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The Card Cabinet Allsvenskan Football 2004

The Card Cabinet Allsvenskan Football 2004

Year: 2004
Total cards: 202

Collection preview (8% scanned images)

collecting: 6 / completed: 1


1Hakan SvenssonAIK SolnaBase card101.00
2Jimmy TamandiAIK SolnaBase card111.00
3Niklas SandbergAIK SolnaBase card202.00
4Daniel TjernstromAIK SolnaBase card101.00
5Fredrik BjorckAIK SolnaBase card101.00
6Pa Modou KahAIK SolnaBase card101.00
7Martin AslundAIK SolnaBase card101.00
8Mattias MostromAIK SolnaBase card202.00
9Derek BoatengAIK SolnaBase card111.00
10Mats RubarthAIK SolnaBase card101.00
11Andreas AnderssonAIK SolnaBase card101.00
12Andreas ErikssonAIK SolnaBase card111.00
13Andreas IsakssonDjurgardens IFBase card202.00
14Matias ConchaDjurgardens IFBase card202.00
15Fredrik StenmanDjurgardens IFBase card101.00
16Toni KuivastoDjurgardens IFBase card101.00
17Markus KarlssonDjurgardens IFBase card101.00
18Johan ArnengDjurgardens IFBase card101.00
19Tobias HysénDjurgardens IFBase card111.00
20Andreas JohanssonDjurgardens IFBase card111.00
21Stefan BergtoftDjurgardens IFBase card202.00
22Yannick BapupaDjurgardens IFBase card101.00
23Geert den OudenDjurgardens IFBase card101.00
24Babis StefanidisDjurgardens IFBase card101.00
25Rene MakondeleDjurgardens IFBase card101.00
26Johan WilandIF ElfsborgBase card101.00
27Garba LawalIF ElfsborgBase card111.00
28Johan SjobergIF ElfsborgBase card101.00
29Johan KarlssonIF ElfsborgBase card101.00
30Jari IlolaIF ElfsborgBase card111.00
31Samuel HolmenIF ElfsborgBase card120.50
32Jonas LundenIF ElfsborgBase card101.00
33Andreas KlarstromIF ElfsborgBase card202.00
34Magnus SamuelssonIF ElfsborgBase card202.00
35Martin StrombergIF ElfsborgBase card101.00
36Daniel AlexanderssonIF ElfsborgBase card111.00
37Lasse NilssonIF ElfsborgBase card101.00
38Hans BerggrenIF ElfsborgBase card101.00
39Andreas DruggeIF ElfsborgBase card101.00
40Bengt AnderssonIFK GoteborgBase card101.00
41Karl SvenssonIFK GoteborgBase card101.00
42Fredrik RispIFK GoteborgBase card202.00
43Mikael AntonssonIFK GoteborgBase card101.00
44Hjalmar JonssonIFK GoteborgBase card101.00
45Mikael SandklefIFK GoteborgBase card101.00
46Magnus JohanssonIFK GoteborgBase card202.00
47Magnus ErlingmarkIFK GoteborgBase card101.00
48Sebastian JohanssonIFK GoteborgBase card101.00
49Håkan MildIFK GoteborgBase card202.00
50Niclas AlexanderssonIFK GoteborgBase card101.00
51Patric AnderssonIFK GoteborgBase card101.00
52George MouradIFK GoteborgBase card111.00
53Conny JohanssonHalmstads BKBase card111.00
54Tommy JönssonHalmstads BKBase card101.00
55Tomas ZvirgzdauskasHalmstads BKBase card101.00
56Emil JensenHalmstads BKBase card101.00
57Magnus SvenssonHalmstads BKBase card101.00
58Sharbel ToumaHalmstads BKBase card101.00
59Mikael NilssonHalmstads BKBase card202.00
60Andreas JohanssonHalmstads BKBase card202.00
61Dusan DjuricHalmstads BKBase card101.00
62Patrik IngelstenHalmstads BKBase card101.00
63Yaw PrekoHalmstads BKBase card101.00
64Markus RosenbergHalmstads BKBase card202.00
65Magnus AnderssonHalmstads BKBase card111.00
66Ante CovicHammarby IFBase card202.00
