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Artbox Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

Artbox Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

Year: 2005
Total cards: 105

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 4 / completed: 0


1Title cardBase cards-212.00
2Harry PotterBase cards-212.00
3Ron WeasleyBase cards-212.00
4Hermione GrangerBase cards-212.00
5Albus DumbledoreBase cards-212.00
6Minerva McGonagallBase cards-212.00
7Rubeus HagridBase cards-212.00
8Severus SnapeBase cards-212.00
9Professor QuirrellBase cards-212.00
10Draco MalfoyBase cards-212.00
11Neville LongbottomBase cards-212.00
12Seamus FinniganBase cards-212.00
13Madam HoochBase cards-212.00
14Argus FilchBase cards-212.00
15Professor FlitwickBase cards-202.00
16Vernon DursleyBase cards-212.00
17Petunia DursleyBase cards-212.00
18Dudley DursleyBase cards-212.00
19The Rumors Are TrueBase cards-212.00
20The Boy Who LivedBase cards-212.00
21No Funny BusinessBase cards-212.00
22Like MagicBase cards-212.00
23A New Exhibit?Base cards-212.00
24There's No Such Thing as Magic!Base cards-212.00
25Harry's LetterBase cards-212.00
26Going MadBase cards-212.00
27Make a WishBase cards-212.00
28Dry Up!Base cards-212.00
29P-pleased to Meet YouBase cards-212.00
30No Safer PlaceBase cards-212.00
31The Vaults of GringottsBase cards-212.00
32CuriousBase cards-212.00
33A Mother's LoveBase cards-212.00
34A Bit of a RunBase cards-212.00
35Is it True?Base cards-212.00
36Let's See ThenBase cards-212.00
37Firs' YearsBase cards-212.00
38Welcome to HogwartsBase cards-212.00
39Start of TermBase cards-212.00
40A Sharp, Hot PainBase cards-212.00
41Not SlytherinBase cards-212.00
42Nearly Headless?Base cards-212.00
43Caput DraconisBase cards-212.00
44TransfigurationBase cards-212.00
45Subtle Science and Exact ArtBase cards-212.00
46I Can't Remember...Base cards-212.00
47Break-in at GringottsBase cards-212.00
48Up!Base cards-212.00
49A Bit Beyond Your Reach?Base cards-212.00
50It's in Your BloodBase cards-212.00
51The Third-Floor CorridorBase cards-212.00
52Three Heads Are Better Than OneBase cards-212.00
53Easy EnoughBase cards-212.00
54Troll in the Duhgeon!Base cards-212.00
55Do Something!Base cards-212.00
56Explain Yourselves!Base cards-212.00
57That's Not Just a Broomstick...Base cards-212.00
58A Nice Clean GameBase cards-212.00
59Eye ContactBase cards-212.00
60Gryffindor Wins!Base cards-212.00
61I Shoudn't 've Said ThatBase cards-212.00
62Some Kind of CloakBase cards-212.00
63The Restricted SectionBase cards-212.00
64Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsiBase cards-212.00
65Neither Knowledge Nor TruthBase cards-212.00
66Nicolas FlamelBase cards-212.00
67He Knows 'Is MummyBase cards-212.00
68DetentionBase cards-212.00
69Got to Have Your Wits About YouBase cards-212.00
70A Monstrous DeedBase cards-212.00
71A Cursed LifeBase cards-212.00
72The Stranger in the PubBase cards-212.00
73Standing up to Your FriendsBase cards-212.00
74Does It Seem A Bit Quiet?Base cards-212.00
75Sulk in the SunBase cards-212.00
76They're Not BirdsBase cards-212.00
77It's a ChessboardBase cards-212.00
78CheckmateBase cards-212.00
79P-poor St-stuttering Professor QuirrellBase cards-212.00
80What Do You See?Base cards-212.00
81We Can Bring Them BackBase cards-212.00
82Kill Him!Base cards-212.00
83What Is This Magic?Base cards-212.00
84A Terrifying ApparitionBase cards-212.00
85Relax Dear BoyBase cards-212.00
86Well Done SlytherinBase cards-212.00
87A Few Last-Minute PointsBase cards-212.00
88A Goodbye GiftBase cards-212.00
89Not Going Home... Not ReallyBase cards-221.00
90ChecklistBase cards-212.00
BT1Slytherin vs. GryffindorBox-toppers-303.00
BT2Ten Points for Gryffindor!Box-toppers-313.00
BT3Neck and NeckBox-toppers-303.00
BT4Nearly Swallowed ItBox-toppers-303.00
CT1Soaring OwlCase-toppers-303.00
CT2Neville's Flying LessonCase-toppers-303.00
R1Harry PotterChase Cards-404.00
R2Dear Mr.Potter...Chase Cards-414.00
R3GringottsChase Cards-404.00
R4Platform 9 3/4Chase Cards-414.00
R5The First Flying LessonChase Cards-404.00
R6"Wingardium Leviosa"Chase Cards-414.00
R7QuidditchChase Cards-414.00
R8Norbert the Norwegian RidgebackChase Cards-414.00
R9The Sorcerer's StoneChase Cards-404.00
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