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Cryptozoic World Of Warcraft: Wrathgate

Cryptozoic World Of Warcraft: Wrathgate

Year: 2010
Total cards: 220

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 1 / completed: 0


1Archmage BarstowHero - AllianceUncommon101.00
2Durzion, Champion of A'dalHero - AllianceUncommon000.00
3Earthmender VaakiHero - AllianceUncommon000.00
4EsoneaHero - AllianceUncommon000.00
5Gramm ThunderjawHero - AllianceUncommon000.00
6Krunkle DeadsparkHero - AllianceUncommon000.00
7Lunira SwiftbreathHero - AllianceUncommon000.00
8Rinni GloomtrikHero - AllianceUncommon000.00
9Sarina the ImmaculateHero - AllianceUncommon000.00
10Tysandri DuskstrikeHero - AllianceUncommon000.00
11Crusader FarisaHero - HordeUncommon000.00
12Harona ProudmaneHero - HordeUncommon000.00
13Jeremiah KarvokHero - HordeUncommon000.00
14Krog the DeathfistHero - HordeUncommon000.00
15Kungen the ThundererHero - HordeUncommon000.00
16Mojo Master ZandumHero - HordeUncommon000.00
17Nuvon DawnfuryHero - HordeUncommon000.00
18Spiritwalker Kavi'jeHero - HordeUncommon010.00
19Sunstalker AndoraHero - HordeUncommon000.00
20Thaka DeadeyeHero - HordeUncommon000.00
21Highlord Tirion FordringMater Hero - AllianceEpic000.00
22Anti-Magic ShellAbility - Death KnightUncommon000.00
23Blood RuneAbility - Death KnightUncommon000.00
24Dark CommandAbility - Death KnightCommon000.00
25Frost FeverAbility - Death KnightCommon000.00
26HysteriaAbility - Death KnightRare000.00
27Lesson of the GraveAbility - Death KnightCommon010.00
28PestilenceAbility - Death KnightRare000.00
29Surge of BloodAbility - Death KnightCommon000.00
30Blustering WindsAbility - DruidCommon010.00
31Dire Bear FormAbility - DruidUncommon000.00
32Gift of the EarthmotherAbility - DruidRare000.00
33Lesson of the WildAbility - DruidCommon000.00
34Nature's VengeanceAbility - DruidRare000.00
35Scent of NatureAbility - DruidCommon000.00
36StranglevineAbility - DruidUncommon000.00
37BanzaiAbility - HunterUncommon000.00
38Explosive ShotAbility - HunterRare000.00
39Eyes of the BeastAbility - HunterUncommon000.00
40Hail of ArrowsAbility - HunterRare000.00
41Lesson of the BeastAbility - HunterCommon000.00
42Mongoose BiteAbility - HunterCommon000.00
43MothraAlly - HunterCommon000.00
44Explosive FlamesAbility - MageCommon010.00
45Flash of BrillianceAbility - MageRare000.00
46Frozen SolidAbility - MageUncommon000.00
47Ice NovaAbility - MageRare000.00
48Lesson of the ArcaneAbility - MageCommon000.00
49Netherwind PresenceAbility - MageRare000.00
50ScaldAbility - MageCommon000.00
51ChargerAbility - PaladinRare010.00
52Holy FuryAbility - PaladinCommon000.00
53Lesson of the DivineAbility - PaladinCommon000.00
54Presence of the DivineAbility - PaladinUncommon000.00
55Seal of SanctityAbility - PaladinUncommon000.00
56ShelterAbility - PaladinCommon000.00
57Unyielding FaithAbility - PaladinRare000.00
58DementiaAbility - PriestUncommon000.00
59FrightAbility - PriestCommon000.00
60Holy GuardianAlly -PriestRare000.00
61Lesson of the LightAbility - PriestCommon010.00
62Power Word: FaithAbility - PriestCommon000.00
63Sacred CircleAbility - PriestUncommon000.00
64Spirit of RedemptionMaster Hero - PriestRare000.00
65AnnihilateAbility - RogueCommon000.00
66Flesh Eating PoisonAbility - RogueUncommon000.00
67Lesson of the ShadowAbility - RogueCommon000.00
68Master PoisonerAbility - RogueRare000.00
69Pick LockAbility - RogueCommon000.00
