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Topps Star Wars Rebels. Rebel Attax. Series 1

Star Wars Rebels. Rebel Attax. Series 1

Year: 2015
Total cards: 201

collecting: 8 / completed: 1


1Ezra BridgerRebelRegular Cards Rebellion221.00
2Kanan JarrusRebelRegular Cards Rebellion230.67
3Hera SyndullaRebelRegular Cards Rebellion230.67
4Sabine WrenRebelRegular Cards Rebellion230.67
5ZebRebelRegular Cards Rebellion250.40
6ChopperRebelRegular Cards Rebellion250.40
7Zare LeonisCadetRegular Cards Rebellion230.67
8KitwarrWookieeRegular Cards Rebellion240.50
9WullffwarroWookieeRegular Cards Rebellion230.67
10WookieeWookieeRegular Cards Rebellion230.67
11Senator Bail OrganaSenateRegular Cards Rebellion230.67
12Morad SumarFarmerRegular Cards Rebellion260.33
13Old JhoIthorianRegular Cards Rebellion250.40
14TsokloRodianRegular Cards Rebellion250.40
15C-3PODroidRegular Cards Rebellion250.40
16R2-D2DroidRegular Cards Rebellion240.50
17Pilot DroidDroidRegular Cards Rebellion230.67
18RQ Protocol DroidDroidRegular Cards Rebellion240.50
19The GhostVehicleRegular Cards Rebellion260.33
20The PhantomVehicleRegular Cards Rebellion250.40
21Wookiee GunshipVehicleRegular Cards Rebellion230.67
22Tantive IVVehicleRegular Cards Rebellion250.40
23Star Commuter ShuttleVehicleRegular Cards Rebellion230.67
24Ezra BridgerVehicleRegular Cards Rebellion221.00
25Kanan JarrusVehicleRegular Cards Rebellion230.67
26Lothal Cruise SpeederVehicleRegular Cards Rebellion240.50
27V-35 LandspeederVehicleRegular Cards Rebellion221.00
28Jump SpeederVehicleRegular Cards Rebellion250.40
29The InquisitorPau'AnRegular Cards Empire250.40
30Agent KallusAgentRegular Cards Empire250.40
31Commandant AreskoCommanderRegular Cards Empire230.67
32Taskmaster Myles GrintOfficerRegular Cards Empire240.50
33Supply Master LysteOfficerRegular Cards Empire331.00
34StormtrooperSoldierRegular Cards Empire230.67
35StormtrooperSoldierRegular Cards Empire313.00
36StormtrooperSoldierRegular Cards Empire240.50
37TIE Fighter PilotPilotRegular Cards Empire240.50
38AT-DP PilotPilotRegular Cards Empire240.50
39Maketh TuaMinisterRegular Cards Empire221.00
40Star DestroyerVehicleRegular Cards Empire250.40
41Star Destroyer & FreighterVehicleRegular Cards Empire250.40
42Star Destroyer FleetVehicleRegular Cards Empire250.40
43The InquisitorVehicleRegular Cards Empire230.67
44TIE FighterVehicleRegular Cards Empire230.67
45TIE FighterVehicleRegular Cards Empire250.40
46TIE Fighter SquadronVehicleRegular Cards Empire230.67
47Imperial FreighterVehicleRegular Cards Empire340.75
48Imperial ShuttleVehicleRegular Cards Empire212.00
49Assault WalkerVehicleRegular Cards Empire250.40
50Speeder BikeVehicleRegular Cards Empire240.50
51Imperial Troop TransportVehicleRegular Cards Empire230.67
52Amda WaboAqualishMercenary/Creature221.00
53Cikatro VizagoDevaronianMercenary/Creature230.67
55C-Roc Carrier ShipVehicleMercenary/Creature230.67
59Ezra Bridger & Kanan JarrusRebelPower Up250.40
60Ezra Bridger & ChopperRebelPower Up250.40
61Ezra Bridger & ZebRebelPower Up250.40
62Ezra Bridger & Zare LeonisRebelPower Up240.50
63Kanan Jarrus & Ezra BridgerRebelPower Up250.40
64Kanan Jarrus & Sabine WrenRebelPower Up230.67
65Kanan Jarrus & ZebRebelPower Up240.50
66Zeb & Kanan JarrusRebelPower Up240.50
67Zeb & Ezra BridgerRebelPower Up240.50
68Zeb & ChopperRebelPower Up240.50
