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Panini Manchester United 2008-2009

Manchester United 2008-2009

Anno: 2008
Totale Figurine: 212

Anteprima raccolta (100% immagini scannerizzate)

raccolte: 15 / completate: 15


1LogoWelcomebig metal331.00
2Team photo (1 of 4)Welcomepuzzle060.00
3Team photo (2 of 4)Welcomepuzzle250.40
4Team photo (3 of 4)Welcomepuzzle240.50
5Team photo (4 of 4)Welcomepuzzle260.33
6Home kitWelcomePVC230.67
7Away kitWelcome-221.00
8Sir Alex Ferguson at Old TraffordManagers-350.60
9Sir Alex FergusonManagersbig metal414.00
10Sir Alex Ferguson with the Premier League trophyManagers-130.33
11Mike Phelan in trainingManagers-230.67
12Mike PhelanManagers-230.67
13Edwin van der Sar (1 of 2)Edwin van der Sarpuzzle313.00
14Edwin van der SarEdwin van der Sarbig metal321.50
15Edwin van der Sar (2 of 2)Edwin van der Sarpuzzle130.33
16Edwin van der Sar in trainingEdwin van der Sar-130.33
17Edwin van der Sar in celebrationEdwin van der Sar-260.33
18Edwin van der Sar in actionEdwin van der SarPVC230.67
19Gary Neville (1 of 2)Gary Nevillepuzzle150.20
20Gary NevilleGary Nevillebig metal422.00
21Gary Neville (2 of 2)Gary Nevillepuzzle130.33
22Gary Neville in trainingGary Neville-230.67
23Gary Neville in celebrationGary Neville-221.00
24Gary Neville in actionGary NevillePVC240.50
25Patrice Evra (1 of 2)Patrice Evrapuzzle140.25
26Patrice EvraPatrice Evrabig metal331.00
27Patrice Evra (2 of 2)Patrice Evrapuzzle260.33
28Patrice Evra in trainingPatrice Evra-140.25
29Patrice Evra in celebrationPatrice Evra-040.00
30Patrice Evra in actionPatrice EvraPVC250.40
31Owen Hargreaves (1 of 2)Owen Hargreavespuzzle140.25
32Owen HargreavesOwen Hargreavesbig metal404.00
33Owen Hargreaves (2 of 2)Owen Hargreavespuzzle331.00
34Owen Hargreaves in trainingOwen Hargreaves-221.00
35Owen Hargreaves in celebrationOwen Hargreaves-350.60
36Owen Hargreaves in actionOwen HargreavesPVC340.75
37Rio Ferdinand (1 of 2)Rio Ferdinandpuzzle250.40
38Rio FerdinandRio Ferdinandbig metal313.00
39Rio Ferdinand (2 of 2)Rio Ferdinandpuzzle040.00
40Rio Ferdinand in trainingRio Ferdinand-331.00
41Rio Ferdinand in celebrationRio Ferdinand-120.50
42Rio Ferdinand in actionRio FerdinandPVC260.33
43Wes Brown (1 of 2)Wes Brownpuzzle130.33
44Wes BrownWes Brownbig metal422.00
45Wes Brown (2 of 2)Wes Brownpuzzle060.00
46Wes Brown in trainingWes Brown-340.75
47Wes Brown in celebrationWes Brown-130.33
48Wes Brown in actionWes BrownPVC340.75
49Cristiano Ronaldo (1 of 2)Cristiano Ronaldopuzzle515.00
50Cristiano RonaldoCristiano Ronaldobig metal616.00
51Cristiano Ronaldo (2 of 2)Cristiano Ronaldopuzzle522.50
52Cristiano Ronaldo in trainingCristiano Ronaldo-623.00
53Cristiano Ronaldo in celebrationCristiano Ronaldo-651.20
54Cristiano Ronaldo in actionCristiano RonaldoPVC515.00
55Edwin van der Sar (Netherlands)Internationals-140.25
56Gary Neville (England)Internationals-120.50
57Rio Ferdinand (England)Internationals-130.33
58Paul Scholes (England)Internationals-140.25
59Ryan Giggs (Wales)Internationals-350.60
60Ji-Sung Park (South Korea)Internationals-240.50
61Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)Internationals-531.67
62John O'Shea (Ireland)Internationals-040.00
63Wayne Rooney (England)Internationals-140.25
64Dimitar Berbatov (Bulgaria)Internationals-340.75
65Carlos Tevez (Argentina)Internationals-260.33
66Owen Hargreaves (England)Internationals-190.11
67Anderson (1 of 2)Andersonpuzzle130.33
68AndersonAndersonbig metal313.00
69Anderson (2 of 2)Andersonpuzzle040.00
70Anderson in trainingAnderson-130.33
71Anderson in celebrationAnderson-250.40
72Anderson in actionAndersonPVC230.67
73Dimitar Berbatov (1 of 2)Dimitar Berbatovpuzzle170.14
74Dimitar BerbatovDimitar Berbatovbig metal321.50
75Dimitar Berbatov (2 of 2)Dimitar Berbatovpuzzle060.00
76Dimitar Berbatov in trainingDimitar Berbatov-150.20
