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Comic Images Incredible Hulk

Comic Images Incredible Hulk

Year: 1991
Total cards: 90

Collection preview (5% scanned images)

collecting: 2 / completed: 0


1Transformation-Base card202.00
2I'm Grey-Base card202.00
3Wolverine-Base card202.00
4Poisoned-Base card202.00
5What's Wrong-Base card202.00
6The Leader-Base card202.00
7Madman-Base card202.00
8Too Weak-Base card202.00
9Phil-Base card202.00
10Antidote-Base card202.00
11Freedom Force-Base card202.00
12Discovered-Base card202.00
13Abused?-Base card202.00
14Mystique-Base card202.00
15Pyro-Base card202.00
16Commando-Base card202.00
17Blob-Base card202.00
18Defenders-Base card202.00
19New York-Base card202.00
20Unknown-Base card202.00
21Inside-Base card202.00
22Argue-Base card202.00
23Grabbed-Base card202.00
24Darkness-Base card202.00
25Dark Hulk-Base card202.00
26Take Over-Base card202.00
27Namor-Base card202.00
28Dr. Strange-Base card202.00
29Revived-Base card202.00
30Betty-Base card202.00
31Speeding-Base card202.00
32He's Back...-Base card202.00
33... And Green-Base card202.00
34Shocked-Base card202.00
35Rejoined-Base card202.00
36I Get It!-Base card202.00
37No-o-o!-Base card202.00
38Skinned-Base card202.00
39Doc Samson-Base card202.00
40Tank You-Base card202.00
41Come On-Base card202.00
42Mouthful-Base card202.00
43Not You!-Base card202.00
44Rick Jones-Base card202.00
45The Thing?-Base card202.00
46Now Listen-Base card202.00
47Thugs-Base card202.00
48To Sleep-Base card202.00
49Rick's Past-Base card202.00
50Tortured-Base card202.00
51Super Skrull-Base card202.00
52On Board-Base card202.00
53Skrull-Base card202.00
54Locked Up-Base card202.00
55Stretch-Base card202.00
56Fight On-Base card202.00
57On Fire-Base card202.00
58Captain-Base card202.00
59Invisible-Base card202.00
60Marlo-Base card202.00
61Conflict-Base card202.00
62Going Home-Base card202.00
63Prometheus-Base card202.00
64Agamemnon-Base card202.00
65Help Me!-Base card202.00
66Stay Back-Base card202.00
67Battle-Base card202.00
68Put Me Down-Base card202.00
69In The Middle-Base card202.00
70Stop It-Base card202.00
71Who's Inside?-Base card202.00
72Monster!-Base card202.00
73Let's Go-Base card202.00
74Escape-Base card202.00
75Murderer-Base card202.00
76Mom-Base card202.00
77Graveyard-Base card202.00
78You Did It-Base card202.00
79Father-Base card202.00
80Resolved-Base card202.00
81New Hulk-Base card202.00
82Barkeep-Base card202.00
83Ajax-Base card202.00
84Ulysses-Base card202.00
85Atalanta-Base card202.00
86Hector-Base card202.00
87Achilles-Base card202.00
88Rebound-Base card202.00
89Oh Yeah!-Base card202.00
90Checklist-Base card202.00
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