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Panini Wales. We're going to France!

Wales. We're going to France!

Anul: 2015
Toate stickerele: 204

colectionand: 31 / terminat: 34

Lista de verificare

Numar.TitluSectiuneTipAm nevoieOferNevoie/Oferta.
1Football Association of Wales LogoTogether. Stronger.foil1125.50
2Team Photo (puzzle 1)Together. Stronger.-1226.00
3Team Photo (puzzle 2)Together. Stronger.-1243.00
4Cardiff City StadiumTogether. Stronger.-933.00
5Chris Coleman (Manager)Together. Stronger.-1061.67
6Wayne HennesseyWales Squad-12112.00
7Owain Fôn WilliamsWales Squad-1125.50
8Danny WardWales Squad-861.33
9Chris GunterWales Squad-981.13
10Ashley (Jazz) RichardsWales Squad-1326.50
11Adam HenleyWales Squad-1033.33
12Adam MatthewsWales Squad-1042.50
13Sam RickettsWales Squad-10110.00
14James CollinsWales Squad-1142.75
15Ashley WilliamsWales Squad-1042.50
16James ChesterWales Squad-1052.00
17Morgan FoxWales Squad-933.00
18Jordan WilliamsWales Squad-1133.67
19Declan JohnWales Squad-1234.00
20Paul DummettWales Squad-1125.50
21Neil TaylorWales Squad-1326.50
22Ben DaviesWales Squad-1125.50
23David CotterillWales Squad-933.00
24Joe AllenWales Squad-1125.50
25Andy KingWales Squad-11111.00
26Aaron RamseyWales Squad-1061.67
27Joe LedleyWales Squad-1025.00
28David EdwardsWales Squad-1142.75
29George WilliamsWales Squad-1226.00
30Shaun MacDonaldWales Squad-1071.43
31Jonathan WilliamsWales Squad-1133.67
32Emyr HuwsWales Squad-1042.50
33David VaughanWales Squad-1226.00
34Tom LawrenceWales Squad-780.88
35Gareth BaleWales Squad-824.00
36Harry WilsonWales Squad-11011.00
37Hal Robson-KanuWales Squad-1142.75
38Jake TaylorWales Squad-1125.50
39Wes BurnsWales Squad-1033.33
40Simon ChurchWales Squad-10110.00
41Sam VokesWales Squad-1052.00
42Wayne HennesseyWales Squadfoil1061.67
43Wayne HennesseyWales Squad-924.50
44Wayne HennesseyWales Squad-933.00
45Wayne HennesseyWales Squad-942.25
46Wayne Hennessey (puzzle 1)Wales Squad-1125.50
47Wayne Hennessey (puzzle 2)Wales Squad-1033.33
48Owain Fôn WilliamsWales Squad-1052.00
49Owain Fôn WilliamsWales Squadfoil933.00
50Owain Fôn WilliamsWales Squad-1125.50
51Owain Fôn Williams (puzzle 1)Wales Squad-933.00
52Owain Fôn Williams (puzzle 2)Wales Squad-924.50
53Owain Fôn WilliamsWales Squad-1226.00
54Chris GunterWales Squadfoil1133.67
55Chris GunterWales Squad-1133.67
56Chris GunterWales Squad-1025.00
57Chris GunterWales Squad-1042.50
58Chris Gunter (puzzle 1)Wales Squad-761.17
59Chris Gunter (puzzle 2)Wales Squad-971.29
60Jazz RichardsWales Squad-12112.00
61Jazz RichardsWales Squadfoil924.50
62Jazz RichardsWales Squad-1142.75
63Jazz Richards (puzzle 1)Wales Squad-1025.00
64Jazz Richards (puzzle 2)Wales Squad-12112.00
65Jazz RichardsWales Squad-10110.00
66James CollinsWales Squadfoil942.25
67James CollinsWales Squad-1133.67
68James CollinsWales Squad-851.60
