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Blue Ocean LEGO Star Wars. Series 1

Blue Ocean LEGO Star Wars. Series 1

Year: 2018
Total cards: 279

Collection preview (99% scanned images)

collecting: 52 / completed: 20


1Pilot Luke SkywalkerRebel AllianceBase card8140.57
2Victorious Luke SkywalkerRebel AllianceFoil9100.90
3Jedi Luke SkywalkerJediJedi1226.00
4Young Anakin SkywalkerJediBase card10110.91
5Confident Anakin SkywalkerJediFoil1171.57
6Jedi Anakin SkywalkerJediJedi13111.18
7Young Obi-Wan KenobiJediBase card13101.30
8Careful Obi-Wan KenobiJediFoil1071.43
9Jedi Obi-Wan KenobiJediJedi1071.43
10Smuggler Han SoloRebel AllianceBase card7140.50
11Sail Barge Han SoloRebel AllianceBase card9140.64
12Wise Han SoloResistanceFoil1252.40
13ChewbaccaRebel AllianceBase card8140.57
14Brave ChewbaccaRebel AllianceBase card8140.57
15Strong ChewbaccaResistanceFoil12111.09
16Wise YodaJediBase card9130.69
17Focused YodaJediFoil5140.36
18Jedi YodaJediJedi1071.43
19Princess Leia OrganaRebel AllianceBase card8110.73
20Leia as BoushhRebel AllianceBase card9100.90
21Wise LeiaResistanceFoil9100.90
22C-3PORebel AllianceBase card9170.53
23Clever C-3POResistanceFoil14101.40
24Sail Barge R2-D2Rebel AllianceBase card12130.92
25Clever R2-D2Rebel AllianceFoil1243.00
26Padmé AmidalaNabooBase card7120.58
27Queen AmidalaNabooFoil961.50
28ReyResistanceBase card12111.09
29Focused ReyResistanceFoil11140.79
30Jedi ReyResistanceJedi1171.57
31FN-2187First OrderBase card7140.50
32Happy FinnResistanceBase card10150.67
33Brave FinnResistanceFoil1262.00
34Pilot Poe DameronResistanceBase card11111.00
35Jakku Poe DameronResistanceBase card9120.75
36Strong Poe DameronResistanceFoil1252.40
37BB-8ResistanceBase card8120.67
38RoseResistanceBase card10130.77
39Brave Ahsoka TanoRebelsBase card8120.67
40Ahsoka TanoRebelsJedi1052.00
41Qui-Gon JinnJediBase card9110.82
42Jedi Qui-Gon JinnJediJedi12101.20
43Jar Jar BinksNabooBase card9130.69
44Mace WinduJediBase card790.78
45Jedi Mace WinduJediJedi871.14
46Strong Captain RexGalactic RepublicFoil9110.82
47Commander CodyGalactic RepublicBase card9120.75
48Jek-14NeutralBase card9100.90
49Super Jek-14NeutralFoil881.00
50Commander GreeGalactic RepublicBase card7100.70
51Kao Cen DarachJediBase card6140.43
52Jedi Saesee TiinJediJedi861.33
53Coleman TreborJediBase card10140.71
54Stass AllieJediFoil10101.00
55Pong KrellJediBase card8100.80
56Jedi Pong KrellJediJedi1391.44
57Jedi ConsularJediBase card9100.90
58Max ReboDesilijic ClanBase card6150.40
59Rowan FreemakerFreemakerBase card7130.54
60Kordi FreemakerFreemakerBase card8130.62
61Zander FreemakerFreemakerBase card7140.50
62RO-GRFreemakerBase card8130.62
63Ezra BridgerRebelsBase card8130.62
64Kanan JarrusRebelsBase card11130.85
65Garazeb "Zeb" OrreliosRebelsBase card9110.82
66Hera SyndullaRebelsBase card11101.10
67Sabine WrenRebelsBase card1171.57
68Padawan Obi-Wan & Jedi Master Qui-Gon JinnJediBase card7110.64
69Team A New HopeRebel AllianceBase card991.00
70Team Clone WarsGalactic RepublicBase card8120.67
71Team The Force AwakensResistanceBase card7130.54
72Team FreemakersFreemakerBase card1191.22
73Team RebelsRebelsBase card10110.91
74Darth VaderSithBase card991.00
75Dangerous Darth VaderSithFoil11101.10
76Sith Lord Darth VaderSithDark Side1042.50
