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The Card Cabinet SHL Elitset 2013-2014

The Card Cabinet SHL Elitset 2013-2014

Year: 2013
Total cards: 517

Swedish Hockey League (Svenska hockeyligan).

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1Daniel LarssonAIK StockholmS1. Base card000.00
2Jonas LiwingAIK StockholmS1. Base card000.00
3Fredrik CarlssonAIK StockholmS1. Base card000.00
4Oscar AhlströmAIK StockholmS1. Base card000.00
5Victor AhlströmAIK StockholmS1. Base card000.00
6Patric BlomdahlAIK StockholmS1. Base card000.00
7Mattias Janmark NylénAIK StockholmS1. Base card000.00
8Edgar KlavinsAIK StockholmS1. Base card000.00
9Björn MelinAIK StockholmS1. Base card000.00
10Esa PirnesAIK StockholmS1. Base card000.00
11Christian SandbergAIK StockholmS1. Base card000.00
12Oscar SteenAIK StockholmS1. Base card000.00
13Robin RahmBrynäs IF GävleS1. Base card000.00
14Simon BertilssonBrynäs IF GävleS1. Base card000.00
15Christian DjoosBrynäs IF GävleS1. Base card000.00
16Robin JacobssonBrynäs IF GävleS1. Base card000.00
17Simon LöfBrynäs IF GävleS1. Base card000.00
18Dennis PerssonBrynäs IF GävleS1. Base card000.00
19Jörgen SundqvistBrynäs IF GävleS1. Base card000.00
20Johan HarjuBrynäs IF GävleS1. Base card000.00
21Sebastian EnterfeldtBrynäs IF GävleS1. Base card000.00
22Jonathan GranströmBrynäs IF GävleS1. Base card000.00
23Andreas ThuressonBrynäs IF GävleS1. Base card000.00
24Jonas NordqvistBrynäs IF GävleS1. Base card000.00
25Linus FernströmFrölunda Indians GöteborgS1. Base card000.00
26Oliver BohmFrölunda Indians GöteborgS1. Base card000.00
27Christian BäckmanFrölunda Indians GöteborgS1. Base card000.00
28Christoffer PerssonFrölunda Indians GöteborgS1. Base card000.00
29Dick AxelssonFrölunda Indians GöteborgS1. Base card000.00
30Anton AxelssonFrölunda Indians GöteborgS1. Base card000.00
31Fabian BrunnströmFrölunda Indians GöteborgS1. Base card000.00
32Magnus KahnbergFrölunda Indians GöteborgS1. Base card000.00
33Mathis OlimbFrölunda Indians GöteborgS1. Base card000.00
34Mats Rosseli OlsenFrölunda Indians GöteborgS1. Base card000.00
35Joel LundqvistFrölunda Indians GöteborgS1. Base card000.00
36Nicklas LasuFrölunda Indians GöteborgS1. Base card000.00
37Fredrik Pettersson-WentzelFärjestad BK KarlstadS1. Base card000.00
38Anton GrundelFärjestad BK KarlstadS1. Base card000.00
39Ville LajunenFärjestad BK KarlstadS1. Base card000.00
40Ole-Kristian TollefsenFärjestad BK KarlstadS1. Base card000.00
41Anders BastiansenFärjestad BK KarlstadS1. Base card000.00
42Christian BerglundFärjestad BK KarlstadS1. Base card000.00
43Jack ConnollyFärjestad BK KarlstadS1. Base card000.00
44Wilhelm WestlundFärjestad BK KarlstadS1. Base card000.00
45Marius HoltetFärjestad BK KarlstadS1. Base card000.00
46Per ÅslundFärjestad BK KarlstadS1. Base card000.00
47Rickard WallinFärjestad BK KarlstadS1. Base card000.00
48Patrik LundhFärjestad BK KarlstadS1. Base card000.00
49Gustaf WesslauHV71 JönköpingS1. Base card000.00
50Oscar FantenbergHV71 JönköpingS1. Base card000.00
51Elias FälthHV71 JönköpingS1. Base card000.00
52Mattias KarlssonHV71 JönköpingS1. Base card000.00
53David PetrasekHV71 JönköpingS1. Base card000.00
54Johan DavidssonHV71 JönköpingS1. Base card000.00
55Andreas JämtinHV71 JönköpingS1. Base card000.00
56William KarlssonHV71 JönköpingS1. Base card000.00
57Jason KrogHV71 JönköpingS1. Base card000.00
58Marcus NilsonHV71 JönköpingS1. Base card000.00
59Sebastian StrandbergHV71 JönköpingS1. Base card000.00
60Johan LindströmHV71 JönköpingS1. Base card000.00
61Oscar AlsenfeltLeksands IFS1. Base card000.00
