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Merlin Star Wars Trilogy Collection Movie Trading Cards

Star Wars Trilogy Collection Movie Trading Cards

Anul: 1997
Toate cartonasele: 125

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colectionand: 7 / terminat: 2

Lista de verificare

Numar.TitluSectiuneTipAm nevoieOferNevoie/Oferta.
1The Rebel ship's escape is haltedStar Wars-414.00
2Rebel troops prepare to be boardedStar Wars-414.00
3Princess Leia with R2-D2Star Wars-414.00
4C-3PO and R2-D2 leave in an escape podStar Wars-414.00
5Scavanging Jawas capture R2-D2Star Wars-414.00
6R2-D2 and C-3PO are reunitedStar Wars-414.00
7Sandtroopers on foot and dewbackStar Wars-422.00
8Sandcrawler outside the Lars' homesteadStar Wars-422.00
9Luke and C-3PO search for R2-D2Star Wars-414.00
10Luke and Ben find a damaged C-3POStar Wars-404.00
11R2-D2 plays Ben the princess' messageStar Wars-404.00
12Vader interrogates Princess LeiaStar Wars-404.00
13A jawa falls from the back of a rontoStar Wars-422.00
14Ben Kenobi wields his lightsaberStar Wars-414.00
15Han is held up by GreeboStar Wars-505.00
16Jabba the Hutt confronts Han SoloStar Wars-414.00
17The Millennium Falcon blasts offStar Wars-414.00
18The Death Star destroys AlderaanStar Wars-422.00
19The Death Star pulls in the FalconStar Wars-404.00
20Hiding out in the smuggling compartmentsStar Wars-422.00
21The rescuers wait for a lift tubeStar Wars-422.00
22Han tries to stop the garbage room wallsStar Wars-404.00
23Ben and Darth Vader finally duelStar Wars-422.00
24Luke swivels in his gun portStar Wars-404.00
25The Rebel base on Yavin 4Star Wars-414.00
26X-wing fighters blast off into battleStar Wars-404.00
27X-wings attack the Death StarStar Wars-414.00
28The Death Star trenchStar Wars-404.00
29TIE fighters thunder down the trenchStar Wars-404.00
30TIE fighters pursue Luke SkywalkerStar Wars-422.00
31Vader fires at Luke's X-wing fighterStar Wars-422.00
32Han and Chewbacca come to the rescueStar Wars-414.00
33Rebel fighters flee from the Death StarStar Wars-422.00
34Massassi Main Throne RoomStar Wars-431.33
35The honoured heroes stand togetherStar Wars-422.00
36Luke Skywalker astride his tauntaunThe Empire Strikes Back-313.00
37The ferocious wampa ice creatureThe Empire Strikes Back-313.00
38Ben instructs Luke to go to DagobahThe Empire Strikes Back-313.00
39Luke in the bacta rejuvenation tankThe Empire Strikes Back-321.50
40The imperial fleet arrives at HothThe Empire Strikes Back-321.50
41Princess Leia briefs the Rebel pilotsThe Empire Strikes Back-321.50
42AT-AT walkers stalk the RebelsThe Empire Strikes Back-331.00
43Imperial forces overrun the Rebel baseThe Empire Strikes Back-321.50
44TIE fighters in pursuit of the FalconThe Empire Strikes Back-321.50
45The Falcon enters an asteroid fieldThe Empire Strikes Back-422.00
46Emperor Palpatine contacts VaderThe Empire Strikes Back-313.00
47Solo steers the Falcon out of dangerThe Empire Strikes Back-340.75
48Luke in battle with Darth VaderThe Empire Strikes Back-331.00
49Yoda raises Luke's X-wingThe Empire Strikes Back-340.75
50Boba Fett tracks the Millennium FalconThe Empire Strikes Back-340.75
51The Falcon lands in Cloud CityThe Empire Strikes Back-431.33
52Ben and Yoda warn LukeThe Empire Strikes Back-331.00
53Darth Vader and Boba FettThe Empire Strikes Back-313.00
54Han and Leia kiss each other farewellThe Empire Strikes Back-313.00
55Han Solo frozen in molten carboniteThe Empire Strikes Back-321.50
56Lando Calrissian gasps for breathThe Empire Strikes Back-331.00
57Han Solo is loaded onto Slave IThe Empire Strikes Back-321.50
58Jedi warriors battle with lightsabersThe Empire Strikes Back-331.00
59Luke is sucked into the reactor shaftThe Empire Strikes Back-321.50
