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Cryptozoic World Of Warcraft: Throne of the Tides

Cryptozoic World Of Warcraft: Throne of the Tides

Year: 2011
Total cards: 263

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 0 / completed: 0


1Anaka the Light's BulwarkHero - AllianceUncommon000.00
2Barathex, Undeath's HandHero - AllianceUncommon000.00
3High Magus OlvekHero - AllianceUncommon000.00
4Janvaru the ThunderspeakerHero - AllianceUncommon000.00
5Master Sniper Simon McKeyHero - AllianceUncommon000.00
6Sana the Black BladeHero - AllianceUncommon000.00
7Skodis the NethertwisterHero - AllianceUncommon000.00
8Steelguard AdamsonHero - AllianceUncommon000.00
9Tinker Priest CassieHero - AllianceUncommon000.00
10Wildseer VarelHero - AllianceUncommon000.00
11Drazul the MoltenHero - HordeUncommon000.00
12Fama'sin the LifeseerHero - HordeUncommon000.00
13Gaxtro, Bilgewater MarksmanHero - HordeUncommon000.00
14Ghoulmaster KalisaHero - HordeUncommon000.00
15High Priestess NeeriHero - HordeUncommon000.00
16Jak the Bilgewater BruiserHero - HordeUncommon000.00
17JoleeraHero - HordeUncommon000.00
18Rohashu, Zealot of the SunHero - HordeUncommon000.00
19Samaku, Hand of the TempestHero - HordeUncommon000.00
20Voidbringer Jindal'anHero - HordeUncommon000.00
21Deathbringer Kor'ushMonster HeroUncommon000.00
22GrglmrglMonster HeroUncommon000.00
23Lady Sira'kessMonster HeroUncommon000.00
24RawrbrgleMonster HeroUncommon000.00
25NeptulonMonster Master HeroEpic000.00
26Brittle BonesAbility - Death KnightRare000.00
27Claws of the DeadAbility - Death KnightUncommon000.00
28Death's DuoAbility - Death KnightCommon000.00
29InfestationAbility - Death KnightUncommon000.00
30Monstrous EssenceAbility - Death KnightRare000.00
31Plagued MindAbility - Death KnightUncommon000.00
32SkullchewerAlly- Death KnightRare000.00
33Boundless WildAbility - DruidRare000.00
34Fungal GrowthAbility - DruidRare000.00
35Mark of GoldrinnAbility - DruidCommon000.00
36Stalwart Bear FormAbility - DruidUncommon000.00
37Verdant BoonAbility - DruidUncommon000.00
38Wild RootsAbility - DruidUncommon000.00
39Bestial RevivalAbility - HunterRare000.00
40ChompersAlly - HunterUncommon000.00
41ClampsAlly - HunterCommon000.00
42Concussive BarrageAbility - HunterRare000.00
43Monstrous MarkAbility - HunterRare000.00
44Roar of the BeastAbility - HunterUncommon000.00
45Track EnemyAbility - HunterUncommon000.00
46CharAbility - MageRare000.00
47Focus MagicAbility - MageRare000.00
48Glacial TombAbility - MageCommon000.00
49Molten ScorchAbility - MageUncommon000.00
50Monstrous Frostbolt VolleyAbility - MageRare000.00
51Touch of BrillianceAbility - MageUncommon000.00
52VortexAbility - MageUncommon000.00
53Blessing of the LightAbility - PaladinCommon000.00
54Blessing of the RighteousAbility - PaladinUncommon000.00
55Boundless MightAbility - PaladinRare000.00
56Grand CrusaderAbility - PaladinRare000.00
57Hammer of the ZealotAbility - PaladinUncommon000.00
58Righteous CleanseAbility - PaladinUncommon000.00
59Boundless ShadowsAbility - PriestRare000.00
60ChakraAbility - PriestRare000.00
61Power Word: PurityAbility - PriestCommon000.00
