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Panini UEFA Champions League 2011-2012. Adrenalyn XL

UEFA Champions League 2011-2012. Adrenalyn XL

Jahr: 2011
Alle Karten: 402

UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE® 2011-2012 ADRENALYN XL Official Trading Card Game

The Panini trading card collection features the clubs and the League’s top talent! There are 355 cards to collect including 80 special cards. Look out for 50 rainbow cards and 30 holographic cards as well as exclusive limited edition cards

UK:Limited Edition cards
Nani - Cover mounted on Strike-It magazine # 1 (on sale 14th September – 11th October)
Aguerro - Cover mounted on Strike It # 2 (on sale 12th October – 8th November)
Lampard - Starter Pack
Toure - Starter Pack
Van Persie - Starter Pack
Cole - Starter Pack
Ronaldo - Starter Pack
Fabergas - collector’s tins.

Vorschau der Sammlung (100% gescannte Bilder)

Anzahl Sammler: 195 / komplett: 38


1Kenneth VermeerAFC AjaxBase Cards11190.58
2Gregory van der WielAFC AjaxStar Players2192.33
3Daley BlindAFC AjaxBase Cards13210.62
4Vurnon AnitaAFC AjaxBase Cards9190.47
5Christian EriksenAFC AjaxBase Cards11230.48
6Thulani SereroAFC AjaxBase Cards9190.47
7Theo JanssenAFC AjaxBase Cards10220.45
8Lorenzo EbecilioAFC AjaxRising Stars20161.25
9Miralem SulejmaniAFC AjaxBase Cards10190.53
10Kolbeinn SigthórssonAFC AjaxBase Cards10170.59
11Lukasz FabiańskiArsenal FCBase Cards9400.23
12Bacary SagnaArsenal FCBase Cards7420.17
13Laurent KoscielnyArsenal FCBase Cards9360.25
14Thomas VermaelenArsenal FCBase Cards6380.16
15Sébastien SqillaciArsenal FCBase Cards8400.20
16Tomáš RosickýArsenal FCBase Cards7420.17
17Jack WilshereArsenal FCRising Stars19121.58
18Andrey ArshavinArsenal FCBase Cards8430.19
19Marouane ChamakhArsenal FCBase Cards6470.13
20GervinhoArsenal FCBase Cards5450.11
21Theo WalcottArsenal FCBase Cards7440.16
22Robin van PersieArsenal FCStar Players20131.54
23Víctor ValdésFC BarcelonaBase Cards12330.36
24Gerard PiquéFC BarcelonaBase Cards11410.27
25Dani AlvesFC BarcelonaBase Cards10410.24
26Carles PuyolFC BarcelonaBase Cards18161.13
27Éric AbidalFC BarcelonaBase Cards13340.38
28Xavi HernándezFC BarcelonaStar Players29102.90
29Andrés IniestaFC BarcelonaBase Cards12370.32
30Sergio BusquetsFC BarcelonaBase Cards11330.33
31Javier MascheranoFC BarcelonaBase Cards9370.24
32Thiago AlcántaraFC BarcelonaRising Stars3083.75
33Lionel MessiFC BarcelonaStar Players36103.60
34Pedro RodríguezFC BarcelonaBase Cards13410.32
35Cesc FàbregasFC BarcelonaBase Cards12380.32
36David VillaFC BarcelonaBase Cards11340.32
37Alexis SánchezFC BarcelonaBase Cards11320.34
38Yann SommerFC Basel 1893Base Cards4420.10
39Kay VoserFC Basel 1893Base Cards4390.10
40Markus SteínhöferFC Basel 1893Base Cards5370.14
41Xherdan ShaqiriFC Basel 1893Rising Stars24141.71
42Radoslav KováčFC Basel 1893Base Cards4380.11
43Benjamin HuggelFC Basel 1893Base Cards5360.14
44Marco StrellerFC Basel 1893Base Cards4410.10
45Alexander FreiFC Basel 1893Star Players23121.92
46René AdlerBayer 04 LeverkusenBase Cards6460.13