70RazeAbility - RogueRare000.00
71Weakening PoisonAbility - RogueUncommon000.00
72Ancestral AwakeningAbility - ShamanRare000.00
73Astral RecallAbility - ShamanRare000.00
74Fusion TotemAbility - ShamanUncommon010.00
75Gushing TotemAbility - ShamanUncommon000.00
76Infusion of EarthAbility - ShamanCommon000.00
77Lesson of the ElementsAbility - ShamanCommon000.00
78Surge of LifeAbility - ShamanCommon000.00
79Curse of DoomAbility - WarlockUncommon000.00
80DevastationAbility - WarlockRare000.00
81Drain EssenceAbility - WarlockCommon000.00
82Dread DoomguardAbility - WarlockRare000.00
83Lesson of the NetherAbility - WarlockCommon000.00
84LynxiaAlly - WarlockUncommon000.00
85Void PactAbility - WarlockCommon010.00
86Expertise of SteelAbility - WarriorRare000.00
87Flawless DefenseAbility - WarriorUncommon000.00
88ImpedeAbility - WarriorUncommon000.00
89Lesson of the CallAbility - WarriorCommon000.00
90Mortal SlashAbility - WarriorCommon000.00
91RequiteAbility - WarriorCommon000.00
92Wrecking CrewAbility - WarriorRare000.00
93Bestial RageAbility - Hunter/WarriorUncommon000.00
94Feast of FlameAbility - Mage/WarlockUncommon000.00
95Gift of the PiousAbility - Druid/PaladinUncommon000.00
96Hit and RunAbility - Rogue/ShamanUncommon000.00
97Holy BarrierAbility - Paladin/PriestUncommon000.00
98Kick ThinkingAbility - Mage/RogueUncommon000.00
99Master's StableAbility - Hunter/WarlockUncommon000.00
100Nurturing SpiritAbility - Druid/PriestUncommon000.00
101Strength of BattleAbility - Shaman/WarriorUncommon000.00
102Landro's GiftAbility - NeutralUncommon010.00
103Tubs KlankboppleAlly - AllianceCommon000.00
104AntyrAlly - AllianceCommon000.00
105Arlen the UntamedAlly - AllianceUncommon010.00
106Armored Snowy GryphonAlly - AllianceRare000.00
107Ayluro NightwindAlly - AllianceCommon000.00
108Bantham, Jadefist ApprenticeAlly - AllianceCommon000.00
109Blazemistress LindseyAlly - AllianceCommon000.00
110Bolvar, Highlord of Fordragon HoldAlly - AllianceEpic000.00
111Bronthea the ResoluteAlly - AllianceUncommon000.00
112Burly BertaAlly - AllianceRare000.00
113Devona BerkshireAlly - AllianceRare000.00
114Grumdur BladebaneAlly - AllianceCommon000.00
115High Commander Halford WyrmbaneAlly - AllianceEpic000.00
116Hurdan the EverlastingAlly - AllianceUncommon000.00
117Ixiya the AttunedAlly - AllianceCommon000.00
118Justicar DrathneaAlly - AllianceUncommon000.00
119Justicar Nimzi BanedrizzleAlly - AllianceUncommon000.00
120Justicar UlaruAlly - AllianceUncommon000.00
121Kaelyn VineminderAlly - AllianceCommon010.00
122Lady BancroftAlly - AllianceCommon010.00
123Lyshala RavenshotAlly - AllianceCommon000.00
124Mithran the SniperAlly - AllianceCommon000.00
125Nethermaven Donna ChastainAlly - AllianceCommon000.00
126Nurgle TinkfrostAlly - AllianceCommon000.00
127Swift MechanostriderAlly - AllianceRare000.00
128Wyndarr ShadefistAlly - AllianceCommon000.00
129Armored Blue Wind RiderAlly - HordeRare000.00
130Astani DawngraceAlly - HordeCommon010.00
131Bluffstalker HonoviAlly - HordeCommon000.00
132Cedric DarwinAlly - HordeCommon000.00
133Conqueror HashkonAlly - HordeUncommon000.00
134Conqueror Vun'jinAlly - HordeUncommon000.00
135Conqueror ZaalaAlly - HordeUncommon000.00
136Daralis the SanctifierAlly - HordeUncommon000.00
137Dhoros RavestrikeAlly - HordeCommon000.00
138Dorzok ShadowhandAlly - HordeCommon000.00
139Goru ThornmaneAlly - HordeCommon000.00