62Patrik NorénLeksands IFS1. Base card000.00
63Patrik HersleyLeksands IFS1. Base card000.00
64Kevin KapstadLeksands IFS1. Base card000.00
65Johan SvedbergLeksands IFS1. Base card000.00
66Joonas RönnbergLeksands IFS1. Base card000.00
67Jens BergenströmLeksands IFS1. Base card000.00
68Tobias ForsbergLeksands IFS1. Base card000.00
69Johan RynoLeksands IFS1. Base card000.00
70Gabriel KarlssonLeksands IFS1. Base card000.00
71Jon KnutsLeksands IFS1. Base card000.00
72Jacob BlomqvistLeksands IFS1. Base card000.00
73Christian EngstrandLinköpings HCS1. Base card000.00
74Magnus JohanssonLinköpings HCS1. Base card000.00
75Daniel RahimiLinköpings HCS1. Base card000.00
76Albin LorentzonLinköpings HCS1. Base card000.00
77Daniel GrillforsLinköpings HCS1. Base card000.00
78Pär ArlbrandtLinköpings HCS1. Base card000.00
79Eric himelfarbLinköpings HCS1. Base card000.00
80Simon HjalmarssonLinköpings HCS1. Base card000.00
81Johannes SalmonssonLinköpings HCS1. Base card000.00
82Sebastian KarlssonLinköpings HCS1. Base card000.00
83Erik LindhagenLinköpings HCS1. Base card000.00
84Mattias WeinhandlLinköpings HCS1. Base card000.00
85David RautioLuleå HockeyS1. Base card000.00
86Johan FranssonLuleå HockeyS1. Base card000.00
87Daniel GunnarssonLuleå HockeyS1. Base card000.00
88Peter CehlárikLuleå HockeyS1. Base card000.00
89Linus PerssonLuleå HockeyS1. Base card000.00
90Chris AbbottLuleå HockeyS1. Base card000.00
91Cam AbbottLuleå HockeyS1. Base card000.00
92Anton HedmanLuleå HockeyS1. Base card000.00
93Linus KlasenLuleå HockeyS1. Base card000.00
94Niklas OlaussonLuleå HockeyS1. Base card000.00
95Daniel MannbergLuleå HockeyS1. Base card000.00
96Karl FabriciusLuleå HockeyS1. Base card000.00
97Bernhard StarkbaumMODO Hockey ÖrnsköldsvikS1. Base card000.00
98Dave SpinaMODO Hockey ÖrnsköldsvikS1. Base card000.00
99Joonas LehtivuoriMODO Hockey ÖrnsköldsvikS1. Base card000.00
100Kristian ForsbergMODO Hockey ÖrnsköldsvikS1. Base card000.00
101Mario KempeMODO Hockey ÖrnsköldsvikS1. Base card000.00
102Samuel PåhlssonMODO Hockey ÖrnsköldsvikS1. Base card000.00
103Mattias RitolaMODO Hockey ÖrnsköldsvikS1. Base card000.00
104Per-Åge SkröderMODO Hockey ÖrnsköldsvikS1. Base card000.00
105Richie RegehrMODO Hockey ÖrnsköldsvikS1. Base card000.00
106Nichlas TorpMODO Hockey ÖrnsköldsvikS1. Base card000.00
107Peter ÖbergMODO Hockey ÖrnsköldsvikS1. Base card000.00
108Markus SvenssonSkellefteå AIKS1. Base card000.00
109Erik ForssellSkellefteå AIKS1. Base card000.00
110Johan AlmSkellefteå AIKS1. Base card000.00
111Erik AnderssonSkellefteå AIKS1. Base card000.00
112Fredrik LindgrenSkellefteå AIKS1. Base card000.00
113Oscar MöllerSkellefteå AIKS1. Base card000.00
114Niclas BurströmSkellefteå AIKS1. Base card000.00
115Viktor ArvidssonSkellefteå AIKS1. Base card000.00
116Pierre-Édouard BellemareSkellefteå AIKS1. Base card000.00
117Petter EmanuelssonSkellefteå AIKS1. Base card000.00
118Jimmie EricssonSkellefteå AIKS1. Base card000.00
119Joakim LindströmSkellefteå AIKS1. Base card000.00
120Melker KarlssonSkellefteå AIKS1. Base card000.00
121Mattias ModigVäxjö Lakers HCS1. Base card000.00
122Noah WelchVäxjö Lakers HCS1. Base card000.00
123Jeremias AugustinVäxjö Lakers HCS1. Base card000.00
124Kristofer BerglundVäxjö Lakers HCS1. Base card000.00
125Niclas LundgrenVäxjö Lakers HCS1. Base card000.00
126Dennis RasmussenVäxjö Lakers HCS1. Base card000.00
127Robert RosénVäxjö Lakers HCS1. Base card000.00
128Liam ReddoxVäxjö Lakers HCS1. Base card000.00
129Tomi KallioVäxjö Lakers HCS1. Base card000.00
130Johan MarkussonVäxjö Lakers HCS1. Base card000.00
131Alexander JohanssonVäxjö Lakers HCS1. Base card000.00
