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Artbox The World of Harry Potter. 3D Trading Cards. Part 2

Artbox The World of Harry Potter. 3D Trading Cards. Part 2

Year: 2008
Total cards: 93

Collection preview (98% scanned images)

collecting: 2 / completed: 0


1TowerBase cards-000.00
2ChesspieceBase cards-000.00
3TrollBase cards-000.00
4NorbertBase cards-000.00
5Harry swooping for snitchBase cards-000.00
6Professor QuirrellBase cards-000.00
7Young Ron's first attemptsBase cards-000.00
8HedwigBase cards-000.00
9Mirror of ErisedBase cards-000.00
10Harry releases Chocolate FrogBase cards-000.00
11Dursley's "beach house"Base cards-000.00
12Slytherin BeaterBase cards-000.00
13Dementor at LakeBase cards-000.00
14Broom practiceBase cards-000.00
15Young Hermione mixesBase cards-000.00
16Dobby cringesBase cards-000.00
17BasiliskBase cards-000.00
18Scabbers on booksBase cards-000.00
19Harry zooms leftBase cards-000.00
20Cornish PixieBase cards-000.00
21Horse-drawn sleighsBase cards-000.00
22FawkesBase cards-000.00
23Polyjuice potion takes effectBase cards-000.00
24Chamber of SecretsBase cards-000.00
25Hermione in Diagon pet shopBase cards-000.00
26Professor LockhartBase cards-000.00
27Healing Harry's armBase cards-000.00
28BuckbeakBase cards-000.00
29Padfoot protectsBase cards-000.00
30Practicing a PatronusBase cards-000.00
31Trio in snowBase cards-000.00
32Patronus protection at LakeBase cards-000.00
33Ron protects ScabbersBase cards-000.00
34Professor LupinBase cards-000.00
35Malfoy passing notesBase cards-000.00
36Hagrid applaudingBase cards-000.00
37Neville learns RiddiculusBase cards-000.00
38Down the steps to Hagrid'sBase cards-000.00
39Aunt Marge floats offBase cards-000.00
40Dementor boggartBase cards-000.00
41Goblet of FireBase cards-000.00
42Beauxbatons flying carriageBase cards-000.00
43Voldemort reanimatedBase cards-000.00
44Hungarian HorntailBase cards-000.00
45Harry battles VoldemortBase cards-000.00
46Moody's insectBase cards-000.00
47Death EaterBase cards-000.00
48MerpeopleBase cards-000.00
49Wormtail mixes kettleBase cards-000.00
50Two Death EatersBase cards-000.00
51Hogwarts orchestraBase cards-000.00
52Professor MoodyBase cards-000.00
53Dumbledore at lecternBase cards-000.00
54Caged dragonBase cards-000.00
55GrindylowsBase cards-000.00
56Wormtail and VoldemortBase cards-000.00
57Harry's dementor on trainBase cards-000.00
58Lord VoldemortBase cards-000.00
59Professor UmbridgeBase cards-000.00
60ThestralBase cards-000.00
61Azkaban towerBase cards-000.00
62Dumbledore battlesBase cards-000.00
63D.A. Professor HarryBase cards-000.00
64Bellatrix attacksBase cards-000.00
65KreacherBase cards-000.00
66Hogwarts ExpressBase cards-000.00
67Moody and TonksBase cards-000.00
68Levitating Nigel/DennisBase cards-000.00
69Sirius BlackBase cards-000.00
70Dumbledore at MinistryBase cards-000.00
71Voldemort's fireballBase cards-000.00
72ChecklistBase cards-000.00
BT1HarryBox-Topper Cards-000.00
BT2HermioneBox-Topper Cards-000.00
BT3RonBox-Topper Cards-000.00
BT4NevilleBox-Topper Cards-000.00
CT1Lord VoldemortCase-Topper Cards-000.00
CT2Ron and Death EaterCase-Topper Cards-000.00
CT3BellatrixCase-Topper Cards-000.00
Pr1Magical CreaturesPromo Cards-000.00
Pr2Harry PotterPromo Cards-000.00
Pr3Charms and SpellsPromo Cards-000.00
Pr4The Dark ArtsPromo Cards-000.00
Pr5Dumbledore's ArmyPromo Cards-000.00
Pz1Sirius Black mug shotFoil Puzzle Cards-000.00
Pz2RonFoil Puzzle Cards-000.00
Pz3Harry and HermioneFoil Puzzle Cards-000.00
Pz4DobbyFoil Puzzle Cards-000.00
Pz5Harry Potter logoFoil Puzzle Cards-000.00
Pz6Owl PostFoil Puzzle Cards-000.00
Pz7Harry castingFoil Puzzle Cards-000.00
Pz8HogwartsFoil Puzzle Cards-000.00
Pz9TrioFoil Puzzle Cards-000.00
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