77Dimitar Berbatov in celebrationDimitar Berbatov-150.20
78Dimitar Berbatov in actionDimitar BerbatovPVC130.33
79Wayne Rooney (1 of 2)Wayne Rooneypuzzle331.00
80Wayne RooneyWayne Rooneybig metal303.00
81Wayne Rooney (2 of 2)Wayne Rooneypuzzle140.25
82Wayne Rooney in trainingWayne Rooney-170.14
83Wayne Rooney in celebrationWayne Rooney-350.60
84Wayne Rooney in actionWayne RooneyPVC340.75
85Ryan Giggs (1 of 2)Ryan Giggspuzzle340.75
86Ryan GiggsRyan Giggsbig metal313.00
87Ryan Giggs (2 of 2)Ryan Giggspuzzle340.75
88Ryan Giggs in trainingRyan Giggs-321.50
89Ryan Giggs in celebrationRyan Giggs-140.25
90Ryan Giggs in actionRyan GiggsPVC331.00
91Ji-Sung Park (1 of 2)Ji-Sung Parkpuzzle250.40
92Ji-Sung ParkJi-Sung Parkbig metal331.00
93Ji-Sung Park (2 of 2)Ji-Sung Parkpuzzle340.75
94Ji-Sung Park in trainingJi-Sung Park-331.00
95Ji-Sung Park in celebrationJi-Sung Park-340.75
96Ji-Sung Park in actionJi-Sung ParkPVC080.00
97Nemanja Vidic (1 of 2)Nemanja Vidicpuzzle150.20
98Nemanja VidicNemanja Vidicbig metal331.00
99Nemanja Vidic (2 of 2)Nemanja Vidicpuzzle240.50
100Nemanja Vidic in trainingNemanja Vidic-140.25
101Nemanja Vidic in celebrationNemanja Vidic-450.80
102Nemanja Vidic in actionNemanja VidicPVC180.13
103Michael Carrick (1 of 2)Michael Carrickpuzzle240.50
104Michael CarrickMichael Carrickbig metal313.00
105Michael Carrick (2 of 2)Michael Carrickpuzzle431.33
106Michael Carrick in trainingMichael Carrick-230.67
107Michael Carrick in celebrationMichael Carrick-120.50
108Michael Carrick in actionMichael CarrickPVC190.11
109Nani (1 of 2)Nanipuzzle250.40
110NaniNanibig metal422.00
111Nani (2 of 2)Nanipuzzle270.29
112Nani in trainingNani-150.20
113Nani in celebrationNani-230.67
114Nani in actionNaniPVC160.17
115Goalkeeper - Peter SchmeichelRed devils ultimate legends-150.20
116Right back - Gary NevilleRed devils ultimate legends-130.33
117Centre back - Steve BruceRed devils ultimate legends-150.20
118Centre back - Duncan EdwardsRed devils ultimate legends-422.00
119Left back - Denis IrwinRed devils ultimate legends-350.60
120Right wing - George BestRed devils ultimate legends-431.33
121Centre midfield - Sir Bobby CharltonRed devils ultimate legends-230.67
122Centre midfield - Roy KeaneRed devils ultimate legends-130.33
123Left wing - Ryan GiggsRed devils ultimate legends-150.20
124Striker - Eric CantonaRed devils ultimate legends-331.00
125Striker - Denis LawRed devils ultimate legends-360.50
126Manager - Sir Matt BusbyRed devils ultimate legends-212.00
127Paul Scholes (1 of 2)Paul Scholespuzzle221.00
128Paul ScholesPaul Scholesbig metal212.00
129Paul Scholes (2 of 2)Paul Scholespuzzle260.33
130Paul Scholes in trainingPaul Scholes-260.33
131Paul Scholes in celebrationPaul Scholes-0110.00
132Paul Scholes in actionPaul ScholesPVC150.20
133John O'Shea (1 of 2)John O'Sheapuzzle0130.00
134John O'SheaJohn O'Sheabig metal331.00
135John O'Shea (2 of 2)John O'Sheapuzzle0100.00
136John O'Shea in trainingJohn O'Shea-0110.00
137John O'Shea in celebrationJohn O'Shea-0120.00
138John O'Shea in actionJohn O'SheaPVC1100.10
139Jonny Evans (1 of 2)Jonny Evanspuzzle0150.00
140Jonny EvansJonny Evansbig metal422.00
141Jonny Evans (2 of 2)Jonny Evanspuzzle0140.00
142Jonny Evans in trainingJonny Evans-0100.00
143Jonny Evans in celebrationJonny Evans-0120.00
144Jonny Evans in actionJonny EvansPVC422.00
145Darren Fletcher (1 of 2)Darren Fletcherpuzzle0100.00
146Darren FletcherDarren Fletcherbig metal202.00
147Darren Fletcher (2 of 2)Darren Fletcherpuzzle0120.00
148Darren Fletcher in trainingDarren Fletcher-0100.00
149Darren Fletcher in celebrationDarren Fletcher-0110.00
150Darren Fletcher in actionDarren FletcherPVC331.00
151Tomasz Kuszczak (1 of 2)Tomasz Kuszczakpuzzle0140.00
152Tomasz KuszczakTomasz Kuszczakbig metal422.00
153Tomasz Kuszczak (2 of 2)Tomasz Kuszczakpuzzle1120.08
154Tomasz Kuszczak in trainingTomasz Kuszczak-0110.00