132Erik JosefssonVäxjö Lakers HCS1. Base card000.00
133Tim SandbergÖrebro HockeyS1. Base card000.00
134Christoffer NorgrenÖrebro HockeyS1. Base card000.00
135Anders ErikssonÖrebro HockeyS1. Base card000.00
136Bobbo PeterssonÖrebro HockeyS1. Base card000.00
137Jared AulinÖrebro HockeyS1. Base card000.00
138Thomas EnströmÖrebro HockeyS1. Base card000.00
139Emil KåbergÖrebro HockeyS1. Base card000.00
140Johan WiklanderÖrebro HockeyS1. Base card000.00
141Conny StrömbergÖrebro HockeyS1. Base card000.00
142Marcus WeinstockÖrebro HockeyS1. Base card000.00
143Henrik LöwdahlÖrebro HockeyS1. Base card000.00
144Kalle OlssonÖrebro HockeyS1. Base card000.00
145Alexander HambergAIK StockholmS2. Base card000.00
146Brett CarsonAIK StockholmS2. Base card000.00
147Daniel JosefssonAIK StockholmS2. Base card000.00
148Derek JoslinAIK StockholmS2. Base card000.00
149Teemu RamstedtAIK StockholmS2. Base card000.00
150Michael LindqvistAIK StockholmS2. Base card000.00
151Jonathan AnderssonAIK StockholmS2. Base card000.00
152Fredrik HynningAIK StockholmS2. Base card000.00
153Mark HurtubiseAIK StockholmS2. Base card000.00
154Marcus NilssonAIK StockholmS2. Base card000.00
155Theodor LennströmAIK StockholmS2. Base card000.00
156Fredrik SvenssonAIK StockholmS2. Base card000.00
157Johan HolmqvistBrynäs IF GävleS2. Base card000.00
158Ryan GundersonBrynäs IF GävleS2. Base card000.00
159Bill SweattBrynäs IF GävleS2. Base card000.00
160Anton RödinBrynäs IF GävleS2. Base card000.00
161Jesper OllasBrynäs IF GävleS2. Base card000.00
162Daniel BrodinBrynäs IF GävleS2. Base card000.00
163Emil MolinBrynäs IF GävleS2. Base card000.00
164Sebastian LauritzenBrynäs IF GävleS2. Base card000.00
165Alexander LarssonBrynäs IF GävleS2. Base card000.00
166Petteri NokelainenBrynäs IF GävleS2. Base card000.00
167Greg ScottBrynäs IF GävleS2. Base card000.00
168Bernhard StarkbaumBrynäs IF GävleS2. Base card000.00
169Lars JohanssonFrölunda Indians GöteborgS2. Base card000.00
170Jonas AhnelövFrölunda Indians GöteborgS2. Base card000.00
171Emil DjuseFrölunda Indians GöteborgS2. Base card000.00
172Erik GustafssonFrölunda Indians GöteborgS2. Base card000.00
173John KlingbergFrölunda Indians GöteborgS2. Base card000.00
174Andreas JohnsonFrölunda Indians GöteborgS2. Base card000.00
175Erik KarlssonFrölunda Indians GöteborgS2. Base card000.00
176Gustav RydahlFrölunda Indians GöteborgS2. Base card000.00
177Alexander WennbergFrölunda Indians GöteborgS2. Base card000.00
178Evan McGrathFrölunda Indians GöteborgS2. Base card000.00
179Sebastian CollbergFrölunda Indians GöteborgS2. Base card000.00
180Robin FigrenFrölunda Indians GöteborgS2. Base card000.00
181Danny TaylorFärjestad BK KarlstadS2. Base card000.00
182Niklas ArellFärjestad BK KarlstadS2. Base card000.00
183Shawn BelleFärjestad BK KarlstadS2. Base card000.00
184Ludwig ByströmFärjestad BK KarlstadS2. Base card000.00
185Oliver KylingtonFärjestad BK KarlstadS2. Base card000.00
186Garrett StaffordFärjestad BK KarlstadS2. Base card000.00
187Pontus ÅbergFärjestad BK KarlstadS2. Base card000.00
188Per ÅslundFärjestad BK KarlstadS2. Base card000.00
189Max GörtzFärjestad BK KarlstadS2. Base card000.00
190Joakim HilldingFärjestad BK KarlstadS2. Base card000.00
191Tomas HykaFärjestad BK KarlstadS2. Base card000.00
192Joakim NygårdFärjestad BK KarlstadS2. Base card000.00
193Jonas GunnarssonHV71 JönköpingS2. Base card000.00
194Chris CampoliHV71 JönköpingS2. Base card000.00
195Stefan JohanssonHV71 JönköpingS2. Base card000.00
196Patrik CarlssonHV71 JönköpingS2. Base card000.00
197Anssi SalmelaHV71 JönköpingS2. Base card000.00