47Stefan ReinartzBayer 04 LeverkusenBase Cards4410.10
48Michal KadlecBayer 04 LeverkusenBase Cards5360.14
49Manuel FriedrichBayer 04 LeverkusenBase Cards7370.19
50Simon RolfesBayer 04 LeverkusenBase Cards6430.14
51Michael BallackBayer 04 LeverkusenStar Players25171.47
52Tranquillo BarnettaBayer 04 LeverkusenBase Cards6440.14
53Eren DerdiyokBayer 04 LeverkusenBase Cards5380.13
54Stefan KießlingBayer 04 LeverkusenBase Cards6430.14
55André SchürrleBayer 04 LeverkusenRising Stars21102.10
56Manuel NeuerFC Bayern MünchenBase Cards9360.25
57Philipp LahmFC Bayern MünchenBase Cards9430.21
58Holger BadstuberFC Bayern MünchenBase Cards7350.20
59Jérôme BoatengFC Bayern MünchenBase Cards7370.19
60RafinhaFC Bayern MünchenBase Cards5400.13
61Bastian SchweinsteigerFC Bayern MünchenBase Cards7400.18
62Franck RibéryFC Bayern MünchenBase Cards6390.15
63Toni KroosFC Bayern MünchenRising Stars18121.50
64Luiz GustavoFC Bayern MünchenBase Cards5340.15
65Mario GomezFC Bayern MünchenBase Cards6370.16
66Arjen RobbenFC Bayern MünchenStar Players23161.44
67Thomas MüllerFC Bayern MünchenBase Cards7400.18
68Roman WeidenfellerBorussia DortmundBase Cards8360.22
69Neven SuboticBorussia DortmundBase Cards6400.15
70Mats HummelsBorussia DortmundBase Cards8370.22
71Marcel SchmelzerBorussia DortmundBase Cards5450.11
72Sebastien KehlBorussia DortmundBase Cards5410.12
73KubaBorussia DortmundBase Cards8360.22
74Sven BenderBorussia DortmundBase Cards4390.10
75Shinji KagawaBorussia DortmundBase Cards7370.19
76Mario GötzeBorussia DortmundRising Stars1972.71
77Antonio da SilvaBorussia DortmundBase Cards7380.18
78Kevin GroßkreutzBorussia DortmundBase Cards7410.17
79Lucas BarriosBorussia DortmundStar Players25112.27
80Robert LewandowskiBorussia DortmundBase Cards9350.26
81Petr ČechChelsea FCBase Cards7330.21
82Branislav IvanovićChelsea FCBase Cards4420.10
83José BosingwaChelsea FCBase Cards6390.15
84John TerryChelsea FCBase Cards7380.18
85Ashley ColeChelsea FCBase Cards6350.17
86Michael EssienChelsea FCBase Cards8380.21
87John Mikel ObiChelsea FCBase Cards4360.11
88Frank LampardChelsea FCStar Players21102.10
89RamiresChelsea FCBase Cards5430.12
90Juan MataChelsea FCBase Cards7400.18
91Josh McEachranChelsea FCRising Stars2092.22
92Fernando TorresChelsea FCBase Cards6400.15
93Nicolas AnelkaChelsea FCBase Cards7420.17
94Didier DrogbaChelsea FCBase Cards5350.14
95Igor AkinfeevPFC CSKA MoskvaBase Cards4450.09
96Sergei IgnashevichPFC CSKA MoskvaBase Cards6430.14
97Vasili BerezutskiPFC CSKA MoskvaBase Cards6410.15
98Deividas ŠemberasPFC CSKA MoskvaBase Cards10400.25
99Zoran TošićPFC CSKA MoskvaBase Cards6410.15
100Alan DzagoevPFC CSKA MoskvaRising Stars21141.50
101Keisuke HondaPFC CSKA MoskvaBase Cards9410.22
102Sekou OlisehPFC CSKA MoskvaBase Cards6370.16
103Tomáš NecidPFC CSKA MoskvaBase Cards4400.10
104Vágner LovePFC CSKA MoskvaStar Players26122.17
105Seydou DoumbiaPFC CSKA MoskvaBase Cards6390.15
106Júlio CésarFC Internazionale MilanoBase Cards7440.16
107Andrea RanocchiaFC Internazionale MilanoBase Cards5450.11
108LucioFC Internazionale MilanoBase Cards6440.14
