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Cards Inc. Shrek 2

Cards Inc. Shrek 2

Year: 2004
Total cards: 144

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 1 / completed: 0


1Shrek 2CharactersBase card111.00
1fShrek 2CharactersFoil card101.00
2ShrekCharactersBase card111.00
2fShrekCharactersFoil card101.00
3FionaCharactersBase card111.00
3fFionaCharactersFoil card101.00
4DonkeyCharactersBase card111.00
4fDonkeyCharactersFoil card101.00
5King HaroldCharactersBase card101.00
5fKing HaroldCharactersFoil card101.00
6Queen LillianCharactersBase card101.00
6fQueen LillianCharactersFoil card101.00
7Puss in BootsCharactersBase card101.00
7fPuss in BootsCharactersFoil card101.00
8Prince CharmingCharactersBase card111.00
8fPrince CharmingCharactersFoil card101.00
9Fairy GodmotherCharactersBase card111.00
9fFairy GodmotherCharactersFoil card101.00
10A Royal BlessingThe StoryBase card111.00
10fA Royal BlessingThe StoryFoil card101.00
11A Frightening CurseThe StoryBase card111.00
11fA Frightening CurseThe StoryFoil card101.00
12The Perilous JourneyThe StoryBase card111.00
12fThe Perilous JourneyThe StoryFoil card101.00
13A Shocking DiscoveryThe StoryBase card111.00
13fA Shocking DiscoveryThe StoryFoil card101.00
14The HoneymoonersThe StoryBase card101.00
14fThe HoneymoonersThe StoryFoil card101.00
15Two of a KindThe StoryBase card101.00
15fTwo of a KindThe StoryFoil card101.00
16Beach PartyThe StoryBase card111.00
16fBeach PartyThe StoryFoil card101.00
17The Sweet Stench of LoveThe StoryBase card101.00
17fThe Sweet Stench of LoveThe StoryFoil card101.00
18Me and My OgreThe StoryBase card101.00
18fMe and My OgreThe StoryFoil card101.00
19A Fairy Tale RomanceThe StoryBase card101.00
19fA Fairy Tale RomanceThe StoryFoil card101.00
20No Disgrace Like HomeThe StoryBase card111.00
20fNo Disgrace Like HomeThe StoryFoil card101.00
21The Love Nest CaretakerThe StoryBase card101.00
21fThe Love Nest CaretakerThe StoryFoil card101.00
22Deadtime StoriesThe StoryBase card101.00
22fDeadtime StoriesThe StoryFoil card101.00
23Three's Company?The StoryBase card101.00
23fThree's Company?The StoryFoil card101.00
24Now That's a Plan?The StoryBase card101.00
24fNow That's a Plan?The StoryFoil card101.00
25Married... with DonkeyThe StoryBase card111.00
25fMarried... with DonkeyThe StoryFoil card101.00
26Hearing from the FolksThe StoryBase card101.00
26fHearing from the FolksThe StoryFoil card101.00
27Invitation to the BallThe StoryBase card111.00
27fInvitation to the BallThe StoryFoil card101.00
28Have a Nice Trip!The StoryBase card101.00
28fHave a Nice Trip!The StoryFoil card101.00
29On the RoadThe StoryBase card101.00
29fOn the RoadThe StoryFoil card101.00
30Are We There Yet?The StoryBase card111.00
30fAre We There Yet?The StoryFoil card101.00
31At Long Last "Away"The StoryBase card101.00
31fAt Long Last "Away"The StoryFoil card101.00
32Swimming Pools, Movie StarsThe StoryBase card111.00
32fSwimming Pools, Movie StarsThe StoryFoil card101.00
33Definitely Not the SwampThe StoryBase card111.00
33fDefinitely Not the SwampThe StoryFoil card101.00
34An Eagerly Awaited ReturnThe StoryBase card111.00
34fAn Eagerly Awaited ReturnThe StoryFoil card101.00
35First DepressionsThe StoryBase card101.00
35fFirst DepressionsThe StoryFoil card101.00
36A Really Big ProblemThe StoryBase card101.00