198Jesper WilliamssonHV71 JönköpingS2. Base card000.00
199Anton BengtssonHV71 JönköpingS2. Base card000.00
200Ted BrithénHV71 JönköpingS2. Base card000.00
201Erik ChristensenHV71 JönköpingS2. Base card000.00
202Toni RajalaHV71 JönköpingS2. Base card000.00
203Brett SterlingHV71 JönköpingS2. Base card000.00
204Riley HolzapfelHV71 JönköpingS2. Base card000.00
205Oscar AlsenfeltLeksands IFS2. Base card000.00
206Simon ErlandssonLeksands IFS2. Base card000.00
207Matt LashoffLeksands IFS2. Base card000.00
208Tom LinderLeksands IFS2. Base card000.00
209Mattias NilssonLeksands IFS2. Base card000.00
210Johan SvedbergLeksands IFS2. Base card000.00
211Fabian BrunnströmLeksands IFS2. Base card000.00
212Jacob de la RoseLeksands IFS2. Base card000.00
213Pär EdblomLeksands IFS2. Base card000.00
214Fredrik HändemarkLeksands IFS2. Base card000.00
215Matt FornataroLeksands IFS2. Base card000.00
216Johan RynoLeksands IFS2. Base card000.00
217Iiro TarkkiLinköpings HCS2. Base card000.00
218Mattias BäckmanLinköpings HCS2. Base card000.00
219Linus HultströmLinköpings HCS2. Base card000.00
220Jonas JunlandLinköpings HCS2. Base card000.00
221Jesper PetterssonLinköpings HCS2. Base card000.00
222Jonas AlmtorpLinköpings HCS2. Base card000.00
223Christopher FishLinköpings HCS2. Base card000.00
224Jakub VránaLinköpings HCS2. Base card000.00
225Chad KolarikLinköpings HCS2. Base card000.00
226Joachim NermarkLinköpings HCS2. Base card000.00
227Mattias SjögrenLinköpings HCS2. Base card000.00
228Joachim RohdinLinköpings HCS2. Base card000.00
229Daniel BellissimoLuleå HockeyS2. Base card000.00
230Andreas HjelmLuleå HockeyS2. Base card000.00
231Robin JonssonLuleå HockeyS2. Base card000.00
232Dean KukanLuleå HockeyS2. Base card000.00
233Marcus OskarssonLuleå HockeyS2. Base card000.00
234Niklas FogströmLuleå HockeyS2. Base card000.00
235Johan ForsbergLuleå HockeyS2. Base card000.00
236Per LedinLuleå HockeyS2. Base card000.00
237Slava TrukhnoLuleå HockeyS2. Base card000.00
238Lucas WallmarkLuleå HockeyS2. Base card000.00
239Jan SandströmLuleå HockeyS2. Base card000.00
240Lars BryggmanLuleå HockeyS2. Base card000.00
241Anton ForsbergMODO Hockey ÖrnsköldsvikS2. Base card000.00
242Kyle CumiskeyMODO Hockey ÖrnsköldsvikS2. Base card000.00
243Oscar HedmanMODO Hockey ÖrnsköldsvikS2. Base card000.00
244Robert HäggMODO Hockey ÖrnsköldsvikS2. Base card000.00
245Christopher BengtssonMODO Hockey ÖrnsköldsvikS2. Base card000.00
246Viktor LöövMODO Hockey ÖrnsköldsvikS2. Base card000.00
247Edwin HedbergMODO Hockey ÖrnsköldsvikS2. Base card000.00
248T.J. HensickMODO Hockey ÖrnsköldsvikS2. Base card000.00
249Adrian KempeMODO Hockey ÖrnsköldsvikS2. Base card000.00
250Simon ÖnerudMODO Hockey ÖrnsköldsvikS2. Base card000.00
251Gustav PosslerMODO Hockey ÖrnsköldsvikS2. Base card000.00
252Jeff TambelliniMODO Hockey ÖrnsköldsvikS2. Base card000.00
253Henrik KarlssonSkellefteå AIKS2. Base card000.00
254Stefan SteenSkellefteå AIKS2. Base card000.00
255Jonas FrögrenSkellefteå AIKS2. Base card000.00
256Jimmie EricssonSkellefteå AIKS2. Base card000.00
257Tim HeedSkellefteå AIKS2. Base card000.00
258Arvid LundbergSkellefteå AIKS2. Base card000.00
259Bud HollowaySkellefteå AIKS2. Base card000.00
260Joakim LindströmSkellefteå AIKS2. Base card000.00
261Martin LundbergSkellefteå AIKS2. Base card000.00
262Erik ForssellSkellefteå AIKS2. Base card000.00
263Adam PetterssonSkellefteå AIKS2. Base card000.00
264Pontus PetterströmSkellefteå AIKS2. Base card000.00
265Scott MunroeVäxjö Lakers HCS2. Base card000.00
266Sebastian ErixonVäxjö Lakers HCS2. Base card000.00
267Eddie LarssonVäxjö Lakers HCS2. Base card000.00
