card10101.00
236The Uso'sTag TeamBase Card9120.75
237LadderObjectBase Card1091.11
238SledgehammerObjectBase Card1191.22
239Kendo StickObjectBase Card1362.17
240Steel StepsObjectBase Card9100.90
241TableObjectBase Card1052.00
242Trash CanObjectBase Card1281.50
LE-DADolph Ziggler def. Kofi Kingston-Limited Edition14114.00
LE-DBJohn Cena def. Triple H-Limited Edition1527.50
LE-DCRandy Orton def. John Cena & Triple H-Limited Edition1527.50
LE-DDBret "Hit Man" Hart def. Stone Cold Steve Austin-Limited Edition1427.00
LE-MAShawn Michaels def. Chris Jericho-Limited Edition15115.00
LE-MBDaniel Bryan def. Big Show-Limited Edition16116.00
LE-MCChris Jericho def. Edge-Limited Edition15015.00
LE-SASeth Rollins def. Brock Lesnar & Roman Reigns-Limited Edition12012.00
LE-TATriple H def. The Rock-Limited Edition17117.00
LE-TBBig Show def. Eddie Guerrero-Limited Edition15015.00
LE-TCBrock Lesnar def. The Rock-Limited Edition16016.00