109Walter SamuelFC Internazionale MilanoBase Cards5480.10
110MaiconFC Internazionale MilanoBase Cards6450.13
111Yuto NagatomoFC Internazionale MilanoBase Cards8420.19
112Javier ZanettiFC Internazionale MilanoBase Cards9450.20
113Thiago MottaFC Internazionale MilanoBase Cards6380.16
114Ricardo ÁlvarezFC Internazionale MilanoBase Cards6370.16
115Esteban CambiassoFC Internazionale MilanoBase Cards5400.13
116Wesley SneijderFC Internazionale MilanoStar Players2592.78
117Luc CastaignosFC Internazionale MilanoRising Stars17190.89
118Diego MilitoFC Internazionale MilanoBase Cards7470.15
119Giampolo PazziniFC Internazionale MilanoBase Cards6410.15
120Michaël LandreauLOSC Lille MétropoleBase Cards5400.13
121Marko BasaLOSC Lille MétropoleBase Cards5410.12
122Franck BeriaLOSC Lille MétropoleBase Cards7350.20
123Aurélien ChedjouLOSC Lille MétropoleBase Cards5330.15
124Mathieu DebuchyLOSC Lille MétropoleBase Cards5370.14
125Laurent BonnartLOSC Lille MétropoleBase Cards7420.17
126Benoit PedrettiLOSC Lille MétropoleBase Cards4410.10
127Rio MavubaLOSC Lille MétropoleStar Players22131.69
128Eden HazardLOSC Lille MétropoleRising Stars22112.00
129Dimitri PayeLOSC Lille MétropoleBase Cards7380.18
130Moussa SowLOSC Lille MétropoleBase Cards6470.13
131Joe HartManchester City FCBase Cards6410.15
132Gaël ClichyManchester City FCBase Cards8380.21
133Joleon LescottManchester City FCBase Cards8390.21
134James MilnerManchester City FCBase Cards7410.17
135Yaya TouréManchester City FCBase Cards6310.19
136Gareth BarryManchester City FCBase Cards5400.13
137Samir NasriManchester City FCBase Cards9390.23
138David SilvaManchester City FCStar Players22161.38
139Carlos TévezManchester City FCBase Cards5330.15
140Edin DžekoManchester City FCBase Cards6400.15
141Sergio AgüeroManchester City FCBase Cards7440.16
142Mario BalotelliManchester City FCRising Stars23161.44
143David de GeaManchester United FCBase Cards7390.18
144Rio FerdinandManchester United FCBase Cards6440.14
145Nemanja VidićManchester United FCBase Cards7430.16
146Patrice EvraManchester United FCBase Cards8380.21
147Phil JonesManchester United FCRising Stars23112.09
148Ji-Sung ParkManchester United FCBase Cards7340.21
149Michael CarrickManchester United FCBase Cards9340.26
150AndersonManchester United FCBase Cards7420.17
151Ryan GiggsManchester United FCBase Cards9390.23
152NaniManchester United FCBase Cards7460.15
153Ashley YoungManchester United FCBase Cards7470.15
154Dimitar BerbatovManchester United FCBase Cards8400.20
155Wayne RooneyManchester United FCStar Players23171.35
156Javier HernandezManchester United FCBase Cards8420.19
157Danny WelbeckManchester United FCRising Stars22151.47
158Christian AbbiatiAC MilanBase Cards6410.15
159Alessandro NestaAC MilanBase Cards7390.18
160Thiago SilvaAC MilanBase Cards8370.22
161Philippe MexèsAC MilanBase Cards9360.25
162Ignazio AbateAC MilanBase Cards7360.19
163Massimo AmbrosiniAC MilanBase Cards11420.26
164Mark van BommelAC MilanBase Cards6390.15
165Clarence SeedorfAC MilanBase Cards7440.16
166Gennaro GattusoAC MilanBase Cards7430.16
