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Topps My London

My London

Anul: 2011
Toate stickerele: 156

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colectionand: 7 / terminat: 2

Lista de verificare

Numar.TitluSectiuneTipAm nevoieOferNevoie/Oferta.
1The Union FlagThe Union Flagbig422.00
2The Houses of ParliamentSights and Landmarks-431.33
3The Tower of LondonSights and Landmarksbig414.00
4Tower BridgeSights and Landmarks-505.00
5Edf Energy London EyeSights and Landmarks-414.00
6Millenium BridgeSights and Landmarks-404.00
7Piccadilly CircusSights and Landmarks-505.00
8Big BenSights and Landmarks-505.00
9Leicester SquareSights and Landmarks-606.00
10HMS BelfastSights and Landmarks-414.00
1110 Downing StreetSights and Landmarks-505.00
12Westminster AbbeySights and Landmarks-606.00
13St.Paul's CathedralSights and Landmarks-505.00
14Westminster AbbeySights and Landmarks-505.00
15Somerset HouseSights and Landmarks-505.00
16The MonumentSights and Landmarks-414.00
17Buckingham PalaceSights and Landmarks-505.00
18The River ThamesSights and Landmarks-505.00
19Red Telephone BoxesSights and Landmarks-404.00
20Nelson's ColumnSights and Landmarks-505.00
21Thames BarrierSights and Landmarksbig404.00
22Perfect PairThe New Royal Couple-414.00
23Royal RomanceThe New Royal Couplebig505.00
24Student SweetheartsThe New Royal Couple-505.00
25Stepping OutThe New Royal Couple-414.00
26High FlierThe New Royal Couple-404.00
27Polo PrinceThe New Royal Couple-606.00
28A Royal EngagementThe New Royal Couple-414.00
29Future KingThe New Royal Couple-414.00
30Best DressedThe New Royal Couple-404.00
31Wedding FeverThe New Royal Couple-505.00
32The Gunpowder PlotHistory and Legendsbig505.00
33The Great PlagueHistory and Legends-505.00
34The Great StinkHistory and Legends-606.00
35The Great Fire of LondonHistory and Legends-414.00
36The Tower of London's RavensHistory and Legends-505.00
37The BlitzHistory and Legends-422.00
38Charles DickensHistory and Legends-414.00
39Winston ChurchillHistory and Legends-414.00
40Jack the RipperHistory and Legends-404.00
41Charlie ChaplinHistory and Legends-414.00
42Victoria and Albert MuseumArt & Museums-505.00
43Natural History MuseumArt & Museumsbig505.00
44Science MuseumArt & Museums-505.00
45Tate ModernArt & Museums-505.00
46Tate BritainArt & Museums-414.00
47National Portrait GalleryArt & Museums-404.00
48National Maritime MuseumArt & Museums-505.00
49British MuseumArt & Museums-404.00
50Imperial War MuseumArt & Museums-414.00
51London Transport MuseumArt & Museums-404.00
52Sea Life London AquariumPlaces to Go-404.00
53Madame Tussauds LondonPlaces to Go-414.00
54The London DungeonPlaces to Go-505.00
55ZSL London ZooPlaces to Go-414.00
56Hyde ParkPlaces to Go-414.00
57Kew GardensPlaces to Go-606.00
58Kensington PalacePlaces to Go-404.00
59Trooping the ColourPlaces to Go-414.00
60Notting Hill CarnivalPlaces to Go-606.00
61Lord Mayor's ShowPlaces to Gobig505.00
62Boris JohnsonMayor of London-414.00
63Boris JohnsonMayor of London-505.00
64Boris Johnson and Barbara WindsorMayor of London-505.00
65City Hall (The Mayor's Office)Mayor of Londonbig422.00
66The Dungeons2 for 1 Entry to the London Dungeon-606.00
67The Dungeons2 for 1 Entry to the London Dungeon-414.00
