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Cryptozoic World Of Warcraft: War of the Ancients

Cryptozoic World Of Warcraft: War of the Ancients

Year: 2012
Total cards: 240

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 3 / completed: 0


1Malorne the White StagMonster Master HeroEpic202.00
2Beyond the GraveAbility - Death KnightRare202.00
3Crushing DeathAbility - Death KnightUncommon202.00
4Death's DecreeAbility - Death KnightUncommon202.00
5Despair of WinterAbility - Death KnightRare202.00
6Ebon PlagueAbility - Death KnightRare202.00
7Festering DiseaseAbility - Death KnightUncommon202.00
8Frigid FrailtyAbility - Death KnightCommon202.00
9Ancient Bear FormAbility - DruidUncommon202.00
10EuphoriaAbility - DruidRare202.00
11Lions, Tigers, and BearsAbility - DruidRare202.00
12Mark of GrowthAbility - DruidUncommon202.00
13Mark of MalorneAbility - DruidCommon202.00
14Wild AttunementAbility - DruidRare202.00
15Wild SeedsAbility - DruidUncommon202.00
16ArrowstormAbility — HunterCommon202.00
17Bear TrapAbility — HunterUncommon202.00
18Beast MasteryAbility — HunterRare202.00
19EndureAbility — HunterRare202.00
20Furious GeorgeAlly — HunterUncommon202.00
21SkitterAlly — HunterRare202.00
22Arcane PotencyAbility — MageRare202.00
23Arcane UnravelingAbility — MageUncommon202.00
24Conjure ElementalsAbility — MageRare202.00
25FirestormAbility — MageUncommon202.00
26Ice PrisonAbility — MageCommon202.00
27ManaflowAbility — MageRare202.00
28Reckless FireballAbility — MageUncommon202.00
29Blessing of VigilanceAbility — PaladinUncommon202.00
30Crusader's MightAbility — PaladinRare202.00
31DivinityAbility — PaladinRare202.00
32Guardian of the LightAbility — PaladinRare202.00
33Hammer of SanctityAbility — PaladinUncommon202.00
34Holy GroundAbility — PaladinUncommon202.00
35Shield of LightAbility — PaladinCommon202.00
36Gifted HealAbility — PriestUncommon202.00
37Guardian SpiritAbility — PriestRare202.00
38Mind CrushAbility — PriestUncommon202.00
39Power Word: TenacityAbility — PriestRare202.00
40Redeeming DispelAbility — PriestCommon202.00
41Shadow Word: DevourAbility — PriestRare202.00
42Spirit ShieldAbility — PriestUncommon202.00
43Devious DismantleAbility — RogueUncommon202.00
44Guise of the StalkerAbility — RogueUncommon202.00
45Hands of DeceitAbility — RogueRare202.00
46Hidden StrikeAbility — RogueCommon202.00
47Kiss of DeathAbility — RogueRare202.00
48OpportunityAbility — RogueRare202.00
49Volatile PoisonAbility — RogueUncommon202.00
50Elemental EchoAbility — ShamanRare202.00
51Elemental PurgeAbility — ShamanUncommon202.00
52Gale ForceAbility — ShamanCommon202.00
53Lava StrikeAbility — ShamanUncommon202.00
54Scalding TotemAbility — ShamanUncommon202.00
55Spark of RageAbility — ShamanRare202.00
56Spirit Link TotemAbility — ShamanRare202.00
57Call the VoidAbility — WarlockUncommon202.00
58Demonic InfusionAbility — WarlockUncommon202.00
59GaktaiAlly - WarlockCommon202.00
60NetherpocalypseAbility — WarlockRare202.00
61NightfallAbility — WarlockRare202.00
62NimandaAlly - WarlockRare202.00
63Soul TrapAbility — WarlockUncommon202.00
64Blind RageAbility - WarriorUncommon202.00
65Bloodthirsty ShoutAbility - WarriorCommon202.00
66Combat StanceAbility - WarriorRare202.00
67DecimateAbility - WarriorUncommon202.00
68Raging BlowAbility - WarriorRare202.00
69Ruthless ExecutionAbility - WarriorUncommon202.00
70StrifeAbility - WarriorRare202.00
72Focused HealAbilityCommon202.00
73Legacy of StormrageAbilityEpic202.00
74Legacy of the LegionAbilityEpic202.00
75Vigilant GuardAbilityCommon202.00
76Glory to the Alliance!AbilityCommon202.00
77Blood and Thunder!AbilityCommon202.00
78Burn AwayAbilityCommon202.00
79Elune's BlessingAbilityCommon202.00
80Shattering BlowAbilityCommon202.00
82Alpha PrimeAlly - AllianceRare202.00
83Ansem, Timewalker DeathbladeAlly - AllianceRare202.00