60The Rebels flee to the Millennium FalconThe Empire Strikes Back-313.00
61Lightsabers clash in bitter battleThe Empire Strikes Back-331.00
62Darth Vader slices off Luke's handThe Empire Strikes Back-331.00
63Luke hangs from a weather vaneThe Empire Strikes Back-321.50
64Leia returns to rescue LukeThe Empire Strikes Back-321.50
65The Falcon speeds away from BespinThe Empire Strikes Back-414.00
66Chewie attempts to repair the hyperdriveThe Empire Strikes Back-331.00
67Vader leaves the Star Destroyer's bridgeThe Empire Strikes Back-321.50
68Luke and Leia watch the Falcon leaveThe Empire Strikes Back-321.50
69The search for Han Solo beginsThe Empire Strikes Back-321.50
70The Rebel fleet flies onward...The Empire Strikes Back-313.00
71Vader's shuttle approaches the Death StarReturn of the Jedi-313.00
72The Death Star's main docking bayReturn of the Jedi-414.00
73On route to Jabba's palaceReturn of the Jedi-321.50
74R2-D2 plays Luke's message to JabbaReturn of the Jedi-422.00
75The Max Rebo Band performs for JabbaReturn of the Jedi-313.00
76Leia is discovered by Jabba the HuttReturn of the Jedi-321.50
77Luke uses the Force on Bib FortunaReturn of the Jedi-321.50
78The rancor bears down on LukeReturn of the Jedi-313.00
79Jabba's sail barge skims across the desertReturn of the Jedi-321.50
80The fierce desert battle beginsReturn of the Jedi-321.50
81Han ignites Boba Fett's rocket packReturn of the Jedi-321.50
82Jabba exhales his final breathReturn of the Jedi-321.50
83Leia points the barge's gun at the deckReturn of the Jedi-414.00
84The Rebels flee the exploding sail bargeReturn of the Jedi-321.50
85Emperor Palpatine's shuttle arrivesReturn of the Jedi-331.00
86Luke is told the truth by Ben KenobiReturn of the Jedi-414.00
87Admiral Ackbar briefs the rebel pilotsReturn of the Jedi-431.33
88Han prepares a surprise attackReturn of the Jedi-404.00
89An Imperial scout trouper fires his blasterReturn of the Jedi-422.00
90Darth Vader stands before his masterReturn of the Jedi-414.00
91The Rebels' story is told by C-3POReturn of the Jedi-422.00
92Luke finally faces Darth Vader againReturn of the Jedi-422.00
93The rebel fleet jumps to lightspeedReturn of the Jedi-422.00
94Lando and Nien Numb at the Falcon's helmReturn of the Jedi-422.00
95The rebel ships begin their attackReturn of the Jedi-422.00
96Swarms of TIE fighters retaliateReturn of the Jedi-422.00
97An AT-ST attacks the rebelsReturn of the Jedi-414.00
98Lando flies toward the imperial fleetReturn of the Jedi-414.00
99Father and son engage in a vicious duelReturn of the Jedi-414.00
100The shield generator radar dish is destroyedReturn of the Jedi-404.00
101Darth Vader turns from the dark sideReturn of the Jedi-515.00
102Ackbar watches the fallen Star DestroyerReturn of the Jedi-414.00
103X-wings retreat as the Death Star fallsReturn of the Jedi-404.00
104Darth vader / anakin skywalker laid to restReturn of the Jedi-422.00
105The rebels celebrate togetherReturn of the Jedi-422.00
106Luke SkywalkerCharacter Profiles-505.00
107Han SoloCharacter Profiles-404.00
108Leia OrganaCharacter Profiles-522.50
109Obi-Wan KenobiCharacter Profiles-422.00
110ChewbaccaCharacter Profiles-422.00
111C-3POCharacter Profiles-414.00
112R2-D2Character Profiles-404.00
113Darth VaderCharacter Profiles-404.00
114YodaCharacter Profiles-505.00
115Boba FettCharacter Profiles-422.00
116X-wing FighterVehicle Profiles-414.00
117Death StarVehicle Profiles-414.00
118SandcrawlerVehicle Profiles-414.00
119Millennium FalconVehicle Profiles-422.00
120TIE FighterVehicle Profiles-505.00
121Imperial ShuttleVehicle Profiles-422.00
122AT-ATVehicle Profiles-422.00
123Star DestroyerVehicle Profiles-505.00
124Vader's TIE FighterVehicle Profiles-422.00
125Check List--414.00