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Futera West Ham United Fans' Selection 2000

Futera West Ham United Fans' Selection 2000

Year: 2000
Total cards: 37

West Ham United Fans' Selection Football Card 2000.

collecting: 10 / completed: 1


1Shaka HislopMillenniumBase card505.00
1cShaka HislopMillenniumBase card / Chrome414.00
2Stuart PearceMillenniumBase card505.00
2cStuart PearceMillenniumBase card / Chrome404.00
3Igor StimacMillenniumBase card202.00
3cIgor StimacMillenniumBase card / Chrome404.00
4Rio FerdinandMillenniumBase card212.00
4cRio FerdinandMillenniumBase card / Chrome505.00
5Marc-Vivien FoeMillenniumBase card404.00
5cMarc-Vivien FoeMillenniumBase card / Chrome404.00
6Steve PottsMillenniumBase card414.00
6cSteve PottsMillenniumBase card / Chrome404.00
7Frank LampardMillenniumBase card505.00
7cFrank LampardMillenniumBase card / Chrome505.00
8Trevor SinclairMillenniumBase card404.00
8cTrevor SinclairMillenniumBase card / Chrome404.00
9Steve LomasMillenniumBase card212.00
9cSteve LomasMillenniumBase card / Chrome404.00
10Paolo Di CanioMillenniumBase card505.00
10cPaolo Di CanioMillenniumBase card / Chrome505.00
11Paulo WanchopeMillenniumBase card212.00
11cPaulo WanchopeMillenniumBase card / Chrome404.00
12Joe ColeMillenniumBase card505.00
12cJoe ColeMillenniumBase card / Chrome404.00
13Harry RedknappThe BossBase card212.00
13cHarry RedknappThe BossBase card / Chrome505.00
14EmblemWest Ham UnitedBase card422.00
14cEmblemWest Ham UnitedBase card / Chrome404.00
15Neil RuddockWantedBase card212.00
15cNeil RuddockWantedBase card / Chrome505.00
16Ian WrightAttitudeBase card202.00
16cIan WrightAttitudeBase card / Chrome404.00
17Paolo Di CanioExplosiveBase card606.00
17cPaolo Di CanioExplosiveBase card / Chrome404.00
18ChecklistWest Ham UnitedBase card404.00
18cChecklistWest Ham UnitedBase card / Chrome404.00
MillenniumTeam card303.00
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