167Kevin-Prince BoatengAC MilanBase Cards6410.15
168Stephan El ShaarawyAC MilanRising Stars2592.78
169Alexandre PatoAC MilanBase Cards7390.18
170Zlatan IbrahimovićAC MilanStar Players2664.33
171RobinhoAC MilanBase Cards8360.22
172Morgan De SanctisSSC NapoliBase Cards6390.15
173Paolo CannavaroSSC NapoliBase Cards6320.19
174Andrea DossenaSSC NapoliBase Cards5330.15
175Federico FernándezSSC NapoliRising Stars15141.07
176Blerim DžemailiSSC NapoliBase Cards5410.12
177Christian MaggioSSC NapoliBase Cards5410.12
178Gökhan InlerSSC NapoliBase Cards6390.15
179Marek HamsikSSC NapoliBase Cards6470.13
180Mario SantanaSSC NapoliBase Cards7370.19
181Ezequiel LavezziSSC NapoliBase Cards6370.16
182Edinson CavaniSSC NapoliStar Players25171.47
183Franco CostanzoOlympiacos FCBase Cards6410.15
184Vassilis TorosidisOlympiacos FCBase Cards8430.19
185Olof MellbergOlympiacos FCBase Cards6410.15
186François ModestoOlympiacos FCBase Cards8380.21
187David FusterOlympiacos FCBase Cards6330.18
188Ioannis FetfatzidisOlympiacos FCRising Stars16151.07
189Kevin MirallasOlympiacos FCStar Players24161.50
190Rafik DjebbourOlympiacos FCBase Cards6420.14
191Marko PantelićOlympiacos FCBase Cards4370.11
192Steve MandandaOlympique de MarseilleBase Cards8380.21
193Souleymane DiawaraOlympique de MarseilleBase Cards6410.15
194Rod FanniOlympique de MarseilleBase Cards6390.15
195Nicolas NkoulouOlympique de MarseilleBase Cards6410.15
196Benoît CheyrouOlympique de MarseilleBase Cards7420.17
197Mathieu ValbuenaOlympique de MarseilleBase Cards6450.13
198Lucho GonzálezOlympique de MarseilleStar Players23161.44
199Alou DiarraOlympique de MarseilleBase Cards5440.11
200Jordan AyewOlympique de MarseilleRising Stars26122.17
201André-Pierre GignacOlympique de MarseilleBase Cards6430.14
202Loïc RémyOlympique de MarseilleBase Cards7360.19
203Branko GrahovacFC Oţelul GalaţiBase Cards7310.23
204Cornel RâpăFC Oţelul GalaţiRising Stars20141.43
205Sergiu CostinFC Oţelul GalaţiBase Cards7360.19
206Adrian SalageanuFC Oţelul GalaţiBase Cards5390.13
207Gabriel ParaschivFC Oţelul GalaţiStar Players23141.64
208Laurentiu IorgaFC Oţelul GalaţiBase Cards7380.18
209Liviu Ion AntalFC Oţelul GalaţiBase Cards3380.08
210Laurentiu BusFC Oţelul GalaţiBase Cards7410.17
211HeltonFC PortoBase Cards6420.14
212Cristian SăpunaruFC PortoBase Cards6420.14
213RolandoFC PortoBase Cards5370.14
214Nicolás OtamendiFC PortoBase Cards7350.20
215Jorge FucileFC PortoBase Cards6370.16
216Freddy GuarínFC PortoBase Cards6390.15
217João MoutinhoFC PortoBase Cards8410.20
218Fernando BelluschiFC PortoBase Cards8400.20
219KléberFC PortoRising Stars23102.30
220DjalmaFC PortoBase Cards5320.16
221HulkFC PortoStar Players27132.08
222Silvestre VarelaFC PortoBase Cards6370.16
223Iker CasillasReal Madrid CFBase Cards9400.23
224Sergio RamosReal Madrid CFBase Cards8330.24
225Fábio CoentrãoReal Madrid CFBase Cards7350.20
226MarceloReal Madrid CFBase Cards9380.24
227PepeReal Madrid CFBase Cards11390.28
228Ricardo CarvalhoReal Madrid CFBase Cards7430.16
229Xabi AlonsoReal Madrid CFBase Cards9400.23