67Alexander ÖstlundHammarby IFBase card111.00
68Suleyman SleymanHammarby IFBase card101.00
69Patrik GerrbrandHammarby IFBase card101.00
70Max von SchlebrüggeHammarby IFBase card101.00
71Petur MarteinssonHammarby IFBase card101.00
72Erik JohanssonHammarby IFBase card101.00
73Mikkel JensenHammarby IFBase card111.00
74Mikael AnderssonHammarby IFBase card101.00
75Nadir BenchenaaHammarby IFBase card101.00
76Björn RunströmHammarby IFBase card101.00
77Petter AnderssonHammarby IFBase card101.00
78Conny RosénHelsingborgs IFBase card101.00
79Kenneth RasmussenHelsingborgs IFBase card101.00
80Jacob AugustssonHelsingborgs IFBase card111.00
81Andreas GranqvistHelsingborgs IFBase card111.00
82Erik WahlstedtHelsingborgs IFBase card101.00
83Tobias JohanssonHelsingborgs IFBase card111.00
84Martin FribrockHelsingborgs IFBase card101.00
85Andreas DahlHelsingborgs IFBase card202.00
86Atiba HutchinsonHelsingborgs IFBase card111.00
87Mattias LindströmHelsingborgs IFBase card111.00
88Eldin KarisikHelsingborgs IFBase card101.00
89Gustaf AnderssonHelsingborgs IFBase card101.00
90Petter WaståKalmar FFBase card101.00
91Joachim LantzKalmar FFBase card101.00
92Tobias CarlssonKalmar FFBase card202.00
93Patrik RosengrenKalmar FFBase card111.00
94Dennis NilssonKalmar FFBase card111.00
95Henrik RydströmKalmar FFBase card101.00
96FabioKalmar FFBase card202.00
97Christer PerssonKalmar FFBase card101.00
98Svante SamuelssonKalmar FFBase card101.00
99Lasse JohanssonKalmar FFBase card111.00
100DedéKalmar FFBase card111.00
101Daniel MobaeckKalmar FFBase card101.00
102Cesar SantinKalmar FFBase card101.00
103Jonas SandqvistLandskrona BoISBase card101.00
104Audun HelgasonLandskrona BoISBase card101.00
105Jonas OlssonLandskrona BoISBase card120.50
106Johnny LundbergLandskrona BoISBase card101.00
107Linus MalmqvistLandskrona BoISBase card101.00
108Gabriel UcarLandskrona BoISBase card101.00
109Pierre GalloLandskrona BoISBase card111.00
110Antti OkkonenLandskrona BoISBase card101.00
111Mikael RynellLandskrona BoISBase card101.00
112Jonas LindhLandskrona BoISBase card101.00
113Johan AnderssonLandskrona BoISBase card101.00
114Jörgen PetterssonLandskrona BoISBase card202.00
115Jonas Kusi AsareLandskrona BoISBase card202.00
116Mattias AsperMalmo FFBase card101.00
117Olof PerssonMalmo FFBase card101.00
118Daniel MajstorovicMalmo FFBase card111.00
119Jon Inge HöilandMalmo FFBase card101.00
120Glenn HolgerssonMalmo FFBase card101.00
121Thomas OlssonMalmo FFBase card111.00
122Hans MattissonMalmo FFBase card202.00
123Joseph ElangaMalmo FFBase card101.00
124Louay ChankoMalmo FFBase card101.00
125Jon JönssonMalmo FFBase card111.00
126Tobias GrahnMalmo FFBase card111.00
127Niklas SkoogMalmo FFBase card202.00
128Igor SypniewskiMalmo FFBase card101.00
129Andreas YngvessonMalmo FFBase card202.00
130Fredrik SundforsGIF SundsvallBase card111.00
131Karl StåhlGIF SundsvallBase card101.00
132Fredrik LundqvistGIF SundsvallBase card111.00
133Patrik Eriksson OhlssonGIF SundsvallBase card101.00
134Mattias NylundGIF SundsvallBase card101.00
135Johan AnderssonGIF SundsvallBase card101.00
136Hans BerghGIF SundsvallBase card202.00