268Cory MurphyVäxjö Lakers HCS2. Base card000.00
269Ville VarakasVäxjö Lakers HCS2. Base card000.00
270Colby ArmstrongVäxjö Lakers HCS2. Base card000.00
271Dennis RasmussenVäxjö Lakers HCS2. Base card000.00
272Jani LajunenVäxjö Lakers HCS2. Base card000.00
273Ryan LaschVäxjö Lakers HCS2. Base card000.00
274Rhett RakhshaniVäxjö Lakers HCS2. Base card000.00
275Malte StrömwallVäxjö Lakers HCS2. Base card000.00
276David ÅslinVäxjö Lakers HCS2. Base card000.00
277Henrik LundbergÖrebro HockeyS2. Base card000.00
278Viktor EkbomÖrebro HockeyS2. Base card000.00
279Nick PlastinoÖrebro HockeyS2. Base card000.00
280Johan MotinÖrebro HockeyS2. Base card000.00
281Justin DiBenedettoÖrebro HockeyS2. Base card000.00
282Daniel SondellÖrebro HockeyS2. Base card000.00
283Tomas SkogsÖrebro HockeyS2. Base card000.00
284Johan WiklanderÖrebro HockeyS2. Base card000.00
285Tim WallaceÖrebro HockeyS2. Base card000.00
286Jonas KarlssonÖrebro HockeyS2. Base card000.00
287Martin JohanssonÖrebro HockeyS2. Base card000.00
288Ben WalterÖrebro HockeyS2. Base card000.00
289LogoAIK StockholmS2. Base card000.00
290LogoBrynäs IF GävleS2. Base card000.00
291LogoFrölunda Indians GöteborgS2. Base card000.00
292LogoFärjestad BK KarlstadS2. Base card000.00
293LogoHV71 JönköpingS2. Base card000.00
294LogoLeksands IFS2. Base card000.00
295LogoLinköpings HCS2. Base card000.00
296LogoLuleå HockeyS2. Base card000.00
297LogoMODO Hockey ÖrnsköldsvikS2. Base card000.00
298LogoSkellefteå AIKS2. Base card000.00
299LogoVäxjö Lakers HCS2. Base card000.00
300LogoÖrebro HockeyS2. Base card000.00
CS1Niklas LundströmAIK StockholmS1. Clean Sweepers000.00
CS2Johan HolmqvistBrynäs IF GävleS1. Clean Sweepers000.00
CS3Daniel LarssonAIK StockholmS1. Clean Sweepers000.00
CS4Fredrik Pettersson-WentzelFärjestad BK KarlstadS1. Clean Sweepers000.00
CS5Gustaf WesslauHV71 JönköpingS1. Clean Sweepers000.00
CS6Oscar AlsenfeltLeksands IFS1. Clean Sweepers000.00
CS7Christian EngstrandLinköpings HCS1. Clean Sweepers000.00
CS8David RautioLuleå HockeyS1. Clean Sweepers000.00
CS9Bernhard StarkbaumMODO Hockey ÖrnsköldsvikS1. Clean Sweepers000.00
CS10Markus SvenssonSkellefteå AIKS1. Clean Sweepers000.00
CS11Mattias ModigVäxjö Lakers HCS1. Clean Sweepers000.00
CS12Tim SandbergÖrebro HockeyS1. Clean Sweepers000.00
CS13Alexander HambergAIK StockholmS2. Clean Sweepers000.00
CS14Johan HolmqvistBrynäs IF GävleS2. Clean Sweepers000.00
CS15Lars JohanssonFrölunda Indians GöteborgS2. Clean Sweepers000.00
CS16Danny TaylorFärjestad BK KarlstadS2. Clean Sweepers000.00
CS17Jonas GunnarssonHV71 JönköpingS2. Clean Sweepers000.00
CS18Oscar AlsenfeltLeksands IFS2. Clean Sweepers000.00
CS19Andreas AnderssonLinköpings HCS2. Clean Sweepers000.00
CS20Daniel BellissimoLuleå HockeyS2. Clean Sweepers000.00
CS21Linus UllmarkMODO Hockey ÖrnsköldsvikS2. Clean Sweepers000.00
CS22Henrik KarlssonSkellefteå AIKS2. Clean Sweepers000.00
CS23Scott MunroeVäxjö Lakers HCS2. Clean Sweepers000.00
CS24Henrik LundbergÖrebro HockeyS2. Clean Sweepers000.00
DF1Jonas LiwingAIK StockholmS1. D-Force000.00
DF2Jörgen SundqvistBrynäs IF GävleS1. D-Force000.00
DF3Christian BäckmanFrölunda Indians GöteborgS1. D-Force000.00
DF4Ville LajunenFärjestad BK KarlstadS1. D-Force000.00
DF5Elias FälthHV71 JönköpingS1. D-Force000.00
DF6Johan SvedbergLeksands IFS1. D-Force000.00
DF7Mattias BäckmanLinköpings HCS1. D-Force000.00
DF8Johan FranssonLuleå HockeyS1. D-Force000.00
DF9Nichlas TorpMODO Hockey ÖrnsköldsvikS1. D-Force000.00
DF10Fredrik LindgrenSkellefteå AIKS1. D-Force000.00
DF11Kristofer BerglundVäxjö Lakers HCS1. D-Force000.00