62Power Word: VitalityAbility - PriestUncommon000.00
63Psychic ScreechAbility - PriestUncommon000.00
64Tendrils of DarknessAbility - PriestUncommon000.00
65Disorienting BlowAbility - RogueUncommon000.00
66Distraction TechniqueAbility - RogueUncommon000.00
67Poison BombAbility - RogueRare000.00
68Seeping PoisonAbility - RogueUncommon000.00
69VendettaAbility - RogueRare000.00
70Boundless LifeAbility - ShamanRare000.00
71Earthen MightAbility - ShamanCommon000.00
72Lava ShockAbility - ShamanUncommon000.00
73Shock of the ElementsAbility - ShamanUncommon000.00
74Spark of LifeAbility - ShamanRare000.00
75Windguard TotemAlly - ShamanUncommon000.00
76Fel SummonAbility - WarlockUncommon000.00
77GrimnarAlly - WarlockUncommon000.00
78HellisaAlly - WarlockCommon000.00
79Nether BalanceAbility - WarlockRare000.00
80Soul CleaveAbility - WarlockUncommon000.00
81Soul SwapAbility - WarlockRare000.00
82ArmsmanAbility - WarriorUncommon000.00
83Augment SteelAbility - WarriorRare000.00
84BloodsurgeAbility - WarriorRare000.00
85Furious StrikeAbility - WarriorUncommon000.00
86Monstrous CleaveAbility - WarriorUncommon000.00
87Rallying SwarmAbility - WarriorRare000.00
88Monstrous StrikeAbilityCommon000.00
89Monstrous UpheavalAbilityCommon000.00
91Unleash the Swarm!AbilityUncommon000.00
92Face of FearAbilityCommon000.00
93Rallying Cry of the DragonslayerAbilityCommon000.00
94Strength of WillAbilityCommon000.00
95Surge of PowerAbilityRare000.00
96Arcanomage MistiAlly - AllianceRare000.00
97Ardon AlmastorAlly - AllianceCommon000.00
98Balrak StoutstoneAlly - AllianceCommon000.00
99Braeo DarkpawAlly - AllianceCommon000.00
100Burdok BrewshotAlly - AllianceCommon000.00
101Corin StallnorthAlly - AllianceCommon000.00
102Dastrin BowmanAlly - AllianceCommon000.00
103Davius, Herald of NatureAlly - AllianceUncommon000.00
104Dradam ChillbladeAlly - AllianceCommon000.00
105Dulvar, Hand of the LightAlly - AllianceEpic000.00
106Evaax, Herald of DeathAlly - AllianceUncommon000.00
107Faenis the TranquilAlly - AllianceRare000.00
108Faithseer JasminaAlly - AllianceRare000.00
109Fumdol MountainfrostAlly - AllianceCommon000.00
110Funken FusemissileAlly - AllianceCommon000.00
111Grumdak, Herald of the HuntAlly - AllianceUncommon000.00
112Hadrack the DevotedAlly - AllianceRare000.00
113Hunrik BlackironAlly - AllianceCommon000.00
114Jaema, Herald of the LightAlly - AllianceUncommon000.00
115Kaelon, Herald of the FlameAlly - AllianceUncommon000.00
116Kara VesstalAlly - AllianceCommon000.00
117Kieron the LoanerAlly - AllianceRare000.00
118Laetho MoonbranchAlly - AllianceCommon000.00
119Larrisa ValorshieldAlly - AllianceCommon000.00
120Lodur, Herald of the ElementsAlly - AllianceUncommon000.00
121Malar SilverfrostAlly - AllianceCommon000.00
122Maloc, Herald of TrickeryAlly - AllianceUncommon000.00
123Mekkatorque, King of the GnomesAlly - AllianceEpic000.00
124Militia Commander BalorAlly - AllianceRare000.00
125Sebastian MalakAlly - AllianceCommon000.00
126Shanla, Herald of FaithAlly - AllianceUncommon000.00
127Shaylith SwiftbladeAlly - AllianceCommon000.00
128Tallie SprinklelightAlly - AllianceCommon000.00