230Sami KhediraReal Madrid CFBase Cards10400.25
231KakáReal Madrid CFBase Cards8350.23
232Nuri ŞahinReal Madrid CFRising Stars24102.40
233Angel Di MaríaReal Madrid CFBase Cards9360.25
234Mesut ÖzilReal Madrid CFBase Cards9330.27
235Karim BenzemaReal Madrid CFBase Cards7380.18
236Gonzalo HiguaínReal Madrid CFBase Cards8450.18
237Cristiano RonaldoReal Madrid CFStar Players39113.55
238Olexandr RybkaFC Shakhtar DonetskBase Cards10220.45
239Oleksander KucherFC Shakhtar DonetskBase Cards14170.82
240Yaroslav RakitskiyFC Shakhtar DonetskBase Cards14180.78
241Darijo SrnaFC Shakhtar DonetskStar Players22112.00
242Douglas CostaFC Shakhtar DonetskRising Stars21161.31
243FernandinhoFC Shakhtar DonetskBase Cards12220.55
244WillianFC Shakhtar DonetskBase Cards13200.65
245Alex TeixeiraFC Shakhtar DonetskBase Cards14190.74
246EduardoFC Shakhtar DonetskBase Cards11190.58
247Yevhen SeleznovFC Shakhtar DonetskBase Cards15200.75
248Diego AlvesValencia CFBase Cards12190.63
249Adil RamiValencia CFBase Cards11180.61
250Ricardo CostaValencia CFBase Cards14160.88
251Jérémy MathieuValencia CFBase Cards12180.67
252Dani ParejoValencia CFRising Stars20151.33
253Éver BanegaValencia CFStar Players23151.53
254Mehmet TopalValencia CFBase Cards13210.62
255Pablo HernándezValencia CFBase Cards15230.65
256Roberto SoldadoValencia CFBase Cards14210.67
257JonasValencia CFBase Cards14240.58
258Diego LópezVillarreal CFBase Cards8400.20
259Carlos MarchenaVillarreal CFBase Cards9420.21
260Cristián ZapataVillarreal CFBase Cards5390.13
261CaniVillarreal CFBase Cards4440.09
262Borja ValeroVillarreal CFBase Cards6380.16
263Bruno SorianoVillarreal CFRising Stars2263.67
264NilmarVillarreal CFBase Cards5400.13
265Giuseppe RossiVillarreal CFStar Players22121.83
266Vyacheslav MalafeevFC Zenit St PetersburgBase Cards5400.13
267Domenico CriscitoFC Zenit St PetersburgBase Cards8380.21
268Bruno AlvesFC Zenit St PetersburgBase Cards8360.22
269Aleksandar LukovićFC Zenit St PetersburgBase Cards8450.18
270Aleksei IonovFC Zenit St PetersburgRising Stars22121.83
271Konstantin ZyryanovFC Zenit St PetersburgBase Cards8400.20
272Igor DenisovFC Zenit St PetersburgBase Cards7410.17
273DannyFC Zenit St PetersburgStar Players22141.57
274Aleksandr KerzhakovFC Zenit St PetersburgBase Cards7400.18
275Danko LazovićFC Zenit St PetersburgBase Cards6400.15
276Kenneth VermeerAFC AjaxGoal Stoppers25122.08
277Lukasz FabiańskiArsenal FCGoal Stoppers2683.25
278Víctor ValdésFC BarcelonaGoal Stoppers3284.00
279René AdlerBayer 04 LeverkusenGoal Stoppers24131.85
280Manuel NeuerFC Bayern MünchenGoal Stoppers2793.00
281Roman WeidenfellerBorussia DortmundGoal Stoppers28122.33
282Petr ČechChelsea FCGoal Stoppers2492.67
283Igor AkinfeevPFC CSKA MoskvaGoal Stoppers25102.50
284Júlio CésarFC Internazionale MilanoGoal Stoppers2683.25
285Michaël LandreauLOSC Lille MétropoleGoal Stoppers25102.50
286Joe HartManchester City FCGoal Stoppers24112.18
287David de GeaManchester United FCGoal Stoppers29122.42
288Christian AbbiatiAC MilanGoal Stoppers22131.69
289Morgan De SanctisSSC NapoliGoal Stoppers21151.40