84Bolin MoonflareAlly - AllianceUncommon202.00
85Darkshire DeathswornAlly - AllianceCommon202.00
86Darlon BlacksoulAlly - AllianceUncommon202.00
87Darnassus MooncallerAlly - AllianceCommon202.00
88Darnassus ShadowbladeAlly - AllianceCommon202.00
89Darnassus WarriorAlly - AllianceCommon202.00
90Delinar SilvershotAlly - AllianceUncommon202.00
91Eldre'Thalas SorceressAlly - AllianceCommon202.00
92Elysa LockewoodAlly - AllianceUncommon202.00
93Fimlet SparklightAlly - AllianceUncommon202.00
94Hugh MannAlly - AllianceUncommon202.00
95Ian BarusAlly - AllianceUncommon202.00
96JaalAlly - AllianceUncommon202.00
97Jarod ShadowsongAlly - AllianceRare202.00
98Lady BancroftAlly - AllianceCommon202.00
99Lara, Timewalker CommanderAlly - AllianceRare202.00
100Lexie SilverbladeAlly - AllianceUncommon202.00
101Lord Kur'talos RavencrestAlly - AllianceEpic202.00
102Nalisa NightbreezeAlly - AllianceUncommon202.00
103Northshire ClericAlly - AllianceCommon202.00
104Northshire CrusaderAlly - AllianceCommon202.00
105Nyala ShadefuryAlly - AllianceUncommon202.00
106Rhonin the Time-LostAlly - AllianceEpic202.00
107Shadowglen StalkerAlly - AllianceCommon202.00
108Shandris FeathermoonAlly - AllianceRare202.00
109SI:7 AssassinAlly - AllianceCommon303.00
110Stella BellamyAlly - AllianceUncommon202.00
111Stormwind SummonerAlly - AllianceCommon303.00
112Tarwila GladespringAlly - AllianceCommon202.00
113Teldrassil TrackerAlly - AllianceCommon202.00
114Teldrassil WildguardAlly - AllianceCommon202.00
115Tessa BlackAlly - AllianceEpic202.00
116Timewalker GuardAlly - AllianceCommon202.00
117Timewalker LightswornAlly - AllianceCommon202.00
118Timewalker SentinelAlly - AllianceCommon202.00
119Toraan, Eye of O'rosAlly - AllianceRare202.00
120Virgil, Timewalker MarshalAlly - AllianceRare202.00
121Ahul MoonspeakerAlly - HordeUncommon202.00
122Baine, Son of CairneAlly - HordeEpic202.00
123Belmaril, Timewalker BloodmageAlly - HordeRare202.00
124Bhenn Checks-the-SkyAlly - HordeCommon202.00
125BloodsoulAlly - HordeCommon202.00
126Dawnhoof BrightcallerAlly - HordeCommon202.00
127Drom'kor, Timewalker NecrolyteAlly - HordeRare202.00
128Durotar FlamecasterAlly - HordeCommon202.00
129Durotar FrostbladeAlly - HordeCommon202.00
130Ellen BurroughsAlly - HordeUncommon202.00
131Garrosh, Son of GromAlly - HordeEpic202.00
132Garyk StormcrierAlly - HordeUncommon202.00
133Jevan GrimtotemAlly - HordeRare202.00
134Kahul the SunseerAlly - HordeRare202.00
135KlandarkAlly - HordeUncommon202.00
136Mulgore DeathwalkerAlly - HordeCommon202.00
137Mulgore GuardianAlly - HordeCommon202.00
138Orgrimmar HeartstrikerAlly - HordeCommon202.00
139Orgrimmar KillbladeAlly - HordeCommon202.00
140Orgrimmar MarksmanAlly - HordeCommon202.00
141Orox DarkhornAlly - HordeUncommon202.00
142Razor Hill AssassinAlly - HordeCommon202.00
143Razor Hill SpiritseerAlly - HordeCommon202.00
144Ror TramplehoofAlly - HordeUncommon202.00
145Shaka DeadmarkAlly - HordeUncommon202.00
146Soulrender KeldahAlly - HordeUncommon202.00
147Stafa'julAlly - HordeUncommon202.00
148Takara, Timewalker WarlordAlly - HordeRare202.00
149Thunder Bluff SpiritwalkerAlly - HordeCommon202.00
150Thunder Bluff SteelsnoutAlly - HordeCommon202.00
151Thunder Bluff SunwalkerAlly - HordeCommon202.00
152Thunder Bluff WildheartAlly - HordeCommon202.00
153Tilu PlainstalkerAlly - HordeUncommon202.00
154Timewalker GruntAlly - HordeCommon202.00
155Timewalker SunguardAlly - HordeCommon202.00
156Toho BloomhornAlly - HordeUncommon202.00
157Torzuk SoulfangAlly - HordeEpic202.00
158Vorgo, Timewalker StormlordAlly - HordeRare202.00
159XarantaurAlly - HordeRare202.00
160Zarim RedskullAlly - HordeUncommon202.00
161AgamagganMonster Ally — Boar BeastRare202.00
162Aviana the RebornMonster Ally — AvianRare202.00
163Azgalor the Pit LordMonster Ally — Pit LordEpic202.00
164AzzinothMonster Ally — DoomguardRare202.00
165Blazing InfernalMonster Ally — InfernalCommon202.00