129Trista, Herald of the FelAlly - AllianceUncommon000.00
130VaakiaAlly - AllianceCommon000.00
131Valak the VortexAlly - AllianceRare000.00
132Vandos, Herald of WarAlly - AllianceUncommon000.00
133Vindicator SaarisAlly - AllianceRare000.00
134Wuzlo GrindergearAlly - AllianceCommon000.00
135XuurvisAlly - AllianceCommon000.00
136Zintix the FrostbringerAlly - AllianceRare000.00
137Akasi, Herald of NatureAlly - HordeUncommon000.00
138Alana the WoebringerAlly - HordeRare000.00
139Alethia BrightsongAlly - HordeCommon000.00
140Amano, Herald of the SunAlly - HordeUncommon000.00
141Anastina, Herald of the FelAlly - HordeUncommon000.00
142Asoren DarksnoutAlly - HordeCommon000.00
143Baxtan, Herald of the FlameAlly - HordeUncommon000.00
144Daroka VenomfistAlly - HordeCommon000.00
145Deatheater StroudAlly - HordeRare000.00
146Draga'zalAlly - HordeCommon000.00
147Eralysa SunshotAlly - HordeCommon000.00
148Hagtrix the MindsifterAlly - HordeRare000.00
149Hesawa StormwalkerAlly - HordeCommon000.00
150Izzy QuizfizAlly - HordeCommon000.00
151Jagrok, Herald of TrickeryAlly - HordeUncommon000.00
152Jaron, Herald of the HuntAlly - HordeUncommon000.00
153Jex'aliAlly - HordeCommon000.00
154Jumahko ThunderskyAlly - HordeCommon000.00
155Kalam'tiAlly - HordeRare000.00
156KazbazAlly - HordeCommon000.00
157Kelena AshfordAlly - HordeCommon000.00
158Kinza, Mistress of the ElementsAlly - HordeRare000.00
159Krezza the ExplosiveAlly - HordeRare000.00
160Kromdar, Herald of WarAlly - HordeUncommon000.00
161Lordann the BloodreaverAlly - HordeRare000.00
162Mazu'konAlly - HordeEpic000.00
163Moro WildmesaAlly - HordeCommon000.00
164Nazuk DarkbloodAlly - HordeCommon000.00
165Parexia, Herald of the ShadowsAlly - HordeUncommon000.00
166Prazo WhiptrickAlly - HordeCommon000.00
167Runzik ShrapnelwhizAlly - HordeCommon000.00
168Samantha GalvingtonAlly - HordeCommon000.00
169Shala'zumAlly - HordeCommon000.00
170Treespeaker OnahaAlly - HordeRare000.00
171Vol'jin, Darkspear ChieftainAlly - HordeEpic000.00
172Vuza'jinAlly - HordeCommon000.00
173Yana'miAlly - HordeCommon000.00
174Zarixx, Herald of DeathAlly - HordeUncommon000.00
175Zizzlix DrizzledrillAlly - HordeCommon000.00
176Zudzo, Herald of the ElementsAlly - HordeUncommon000.00
177Gilblin BullyMonster Ally — GoblinCommon000.00
178Gilblin DeathscroungerMonster Ally — GoblinRare000.00
179Gilblin HoarderMonster Ally — GoblinUncommon000.00
180Gilblin PlundererMonster Ally — GoblinUncommon000.00
181Gilblin TricksterMonster Ally — GoblinUncommon000.00
182BobblerMonster Ally — MurlocUncommon000.00
183BrighteyeMonster Ally — MurlocCommon000.00
184BubblegilMonster Ally — MurlocUncommon000.00
185ChumlyMonster Ally — MurlocUncommon000.00
186CrabbyfinMonster Ally — MurlocUncommon000.00
187GobblerMonster Ally — MurlocRare000.00
188Murloc CoastrunnerMonster Ally — MurlocCommon000.00
189NibblerMonster Ally — MurlocCommon000.00
190SlippyfistMonster Ally — MurlocUncommon000.00
191SnurkyMonster Ally — MurlocCommon000.00
192SwarmtoothMonster Ally — MurlocUncommon000.00
193BuldrugMonster Ally — OgreCommon000.00
194Drugush the CrusherMonster Ally — OgreCommon000.00