77Supreme Chancellor PalpatineGalactic RepublicBase card9110.82
78Angry Emperor PalpatineSithFoil1362.17
79Sith Lord Emperor PalpatineSithDark Side1352.60
80Darth MaulSithBase card11101.10
81Attacking Darth MaulSithFoil9110.82
82Sith Lord Darth MaulSithDark Side1352.60
83General GrievousSeparatistBase card9120.75
84Angry General GrievousSeparatistFoil8110.73
85Dangerous General GrievousSeparatistDark Side1161.83
86Supreme Leader SnokeFirst OrderBase card9120.75
87Sneaky Supreme Leader SnokeFirst OrderFoil1181.38
88Angry Supreme Leader SnokeFirst OrderDark Side1243.00
89Kylo RenFirst OrderBase card10130.77
90Furious Kylo RenFirst OrderFoil1171.57
91Fierce Kylo RenFirst OrderDark Side1142.75
92Count DookuSeparatistBase card9100.90
93Cunning Count DookuSeparatistFoil1291.33
94Sith Lord Darth TyranusSithDark Side1152.20
95Sith Lord Darth MalgusSithDark Side1491.56
96Captain PhasmaFirst OrderBase card9120.75
97Fearless Captain PhasmaFirst OrderFoil1381.63
98Jango FettBoba & Jango FettBase card1281.50
99Skillful Jango FettBoba & Jango FettFoil10101.00
100Bounty Hunter Jango FettBoba & Jango FettDark Side1581.88
101Boba FettBoba & Jango FettBase card9110.82
102Angry Boba FettBoba & Jango FettFoil13111.18
103Bounty Hunter Boba FettBoba & Jango FettDark Side1243.00
104Bounty Hunter BosskNeutralDark Side14111.27
105Asajj VentressSeparatistBase card1081.25
106Dangerous Asajj VentressSeparatistFoil9100.90
107Dark Side Warrior Asajj VenressSeparatistDark Side1171.57
108Savage OpressNeutralBase card991.00
109Nightbrother Savage OpressNeutralFoil1291.33
110Dark Side Warrior Savage OpressNeutralDark Side1243.00
111The Grand InquisitorSithBase card12101.20
112Jedi Hunter The Grand InquisitorSithDark Side1152.20
113General HuxFirst OrderBase card1291.33
114Jabba the HuttDesilijic ClanBase card7100.70
115Gamorrean GuardDesilijic ClanBase card10101.00
116RancorDesilijic ClanBase card1191.22
117Raging RancorDesilijic ClanFoil981.13
118Cad BaneNeutralBase card9100.90
119EmboNeutralBase card8110.73
120Aurra SingNeutralBase card991.00
121Ree-YeesDesilijic ClanBase card6130.46
122Poggle the LesserSeparatistBase card11140.79
123Crokind ShandNeutralBase card10150.67
124Tasu LeechNeutralBase card9120.75
125Unkar's ThugNeutralBase card9120.75
126Nikto GuardDesilijic ClanBase card7170.41
127Weequay GuardDesilijic ClanBase card10120.83
128MagnaguardSeparatistBase card11101.10
129Jedi Hunter Fifth BrotherSithDark Side1371.86
130Deceitful NaareSithBase card7120.58
131NaareSithBase card9110.82
132Sith Agent NaareSithDark Side1033.33
133JawaNeutralBase card7160.44
134Mandalorian Blaster FighterDeath WatchBase card11140.79
135Mandalorian FighterDeath WatchBase card9130.69
136First Order TIE PilotFirst OrderBase card11120.92
137First Order StormtrooperFirst OrderBase card11101.10
138Imperial SnowtrooperImperialBase card9140.64
139First Order SnowtrooperFirst OrderBase card11101.10
140First Order FlametrooperFirst OrderBase card11190.58
141First Order Stormtrooper OfficerFirst OrderFoil991.00
142BB-9EFirst OrderBase card11111.00
143Battle DroidSeparatistBase card11120.92
144Super Battle DroidSeparatistFoil13101.30
145Pilot DroidSeparatistBase card7110.64
146Assassin DroidNeutralBase card9140.64
147Elite Assassin DroidNeutralFoil8130.62