166Child of AgamagganMonster Ally — BoarCommon202.00
167Child of AvianaMonster Ally — HarpyCommon202.00
168Child of GoldrinnMonster Ally — WolfCommon202.00
169Child of TortollaMonster Ally — TurtleCommon202.00
170Child of UrsocMonster Ally — BearCommon202.00
171Child of UrsolMonster Ally — Bear BeastCommon202.00
172Corrupted FurbolgMonster Ally — FurbolgUncommon202.00
173Eye of the LegionMonster Ally — DemonCommon202.00
174FeldrakeMonster Ally — DragonkinRare202.00
175Felguard MarauderMonster Ally — FelguardCommon202.00
176Frenzied FelhoundMonster Ally — FelhunterCommon202.00
177FrenzyfinMonster Ally — MurlocUncommon202.00
178Furbolg AvengerMonster Ally — Furbolg WarriorCommon202.00
179Furbolg ChieftainMonster Ally — Furbolg WarriorUncommon202.00
180Furbolg FirecallerMonster Ally — Furbolg ShamanCommon202.00
181GoldrinnMonster Ally — FolfRare202.00
182Hulking HelboarMonster Ally — Boar BeastCommon202.00
183Jadefire NetherseerMonster Ally — Satyr DemonUncommon202.00
184Jadefire SoulstealerMonster Ally — Satyr DemonUncommon202.00
185Keening ShivarraMonster Ally — ShivarraUncommon202.00
186Keeper YarashalMonster Ally — Keeper of the GroveCommon202.00
187Leafbeard, Ancient of LoreMonster Ally — Ancient DruidUncommon202.00
188Legion Fel ReaverMonster Ally — Construct DemonUncommon202.00
189Mo'arg DoomsmithMonster Ally — Mo'arg DemonUncommon202.00
190Monstrous TerrorguardMonster Ally — Terrorguard DemonUncommon202.00
191Mossbark, Ancient of WarMonster Ally — Ancient WarriorCommon202.00
192Neltharion the Earth-WarderMonster Ally — Black Dragonkin AspectEpic202.00
193Peroth'arnMonster Ally — Satyr Demon WarlockRare202.00
194Rampaging FurbolgMonster Ally — Furbolg WarriorCommon202.00
195Scheming DreadlordMonster Ally — DreadlordCommon202.00
196Sinister WatcherMonster Ally — Floating EyeCommon202.00
197Strongroot, Ancient of WarMonster Ally — Ancient DruidUncommon202.00
198TortollaMonster Ally — Turtle BeastRare202.00
199Trogg EarthragerMonster Ally — Trogg ShamanCommon202.00
200Unstoppable AbyssalMonster Ally — AbyssalCommon202.00
201Ursoc the MightyMonster Ally — Bear BeastRare202.00
202Ursol the WiseMonster Ally — Bear BeastRare202.00
203Void TerrorMonster Ally — Void TerrorCommon202.00
204Volatile TerrorfiendMonster Ally — Terrorguard DemonUncommon202.00
205Warmaul OgreMonster Ally — OgreCommon202.00
206Dungard IroncutterAlly — Earthen WarriorRare202.00
207Earthen CrusherAlly — Earthen WarriorCommon202.00
208Girdle of the Queen's ChampionArmorCommon202.00
209Helm of ThornsArmorCommon202.00
210Historian's SashArmorUncommon202.00
211Legguards of the LegionArmorRare202.00
212Spaulders of EternityArmorCommon202.00
213Darnassus TabardItemUncommon202.00
214Demon Hunter's AspectItemUncommon202.00
215Grand Marshal's Tome of PowerItemUncommon202.00
216Orgrimmar TabardItemUncommon202.00
217Signet of the TimewalkerItemUncommon202.00
218Stormwind TabardItemUncommon202.00
219Tabard of the LegionItemUncommon202.00
220Thunder Bluff TabardItemUncommon202.00
221Arathar, the Eye of FlameWeaponUncommon202.00
222Axe of CenariusWeaponEpic202.00
223Axe of the Tauren ChieftainsWeaponCommon202.00
224Crescent WandWeaponRare202.00
225Gavel of Peroth'arnWeaponRare202.00
226High Warlord's CleaverWeaponUncommon202.00
227Pit Lord's DestroyerWeaponCommon202.00
228Scepter of AzsharaWeaponRare202.00
229Stalk of CorruptionWeaponUncommon202.00
230Trickster's EdgeWeaponRare202.00
231Wand of the DemonsoulWeaponCommon202.00
232Archival PurposesQuestCommon202.00
233The Caverns of TimeQuestUncommon202.00
234Documenting the TimewaysQuestCommon202.00
235The End TimeQuestUncommon202.00
236In Unending NumbersQuestUncommon202.00
237The Path to the Dragon SoulQuestCommon202.00
238The VaingloriousQuestCommon202.00
239The Well of EternityQuestCommon202.00
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