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Inkworks The 4400 Season One

Inkworks The 4400 Season One

Ano: 2006
Total de cards: 111

colecionando: 1 / completos: 0


1Title Card-Base Card101.00
2Tom BaldwinCharactersBase Card101.00
3Diana SkourisCharactersBase Card101.00
4Dennis RylandCharactersBase Card101.00
5Maia RutledgeCharactersBase Card101.00
6Richard TylerCharactersBase Card101.00
7Lily MooreCharactersBase Card101.00
8Shawn FarrellCharactersBase Card101.00
9Jordan CollierCharactersBase Card101.00
10Little Girl LostTakenBase Card101.00
11M.I.A.TakenBase Card101.00
12Late For DinnerTakenBase Card101.00
13Boys' Night OutTakenBase Card101.00
14Mr. AnybodyTakenBase Card101.00
15Killing TimeTakenBase Card101.00
16IncomingIt Came From Outer SpaceBase Card101.00
17Point BlankIt Came From Outer SpaceBase Card101.00
18TouchdownIt Came From Outer SpaceBase Card101.00
19Out of the Mouths of BabesPower PlayersBase Card101.00
20Temper, TemperPower PlayersBase Card101.00
21VigilantePower PlayersBase Card101.00
22PersuasionPower PlayersBase Card101.00
23TouchedPower PlayersBase Card101.00
24EnigmaPower PlayersBase Card101.00
25Indefinite ConceptionBaby XBase Card101.00
26Blood LineBaby XBase Card101.00
27Custody BattleBaby XBase Card101.00
28DeparturesEpisodeBase Card101.00
29ArrivalsEpisodeBase Card101.00
30The DisplacedEpisodeBase Card101.00
31The RejectedEpisodeBase Card101.00
32The ChangedEpisodeBase Card101.00
334400-PhobiaEpisodeBase Card101.00
34Out of ControlEpisodeBase Card101.00
35Out of the AshesEpisodeBase Card101.00
36Hands That HealEpisodeBase Card101.00
37Reality and TheoryEpisodeBase Card101.00
38Carl...PlusEpisodeBase Card101.00
39Sparks of LifeEpisodeBase Card101.00
40NestingEpisodeBase Card101.00
41Coincidence or Ripple?EpisodeBase Card101.00
42Unsettling and ResettlingEpisodeBase Card101.00
43Sibling RivalryEpisodeBase Card101.00
44A Hero Fails - or Does He?EpisodeBase Card101.00
45Oasis and CrisisEpisodeBase Card101.00
46HiatusEpisodeBase Card101.00
47KindredEpisodeBase Card101.00
48Family AffairEpisodeBase Card101.00
49Death by ProxyEpisodeBase Card101.00
50Mortem Ex MachinaEpisodeBase Card101.00
51Welcomes and WarningsEpisodeBase Card101.00
52FlashbackEpisodeBase Card101.00
53Bait and TrapEpisodeBase Card101.00
54RestorationEpisodeBase Card101.00
55Stranger in a Strange LandEpisodeBase Card101.00
56Prime TargetsEpisodeBase Card101.00
57Breaking Up is Hard to DoEpisodeBase Card101.00
58Prodigal SonEpisodeBase Card101.00
59Mass RevengeEpisodeBase Card101.00
60Ripples and ResponseEpisodeBase Card101.00
61Playing HardballEpisodeBase Card101.00
62Bombs AwayEpisodeBase Card101.00
63Outsider's InsightEpisodeBase Card101.00
64Black Knight's GambitEpisodeBase Card101.00
65Confidentiality BreachedEpisodeBase Card101.00
66Off the ReservationEpisodeBase Card101.00
67Fateful DetourEpisodeBase Card101.00
68Heat and RetreatEpisodeBase Card101.00
69EscapeEpisodeBase Card101.00
70RevelationEpisodeBase Card101.00
71MortalityEpisodeBase Card101.00
72ChecklistEpisodeBase Card101.00
A-1Jacqueline McKenzie as Diana Skouris
AutographsChase Card101.00
A-2Peter Coyote as Dennis Ryland
AutographsChase Card101.00
A-3Billy Campbell as Jordan Collier
AutographsChase Card101.00
A-4Patrick Flueger as Shawn Farrell
AutographsChase Card101.00
A-5Laura Allen as Lily Moore
AutographsChase Card101.00
A-6Kaj-Erik Eriksen as Danny Farrell
AutographsChase Card101.00
A-7Brooke Nevin as Nikki Hudson
AutographsChase Card101.00
A-8David Eigenberg as Carl Morrissey
AutographsChase Card101.00
A-9Richard Kahan as Marco Pacella
AutographsChase Card101.00
AR-1Redemption Card
AutographsChase Card101.00
C-1Maia: I don't want to know things before they…ChangedChase Card101.00
C-2Knox: Excuse me. Hey... I have something I want…ChangedChase Card101.00
C-3Grace: You're just one man. I lost you once…ChangedChase Card101.00
C-4Lytell: I'm Warren Lytell. HomeSec mentioned…ChangedChase Card101.00
C-5Diana: Are the 4400 that frightening to people…ChangedChase Card101.00
C-6Kyle: There's only one explanation. Why I…ChangedChase Card101.00
C-7Richard: The Secretary of State is colored?ChangedChase Card101.00
C-8Richard: But you know I was born in 1922…ChangedChase Card101.00
C-9Shawn: Is that what you've been thinking, this…ChangedChase Card101.00
R-1Pebbles in a LakeRipplesChase Card101.00
R-2Death Before DisasterRipplesChase Card101.00
R-3The CatalystRipplesChase Card101.00
R-4Bad CompanyRipplesChase Card101.00
R-5Benevolent DespotRipplesChase Card101.00
R-6Future TenseRipplesChase Card101.00
BL1The A TeamTurf Wars Box LoadersChase Card101.00
BL2Hijack!Turf Wars Box LoadersChase Card101.00
BL3SNAFUTurf Wars Box LoadersChase Card101.00
CL-1Emerging PowerCase LoaderChase Card101.00
Uncut Mini Press SheetChase Card101.00
4400-1Tom BaldwinSan Diego Comic-Con PackPromo Card101.00
4400-2Dianna SkourisSan Diego Comic-Con PackPromo Card101.00
4400-3Shawn FarrellSan Diego Comic-Con PackPromo Card101.00
4400-4Isabelle TylerSan Diego Comic-Con PackPromo Card101.00
P-1Diana, Tom, DennisGeneral DistributionPromo Card101.00
P-2Diana, TomNon-Sport UpdatePromo Card101.00
P-SD2006LightSan Diego Comic-ConPromo Card101.00
P-UKDiana, MaiaUKPromo Card101.00
P-iTom, ShawnInkworks WebsitePromo Card101.00
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