68Edf Energy London EyeEdf Energy London Eye-414.00
69Edf Energy London EyeEdf Energy London Eye-404.00
70Madame Tussauds LondonMadame Tussauds London-414.00
71Madame Tussauds LondonMadame Tussauds London-404.00
72The London Stock ExchangeBusinesses-404.00
73The GherkinBusinesses-404.00
74The Old BaileyBusinesses-505.00
75Bank of EnglandBusinesses-414.00
76The BT TowerBusinesses-606.00
77Shard London BridgeBusinesses-404.00
78Fleet StreetBusinesses-505.00
79BBC Television CentreBusinesses-505.00
80Capital FMBusinesses-505.00
81Canary WharfBusinessesbig414.00
83Covent GardenShopping-505.00
84Bond StreetShopping-404.00
85Oxford StreetShoppingbig414.00
86Carnaby StreetShopping-414.00
87The King's RoadShopping-404.00
89Regent StreetShopping-505.00
90Borough MarketShopping-505.00
91Camden MarketShopping-505.00
92Traditional English BreakfastFood and Drink-606.00
93Pie & MashFood and Drink-414.00
94Fish & ChipsFood and Drinkbig505.00
95Sunday RoastFood and Drink-505.00
96PubsFood and Drink-505.00
97Jellied EelsFood and Drink-606.00
98Afternoon TeaFood and Drink-505.00
99Afternoon TeaFood and Drink-505.00
100ChinatownFood and Drink-505.00
101CurryFood and Drink-505.00
102Sir Alan SugarCelebrities-404.00
103Barbara WindsorCelebritiesbig414.00
104Stephen FryCelebrities-505.00
105David CameronCelebrities-404.00
106Philip GreenCelebrities-505.00
107Robert PattinsonCelebrities-404.00
108Michael CaineCelebrities-505.00
109Dizzee RascalCelebrities-505.00
110Daniel RadcliffeCelebrities-404.00
111Fearne CottonCelebrities-404.00
112Earls CourtLive Events-505.00
113Brixton AcademyLive Events-404.00
114Wembley ArenaLive Events-404.00
115The Royal Albert HallLive Eventsbig414.00
116Abbey Road StudiosLive Events-505.00
117Royal Opera HouseLive Events-414.00
118The O2Live Events-606.00
119Cadogan HallLive Events-404.00
120RoundhouseLive Events-404.00
121Hammersmith ApolloLive Events-414.00
122Barbican TheatreWest End Theatres-422.00
123Theatre Royal, Drury LaneWest End Theatres-505.00
124Shakespeare's GlobeWest End Theatres-505.00
125Coliseum TheatreWest End Theatres-404.00
126Dominion TheatreWest End Theatres-414.00
127National TheatreWest End Theatres-404.00
128London PalladiumWest End Theatres-414.00
129ThrillerWest End Theatresbig422.00
130Billy ElliotWest End Theatres-404.00
131StompWest End Theatres-505.00
132Queen's ClubSport-414.00
133Olympic StadiumSport-404.00
134Wimbledon Lawn Tennis ChampionshipsSport-505.00
135Wimbledon Lawn Tennis ChampionshipsSportbig505.00
136Twickenham StadiumSport-505.00
137The Kia OvalSport-404.00
138Lord's Cricket GroundSport-606.00
139University Boat RaceSport-404.00
140The London MarathonSport-505.00
141Mint Polo in the ParkSport-414.00
142The FA - the Home of FootballFootball-414.00
143The Old Wembley StadiumFootball-414.00
144The FA CupFootball-404.00
145The New Wembley StadiumFootballbig404.00
146David BeckhamFootball-606.00
147Bobby MooreFootball-505.00
148Bobby MooreFootball-515.00
149London Club FootballFootball-414.00
151Chelsea FCFootball-505.00
152Maps of the London UndergroundThe Underground-505.00
153Symbol UndergroundThe Underground-505.00
154Secret StationsThe Underground-422.00
155London UndergroundThe Underground-404.00
156Train StationThe Underground-422.00