DF12Christoffer NorgrenÖrebro HockeyS1. D-Force000.00
DS1Daniel Larsson / Esa Pirnes
AIK StockholmS1. SHL Dual Signatures000.00
DS2Robin Rahm / Andreas Thuresson
Brynäs IF GävleS1. SHL Dual Signatures000.00
DS3Elias Lindholm / Simon Löf
Brynäs IF GävleS1. SHL Dual Signatures000.00
DS4Andreas Andersson / Mattias Weinhandl
Linköpings HCS1. SHL Dual Signatures000.00
DS5Oscar Steen / Björn Melin
AIK StockholmS2. SHL Dual Signatures000.00
DS6Magnus Johansson / Pär Arlbrandt
Linköpings HCS2. SHL Dual Signatures000.00
DT1Mattias JanmarkAIK StockholmS2. Dream Team000.00
DT2Johan HarjuBrynäs IF GävleS2. Dream Team000.00
DT3Mathis OlimbFrölunda Indians GöteborgS2. Dream Team000.00
DT4Per ÅslundFärjestad BK KarlstadS2. Dream Team000.00
DT5Elias FälthHV71 JönköpingS2. Dream Team000.00
DT6Oscar AlsenfeltLeksands IFS2. Dream Team000.00
DT7Simon HjalmarssonLinköpings HCS2. Dream Team000.00
DT8Johan FranssonLuleå HockeyS2. Dream Team000.00
DT9Linus UllmarkMODO Hockey ÖrnsköldsvikS2. Dream Team000.00
DT10Viktor ArvidssonSkellefteå AIKS2. Dream Team000.00
DT11Dennis RasmussenVäxjö Lakers HCS2. Dream Team000.00
DT12Tomas SkogsÖrebro HockeyS2. Dream Team000.00
GWJ1Jan Sandström
Luleå HockeyS1. Game-Worn Jersey000.00
GWJ2Magnus Johansson
Linköpings HCS1. Game-Worn Jersey000.00
GWJ3Johan Davidsson
HV71 JönköpingS1. Game-Worn Jersey000.00
GWJ4Joonas Lehtivuori
MODO Hockey ÖrnsköldsvikS1. Game-Worn Jersey000.00
GWJ5Fredrik Lindgren
Skellefteå AIKS1. Game-Worn Jersey000.00
GWJ6Jonathan Granström
Brynäs IF GävleS2. Game-Worn Jersey000.00
GWJ7Sebastian Karlsson
Linköpings HCS2. Game-Worn Jersey000.00
IF1Esa PirnesAIK StockholmS1. International Force000.00
IF2Ryan GundersonBrynäs IF GävleS1. International Force000.00
IF3Mathis OlimbFrölunda Indians GöteborgS1. International Force000.00
IF4Jack ConnollyFärjestad BK KarlstadS1. International Force000.00
IF5Jason KrogHV71 JönköpingS1. International Force000.00
IF6Joonas RönnbergLeksands IFS1. International Force000.00
IF7Eric HimelfarbLinköpings HCS1. International Force000.00
IF8Chris AbbottLuleå HockeyS1. International Force000.00
IF9Dave SpinaMODO Hockey ÖrnsköldsvikS1. International Force000.00
IF10Bud HollowaySkellefteå AIKS1. International Force000.00
IF11Tomi KallioVäxjö Lakers HCS1. International Force000.00
IF12Jared AulinÖrebro HockeyS1. International Force000.00
IF13Teemu RamstedtAIK StockholmS2. International Force000.00
IF14Petteri NokelainenBrynäs IF GävleS2. International Force000.00
IF15Mats Rosseli OlsenFrölunda Indians GöteborgS2. International Force000.00
IF16Tomas HykaFärjestad BK KarlstadS2. International Force000.00
IF17Toni RajalaHV71 JönköpingS2. International Force000.00
IF18Kevin KapstadLeksands IFS2. International Force000.00
IF19Chad KolarikLinköpings HCS2. International Force000.00
IF20Dean KukanLuleå HockeyS2. International Force000.00
IF21Per-Åge SkröderMODO Hockey ÖrnsköldsvikS2. International Force000.00
IF22Pierre-Édouard BellemareSkellefteå AIKS2. International Force000.00
IF23Jani LajunenVäxjö Lakers HCS2. International Force000.00
IF24Nick PlastinoÖrebro HockeyS2. International Force000.00
L1Christian SandbergAIK StockholmS1. SHL Legends000.00
L2Jörgen SundqvistBrynäs IF GävleS1. SHL Legends000.00
L3Joel LundqvistFrölunda Indians GöteborgS1. SHL Legends000.00
L4Rickard WallinFärjestad BK KarlstadS1. SHL Legends000.00
L5Johan DavidssonHV71 JönköpingS1. SHL Legends000.00
L6Magnus KahnbergFrölunda Indians GöteborgS1. SHL Legends000.00
L7Magnus JohanssonLinköpings HCS1. SHL Legends000.00
L8Cam AbbottLuleå HockeyS1. SHL Legends000.00
L9Samuel PåhlssonMODO Hockey ÖrnsköldsvikS1. SHL Legends000.00