36fA Really Big ProblemThe StoryFoil card101.00
37Let's Pretend We're Not HomeThe StoryBase card101.00
37fLet's Pretend We're Not HomeThe StoryFoil card101.00
38Meet the ParentsThe StoryBase card111.00
38fMeet the ParentsThe StoryFoil card101.00
39The Ogre Who Came to DinnerThe StoryBase card111.00
39fThe Ogre Who Came to DinnerThe StoryFoil card101.00
40Tabling His MannersThe StoryBase card101.00
40fTabling His MannersThe StoryFoil card101.00
41Not on the Guest List?The StoryBase card111.00
41fNot on the Guest List?The StoryFoil card101.00
42A Feast Fit for a KingThe StoryBase card111.00
42fA Feast Fit for a KingThe StoryFoil card101.00
43Everybody Dig In!The StoryBase card111.00
43fEverybody Dig In!The StoryFoil card101.00
44Hate at First BiteThe StoryBase card101.00
44fHate at First BiteThe StoryFoil card101.00
45So, What's for Dessert?The StoryBase card101.00
45fSo, What's for Dessert?The StoryFoil card101.00
46In Godmother We Trust?The StoryBase card111.00
46fIn Godmother We Trust?The StoryFoil card101.00
47We Need to TalkThe StoryBase card111.00
47fWe Need to TalkThe StoryFoil card101.00
48Room for One MoreThe StoryBase card101.00
48fRoom for One MoreThe StoryFoil card101.00
49Return of the PrinceThe StoryBase card101.00
49fReturn of the PrinceThe StoryFoil card101.00
50(Fast) Food for ThoughtThe StoryBase card101.00
50f(Fast) Food for ThoughtThe StoryFoil card101.00
51Calories to GoThe StoryBase card101.00
51fCalories to GoThe StoryFoil card101.00
52You Axed for ItThe StoryBase card101.00
52fYou Axed for ItThe StoryFoil card101.00
53The Hope ChestThe StoryBase card111.00
53fThe Hope ChestThe StoryFoil card101.00
54Dear Diary...The StoryBase card111.00
54fDear Diary...The StoryFoil card101.00
55Inside the Poison AppleThe StoryBase card101.00
55fInside the Poison AppleThe StoryFoil card101.00
56A Rough PlaceThe StoryBase card111.00
56fA Rough PlaceThe StoryFoil card101.00
57Ugly But HelpfulThe StoryBase card111.00
57fUgly But HelpfulThe StoryFoil card101.00
58Hiring a HooliganThe StoryBase card111.00
58fHiring a HooliganThe StoryFoil card101.00
59Lost in the WoodsThe StoryBase card101.00
59fLost in the WoodsThe StoryFoil card101.00
60Fear Me... If You Dare!The StoryBase card101.00
60fFear Me... If You Dare!The StoryFoil card101.00
61Introducing "Puss"The StoryBase card101.00
61fIntroducing "Puss"The StoryFoil card101.00
62Cat-astrophe!The StoryBase card101.00
62fCat-astrophe!The StoryFoil card101.00
63The Sign of the "P"The StoryBase card111.00
63fThe Sign of the "P"The StoryFoil card101.00
64Heh-Heh... Hair Ball!The StoryBase card111.00
64fHeh-Heh... Hair Ball!The StoryFoil card101.00
65Nothing Persona, SeñorThe StoryBase card101.00
65fNothing Persona, SeñorThe StoryFoil card101.00
66The Way to Fiona's HeartThe StoryBase card111.00
66fThe Way to Fiona's HeartThe StoryFoil card101.00
67Shedding a Tear for ShrekThe StoryBase card111.00
67fShedding a Tear for ShrekThe StoryFoil card101.00
68The Position Is TakenThe StoryBase card111.00
68fThe Position Is TakenThe StoryFoil card101.00
69All for One... Etc.The StoryBase card111.00
69fAll for One... Etc.The StoryFoil card101.00
70The Potent PotionThe StoryBase card101.00
70fThe Potent PotionThe StoryFoil card101.00
71Snagged!The StoryBase card111.00
71fSnagged!The StoryFoil card101.00
72ChecklistChecklistBase card101.00
72fChecklistChecklistFoil card101.00