155Tomasz Kuszczak in celebrationTomasz Kuszczak-0140.00
156Tomasz Kuszczak in actionTomasz KuszczakPVC441.00
157Carlos Tevez (1 of 2)Carlos Tevezpuzzle0140.00
158Carlos TevezCarlos Tevezbig metal303.00
159Carlos Tevez (2 of 2)Carlos Tevezpuzzle0140.00
160Carlos Tevez in trainingCarlos Tevez-1130.08
161Carlos Tevez in celebrationCarlos Tevez-0120.00
162Carlos Tevez in actionCarlos TevezPVC350.60
163Ben FosterSquad players-2120.17
164Ben Foster in actionSquad playersbig metal313.00
165Danny Welbeck in actionSquad playersPVC230.67
166Danny WelbeckSquad players-0130.00
167Rafael da SilvaSquad players-0170.00
168Rafael da Silva in actionSquad playersbig metal422.00
169Darron GibsonSquad players-070.00
170Darron Gibson in actionSquad playersPVC150.20
171Fraizer Campbell in actionSquad players-321.50
172Fraizer CampbellSquad players-350.60
173ManuchoSquad players-441.00
174Rodrigo PossebonSquad players-441.00
175Manchester United v Chelsea - GiggsDoing the Double!-250.40
176Aston Villa v Manchester United - Nani & RooneyDoing the Double!-340.75
177Aston Villa v Manchester United - Ferdinand's goal celebrationDoing the Double!-280.25
178Manchester United v Dynamo Kyiv - SahaDoing the Double!-331.00
179Olympique Lyonnais v Manchester United - Tevez just scoredDoing the Double!-250.40
180Newcastle United v Manchester United - NaniDoing the Double!-230.67
181Manchester United v Liverpool - Brown's goal celebrationDoing the Double!-340.75
182Manchester United v Arsenal - RonaldoDoing the Double!-340.75
183Roma vs Manchester United - Rooney just scoredDoing the Double!-240.50
184Manchester United v Barcelona - Scholes just scoredDoing the Double!-150.20
185Manchester United v Chelsea - Ronaldo scoresDoing the Double!-641.50
186Manchested United wins the Champions LeagueDoing the Double!big metal441.00
187Team with trophies collage (1 of 6)Champions!big metal puzzle313.00
188Team and trophies collage (2 of 6)Champions!big metal puzzle522.50
189Team and trophies collage (3 of 6)Champions!big metal puzzle422.00
190Team and trophies collage (4 of 6)Champions!big metal puzzle422.00
191Team and trophies collage (5 of 6)Champions!big metal puzzle551.00
192Team and trophies collage (6 of 6)Champions!big metal puzzle522.50
193Bolton Wanderers v Manchester United - Ronaldo2009 fixtures poster-331.00
194Manchester United v Everton - Fletcher2009 fixtures poster-120.50
195West Ham United v Manchester United - Vidic2009 fixtures poster-140.25
196Newcastle United v Manchester United - Ronaldo2009 fixtures poster-441.00
197Manchester United v Liverpool - goal celebration (1 of 2)2009 fixtures posterpuzzle331.00
198Manchester United v Liverpool - goal celebration (2 of 2)2009 fixtures posterpuzzle250.40
199West Bromwih Albion v Manchester United - Berbatov2009 fixtures poster-331.00
200Manchester United v Blackburn Rovers - Berbatov2009 fixtures poster-250.40
201Manchester United v Portsmouth - Tevez2009 fixtures poster-340.75
202Fulham v Manchester United - Ji-Sung Park2009 fixtures poster-150.20
203Manchester United v Aston Villa - Nani2009 fixtures poster-331.00
204Sunderland v Manchester United - Rooney2009 fixtures poster-321.50
205Middlesbrough v Manchester United - Welbeck2009 fixtures poster-150.20
206Manchester United v Manchester City - Berbatov (1 of 2)2009 fixtures posterpuzzle130.33
207Manchester United v Manchester City - Berbatov (2 of 2)2009 fixtures posterpuzzle340.75
208Wigan Athletic v Manchester United - Scholes2009 fixtures poster-140.25
209Manchester United v Tottenham Hotspur - Anderson2009 fixtures poster-531.67
210Manchester United v Arsenal - Ronaldo & Rooney (1 of 2)2009 fixtures posterpuzzle340.75
211Manchester United v Arsenal - Ronaldo & Rooney (2 of 2)2009 fixtures posterpuzzle414.00
212Hull City v Manchester United - Carrick2009 fixtures poster-130.33