195Neph'LahimMonster Ally — OgreRare000.00
196Tar'gak the FelcrazedMonster Ally — OgreUncommon000.00
197Thrug the HurlerMonster Ally — OgreUncommon000.00
198Zor'chal the ShadowseerMonster Ally — OgreUncommon000.00
199Commander UlthokMonster Ally — Faceless OneEpic000.00
200Faceless SapperMonster Ally — Faceless OneCommon000.00
201Faceless WatcherMonster Ally — Faceless OneRare000.00
202Deep SubjugatorMonster Ally — Merciless OneUncommon000.00
203Mindbender Ghur'shaMonster Ally — Merciless OneRare000.00
204Idra'kess EnchantressMonster Ally — NagaUncommon000.00
205Idra'kess MistressMonster Ally — NagaUncommon000.00
206Lady Naz'jarMonster Ally — NagaEpic000.00
207Naz'jar HarpoonerMonster Ally — NagaCommon000.00
208Naz'jar MyrmidonMonster Ally — NagaCommon000.00
209Naz'jar SorceressMonster Ally — NagaCommon000.00
210Sira'kess Tide PriestessMonster Ally — NagaCommon000.00
211Abyssal SeahorseMonster Ally — SeahorseRare000.00
212GnashMonster Ally — Sea GiantRare000.00
213KolorathMonster Ally — KrakenEpic000.00
214NespirahMonster Ally — DemigodRare000.00
215OzumatMonster Ally — LeviathanEpic000.00
216Revenant of NeptulonMonster Ally — Water ElementalUncommon000.00
217Servant of NeptulonMonster Ally — Water ElementalCommon000.00
218Unstable CorruptionMonster Ally — Water ElementalRare000.00
219Wasteland TallstriderMonster Ally — TallstriderEpic000.00
220Bloat the Bubble FishAlly — NeutralUncommon000.00
221Erunak StonespeakerAlly — NeutralRare000.00
222Toshe ChaosrenderAlly — NeutralRare000.00
223Periwinkle CloakArmorUncommon000.00
224Shroud of CooperationArmorUncommon000.00
225Triton LegplatesArmorRare000.00
226Wentletrap VestArmorCommon000.00
227Big Cauldron of BattleItemRare000.00
228Blessing of the Old GodItemCommon000.00
229Bottled CunningItemCommon000.00
230Bottled DeathItemCommon000.00
231Bottled ElementsItemCommon000.00
232Bottled KnowledgeItemCommon000.00
233Bottled LifeItemCommon000.00
234Bottled LightItemCommon000.00
235Bottled MindItemCommon000.00
236Bottled RageItemCommon000.00
237Bottled SpiteItemCommon000.00
238Bottled VoidItemCommon000.00
239Bottled WildItemCommon000.00
240Nautilus RingItemUncommon000.00
241Ring of the Great WhaleItemUncommon000.00
242Severed Visionary TentacleItemRare000.00
243Throwing StarfishItemRare000.00
244Breathstone-Infused LongbowWeaponUncommon000.00
245Cerith Spire StaffWeaponRare000.00
246Dawnblaze BladeWeaponUncommon000.00
247Dirk's CommandWeaponCommon000.00
248Downfall HammerWeaponUncommon000.00
249Eel CutterWeaponCommon000.00
250Lightning Whelk AxeWeaponCommon000.00
251Potentate's Letter OpenerWeaponUncommon000.00
252Sorrow's EndWeaponRare000.00
253Throat SlasherWeaponCommon000.00
254The Culmination of Our EffortsQuestCommon000.00
255The Last Living LorekeeperQuestCommon000.00
257Rescue the Earthspeaker!QuestCommon000.00
258Seeds of Their DemiseQuestCommon000.00
259Setting an ExampleQuestUncommon000.00
260Wake of DestructionQuestUncommon000.00
261Waking the BeastQuestCommon000.00
262Waters of EluneQuestCommon000.00
263Throne of the TidesLocationRare000.00
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