69Hera Syndulla & Kanan JarrusRebelPower Up250.40
70Hera Syndulla & ZebRebelPower Up260.33
71Hera Syndulla & Sabine WrenRebelPower Up250.40
72Sabine Wren & ChopperRebelPower Up240.50
73Sabine Wren & Kanan JarrusRebelPower Up230.67
74Sabine Wren & ZebRebelPower Up250.40
75R2-D2 & C-3PODroidPower Up250.40
76Ezra & KananVehiclePower Up230.67
77The Inquisitor & Agent KallusPau'An/AgentPower Up250.40
78The Inquisitor & StormtrooperPau'An/SoldierPower Up240.50
79Agent Kallus & StormtrooperAgent/SoldierPower Up230.67
80Commandant Aresko & Taskmaster Myles GrintCommander/OfficerPower Up230.67
81Commandant Aresko & StormtrooperCommander/SoldierPower Up221.00
82Taskmaster Myles Grint & StormtrooperOfficer/SoldierPower Up240.50
83Scout TroopersVehiclePower Up221.00
84Cikatro Vizago & IG-RMDevaronian/DroidPower Up270.29
85Rebellion 1-Strike Force Puzzle Cards240.50
86Rebellion 1-Strike Force Puzzle Cards230.67
87Rebellion 1-Strike Force Puzzle Cards240.50
88Rebellion 1-Strike Force Puzzle Cards240.50
89Rebellion 1-Strike Force Puzzle Cards240.50
90Rebellion 1-Strike Force Puzzle Cards240.50
91Rebellion 1-Strike Force Puzzle Cards250.40
92Rebellion 1-Strike Force Puzzle Cards331.00
93ARebellion 1-Strike Force Puzzle Cards240.50
94BRebellion 1-Strike Force Puzzle Cards230.67
95CRebellion 1-Strike Force Puzzle Cards230.67
96Rebellion 2-Strike Force Puzzle Cards230.67
97Rebellion 2-Strike Force Puzzle Cards240.50
98Rebellion 2-Strike Force Puzzle Cards240.50
99Rebellion 2-Strike Force Puzzle Cards240.50
100Rebellion 2-Strike Force Puzzle Cards240.50
101Rebellion 2-Strike Force Puzzle Cards221.00
102Rebellion 2-Strike Force Puzzle Cards240.50
103Rebellion 2-Strike Force Puzzle Cards221.00
104ARebellion 2-Strike Force Puzzle Cards221.00
105BRebellion 2-Strike Force Puzzle Cards230.67
106CRebellion 2-Strike Force Puzzle Cards221.00
107Empire 1-Strike Force Puzzle Cards221.00
108Empire 1-Strike Force Puzzle Cards240.50
109Empire 1-Strike Force Puzzle Cards240.50
110Empire 1-Strike Force Puzzle Cards230.67
111Empire 1-Strike Force Puzzle Cards240.50
112Empire 1-Strike Force Puzzle Cards240.50
113Empire 1-Strike Force Puzzle Cards250.40
114Empire 1-Strike Force Puzzle Cards260.33
115AEmpire 1-Strike Force Puzzle Cards202.00
116BEmpire 1-Strike Force Puzzle Cards221.00
117CEmpire 1-Strike Force Puzzle Cards250.40
118Empire 2-Strike Force Puzzle Cards260.33
119Empire 2-Strike Force Puzzle Cards250.40
120Empire 2-Strike Force Puzzle Cards230.67
121Empire 2-Strike Force Puzzle Cards230.67
122Empire 2-Strike Force Puzzle Cards230.67
123Empire 2-Strike Force Puzzle Cards250.40
124Empire 2-Strike Force Puzzle Cards240.50
125Empire 2-Strike Force Puzzle Cards230.67
126AEmpire 2-Strike Force Puzzle Cards230.67
127BEmpire 2-Strike Force Puzzle Cards230.67
128CEmpire 2-Strike Force Puzzle Cards240.50
129The Ghost/Hera SyndullaVehicle & PilotHyper-Boost Plastic Cards404.00
130The Phantom/Kanan JarrusVehicle & PilotHyper-Boost Plastic Cards313.00
131Star Commuter Shuttle/RX-24Vehicle & PilotHyper-Boost Plastic Cards303.00
132TIE Fighter/ZebVehicle & PilotHyper-Boost Plastic Cards321.50
133C-Roc Carrier Ship/Cikatro VizagoVehicle & PilotHyper-Boost Plastic Cards221.00
134Star Destroyer/Admiral KonstantineVehicle & PilotHyper-Boost Plastic Cards221.00
135Imperial Freighter/Agent KallusVehicle & PilotHyper-Boost Plastic Cards303.00
