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Action Cards Hockey Freaks

Action Cards Hockey Freaks

Year: 1992
Total cards: 110

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 1 / completed: 0


1A game in the AHL / Check List - A-Base card101.00
2Glenn HarveyBoston StranglersBase card101.00
3Chuck "Aaaaarrrggghhh" MansonBoston StranglersBase card101.00
4Drakk KulaBoston StranglersBase card101.00
5Tex LeetchBoston StranglersBase card101.00
6The Stuntson BrothersBoston StranglersBase card101.00
7Jack the StrapperBoston StranglersBase card101.00
8Evil ZattanBoston StranglersBase card101.00
9Ted KnivesBoston StranglersBase card101.00
10Levy WaiteBoston StranglersBase card101.00
11Wolfee BagChicago GangstersBase card101.00
12Réal CapoteChicago GangstersBase card101.00
13Shirley "High Scream" VanillaChicago GangstersBase card101.00
14Charlie HorseChicago GangstersBase card101.00
15XXXXChicago GangstersBase card101.00
16Doug HunterChicago GangstersBase card101.00
17Andy GloverChicago GangstersBase card101.00
18Samantha PuckChicago GangstersBase card101.00
19Pete SoupChicago GangstersBase card101.00
20HV-151001Detroit UnemployedBase card101.00
21Hercule "Pumping Iron" SamsonDetroit UnemployedBase card101.00
22Victor LaForceDetroit UnemployedBase card101.00
23Brad LuckDetroit UnemployedBase card101.00
24Pierrot RinfretteDetroit UnemployedBase card101.00
25Bernie 40 % TurcotteDetroit UnemployedBase card101.00
26Redd NeckDetroit UnemployedBase card101.00
27Johnny BollingDetroit UnemployedBase card101.00
28Ted GumbeeDetroit UnemployedBase card101.00
29Neil MoonyLos Angeles PollutionBase card101.00
30Typhonse AllaireLos Angeles PollutionBase card101.00
31Wayne GrizzlyLos Angeles PollutionBase card101.00
32Nico "IQ" BrainsteinLos Angeles PollutionBase card101.00
33Everett "Smokey" GarrettLos Angeles PollutionBase card101.00
34Frank GeigerLos Angeles PollutionBase card101.00
35Ernest MurphyLos Angeles PollutionBase card101.00
36Théo BeausoleilLos Angeles PollutionBase card101.00
37Power-22Los Angeles PollutionBase card101.00
38Jack DummyMontreal Flying HasbeensBase card101.00
39Chris "Preacher" WindowMontreal Flying HasbeensBase card101.00
40Mach FiveMontreal Flying HasbeensBase card101.00
41Great SesameMontreal Flying HasbeensBase card101.00
42Phil BouletMontreal Flying HasbeensBase card101.00
43Darn YarnMontreal Flying HasbeensBase card101.00
44Jim FishMontreal Flying HasbeensBase card101.00
45Walter WalkerMontreal Flying HasbeensBase card101.00
46Yvan TrilockMontreal Flying HasbeensBase card101.00
47M.D. GrichmanNew York ScumsBase card101.00
48Greg ProctorNew York ScumsBase card101.00
49Max "Arson" BurnNew York ScumsBase card101.00
50Bud "Raw" ButcherNew York ScumsBase card101.00
51Dry KleanNew York ScumsBase card101.00
52Herbert PicksNew York ScumsBase card101.00
53Rod HeintNew York ScumsBase card101.00
54Jack HillNew York ScumsBase card101.00
55Dave SaveNew York ScumsBase card101.00
56Boulhouboulhou BoulhouOttawa MounteesBase card101.00
57Pete PuzzleOttawa MounteesBase card101.00
58Michael DundeeOttawa MounteesBase card101.00
59Robert RubberOttawa MounteesBase card101.00
60Kurt SpiderOttawa MounteesBase card101.00
61Joe CookerOttawa MounteesBase card101.00
62Mgwo KhullOttawa MounteesBase card101.00
63Satan ClausOttawa MounteesBase card101.00
64Benny HullOttawa MounteesBase card101.00
65Jacques BalouneQuebec FrogsBase card101.00
66Gino AzzaroQuebec FrogsBase card101.00
67Don NuttsQuebec FrogsBase card101.00
68Rikki LindrockQuebec FrogsBase card101.00
69Jim TreckQuebec FrogsBase card101.00
70Mark MaxQuebec FrogsBase card101.00
71Charly MoffetQuebec FrogsBase card101.00
72Ben CrépeaultQuebec FrogsBase card101.00
73Billy Bilodeau JrQuebec FrogsBase card101.00
74Raven SpitbergToronto Gold PlatedBase card101.00
75Goofy MandellToronto Gold PlatedBase card101.00
76Rick SharkToronto Gold PlatedBase card101.00
77Buddy SelleckToronto Gold PlatedBase card101.00
78Oscar F. FecksToronto Gold PlatedBase card101.00
79Jack FlashToronto Gold PlatedBase card101.00
80Alphonse CadoretteToronto Gold PlatedBase card101.00
81Jeff McFlyToronto Gold PlatedBase card101.00
82Cammy LyonToronto Gold PlatedBase card101.00
83Magayashi ShiyagamaVancouver KamikazesBase card101.00
84Martin ChauzeVancouver KamikazesBase card101.00
85Colonel SnapsVancouver KamikazesBase card101.00
86Tommy MitoVancouver KamikazesBase card101.00
87Will Van HishVancouver KamikazesBase card101.00
88Redd "Alert" CannonVancouver KamikazesBase card101.00
89Hiro GotakakaVancouver KamikazesBase card101.00
90Mami BloheadVancouver KamikazesBase card101.00
91Steve KoopVancouver KamikazesBase card101.00
92Mi$ter Ron RoyceAtomic Hockey LeagueBase card101.00
93N.Y. - Studebaker CupNew York ScumsBase card101.00
94Rich CashAll-Star PlayerBase card101.00
95Terence HellAll-Star PlayerBase card101.00
96Kelly NailsAll-Star PlayerBase card101.00
97Kandy StrikerAll-Star PlayerBase card101.00
98Ray PaddsAll-Star PlayerBase card101.00
99Rodolph RichterAll-Star PlayerBase card101.00
100AHL Logo / Check List - B-Base card101.00
SP1Detroit Unemployed logo-Sticker / metal101.00
SP2Boston Stranglers logo-Sticker / metal101.00
SP3Chicago Gangsters logo-Sticker / metal101.00
SP4Quebec Frogs logo-Sticker / metal101.00
SP5Vancouver Kamikazes logo-Sticker / metal101.00
SP6Toronto Gold Plated logo-Sticker / metal101.00
SP7Montreal Flying Hasbeens logo-Sticker / metal101.00
SP8Ottawa Mountees logo-Sticker / metal101.00
SP9Los Angeles Pollution logo-Sticker / metal101.00
SP10New York Scums logo-Sticker / metal101.00
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