69James CollinsWales Squad-1033.33
70James Collins (puzzle 1)Wales Squad-1042.50
71James Collins (puzzle 2)Wales Squad-10010.00
72Ashley WilliamsWales Squad-1042.50
73Ashley WilliamsWales Squadfoil1152.20
74Ashley WilliamsWales Squad-1262.00
75Ashley Williams (puzzle 1)Wales Squad-1326.50
76Ashley Williams (puzzle 2)Wales Squad-1152.20
77Ashley WilliamsWales Squad-1142.75
78James ChesterWales Squadfoil1042.50
79James ChesterWales Squad-933.00
80James ChesterWales Squad-1133.67
81James ChesterWales Squad-971.29
82James Chester (puzzle 1)Wales Squad-824.00
83James Chester (puzzle 2)Wales Squad-1033.33
84Neil TaylorWales Squad-1125.50
85Neil TaylorWales Squadfoil861.33
86Neil TaylorWales Squad-1042.50
87Neil Taylor (puzzle 1)Wales Squad-1234.00
88Neil Taylor (puzzle 2)Wales Squad-1142.75
89Neil TaylorWales Squad-11111.00
90Ben DaviesWales Squadfoil881.00
91Ben DaviesWales Squad-1152.20
92Ben DaviesWales Squad-1142.75
93Ben DaviesWales Squad-1042.50
94Ben Davies (puzzle 1)Wales Squad-1133.67
95Ben Davies (puzzle 2)Wales Squad-1061.67
96David CotterillWales Squad-1125.50
97David CotterillWales Squadfoil1052.00
98David CotterillWales Squad-1042.50
99David Cotterill (puzzle 1)Wales Squad-1152.20
100David Cotterill (puzzle 2)Wales Squad-1033.33
101David CotterillWales Squad-1052.00
102Andorra 1:2 WalesThe Road to France-12112.00
103Andorra 1:2 WalesThe Road to France-971.29
104Wales 0:0 Bosnia & HerzegovinaThe Road to France-1226.00
105Wales 0:0 Bosnia & HerzegovinaThe Road to France-851.60
106Wales 2:1 CyprusThe Road to France-1125.50
107Wales 2:1 CyprusThe Road to France-13113.00
108Belgium 0:0 WalesThe Road to France-961.50
109Belgium 0:0 WalesThe Road to France-1234.00
110Israel 0:3 WalesThe Road to France-1133.67
111Israel 0:3 WalesThe Road to France-1052.00
112Israel 0:3 WalesThe Road to France-1133.67
113Joe AllenWales Squadfoil1234.00
114Joe AllenWales Squad-12112.00
115Joe AllenWales Squad-1052.00
116Joe AllenWales Squad-1171.57
117Joe Allen (puzzle 1)Wales Squad-1025.00
118Joe Allen (puzzle 2)Wales Squad-951.80
119Andy KingWales Squad-1125.50
120Andy KingWales Squadfoil1152.20
121Andy KingWales Squad-1042.50
122Andy King (puzzle 1)Wales Squad-1033.33
123Andy King (puzzle 2)Wales Squad-1033.33
124Andy KingWales Squad-1133.67
125Aaron RamseyWales Squadfoil1061.67
126Aaron RamseyWales Squad-933.00
127Aaron RamseyWales Squad-1061.67
128Aaron RamseyWales Squad-1033.33
129Aaron Ramsey (puzzle 1)Wales Squad-1033.33
130Aaron Ramsey (puzzle 2)Wales Squad-1133.67
131Joe LedleyWales Squad-1133.67
132Joe LedleyWales Squadfoil924.50
133Joe LedleyWales Squad-1142.75
134Joe Ledley (puzzle 1)Wales Squad-15115.00
135Joe Ledley (puzzle 2)Wales Squad-933.00
136Joe LedleyWales Squad-1252.40
137David EdwardsWales Squadfoil12112.00
138David EdwardsWales Squad-1142.75
139David EdwardsWales Squad-1226.00