290Franco CostanzoOlympiacos FCGoal Stoppers27122.25
291Steve MandandaOlympique de MarseilleGoal Stoppers26112.36
292HeltonFC PortoGoal Stoppers31103.10
293Olexandr RybkaFC Shakhtar DonetskGoal Stoppers23102.30
294Diego AlvesValencia CFGoal Stoppers2783.38
295Vyacheslav MalafeevFC Zenit St PetersburgGoal Stoppers30103.00
296Gregory van der WielAFC AjaxFans' Favourites21111.91
297Theo WalcottArsenal FCFans' Favourites29112.64
298Sergio BusquetsFC BarcelonaFans' Favourites2893.11
299Pedro RodríguezFC BarcelonaFans' Favourites2983.63
300Marco StrellerFC Basel 1893Fans' Favourites20141.43
301Eren DerdiyokBayer 04 LeverkusenFans' Favourites2392.56
302Thomas MüllerFC Bayern MünchenFans' Favourites2692.89
303Kevin GroßkreutzBorussia DortmundFans' Favourites24102.40
304John TerryChelsea FCFans' Favourites27122.25
305Michael EssienChelsea FCFans' Favourites26122.17
306Sergei IgnashevichPFC CSKA MoskvaFans' Favourites28132.15
307Javier ZanettiFC Internazionale MilanoFans' Favourites2983.63
308Esteban CambiassoFC Internazionale MilanoFans' Favourites22131.69
309Moussa SowLOSC Lille MétropoleFans' Favourites25102.50
310Gareth BarryManchester City FCFans' Favourites25141.79
311Nemanja VidićManchester United FCFans' Favourites22112.00
312Javier HernandezManchester United FCFans' Favourites2382.88
313Alessandro NestaAC MilanFans' Favourites21121.75
314Massimo AmbrosiniAC MilanFans' Favourites2692.89
315Marek HamsikSSC NapoliFans' Favourites22112.00
316Vassilis TorosidisOlympiacos FCFans' Favourites2783.38
317Mathieu ValbuenaOlympique de MarseilleFans' Favourites23151.53
318Gabriel ParaschivFC Oţelul GalaţiFans' Favourites27102.70
319João MoutinhoFC PortoFans' Favourites25131.92
320Sergio RamosReal Madrid CFFans' Favourites29112.64
321Xabi AlonsoReal Madrid CFFans' Favourites2783.38
322FernandinhoFC Shakhtar DonetskFans' Favourites2473.43
323Éver BanegaValencia CFFans' Favourites27132.08
324Giuseppe RossiVillarreal CFFans' Favourites30103.00
325Aleksandr KerzhakovFC Zenit St PetersburgFans' Favourites29112.64
326Robin van PersieArsenal FCMasters3849.50
327Andrés IniestaFC BarcelonaMasters44411.00
328David VillaFC BarcelonaMasters3875.43
329Michael BallackBayer 04 LeverkusenMasters3875.43
330Bastian SchweinsteigerFC Bayern MünchenMasters4358.60
331Arjen RobbenFC Bayern MünchenMasters40104.00
332Lucas BarriosBorussia DortmundMasters3684.50
333Frank LampardChelsea FCMasters48412.00
334Fernando TorresChelsea FCMasters3056.00
335Vágner LovePFC CSKA MoskvaMasters3657.20
336LucioFC Internazionale MilanoMasters3984.88
337Wesley SneijderFC Internazionale MilanoMasters38312.67
338Rio MavubaLOSC Lille MétropoleMasters4376.14
339David SilvaManchester City FCMasters4075.71
340Edin DžekoManchester City FCMasters3949.75
341Rio FerdinandManchester United FCMasters3557.00
342Ryan GiggsManchester United FCMasters4285.25
343Thiago SilvaAC MilanMasters2983.63
344Zlatan IbrahimovićAC MilanMasters4759.40
345Lucho GonzálezOlympique de MarseilleMasters46411.50
346HulkFC PortoMasters3749.25
347Mesut ÖzilReal Madrid CFMasters4685.75
