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DS Moto Show

DS Moto Show

Year: 1997
Total stickers: 180

Collection preview (7% scanned images)

collecting: 2 / completed: 3


1Piaggio Vespa - 1946Moto Show-212.00
2Mv Agusta - 1962Moto Show-212.00
3Aprilia Shiver -1996 (puzzle 1)Moto Show-212.00
4Aprilia Shiver -1996 (puzzle 2)Moto Show-212.00
5Rs 125Aprilia-212.00
6Rs 250 (puzzle 1)Aprilia-212.00
7Rs 250 (puzzle 2)Aprilia-212.00
8Rx 125Aprilia-212.00
9Moto 6.5 (puzzle 1)Aprilia-212.00
10Moto 6.5 (puzzle 2)Aprilia-212.00
11Moto 6.5 (puzzle 3)Aprilia-212.00
12Moto 6.5 (puzzle 4)Aprilia-212.00
13Pegaso 650 (puzzle 1)Aprilia-212.00
14Pegaso 650 (puzzle 2)Aprilia-212.00
15Sb 6Bimota-212.00
16Sb 7Bimota-212.00
17Vb 9 SaiBimota-212.00
18Yb 8 Evoluzione (puzzle 1)Bimota-212.00
19Yb 8 Evoluzione (puzzle 2)Bimota-212.00
20Yb 11 (puzzle 1)Bimota-212.00
21Yb 11 (puzzle 2)Bimota-212.00
22Supermono BipostoBimota-202.00
23Mantra (puzzle 1)Bimota-212.00
24Mantra (puzzle 2)Bimota-212.00
25K 75BMW-212.00
26R 1100 RtBMW-212.00
28K 1100 Rs (puzzle 1)BMW-221.00
29K 1100 Rs (puzzle 2)BMW-212.00
30R 100 RtBMW-212.00
31K 1100 LtBMW-212.00
32F 650BMW-212.00
33R 100 GsBMW-212.00
34R 1100 Gs (puzzle 1)BMW-212.00
35R 1100 Gs (puzzle 2)BMW-212.00
36R 1100 RsBMW-212.00
37Mito 125 EvCagiva-221.00
38N 1Cagiva-212.00
39River 600Cagiva-212.00
40Elefant 750 (puzzle 1)Cagiva-221.00
41Elefant 750 (puzzle 2)Cagiva-212.00
42Canyon 600Cagiva-212.00
43Monster 900Ducati-212.00
44916 Senna (puzzle 1)Ducati-212.00
45916 Senna (puzzle 2)Ducati-212.00
46748 SpDucati-202.00
47900 SupersportDucati-212.00
48Xlh 1200 SportsterHarley-Davidson-212.00
49Xlh 883 Sportster HuggerHarley-Davidson-212.00
50Xlh 1200 Custom Sportster (puzzle 1)Harley-Davidson-212.00
51Xlh 1200 Custom Sportster (puzzle 2)Harley-Davidson-212.00
52Fxstc 1340 Softail CustomHarley-Davidson-212.00
53Fxds Convertible Dyna Lowe Rider (puzzle 1)Harley-Davidson-212.00
54Fxds Convertible Dyna Lowe Rider (puzzle 2)Harley-Davidson-212.00
55Flhtc 1340 Electra Glide Classic (puzzle 1)Harley-Davidson-212.00
56Flhtc 1340 Electra Glide Classic (puzzle 2)Harley-Davidson-212.00
57Flhtc 1340 Electra Glide Classic (puzzle 3)Harley-Davidson-212.00
58Flhtc 1340 Electra Glide Classic (puzzle 4)Harley-Davidson-212.00
59Fxstsb Fat Boy (puzzle 1)Harley-Davidson-212.00
60Fxstsb Fat Boy (puzzle 2)Harley-Davidson-212.00
61Fxstsb Bad BoyHarley-Davidson-212.00
62Fx0 Dyna Super Glide (puzzle 1)Harley-Davidson-212.00
63Fx0 Dyna Super Glide (puzzle 2)Harley-Davidson-212.00
64Flhr 1340 Road King (puzzle 1)Harley-Davidson-212.00
65Flhr 1340 Road King (puzzle 2)Harley-Davidson-212.00
66Flstn 1340 Heritage Special (puzzle 1)Harley-Davidson-212.00
67Flstn 1340 Heritage Special (puzzle 2)Harley-Davidson-212.00
68Flstn 1340 Heritage Special (puzzle 3)Harley-Davidson-212.00
69Flstn 1340 Heritage Special (puzzle 4)Harley-Davidson-212.00
70Nsr 125Honda-212.00
71Cb 500Honda-212.00
72Cbr 600 FHonda-212.00
73Cbr 900 Rr Fireblade (puzzle 1)Honda-212.00
74Cbr 900 Rr Fireblade (puzzle 2)Honda-212.00
75Cbr 1000 FHonda-212.00
76Vfr 750 F (puzzle 1)Honda-212.00
77Vfr 750 F (puzzle 2)Honda-212.00
78St 1100 Pan European (puzzle 1)Honda-212.00
79St 1100 Pan European (puzzle 2)Honda-221.00
80St 1100 Pan European (puzzle 3)Honda-212.00
81St 1100 Pan European (puzzle 4)Honda-202.00
82Vt 600 CustomHonda-212.00
