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Edibas Collections Juventus. I Piu Forti Siamo Noi

Edibas Collections Juventus. I Piu Forti Siamo Noi

Year: 2008
Total cards: 103

Collection preview (89% scanned images)

collecting: 9 / completed: 0


1Amauri-2008-2009 / In Action606.00
2Gianluigi Buffon-2008-2009 / In Action707.00
3Mauro Camoranesi-2008-2009 / In Action606.00
4Giorgio Chiellini-2008-2009 / In Action707.00
5Antonio Chimenti-2008-2009 / In Action606.00
6Paolo De Ceglie-2008-2009 / In Action606.00
7Alessandro Del Piero-2008-2009 / In Action707.00
8Albin Ekdal-2008-2009 / In Action606.00
9Sebastian Giovinco-2008-2009 / In Action606.00
10Zdenek Grygera-2008-2009 / In Action606.00
11Vincenzo Iaguinta-2008-2009 / In Action606.00
12Dario Knezevic-2008-2009 / In Action616.00
13Nicola Legrottaglie-2008-2009 / In Action616.00
14Alexander Manninger-2008-2009 / In Action606.00
15Marco Marchionni-2008-2009 / In Action606.00
16Claudio Marchisio-2008-2009 / In Action707.00
17Olof Mellberg-2008-2009 / In Action606.00
18Cristian Molinaro-2008-2009 / In Action616.00
19Pavel Nedved-2008-2009 / In Action808.00
20Christian Poulsen-2008-2009 / In Action606.00
21Hasan Salihamidzic-2008-2009 / In Action707.00
22Mohammed Sissoko-2008-2009 / In Action616.00
23Tiago-2008-2009 / In Action606.00
24David Trezeguet-2008-2009 / In Action707.00
25Cristiano Zanetti-2008-2009 / In Action616.00
26Jonathan Zebina-2008-2009 / In Action616.00
27Amauri-2008-2009 / Statistics606.00
28Gianluigi Buffon-2008-2009 / Statistics808.00
29Mauro Camoranesi-2008-2009 / Statistics606.00
30Giorgio Chiellini-2008-2009 / Statistics707.00
31Antonio Chimenti-2008-2009 / Statistics606.00
32Paolo De Ceglie-2008-2009 / Statistics606.00
33Alessandro Del Piero-2008-2009 / Statistics808.00
34Albin Ekdal-2008-2009 / Statistics606.00
35Sebastian Giovinco-2008-2009 / Statistics606.00
36Zdenek Grygera-2008-2009 / Statistics606.00
37Vincenzo Iaguinta-2008-2009 / Statistics606.00
38Dario Knezevic-2008-2009 / Statistics606.00
39Nicola Legrottaglie-2008-2009 / Statistics606.00
40Alexander Manninger-2008-2009 / Statistics707.00
41Marco Marchionni-2008-2009 / Statistics606.00
42Claudio Marchisio-2008-2009 / Statistics707.00
43Olof Mellberg-2008-2009 / Statistics606.00
44Cristian Molinaro-2008-2009 / Statistics606.00
45Pavel Nedved-2008-2009 / Statistics808.00
46Christian Poulsen-2008-2009 / Statistics606.00
47Hasan Salihamidzic-2008-2009 / Statistics707.00
48Mohammed Sissoko-2008-2009 / Statistics606.00
49Tiago-2008-2009 / Statistics606.00
50David Trezeguet-2008-2009 / Statistics808.00
51Cristiano Zanetti-2008-2009 / Statistics606.00
52Jonathan Zebina-2008-2009 / Statistics606.00
53Claudio Ranieri-2008-2009 / Manager707.00
54Squadra-2008-2009 / Squadra606.00
55Scudetto-2008-2009 / Scudetto606.00
56Roberto Baggio-Legends808.00
57Romeo Benetti-Legends606.00
58Roberto Battega-Legends606.00
59Zbigniew Boniek-Legends808.00
60Massimo Bonini-Legends606.00
61Giampiero Boniperti-Legends606.00
62Sergio Brio-Legends606.00
63Antonio Cabrini-Legends606.00
64Fabio Capello-Legends606.00
65Franco Causio-Legends606.00
66Antonio Conte-Legends606.00
67Antonello Cuccureddu-Legends606.00
68Edgar Davids-Legends808.00
69Didier Deschamps-Legends707.00
70Angelo Di Livio-Legends606.00
71Ciro Ferrara-Legends616.00
72Giuseppe Furino-Legends616.00
73Claudio Gentile-Legends606.00
74Paulo Sousa-Legends606.00
75Angelo Peruzzi-Legends707.00
76Gianluca Pessotto-Legends616.00
77Michel Platini-Legends808.00
78Fabrizio Ravanelli-Legends707.00
79Paolo Rossi-Legends707.00
80Salvatore Schillaci-Legends606.00
81Gaetano Scirea-Legends606.00
82Omar Sivori-Legends606.00
83Alessio Tacchinardi-Legends606.00
84Marco Tardelli-Legends606.00
85Lilian Thuram-Legends707.00
86Gianluca Vialli-Legends707.00
87Zinedine Zidane-Legends909.00
88Dino Zoff-Legends707.00
89Goal 1-Goal606.00
90Goal 2-Goal616.00
91Goal 3-Goal606.00
92Goal 4-Goal606.00
93Goal 5-Goal616.00
94Goal 6-Goal606.00
95Goal 7-Goal606.00
96Goal 8-Goal606.00
97Tifo 1-Tifo616.00
98Tifo 2-Tifo616.00
99Tifo 3-Tifo606.00
100Tifo 4-Tifo606.00
101Checklist 1-Checklist616.00
102Checklist 2-Checklist616.00