L10Jimmie EricssonSkellefteå AIKS1. SHL Legends000.00
L11Johan MarkussonVäxjö Lakers HCS1. SHL Legends000.00
L12David PetrasekHV71 JönköpingS1. SHL Legends000.00
LJ1Mikael Renberg
Luleå HockeyS2. Legends Game-Worn Jersey000.00
LJ2Jörgen Jönsson
Färjestad BK KarlstadS2. Legends Game-Worn Jersey000.00
PE1Esa PirnesAIK StockholmS1. Pro Experience000.00
PE2Johan HarjuBrynäs IF GävleS1. Pro Experience000.00
PE3Fabian BrunnströmFrölunda Indians GöteborgS1. Pro Experience000.00
PE4Christian BerglundFärjestad BK KarlstadS1. Pro Experience000.00
PE5David PetrasekHV71 JönköpingS1. Pro Experience000.00
PE6Joakim LindströmSkellefteå AIKS1. Pro Experience000.00
PE7Mattias WeinhandlLinköpings HCS1. Pro Experience000.00
PE8Linus KlasenLuleå HockeyS1. Pro Experience000.00
PE9Mattias RitolaMODO Hockey ÖrnsköldsvikS1. Pro Experience000.00
PE10Oscar MöllerSkellefteå AIKS1. Pro Experience000.00
PE11Liam ReddoxVäxjö Lakers HCS1. Pro Experience000.00
PE12Jared AulinÖrebro HockeyS1. Pro Experience000.00
R1Marcus NilssonAIK StockholmS2. Rookies000.00
R2Christian DjoosBrynäs IF GävleS2. Rookies000.00
R3Andreas JohnsonFrölunda Indians GöteborgS2. Rookies000.00
R4Oliver KylingtonFärjestad BK KarlstadS2. Rookies000.00
R5Jacob de la RoseLeksands IFS2. Rookies000.00
R6Jakub VránaLinköpings HCS2. Rookies000.00
R7Lucas WallmarkLuleå HockeyS2. Rookies000.00
R8Adrian KempeMODO Hockey ÖrnsköldsvikS2. Rookies000.00
R9Malte StrömwallVäxjö Lakers HCS2. Rookies000.00
R10Gustav PosslerMODO Hockey ÖrnsköldsvikS2. Rookies000.00
S1Mattias Janmark-Nylén
AIK StockholmS1. SHL Signature000.00
S2Elias Lindholm
Brynäs IF GävleS1. SHL Signature000.00
S3Robin Rahm
Brynäs IF GävleS1. SHL Signature000.00
S4Fredrik Pettersson-Wentzel
Färjestad BK KarlstadS1. SHL Signature000.00
S5Ville Lajunen
Färjestad BK KarlstadS1. SHL Signature000.00
S6Ole-Kristian Tollefsen
Färjestad BK KarlstadS1. SHL Signature000.00
S7Jonas Gunnarsson
HV71 JönköpingS1. SHL Signature000.00
S8William Karlsson
HV71 JönköpingS1. SHL Signature000.00
S9Johan Davidsson
HV71 JönköpingS1. SHL Signature000.00
S10Andreas Andersson
Linköpings HCS1. SHL Signature000.00
S11Daniel Rahimi
Linköpings HCS1. SHL Signature000.00
S12Pär Arlbrandt
Linköpings HCS1. SHL Signature000.00
S13Niklas Fogström
Luleå HockeyS1. SHL Signature000.00
S14Linus Klasen
Luleå HockeyS1. SHL Signature000.00
S15Linus Persson
Luleå HockeyS1. SHL Signature000.00
S16Bernard Starkbaum
MODO Hockey ÖrnsköldsvikS1. SHL Signature000.00
S17Samuel Påhlsson
MODO Hockey ÖrnsköldsvikS1. SHL Signature000.00
S18Richie Regehr
MODO Hockey ÖrnsköldsvikS1. SHL Signature000.00
S19Dennis Rasmussen
Växjö Lakers HCS1. SHL Signature000.00
S20Tomi Kallio
Växjö Lakers HCS1. SHL Signature000.00
S21Esa Pirnes
AIK StockholmS2. SHL Signature000.00
S22Daniel Larsson
AIK StockholmS2. SHL Signature000.00
S23Jonas Liwing
AIK StockholmS2. SHL Signature000.00
S24Alexander Larsson
Brynäs IF GävleS2. SHL Signature000.00
S25Jens Bergenström
Leksands IFS2. SHL Signature000.00
S26Gabriel Karlsson
Leksands IFS2. SHL Signature000.00
S27Patrik Hersley
Leksands IFS2. SHL Signature000.00
S28Johan Ryno
Leksands IFS2. SHL Signature000.00
S29Simon Hjalmarsson
Linköpings HCS2. SHL Signature000.00
S30Jesper Pettersson
Linköpings HCS2. SHL Signature000.00
S31David Rautio
Luleå HockeyS2. SHL Signature000.00
S32Johan Alm
Skellefteå AIKS2. SHL Signature000.00
S33Jimmie Ericsson
Skellefteå AIKS2. SHL Signature000.00
S34Jan Sandström
Luleå HockeyS2. SHL Signature000.00
S35Karl Fabricius
Luleå HockeyS2. SHL Signature000.00
SK1Mattias JanmarkAIK StockholmS2. Scoring Kings000.00