148General Grievous & Count DookuSeparatistBase card10120.83
149Darth Vader & Emperor PalpatineSithBase card9120.75
150Kylo Ren & Supreme Leader SnokeFirst OrderBase card991.00
151Darth Sidious & Darth MaulSithBase card10120.83
152Mighty JediJediGold card10160.63
153Mighty SithSithGold card11101.10
154A-WingMicrofightersBase card6110.55
155Millenium FalconMicrofightersBase card780.88
156U-WingMicrofightersBase card7120.58
157Ski SpeederMicrofightersBase card981.13
158TIE SilencerMicrofightersBase card10140.71
159First Order WalkerMicrofightersBase card9120.75
160TIE StrikerMicrofightersBase card10110.91
161First Order TIE FighterMicrofightersBase card12111.09
162Krennic's Imperial ShuttleMicrofightersBase card10110.91
163Destruction of the Droid Control ShipEpic BattleBase card9110.82
164Battle on GeonosisEpic BattleBase card981.13
165Duel on UtapauEpic BattleBase card11101.10
166The Battle of Yavin 4Epic BattleBase card7120.58
167Battle of HothEpic BattleBase card9110.82
168Chewbacca's AT-ST RideEpic BattleBase card8140.57
169Rebels AttackEpic BattleBase card1081.25
170Destruction of Starkiller BaseEpic BattleBase card13150.87
171The Battle of CraitEpic BattleBase card10120.83
172Telekinesis: Lift StarfightersForce CardBase card11130.85
173Jedi Mind TrickForce CardBase card10130.77
174Force PushForce CardBase card1191.22
175Force SpiritForce CardBase card14101.40
176Sith LightningForce CardBase card12101.20
177Telekinesis: Summon LightsaberForce CardBase card8130.62
178Telekinesis: Manipulate ObjectsForce CardBase card9110.82
179Lightsaber FightForce CardBase card8130.62
180Force Duel: Darth Vader vs Luke SkywalkerForce CardBase card11111.00
181Boonta Eve Classic RaceClassic SceneBase card890.89
182Obi-Wan vs Darth MaulClassic SceneBase card7100.70
183Anakin's First FlightClassic SceneBase card1091.11
184Anakin vs Count DookuClassic SceneBase card8100.80
185Obi-Wan vs General GrievousClassic SceneBase card7100.70
186Yoda vs Darth SidiousClassic SceneBase card9150.60
187Mace Windu vs Darth SidiousClassic SceneBase card11120.92
188Obi-Wan vs AnakinClassic SceneBase card10120.83
189Luke in Trash CompactorClassic SceneBase card11130.85
190Luke in the Wampa CaveClassic SceneBase card10101.00
191Han Searches for LukeClassic SceneBase card10130.77
192Han Solo in CarboniteClassic SceneBase card10120.83
193Luke vs RancorClassic SceneBase card1081.25
194Han Solo Saves Lando CalrissianClassic SceneBase card8140.57
195Finn vs First Order StormtrooperClassic SceneBase card1191.22
196Poe Dameron vs First Order StormtrooperClassic SceneBase card10130.77
197Han Encounters KyloClassic SceneBase card9150.60
198Rey Duels Kylo RenClassic SceneBase card11140.79
199Millenium FalconVehicleBase card881.00
200B-WingVehicleBase card1091.11
201Resistance X-Wing FighterVehicleBase card1181.38
202Y-WingVehicleBase card991.00
203SnowspeederVehicleBase card9110.82
204Jedi Starfighter with HyperdriveVehicleBase card10101.00
205Luke's LandspeederVehicleBase card7140.50
206Yoda's Jedi StarfighterVehicleBase card10130.77
207Resistance Troop TransporterVehicleBase card12150.80
208Rey's SpeederVehicleBase card1081.25
209Resistance BomberVehicleBase card10130.77
210Poe's X-Wing StarfighterVehicleBase card961.50
211Captain Rex's AT-TEVehicleBase card991.00
