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Artbox Harry Potter. Heroes and Villains

Artbox Harry Potter. Heroes and Villains

Year: 2010
Total cards: 93

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 3 / completed: 0


1Harry PotterBase Cards-000.00
2Hermione GrangerBase Cards-000.00
3Ron WeasleyBase Cards-000.00
4Albus DumbledoreBase Cards-000.00
5Rubeus HagridBase Cards-000.00
6Minerva McGonagallBase Cards-000.00
7Severus SnapeBase Cards-000.00
8Fred and George WeasleyBase Cards-000.00
9Ginny WeasleyBase Cards-000.00
10Neville LongbottomBase Cards-000.00
11Luna LovegudBase Cards-000.00
12Sirius BlackBase Cards-000.00
13Remus LupinBase Cards-000.00
14Alastor Base Cards-000.00
15Kingsley ShackleboltBase Cards-000.00
16Nymphadora TonksBase Cards-000.00
17Arthur WeasleyBase Cards-000.00
18Molly WeasleyBase Cards-000.00
19DobbyBase Cards-000.00
20DementorsBase Cards-000.00
21Argus FilchBase Cards-000.00
22Quirinus QuirrellBase Cards-000.00
23Gregory GoyleBase Cards-000.00
24Draco MalfoyBase Cards-000.00
25Vincent CrabbeBase Cards-000.00
26Fenrir GraybackBase Cards-000.00
27Bellatrix LestrangeBase Cards-000.00
28Lucius MalfoyBase Cards-000.00
29Peter PettigrewBase Cards-000.00
30Lord VoldemortBase Cards-000.00
31Young Tom RiddleBase Cards-000.00
32Barty Crouch, Jr.Base Cards-000.00
33Dolores UmbridgeBase Cards-000.00
34Dudley DursleyBase Cards-000.00
35Vernon DursleyBase Cards-000.00
36Igor KarkaroffBase Cards-000.00
37Battle in the ChamberBase Cards-000.00
38Scaling SlytherinBase Cards-000.00
39The DementorBase Cards-000.00
40LupinBase Cards-000.00
41Guarding the CastleBase Cards-000.00
42The Mysterious PatronusBase Cards-000.00
43Reluctant WitnessBase Cards-000.00
44The Dark Lord Does BattleBase Cards-000.00
45Taking Cover.Base Cards-000.00
46The Dark Lord AttacksBase Cards-000.00
47Dumbledore StrikesBase Cards-000.00
48WeasleysBase Cards-000.00
49The Horcrux CaveBase Cards-000.00
50Drinking The PotionBase Cards-000.00
51A Deadly FallBase Cards-000.00
52An Unwilling AccompliceBase Cards-000.00
53A Coward?Base Cards-000.00
54ChecklistBase Cards-000.00
55BellatrixBase Cards-101.00
56The Half-Blood PrinceBase Cards-101.00
57Death EatersBase Cards-101.00
58Avada KedavraBase Cards-101.00
59DracoBase Cards-101.00
60SectumsempraBase Cards-101.00
61Order of The Phoenix. Albus DumbledoreBase Cards-101.00
62Order of The Phoenix. Sirius BlackBase Cards-101.00
63Order of The Phoenix. HarryBase Cards-101.00
64Hermione GrangerBase Cards-101.00
65Ron WeasleyBase Cards-101.00
66Draco MalfoyBase Cards-101.00
67Severus SnapeBase Cards-101.00
68Harry PotterBase Cards-101.00
69Albus DumbledoreBase Cards-101.00
70Dumbledore And HarryBase Cards-101.00
71Hermione And SlughornBase Cards-101.00
72Ron And GinnyBase Cards-101.00
BT1Harry PotterBox-toppers-101.00
BT2Ron WeasleyBox-toppers-101.00
BT3Albus DumbledoreBox-toppers-101.00
BT4Draco MalfoyBox-toppers-101.00
CT1HogwartsCase-Topper Cards-101.00
CT2GryffindorCase-Topper Cards-101.00
CT3SlytherinCase-Topper Cards-101.00
Pr1Lord VoldemortPromo cards-101.00
Pr2Draco MalfoyPromo cards-101.00
Pr3Harry PotterPromo cards-101.00
Pr4Rubeus HagridPromo cards-101.00
Pr5Albus DumbledorePromo cards-101.00
R1Harry Potter. The Order of The PhoenixChase Cards-101.00
R2Harry Potter. The Goblet of FireChase Cards-101.00
R3Harry Potter. The Prisoner of AzkabanChase Cards-101.00
R4Hermione Granger. The Half-Blood PrinceChase Cards-101.00
R5Hermione Granger. The Order of The PhoenixChase Cards-101.00
R6Hermione Granger. The Prisoner of AzkabanChase Cards-101.00
R7Ron Weasley. The Half-Blood PrinceChase Cards-101.00
R8Ron Weasley. The Order of The PhoenixChase Cards-101.00
R9Ron Weasley. The Goblet of FireChase Cards-101.00
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