SK2Andreas ThuressonBrynäs IF GävleS2. Scoring Kings000.00
SK3Alexander WennbergFrölunda Indians GöteborgS2. Scoring Kings000.00
SK4Pontus ÅbergFärjestad BK KarlstadS2. Scoring Kings000.00
SK5Toni RajalaHV71 JönköpingS2. Scoring Kings000.00
SK6Patrik HersleyLeksands IFS2. Scoring Kings000.00
SK7Pär ArlbrandtLinköpings HCS2. Scoring Kings000.00
SK8Linus KlasenLuleå HockeyS2. Scoring Kings000.00
SK9Jeff TambelliniMODO Hockey ÖrnsköldsvikS2. Scoring Kings000.00
SK10Joakim LindströmSkellefteå AIKS2. Scoring Kings000.00
SK11Ryan LaschVäxjö Lakers HCS2. Scoring Kings000.00
SK12Tim WallaceÖrebro HockeyS2. Scoring Kings000.00
SL1Robin Rahm
Brynäs IF GävleS1. SHL Signatures Limited000.00
SL2Fredrik Pettersson-Wenzel
Färjestad BK KarlstadS1. SHL Signatures Limited000.00
SL3William Karlsson
HV71 JönköpingS1. SHL Signatures Limited000.00
SL4Gustaf Wesslau
HV71 JönköpingS1. SHL Signatures Limited000.00
SL5David Rautio
Luleå HockeyS1. SHL Signatures Limited000.00
SL6Samuel Påhlsson
MODO Hockey ÖrnsköldsvikS1. SHL Signatures Limited000.00
SL7Daniel Larsson
AIK StockholmS2. SHL Signatures Limited000.00
SL8Mattias Janmark-Nylén
AIK StockholmS2. SHL Signatures Limited000.00
SL9Alexander Larsson
Brynäs IF GävleS2. SHL Signatures Limited000.00
SL10Gabriel Karlsson
Leksands IFS2. SHL Signatures Limited000.00
SL11Jesper Pettersson
Linköpings HCS2. SHL Signatures Limited000.00
SL12Johan Alm
Skellefteå AIKS2. SHL Signatures Limited000.00
SL13Karl Fabricius
Luleå HockeyS2. SHL Signatures Limited000.00
SM1Mattias Janmark-NylénAIK StockholmS1. Stat Masters000.00
SM2Elias LindholmBrynäs IF GävleS1. Stat Masters000.00
SM3Magnus KahnbergFrölunda Indians GöteborgS1. Stat Masters000.00
SM4Patrik LundhFärjestad BK KarlstadS1. Stat Masters000.00
SM5William KarlssonHV71 JönköpingS1. Stat Masters000.00
SM6Jacob de la RoseLeksands IFS1. Stat Masters000.00
SM7Simon HjalmarssonLinköpings HCS1. Stat Masters000.00
SM8Niklas OlaussonLuleå HockeyS1. Stat Masters000.00
SM9Richie RegehrMODO Hockey ÖrnsköldsvikS1. Stat Masters000.00
SM10Pierre-Edouard BellemareSkellefteå AIKS1. Stat Masters000.00
SM11Dennis RasmussenVäxjö Lakers HCS1. Stat Masters000.00
SM12Marcus WeinstockÖrebro HockeyS1. Stat Masters000.00
SM13Esa PirnesAIK StockholmS2. Stat Masters000.00
SM14Greg ScottBrynäs IF GävleS2. Stat Masters000.00
SM15Andreas JohnsonFrölunda Indians GöteborgS2. Stat Masters000.00
SM16Ludwig ByströmFärjestad BK KarlstadS2. Stat Masters000.00
SM17William KarlssonHV71 JönköpingS2. Stat Masters000.00
SM18Johan RynoLeksands IFS2. Stat Masters000.00
SM19Mattias SjögrenLinköpings HCS2. Stat Masters000.00
SM20Niklas OlaussonLuleå HockeyS2. Stat Masters000.00
SM21Gustav PosslerMODO Hockey ÖrnsköldsvikS2. Stat Masters000.00
SM22Erik ForssellSkellefteå AIKS2. Stat Masters000.00
SM23Rhett RakhshaniVäxjö Lakers HCS2. Stat Masters000.00
SM24Jared AulinÖrebro HockeyS2. Stat Masters000.00
TG1Patric BlomdahlAIK StockholmS1. Tough Guys000.00
TG2Jonathan GranströmBrynäs IF GävleS1. Tough Guys000.00
TG3Dick AxelssonFrölunda Indians GöteborgS1. Tough Guys000.00
TG4Ole-Kristian TollefsenFärjestad BK KarlstadS1. Tough Guys000.00
TG5Andreas JämtinHV71 JönköpingS1. Tough Guys000.00
TG6Jacob BlomqvistLeksands IFS1. Tough Guys000.00
TG7Daniel RahimiLinköpings HCS1. Tough Guys000.00
TG8Anton HedmanLuleå HockeyS1. Tough Guys000.00
TG9Per-Åge SkröderMODO Hockey ÖrnsköldsvikS1. Tough Guys000.00
TG10Jimmie EricssonSkellefteå AIKS1. Tough Guys000.00
TG11Noah WelchVäxjö Lakers HCS1. Tough Guys000.00
TG12Emil KåbergÖrebro HockeyS1. Tough Guys000.00
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