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Diramix DragonBall Super Universe Survival

Diramix DragonBall Super Universe Survival

Year: 2019
Total cards: 162

collecting: 21 / completed: 14


1Goku-Base card2120.17
2Goku Super Saiyan-Rare531.67
3Goku Super Saiyan Blue-Base card1100.10
4Goku Super Saiyan Blue-Rare531.67
5Goku Ultra Istinto-Presagio-Base card2180.11
6Goku Ultra Istinto-Rare541.25
7Goku Ultra Istinto-Base card2130.15
8Goku Ultra Istinto-Rare541.25
9Goku Ultra Istinto-Rare531.67
10Vegeta-Base card1140.07
11Vegeta Super Saiyan Blue-Rare450.80
12Vegeta Super Saiyan Blue Evoluto-Rare531.67
13Vegeta Super Saiyan Blue Evoluto-Rare531.67
14Crilin-Base card290.22
15Eremita della Tartaruga-Base card280.25
16Eremita della Tartaruga-Base card290.22
17Gohan-Base card3140.21
18Gohan Supremo-Rare441.00
19Piccolo-Base card2110.18
21C-17-Base card4100.40
23C-18-Base card2100.20
26Golden Freezer-Rare441.00
27Tenshinhan-Base card2100.20
28Shin-Base card390.33
29Beerus-Base card2100.20
30Whis-Base card3140.21
31Zeno-Base card480.50
32Gran Sacerdote-Base card4100.40
33Servitore-Base card290.22
34Anato-Base card4100.40
35Iwne-Base card2100.20
36Awamo-Base card3110.27
37Ogma-Base card1100.10
38Arack-Base card3120.25
39Cucatail-Base card4100.40
40Ille-Base card4120.33
41Liquir-Base card3110.27
42Korun-Base card290.22
43Agu-Base card2120.17
44Geene-Base card3110.27
45Martinne-Base card2100.20
46Roh-Base card3120.25
47Sidra-Base card2100.20
48Mohito-Base card1140.07
49Basil-Base card2130.15
50Lavender-Base card3110.27
51Bergamo-Base card3120.25
52Chappil-Base card3120.25
53Conflee-Base card4120.33
54Hopp-Base card380.38
55Hyssop-Base card2110.18
56Oregano-Base card3140.21
57Sorel-Base card1130.08
58Rosel-Base card2100.20
59Gowasu-Base card4110.36
60Rumsshi-Base card4130.31
61Kisu-Base card390.33
62Lilibeu-Base card3120.25
63Zium-Base card390.33
64Murisarm-Base card4110.36
65Mechiorp-Base card2100.20
66Napapa-Base card2140.14
67Murichim-Base card2120.17
68Jirasen-Base card4120.33
69Jilcol-Base card290.22
70Rubalt-Base card360.50
71Obuni-Base card380.38
72Fuwa-Base card1120.08
73Champa-Base card4100.40
74Vados-Base card3100.30
75Caulifla-Base card290.22
76Caulifla Super Saiyan-Rare441.00
77Kale-Base card3130.23
78Kale Super Saiyan 2-Rare260.33
81Kafla Super Saiyan-Rare541.25
82Hit-Base card3120.25
84Cabba-Base card390.33
86Botamo-Base card3120.25
87Magetta-Base card380.38
88Dr.Rota-Base card270.29
89Saonel-Base card3100.30
90Pirina-Base card4130.31
91Pell-Base card360.50
92Heles-Base card480.50
93Sawar-Base card3130.23
94Brianne de Chateau-Base card3130.23
96Sanka Ku-Base card570.71
97Kakunsa-Base card2100.20
98Su Roas-Base card2110.18
99Rozie-Base card390.33
100Jimeze-Base card480.50
101Hermila-Base card480.50
102Prum-Base card1140.07
103Kuru-Base card2110.18
104Quitela-Base card290.22
105Conic-Base card3110.27
106Nink-Base card2120.17
107Shosa-Base card190.11
108Majora-Base card290.22
109Kyawei-Base card390.33
110Darcoli-Base card360.50
111Ganos-Base card3120.25
112Ganos-Base card2120.17
113Shantza-Base card3140.21
114Damon-Base card490.44
115Eyre-Base card2120.17
116Mosco-Base card2130.15
117Kampari-Base card4100.40
118Nigrisshi-Base card2140.14
119Narirama-Base card2120.17
120The Preecho-Base card380.38
121Majikayo-Base card290.22
123Viara-Base card2120.17
124Koitsukai-Base card3130.23
125Panchia-Base card2120.17
126Bollarator-Base card340.75
128Paparoni-Base card3100.30
130Katopesla-Base card2120.17
131Khai-Base card250.40
132Belmod-Base card490.44
133Marcarita-Base card3130.23
134Tupper-Base card3140.21
135Zoiray-Base card490.44
136Cocotte-Base card3110.27
141Jiren Full Power-Rare623.00
142Jiren Full Power-Rare431.33
143Jiren Full Power-Rare450.80
144Super Shenron-Rare632.00
145C-18 vs Cocotte-Base card390.33
146Gohan vs Botamo-Base card2100.20
147Goku vs Bergamo-Base card2110.18
148Crilin vs Majora-Base card3120.25
149Eremita della Tartaruga vs Ganos-Base card490.44
150Hit vs Jiren-Base card5120.42
151Freezer vs Cabba-Base card350.60
152Goku Super Saiyan vs Caulifla Super Saiyan-Base card360.50
153Goku Ultra Istinto-Presagio vs Kefla Super Saiyan-Base card480.50
154Goku Super Saiyan God vs Kale Super Saiyan 2-Base card4100.40
155Piccolo vs Pirina-Base card270.29
156Ribrianne vs C-17-Base card490.44
157Dyspo vs Golden Freezer-Base card260.33
158Toppo Dio della Distruzione vs Vegeta Super Saiyan Blue Evoluto-Base card3100.30
159C-17 vs Jiren-Base card1100.10
160Goku Ultra Istinto-Presagio vs Jiren-Base card5100.50
161Goku Ultra Istinto vs Jiren Full Power-Base card4100.40
162Goku e Freezer vs Jiren Full Power-Base card380.38
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