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Inkworks Justice League

Inkworks Justice League

Ano: 2003
Total de cards: 131

Pré visualização da Coleção (61% de imagens digitalizadas)

colecionando: 3 / completos: 0


1World's Greatest Heroes: The Justice League-Base Card202.00
2Worlds Finest in Action-Base Card202.00
3A Monster in Metropolis-Base Card202.00
4The World under Siege-Base Card202.00
5Rescuing a Martian-Base Card202.00
6Joining the Battle-Base Card202.00
7Counterattack!-Base Card202.00
8The Truth Revealed-Base Card202.00
9Justice League Triumphant-Base Card202.00
10The Man of Steel-Base Card202.00
11Super Powers-Base Card202.00
12Mythology-Base Card202.00
13Against the Manhunters-Base Card202.00
14Blasted!-Base Card202.00
15Luthor's Obsession-Base Card202.00
16Trading Blows with Grundy-Base Card202.00
17Challenge of BRAINIAC-Base Card202.00
18Grappling with Darkseid-Base Card202.00
19The Dark Knight-Base Card202.00
20Super Powers-Base Card202.00
21Mythology-Base Card202.00
22Heroes in Conflict-Base Card202.00
23Against a Female Army-Base Card202.00
24The Power of Arestia-Base Card202.00
25The Clown Prince Clobbered-Base Card202.00
26Darker than the Dark Knight-Base Card202.00
27Batman's Nightmare-Base Card202.00
28The Amazon-Base Card202.00
29Super Powers-Base Card202.00
30Mythology-Base Card202.00
31Faust's Foul Bargain-Base Card202.00
32A Demon against Her-Base Card202.00
33Arestia's Barrier-Base Card202.00
34Battle of the Amazons-Base Card202.00
35What a Woman!-Base Card202.00
36A Date with Colonel Trevor-Base Card202.00
37The Martian-Base Card202.00
38Super Powers-Base Card202.00
39Mythology-Base Card202.00
40The Martians Fight Back!-Base Card202.00
41J'onzz's Greatest Enemy-Base Card202.00
42Friends from Other Worlds-Base Card202.00
43Psychic Overload-Base Card202.00
44Rescuing a Child-Base Card202.00
45Struggle against Destiny-Base Card202.00
46Emerald Crusader-Base Card202.00
47Super Powers-Base Card202.00
48Mythology-Base Card202.00
49Hero against Hero-Base Card202.00
50Super Friends from the Past-Base Card202.00
51At War with Metamorpho-Base Card202.00
52Under Rock's Command-Base Card202.00
53The Threat of Amazo-Base Card202.00
54Nabbing a Super-Villainess-Base Card202.00
55Fastest Man Alive-Base Card202.00
56Super Powers-Base Card202.00
57Mythology-Base Card202.00
58Racing with GL-Base Card202.00
59Tentacles of Terror-Base Card202.00
60A Plague of Demons-Base Card202.00
61The Beast Within-Base Card202.00
62Super Heroes on Ice-Base Card202.00
63Think It Out, Flash!-Base Card202.00
64Winged Avenger-Base Card202.00
65Super Powers-Base Card202.00
66Mythology-Base Card202.00
67Thanagar's Finest-Base Card202.00
68Threat of Copperhead-Base Card202.00
69In Search of Superman-Base Card202.00
70Breaking Amazon Law-Base Card202.00
71Portal to Reality-Base Card202.00
72Birds of a Feather-Base Card202.00
73The Justice Guild-Base Card202.00
74The Blackhawks-Base Card202.00
75Sgt. Rock's Platoon-Base Card202.00
76The Green Lantern Corps-Base Card202.00
77Parallel Freedom Fighters-Base Card202.00
78An Alliance of Evil-Base Card202.00
79The Watchtower-Base Card202.00
80Javelin 7-Base Card202.00
81Checklist-Base Card202.00
AW1SupermanActionWorks LenticularChase Card202.00
AW2BatmanActionWorks LenticularChase Card202.00
AW3Wonder WomanActionWorks LenticularChase Card202.00
AW4The FlashActionWorks LenticularChase Card202.00
AW5Green LanternActionWorks LenticularChase Card202.00
AW6HawkgirlActionWorks LenticularChase Card202.00
AW7Martian ManhunterActionWorks LenticularChase Card202.00
A1Bruce Timm, producer and designer
Autograph СardChase Card202.00
AR-1Redemption Card
-Chase Card202.00
FF1SupermanFriends and FoesChase Card202.00
FF2BatmanFriends and FoesChase Card202.00
FF3Wonder WomanFriends and FoesChase Card202.00
FF4Martian ManhunterFriends and FoesChase Card202.00
FF5Green LanternFriends and FoesChase Card202.00
FF6The FlashFriends and FoesChase Card202.00
FF7HawkgirlFriends and FoesChase Card202.00
FF8AquamanFriends and FoesChase Card202.00
FF9MetamorphoFriends and FoesChase Card202.00
FF10Lex LuthorFriends and FoesChase Card202.00
FF11The JokerFriends and FoesChase Card202.00
FF12CheetahFriends and FoesChase Card202.00
FF13DarkseidFriends and FoesChase Card202.00
FF14BRAINIACFriends and FoesChase Card202.00
FF15Solomon GrundyFriends and FoesChase Card202.00
FF16Felix FaustFriends and FoesChase Card202.00
FF17Star SapphireFriends and FoesChase Card202.00
FF18ArestiaFriends and FoesChase Card202.00
AWCLThe Justice LeagueIncentive CardsChase Card202.00
SK1Sung-Man HuhSketch CardsChase Card202.00
SK2Jin-Seok ParkSketch CardsChase Card202.00
SK3Won-Jae LeeSketch CardsChase Card202.00
SK4Jon-Myung BaeSketch CardsChase Card202.00
SK5Byung-Gi LeeSketch CardsChase Card202.00
SK6Redemption CardSketch CardsChase Card202.00
WGS1Martian ManhunterWorld's Greatest HeroesChase Card202.00
WGS2Partners in HeroismWorld's Greatest HeroesChase Card202.00
WGS3HawkgirlWorld's Greatest HeroesChase Card202.00
WGS4Wonder WomanWorld's Greatest HeroesChase Card202.00
WGS5SupermanWorld's Greatest HeroesChase Card202.00
WGS6Green LanternWorld's Greatest HeroesChase Card202.00
WGS7BatmanWorld's Greatest HeroesChase Card202.00
WGS8Girl TalkWorld's Greatest HeroesChase Card202.00
WGS9The FlashWorld's Greatest HeroesChase Card202.00
P1SupermanFree Comic Book DayPromo Card202.00
P2BatmanFree Comic Book DayPromo Card202.00
P3Wonder WomanFree Comic Book DayPromo Card202.00
P4The FlashFree Comic Book DayPromo Card202.00
P5Green LanternFree Comic Book DayPromo Card202.00
P6HawkgirlFree Comic Book DayPromo Card202.00
P7Martian ManhunterFree Comic Book DayPromo Card202.00
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