140David EdwardsWales Squad-12112.00
141David Edwards (puzzle 1)Wales Squad-1427.00
142David Edwards (puzzle 2)Wales Squad-1133.67
143George WilliamsWales Squad-1061.67
144George WilliamsWales Squadfoil11111.00
145George WilliamsWales Squad-12112.00
146George Williams (puzzle 1)Wales Squad-1234.00
147George Williams (puzzle 2)Wales Squad-1033.33
148George WilliamsWales Squad-1142.75
149Gareth BaleWales Squadfoil1033.33
150Gareth BaleWales Squad-919.00
151Gareth BaleWales Squad-832.67
152Gareth BaleWales Squad-1042.50
153Gareth Bale (puzzle 1)Wales Squad-1125.50
154Gareth Bale (puzzle 2)Wales Squad-942.25
155Hal Robson-KanuWales Squad-1226.00
156Hal Robson-KanuWales Squadfoil1142.75
157Hal Robson-KanuWales Squad-961.50
158Hal Robson-Kanu (puzzle 1)Wales Squad-623.00
159Hal Robson-Kanu (puzzle 2)Wales Squad-1033.33
160Hal Robson-KanuWales Squad-10110.00
161Simon ChurchWales Squadfoil924.50
162Simon ChurchWales Squad-1125.50
163Simon ChurchWales Squad-933.00
164Simon Church (and Chris Coleman)Wales Squad-933.00
165Simon Church (puzzle 1)Wales Squad-1334.33
166Simon Church (puzzle 2)Wales Squad-1042.50
167Sam VokesWales Squad-1142.75
168Sam VokesWales Squadfoil1161.83
169Sam VokesWales Squad-951.80
170Sam Vokes (puzzle 1)Wales Squad-1042.50
171Sam Vokes (puzzle 2)Wales Squad-1142.75
172Sam VokesWales Squad-1152.20
173Wales 1:0 BelgiumThe Road to France-1226.00
174Wales 1:0 BelgiumThe Road to France-1033.33
175Cyprus 0:1 WalesThe Road to France-1025.00
176Cyprus 0:1 WalesThe Road to France-1033.33
177Wales 0:0 IsraelThe Road to France-1025.00
178Wales 0:0 IsraelThe Road to France-1125.50
179Bosnia & Herzegovina 2:0 WalesThe Road to France-1152.20
180Bosnia & Herzegovina 2:0 WalesThe Road to France-832.67
181Bosnia & Herzegovina 2:0 WalesThe Road to France-1434.67
182Wales 2:0 AndorraThe Road to France-1025.00
183Wales 2:0 AndorraThe Road to France-1326.50
184Wayne HennesseyCampaign Heroes-1133.67
185Ashley (Jazz) RichardsCampaign Heroes-924.50
186Ashley WilliamsCampaign Heroes-1033.33
187Neil TyalorCampaign Heroes-1226.00
188Quality GoalCampaign Heroes-1234.00
189Super Set-UpCampaign Heroes-1071.43
190Midfield HeroCampaign Heroes-1052.00
191Wayne HennesseyCampaign Heroes-10110.00
192Aaron RamseyCampaign Heroes-1071.43
193Joe LedleyCampaign Heroes-1061.67
194Gareth BaleCampaign Heroes-1142.75
195Hal Robson-KanuCampaign Heroes-1125.50
196Players Celebrate (puzzle 1)Bon Voyage-832.67
197Players Celebrate (puzzle 2)Bon Voyage-933.00
198Players Celebrate (puzzle 3)Bon Voyage-924.50
199Players Celebrate (puzzle 4)Bon Voyage-1133.67
200Players Celebrate (puzzle 5)Bon Voyage-824.00
201Players Celebrate (puzzle 6)Bon Voyage-1133.67
202Players Celebrate (puzzle 7)Bon Voyage-12012.00
203Players Celebrate (puzzle 8)Bon Voyage-1133.67
204Players Celebrate (puzzle 9)Bon Voyage-1025.00