140Hanthal LightwardAlly - HordeCommon000.00
141Katoka DreadbladeAlly - HordeRare000.00
142Murphy WatsonAlly - HordeCommon000.00
143Muruna the SavageAlly - HordeUncommon000.00
144Roanauk IcemistAlly - HordeEpic000.00
145Roshen the OathswornAlly - HordeUncommon010.00
146Saurfang the Younger, Kor'kron WarlordAlly - HordeEpic000.00
147Soram WildbarkAlly - HordeCommon000.00
148Sullivan HolmesAlly - HordeCommon000.00
149Sunguard CersieAlly - HordeCommon000.00
150Swift HawkstriderAlly - HordeRare000.00
151Swift Timber WolfAlly - HordeRare000.00
152Tuskmender Jan'zuAlly - HordeCommon000.00
153Uruka the CutthroatAlly - HordeRare000.00
154Vuz'dinAlly - HordeCommon010.00
155Zugna, Windseer ApprenticeAlly - HordeCommon000.00
156Blazing HippogryphAlly - NeutralRare000.00
157Brother KeltanAlly - NeutralUncommon000.00
158Commander FalstaavAlly - NeutralCommon000.00
159Crusade Commander EntariAlly - NeutralRare000.00
160Crusade Engineer SpitzpatrickAlly - NeutralCommon010.00
161Crusader Lord DalforsAlly - NeutralCommon000.00
162EitriggAlly - NeutralEpic000.00
163Father GustavAlly - NeutralCommon000.00
164Sister Colleen TulleyAlly - NeutralCommon000.00
165Veteran Crusader Aliocha SegardAlly - NeutralCommon000.00
166Azjol-anak ChampionAlly - NeutralRare000.00
167AuriusAlly - NeutralEpic000.00
168Eris HavenfireAlly - NeutralEpic000.00
169Keeper RemulosAlly - NeutralEpic000.00
170Boots of the Renewed FlightArmorUncommon000.00
171Cloak of the Shadowed SunArmorRare000.00
172Gloves of Token RespectArmorRare000.00
173Helm of Vital ProtectionArmorRare000.00
174Hood of the ExodusArmorRare000.00
175Leggings of the HonoredArmorUncommon000.00
176Protective Barricade of the LightArmorRare000.00
177Sun-Emblazoned ChestplateArmorRare000.00
179Upstanding SpauldersArmorRare000.00
180Gigantique BagItemRare000.00
181Idol of the Shooting StarItemRare000.00
182Libram of RadianceItemRare000.00
183Life-Binder's LocketItemRare000.00
184Platinum Disks of SwiftnessItemRare000.00
185Statue GeneratorItemRare000.00
186Angry DreadWeaponCommon000.00
187Colossal Skull-Clad CleaverWeaponUncommon000.00
188Fading GlowWeaponCommon000.00
189Final VoyageWeaponRare000.00
190Fist of the DeityWeaponRare000.00
191Haunting CallWeaponRare000.00
192Life and DeathWeaponRare000.00
193Lifeblade of BelgaristraszWeaponRare000.00
194Nerubian ConquerorWeaponRare000.00
195Silent CrusaderWeaponRare000.00
196Spire of SunsetWeaponRare000.00
197Staff of TrickeryWeaponCommon000.00
198Sword of JusticeWeaponRare000.00
199Torch of Holy FireWeaponRare000.00
200Wraith SpearWeaponRare000.00
201No Mere DreamQuestUncommon000.00
202Paladin TrainingQuestUncommon000.00
203The Ichor of UndeathQuestUncommon000.00
204The Call of the CrusadeQuestCommon010.00
205Apply This Twice a DayQuestCommon000.00
206Conversing With the DepthsQuestCommon000.00
207Cycle of LifeQuestCommon000.00
208I'm Not Dead Yet!QuestRare000.00
209Light Within the DarknessQuestCommon000.00
210No One to Save YouQuestCommon000.00
211On Ruby WingsQuestRare000.00
212Planning for the FutureQuestCommon000.00
213Really Big WormQuestCommon000.00
214Return to AngratharQuestCommon000.00
215Seeds of the LashersQuestCommon000.00
216A Tale of ValorQuestCommon000.00
217Wanton WarlordQuestCommon000.00
218Fordragon HoldLocationRare000.00
219Kor'kron VanguardLocationRare000.00
220Angrathar the WrathgateLocationEpic000.00
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