136The InquisitorVehicle & PilotHyper-Boost Plastic Cards321.50
137TIE Fighter/TIE Fighter PilotVehicle & PilotHyper-Boost Plastic Cards414.00
138Imperial Shuttle/The InquisitorVehicle & PilotHyper-Boost Plastic Cards404.00
139Ezra BridgerRebelMirror Foil Cards321.50
140Kanan JarrusRebelMirror Foil Cards230.67
141Hera SyndullaRebelMirror Foil Cards431.33
142Sabine WrenRebelMirror Foil Cards321.50
143ZebRebelMirror Foil Cards331.00
144ChopperRebelMirror Foil Cards212.00
145Zare LeonisCadetMirror Foil Cards321.50
146WullffwarroWookieeMirror Foil Cards303.00
147The GhostVehicleMirror Foil Cards313.00
148Wookiee GunshipVehicleMirror Foil Cards313.00
149The InquisitorPau'AnMirror Foil Cards303.00
150Agent KallusAgentMirror Foil Cards321.50
151StormtrooperSoldierMirror Foil Cards313.00
152AT-DP Assault WalkerVehicleMirror Foil Cards321.50
153The InquisitorVehicleMirror Foil Cards221.00
154TIE FighterVehicleMirror Foil Cards414.00
155Ezra BridgerRebelHolographic Foil Cards313.00
156Kanan JarrusRebelHolographic Foil Cards303.00
157Hera SyndullaRebelHolographic Foil Cards422.00
158Sabine WrenRebelHolographic Foil Cards303.00
159ZebRebelHolographic Foil Cards313.00
160ChopperRebelHolographic Foil Cards212.00
161The GhostVehicleHolographic Foil Cards230.67
162The PhantomVehicleHolographic Foil Cards414.00
163The InquisitorPau'AnHolographic Foil Cards431.33
164Agent KallusAgentHolographic Foil Cards212.00
165StormtrooperSoldierHolographic Foil Cards230.67
166TIE Fighter PilotPilotHolographic Foil Cards350.60
167The InquisitorVehicleHolographic Foil Cards240.50
168TIE FighterVehicleHolographic Foil Cards331.00
169Imperial FleetVehicleHolographic Foil Cards414.00
170Star DestroyerVehicleHolographic Foil Cards212.00
171The RebelsRebelStar Wars Holographic Foil Cards221.00
172Ezra BridgerRebelStar Wars Holographic Foil Cards422.00
173Kanan JarrusRebelStar Wars Holographic Foil Cards313.00
174Hera SyndullaRebelStar Wars Holographic Foil Cards414.00
175Sabine WrenRebelStar Wars Holographic Foil Cards422.00
176ZebRebelStar Wars Holographic Foil Cards313.00
177ChopperRebelStar Wars Holographic Foil Cards331.00
178Ezra Bridger & ChopperRebelStar Wars Holographic Foil Cards313.00
179Sabine, Ezra & ChopperRebelStar Wars Holographic Foil Cards313.00
180Cikatro VizagoDevaronianStar Wars Holographic Foil Cards230.67
181Mercenary GroupSmugglersStar Wars Holographic Foil Cards313.00
182Imperial ArmyImperialsStar Wars Holographic Foil Cards313.00
183The InquisitorPau'AnStar Wars Holographic Foil Cards404.00
184Agent KallusAgentStar Wars Holographic Foil Cards221.00
185StormtrooperSoldierStar Wars Holographic Foil Cards404.00
186StormtrooperSoldierStar Wars Holographic Foil Cards313.00
CCAChopperRebelLimited Edition414.00
CCBZebRebelLimited Edition404.00
CCCThe GhostVehicleLimited Edition303.00
FMAThe PhantomVehicleLimited Edition313.00
FMBAT-DP Assault WalkerVehicleLimited Edition414.00
FMCStar DestroyerVehicleLimited Edition404.00
MMAThe InquisitorPau'AnLimited Edition414.00
MMBStormtrooperSoldierLimited Edition303.00
MPSabine WrenRebelLimited Edition404.00
MTHera SyndullaRebelLimited Edition404.00
OPR1-D1DroidLimited Edition404.00
SPEzra BridgerRebelLimited Edition202.00
STKanan JarrusRebelLimited Edition221.00
SWMC-3PODroidLimited Edition414.00
WSR2-D2DroidLimited Edition404.00