83Vt 1100 C2 Custom (puzzle 1)Honda-212.00
84Vt 1100 C2 Custom (puzzle 2)Honda-212.00
85Gl 1500 Gold Wing (puzzle 1)Honda-212.00
86Gl 1500 Gold Wing (puzzle 2)Honda-212.00
87Nx 650 DominatorHonda-221.00
88Xl 600 V Transalp (puzzle 1)Honda-212.00
89Xl 600 V Transalp (puzzle 2)Honda-212.00
90Xrv 750 Africa Twin (puzzle 1)Honda-212.00
91Xrv 750 Africa Twin (puzzle 2)Honda-212.00
93Zx-7r (puzzle 1)Kawasaki-202.00
94Zx-7r (puzzle 2)Kawasaki-212.00
95Gpz 1100Kawasaki-212.00
96Zzr 1100 (puzzle 1)Kawasaki-212.00
97Zzr 1100 (puzzle 2)Kawasaki-212.00
98Zxr 750 (puzzle 1)Kawasaki-212.00
99Zxr 750 (puzzle 2)Kawasaki-212.00
100Zl 600 EliminatorKawasaki-202.00
101En 500 Classic (puzzle 1)Kawasaki-212.00
102En 500 Classic (puzzle 2)Kawasaki-212.00
103Klr 650 (puzzle 1)Kawasaki-202.00
104Klr 650 (puzzle 2)Kawasaki-212.00
105Klx 650 RKawasaki-212.00
106650 SportLaverda-212.00
107650 FormulaLaverda-212.00
110Daytona 1000Moto Guzzi-202.00
111Centauro (puzzle 1)Moto Guzzi-212.00
112Centauro (puzzle 2)Moto Guzzi-212.00
113Nevada 750Moto Guzzi-212.00
114California 1100Moto Guzzi-212.00
115Gsf 600Suzuki-212.00
116Gsf 600 S BanditSuzuki-212.00
117Gsf 1200 S BanditSuzuki-212.00
118Vs 600 Gl (puzzle 1)Suzuki-212.00
119Vs 600 Gl (puzzle 2)Suzuki-212.00
120Ls 650Suzuki-212.00
121Vs 1400 Gl (puzzle 1)Suzuki-212.00
122Vs 1400 Gl (puzzle 2)Suzuki-212.00
123Rf 900 R (puzzle 1)Suzuki-212.00
124Rf 900 R (puzzle 2)Suzuki-212.00
125Gsx-R 750 (puzzle 1)Suzuki-202.00
126Gsx-R 750 (puzzle 2)Suzuki-212.00
127Dr 650 SeSuzuki-212.00
128Gsx-R 1100 (puzzle 1)Suzuki-212.00
129Gsx-R 1100 (puzzle 2)Suzuki-212.00
130Speed Triple 900Triumph-212.00
131Trident 900 SprintTriumph-221.00
132Daytona 1200 (puzzle 1)Triumph-212.00
133Daytona 1200 (puzzle 2)Triumph-212.00
134Trophy 1200 (puzzle 1)Triumph-221.00
135Trophy 1200 (puzzle 2)Triumph-212.00
136Adventurer 900 (puzzle 1)Triumph-212.00
137Adventurer 900 (puzzle 2)Triumph-212.00
138Tiger 900Triumph-212.00
139Xjr 1200Yamaha-212.00
140Xj 600 NYamaha-202.00
141Szr 660 Super SingleYamaha-212.00
142Tom 850 (puzzle 1)Yamaha-212.00
143Tom 850 (puzzle 2)Yamaha-212.00
144Fxz 750 (puzzle 1)Yamaha-212.00
145Fxz 750 (puzzle 2)Yamaha-212.00
146Xv 750Yamaha-212.00
147V Max 1200Yamaha-212.00
148Xvz 1300 A Royal Star (puzzle 1)Yamaha-212.00
149Xvz 1300 A Royal Star (puzzle 2)Yamaha-212.00
150Yzf 600 R Thundercat (puzzle 1)Yamaha-212.00
151Yzf 600 R Thundercat (puzzle 2)Yamaha-212.00
152Yzf 1000 R ThunderaceYamaha-212.00
153Fzr 600 RYamaha-212.00
154Yzf 750 Sp (puzzle 1)Yamaha-212.00
155Yzf 750 Sp (puzzle 2)Yamaha-212.00
156Xt 600 EYamaha-212.00
157Gts 1000 (puzzle 1)Yamaha-212.00
158Gts 1000 (puzzle 2)Yamaha-212.00
159Xtz 750 Super Tenere (puzzle 1)Yamaha-212.00
160Xtz 750 Super Tenere (puzzle 2)Yamaha-212.00
161Beta-Alp 250Sport bikes-212.00
162Beta-Techno 250Sport bikes-212.00
163Fantic-CaballeroSport bikes-212.00
164Fantic-Clubman 50Sport bikes-212.00
165Honda-Cr 250 RSport bikes-212.00
166Husqvarna-Wre 125Sport bikes-221.00
167Husqvarna-Te 610 4tSport bikes-212.00
168Husqvarna-Wr 360Sport bikes-202.00
169Kim-Exc 125Sport bikes-212.00
170Kim-620 DukeSport bikes-212.00
171Suzuki-Rm 250Sport bikes-212.00
173Aprilia-Rally 50Scooters-212.00
176Honda-Cn 250Scooters-212.00
177Malaguti-Phantom F 12 DragonScooters-212.00
178Piaggio-Hexagon 125Scooters-202.00
179Suzuki-An 125Scooters-212.00
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