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Comic Images Spider-Man: The Todd McFarlane Era

Comic Images Spider-Man: The Todd McFarlane Era

Year: 1992
Total cards: 97

Collection preview (98% scanned images)

collecting: 0 / completed: 1


1The Beginning-Base card000.00
2Uptown-Base card000.00
3Arachknight-Base card000.00
4Arise-Base card000.00
5Married Life-Base card000.00
6The Lizard-Base card000.00
7Friendly, Neighborhood-Base card000.00
8Connors-Base card000.00
9A Spider-Base card000.00
10Spider-Sense-Base card000.00
11Attacked-Base card000.00
12Poison-Base card000.00
13Fatality-Base card000.00
14Alone-Base card000.00
15Resurrection-Base card000.00
16The Hunter-Base card000.00
17Rooftop-Base card000.00
18Trashed-Base card000.00
19Dazed-Base card000.00
20The Past-Base card000.00
21Drugged-Base card000.00
22Kraven-Base card000.00
23The Witch-Base card000.00
24Once Again-Base card000.00
25Explosion-Base card000.00
26Crawling Out-Base card000.00
27Voodoo-Base card000.00
28Last Time-Base card000.00
29Death-Base card000.00
30Home-Base card000.00
31Another Time-Base card000.00
32Dark Days-Base card000.00
33Hobgoblin-Base card000.00
34Heading Out-Base card000.00
35Tuning In-Base card000.00
36Ghost Rider-Base card000.00
37The Kid-Base card000.00
38Team Up-Base card000.00
39Busting In-Base card000.00
40Spirit of Vengeance-Base card000.00
41Ready-Base card000.00
42Fire Creature-Base card000.00
43Stop This-Base card000.00
44Perceptions-Base card000.00
45Folklore-Base card000.00
46Hanging Out-Base card000.00
47J.J. Jameson-Base card000.00
48Murder-Base card000.00
49Wolverine-Base card000.00
50The Mystery-Base card000.00
51Got'cha-Base card000.00
52The Hunter-Base card000.00
53The Myth-Base card000.00
54Investigation-Base card000.00
55Shot-Base card000.00
56Into the Woods-Base card000.00
57Wounded-Base card000.00
58Wendigo-Base card000.00
59Primal-Base card000.00
60Time To Go-Base card000.00
61Crime Fighters-Base card000.00
62Evidence-Base card000.00
63Parker-Base card000.00
64Hurt-Base card000.00
65The Bullet-Base card000.00
66Pondering-Base card000.00
67Together-Base card000.00
68Stay Here-Base card000.00
69Masked-Base card000.00
70Trapped-Base card000.00
71Set-Up-Base card000.00
72Sub-City-Base card000.00
73Keever-Base card000.00
74Web-Slinger-Base card000.00
75Black Costume-Base card000.00
76Morbius-Base card000.00
77Spotted-Base card000.00
78Vampire-Base card000.00
79Down Under-Base card000.00
80Too Many-Base card000.00
81Male Bonding-Base card000.00
82Mouthful-Base card000.00
83Bad Ones-Base card000.00
84I'm Gone-Base card000.00
85X-Force-Base card000.00
86Juggernaut-Base card000.00
87Young Ones-Base card000.00
88Cable-Base card000.00
89Join Together-Base card000.00
90Checklist-Base card000.00
P-1Thirty Years-Prism card000.00
P-2Dynamic-Prism card000.00
P-3Number One-Prism card000.00
P-4Impact-Prism card000.00
P-5Image-Prism card000.00
P-6Red & Blue-Prism card000.00
PRThe McFarlane Era-Promo card000.00
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