212Vader's TIE FighterVehicleBase card961.50
213Slave IVehicleBase card9100.90
214TIE FighterVehicleBase card10101.00
215First Order Special Forces TIE FighterVehicleBase card8100.80
216Kylo Ren's TIE SilencerVehicleBase card10101.00
217Kylo Ren's Command ShuttleVehicleBase card10110.91
218First Order Star DestroyerVehicleBase card9110.82
219Imperial Star DestroyerVehicleBase card8110.73
220Darth Maul's Sith InfiltratorVehicleBase card10120.83
221Death StarVehicleBase card10140.71
222AT-ATVehicleBase card1181.38
223First Order Heavy Assault WalkerVehicleBase card11130.85
224Imperial Shuttle TydiriumVehicleBase card1081.25
225General Grievous Combat SpeederVehicleBase card9120.75
226TatooinePlanet CardBase card1181.38
227CoreliaPlanet CardBase card11130.85
228EndorPlanet CardBase card9100.90
229AlderaanPlanet CardBase card1291.33
230HothPlanet CardBase card1181.38
231DagobahPlanet CardBase card9120.75
232NabooPlanet CardBase card1091.11
233MustafarPlanet CardBase card1091.11
234KaminoPlanet CardBase card10101.00
235CoruscantPlanet CardBase card1081.25
236ScarifPlanet CardBase card9100.90
237RylothPlanet CardBase card12130.92
238UtapauPlanet CardBase card1042.50
239JedhaPlanet CardBase card991.00
240GeonosisPlanet CardBase card10101.00
241MalastarePlanet CardBase card10110.91
242Mon CalamariPlanet CardBase card12101.20
243KashyyykPlanet CardBase card11120.92
244JakkuPlanet CardBase card9100.90
245TakodanaPlanet CardBase card1081.25
246Starkiller BasePlanet CardBase card10150.67
247CantonicaPlanet CardBase card971.29
248CraitPlanet CardBase card1262.00
249Yavin 4Planet CardBase card11111.00
250Ahch-ToPlanet CardBase card10101.00
251D'QarPlanet CardBase card991.00
252BespinPlanet CardBase card9120.75
LE1Master YodaJediLimited Edition6120.50
LE2Wise Obi-Wan KenobiJediLimited Edition1061.67
LE3Defiant Luke SkywalkerJediLimited Edition1553.00
LE4Experienced Han SoloResistanceLimited Edition1936.33
LE5Mighty ChewbaccaResistanceLimited Edition1535.00
LE6Prepared Anakin SkywalkerJediLimited Edition21210.50
LE7Brave ReyResistanceLimited Edition1527.50
LE8Feisty Poe DameronResistanceLimited Edition1553.00
LE9Prepared FN-2187First OrderLimited Edition1535.00
LE10Action Captain RexGalactic RepublicLimited Edition17117.00
LE11Angry Darth VaderSithLimited Edition1836.00
LE12Dangerous Darth MaulSithLimited Edition2054.00
LE13Mighty Captain PhasmaFirst OrderLimited Edition21210.50
LE14Proud General GrievousSeparatistLimited Edition23123.00
LE15Focused Kylo RenFirst OrderLimited Edition21210.50
LE16Action Death TrooperImperialLimited Edition2173.00
LE17Skillful Boba FettBoba & Jango FettLimited Edition24124.00
LE18Lurking Emperor PalpatineSithLimited Edition2036.67
LE19Anakin Skywalker vs Count DookuJedi vs SithLimited Edition1836.00
LE20Luke Skywalker vs Darth VaderJedi vs SithLimited Edition20120.00
LE21Obi-Wan Kenobi vs Darth MaulJedi vs SithLimited Edition20120.00
LE22Yoda vs Darth SidiousJedi vs SithLimited Edition25025.00
LE23Rey vs Kylo RenResistance vs First OrderLimited Edition25025.00
LE24Finn vs Captain PhasmaResistance vs First OrderLimited Edition17117.00
XXL006Jedi Anakin Skywalker-XXL Card20020.00
XXL076Sith Lord Darth Vader-XXL Card20020.00
XXL091Fierce Kylo Ren-XXL Card1434.67
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