137Tommy BergersenGIF SundsvallBase card101.00
138Mikael ÅskooghGIF SundsvallBase card101.00
139Joel CedergrenGIF SundsvallBase card101.00
140Andreas HermanssonGIF SundsvallBase card101.00
141Cain DotsonGIF SundsvallBase card101.00
142Johan WallerstedtGIF SundsvallBase card111.00
143Peter OlofssonGIF SundsvallBase card111.00
144Fredrik PerssonTrelleborgs FFBase card101.00
145Jens SlothTrelleborgs FFBase card101.00
146Dennis MelanderTrelleborgs FFBase card111.00
147Peter AbelssonTrelleborgs FFBase card101.00
148Thomas MagnussonTrelleborgs FFBase card101.00
149Eric FischbeinTrelleborgs FFBase card101.00
150Kenneth GustafssonTrelleborgs FFBase card202.00
151Johan LaursenTrelleborgs FFBase card101.00
152Patrik SvenssonTrelleborgs FFBase card101.00
153Ivica SkiljoTrelleborgs FFBase card101.00
154Christopher JusticeTrelleborgs FFBase card111.00
155Kristian HaynesTrelleborgs FFBase card202.00
156Patrik RedoTrelleborgs FFBase card101.00
157John AlvbågeOrebro SKBase card101.00
158Thomas AnderssonOrebro SKBase card101.00
159Magnus SamuelssonOrebro SKBase card111.00
160Mikael DanielssonOrebro SKBase card111.00
161Patrik HagingeOrebro SKBase card111.00
162Axel KjällOrebro SKBase card101.00
163Lars LarsenOrebro SKBase card111.00
164Patrik AnttonenOrebro SKBase card101.00
165Robert MamboOrebro SKBase card101.00
166Petter Furuseth-OlsenOrebro SKBase card101.00
167Ricardo CostaOrebro SKBase card202.00
168Dick LastOrgryte ISBase card202.00
169Marcus DahlinOrgryte ISBase card101.00
170Anders PrytzOrgryte ISBase card101.00
171David MarekOrgryte ISBase card101.00
172Valter Thomas Jr.Orgryte ISBase card101.00
173Johan AnegrundOrgryte ISBase card111.00
174Robin GanemyrOrgryte ISBase card202.00
175Markus JohannessonOrgryte ISBase card101.00
176Johann GudmundssonOrgryte ISBase card111.00
177Tryggvi GudmundssonOrgryte ISBase card101.00
178Ailton José AlmeidaOrgryte ISBase card101.00
179Paulinho GuaráOrgryte ISBase card101.00
180Boyd MwilaOrgryte ISBase card111.00
SL1Niklas SkoogMalmo FFSkytte Liga202.00
SL2Paulinho GuaraOrgryte ISSkytte Liga202.00
SL3Kim KällströmDjurgardens IFSkytte Liga202.00
SL4Gustaf AnderssonHelsingborgs IFSkytte Liga202.00
SL5Kennedy BakircioglüHammarby IFSkytte Liga303.00
SL6Andreas JohanssonDjurgardens IFSkytte Liga303.00
TU1Karl CorneliussonAIK SolnaTill Utomlands202.00
TU2Stefan IshizakiHelsingborgs IFTill Utomlands202.00
TU3Mikael DorsinDjurgardens IFTill Utomlands202.00
TU4Johan ElmanderDjurgardens IFTill Utomlands101.00
TU5Kim KällströmDjurgardens IFTill Utomlands101.00
TU6Fredrik BerglundIF ElfsborgTill Utomlands101.00
TU7Martin EricssonIFK GoteborgTill Utomlands101.00
TU8Kennedy BakirciogluHammarby IFTill Utomlands101.00
TU9Antti PohjaHammarby IFTill Utomlands111.00
TU10Jonas StarkHammarby IFTill Utomlands101.00
TU11Christoffer AnderssonHelsingborgs IFTill Utomlands303.00
TU12Tommi GronlundHelsingborgs IFTill Utomlands101.00
TU13Mikael GustavssonHelsingborgs IFTill Utomlands202.00
TU14Alexander FarnerudLandskrona BoISTill Utomlands101.00
TU15Daniel NannskogLandskrona BoISTill Utomlands202.00
TU16Martin UlanderOrgryte ISTill Utomlands101.00
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