348Cristiano RonaldoReal Madrid CFMasters4895.33
349Darijo SrnaFC Shakhtar DonetskMasters3593.89
350DannyFC Zenit St PetersburgMasters4175.86
351Gerard PiquéFC BarcelonaTop Masters4376.14
352Xavi HernándezFC BarcelonaTop Masters4185.13
353Lionel MessiFC BarcelonaTop Masters4066.67
354Wayne RooneyManchester United FCTop Masters3857.60
355Iker CasillasReal Madrid CFTop Masters3975.57
LE1Christian EriksenAFC AjaxLimited Edition66233.00
LE2Robin van PersieArsenal FCLimited Edition55227.50
LE3Gerard PiquéFC BarcelonaLimited Edition85085.00
LE4Dani AlvesFC BarcelonaLimited Edition81181.00
LE5Xavi HernándezFC BarcelonaLimited Edition91191.00
LE6Lionel MessiFC BarcelonaLimited Edition4585.63
LE7Cesc FàbregasFC BarcelonaLimited Edition60230.00
LE8Alexis SánchezFC BarcelonaLimited Edition85185.00
LE9Michael BallackBayer 04 LeverkusenLimited Edition61230.50
LE10Tranquillo BarnettaBayer 04 LeverkusenLimited Edition55155.00
LE11Philipp LahmFC Bayern MünchenLimited Edition52510.40
LE12Franck RibéryFC Bayern MünchenLimited Edition57414.25
LE13Arjen RobbenFC Bayern MünchenLimited Edition26141.86
LE14Thomas MüllerFC Bayern MünchenLimited Edition5068.33
LE15Mats HummelsBorussia DortmundLimited Edition5368.83
LE16Shinji KagawaBorussia DortmundLimited Edition4977.00
LE17Mario GötzeBorussia DortmundLimited Edition55413.75
LE18Robert LewandowskiBorussia DortmundLimited Edition50510.00
LE19Ashley ColeChelsea FCLimited Edition50225.00
LE20Frank LampardChelsea FCLimited Edition58229.00
LE21Fernando TorresChelsea FCLimited Edition85085.00
LE22Wesley SneijderFC Internazionale MilanoLimited Edition80080.00
LE23Diego MilitoFC Internazionale MilanoLimited Edition57157.00
LE24Eden HazardLOSC Lille MétropoleLimited Edition60160.00
LE25Yaya TouréManchester City FCLimited Edition49316.33
LE26Edin DžekoManchester City FCLimited Edition80180.00
LE27Sergio AgüeroManchester City FCLimited Edition4776.71
LE28Nani (Grey Background)Manchester United FCLimited Edition79079.00
LE29Nani (Black Background)Manchester United FCLimited Edition76176.00
LE30Javier HernandezManchester United FCLimited Edition84184.00
LE31Clarence SeedorfAC MilanLimited Edition63163.00
LE32Alexandre PatoAC MilanLimited Edition82182.00
LE33Zlatan IbrahimovićAC MilanLimited Edition91091.00
LE34RobinhoAC MilanLimited Edition74237.00
LE35Olof MellbergOlympiacos FCLimited Edition80080.00
LE36Edinson CavaniSSC NapoliLimited Edition83083.00
LE37Iker CasillasReal Madrid CFLimited Edition85242.50
LE38KakáReal Madrid CFLimited Edition4559.00
LE39Mesut ÖzilReal Madrid CFLimited Edition50510.00
LE40Cristiano RonaldoReal Madrid CFLimited Edition44133.38
LE41Yaroslav RakitskiyFC Shakhtar DonetskLimited Edition57228.50
LE42Bruno AlvesFC Zenit St PetersburgLimited Edition59414.75
SS1Christian EriksenAFC AjaxScandinavian Star60230.00
SS2Nicolas JørgensenBayer 04 LeverkusenScandinavian Star62415.50
SS3Anders LindegaardManchester United FCScandinavian Star69169.00
SS4Zlatan IbrahimovićAC MilanScandinavian Star65321.67
SS5Olof MellbergOlympiacos FCScandinavian Star60415.00