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Fleer European NBA 1995-1996

Fleer European NBA 1995-1996

Year: 1995
Total cards: 509

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 51 / completed: 12


1Stacey AugmonAtlanta HawksS1. Base card7100.70
2Mookie BlaylockAtlanta HawksS1. Base card1091.11
3Craig EhloAtlanta HawksS1. Base card4130.31
4Andrew LangAtlanta HawksS1. Base card5160.31
5Grant LongAtlanta HawksS1. Base card6110.55
6Ken NormanAtlanta HawksS1. Base card6110.55
7Steve SmithAtlanta HawksS1. Base card9140.64
8Dee BrownBoston CelticsS1. Base card6170.35
9Sherman DouglasBoston CelticsS1. Base card6100.60
10Eric MontrossBoston CelticsS1. Base card9120.75
11Dino RadjaBoston CelticsS1. Base card5120.42
12David WesleyBoston CelticsS1. Base card8110.73
13Dominique WilkinsBoston CelticsS1. Base card890.89
14Muggsy BoguesCharlotte HornetsS1. Base card4110.36
15Scott BurrellCharlotte HornetsS1. Base card6110.55
16Dell CurryCharlotte HornetsS1. Base card7150.47
17Hersey HawkinsCharlotte HornetsS1. Base card6100.60
18Larry JohnsonCharlotte HornetsS1. Base card6110.55
19Alonzo MourningCharlotte HornetsS1. Base card8100.80
20Robert ParishCharlotte HornetsS1. Base card9110.82
21B.J. ArmstrongChicago BullsS1. Base card8110.73
22Michael JordanChicago BullsS1. Base card1362.17
23Steve KerrChicago BullsS1. Base card7120.58
24Toni KukocChicago BullsS1. Base card8120.67
25Will PerdueChicago BullsS1. Base card9140.64
26Scottie PippenChicago BullsS1. Base card1171.57
27Terrell BrandonCleveland CavaliersS1. Base card7130.54
28Tyrone HillCleveland CavaliersS1. Base card4120.33
29Chris MillsCleveland CavaliersS1. Base card6130.46
30Bobby PhillsCleveland CavaliersS1. Base card6140.43
31Mark PriceCleveland CavaliersS1. Base card8120.67
32John WilliamsCleveland CavaliersS1. Base card6120.50
33Lucious HarrisDallas MavericksS1. Base card7120.58
34Jim JacksonDallas MavericksS1. Base card4150.27
35Popeye JonesDallas MavericksS1. Base card9100.90
36Jason KiddDallas MavericksS1. Base card7120.58
37Jamal MashburnDallas MavericksS1. Base card6120.50
38George McCloudDallas MavericksS1. Base card6140.43
39Roy TarpleyDallas MavericksS1. Base card4130.31
40Lorenzo WilliamsDallas MavericksS1. Base card981.13
41Mahmoud Abdul-RaufDenver NuggetsS1. Base card8100.80
42Dale EllisDenver NuggetsS1. Base card7110.64
43LaPhonso EllisDenver NuggetsS1. Base card871.14
44Dikembe MutomboDenver NuggetsS1. Base card9120.75
45Robert PackDenver NuggetsS1. Base card10101.00
46Rodney RogersDenver NuggetsS1. Base card1091.11
47Jalen RoseDenver NuggetsS1. Base card890.89
48Bryant StithDenver NuggetsS1. Base card5120.42
49Reggie WilliamsDenver NuggetsS1. Base card10110.91
50Joe DumarsDetroit PistonsS1. Base card8110.73
51Grant HillDetroit PistonsS1. Base card861.33
52Allan HoustonDetroit PistonsS1. Base card9140.64
53Lindsey HunterDetroit PistonsS1. Base card7130.54
54Oliver MillerDetroit PistonsS1. Base card680.75
55Terry MillsDetroit PistonsS1. Base card6150.40
56Mark WestDetroit PistonsS1. Base card7130.54
57Chris GatlingGolden State WarriorsS1. Base card8130.62
58Tim HardawayGolden State WarriorsS1. Base card9100.90
59Donyell MarshallGolden State WarriorsS1. Base card771.00
60Chris MullinGolden State WarriorsS1. Base card7120.58
61Carlos RogersGolden State WarriorsS1. Base card7100.70
62Clifford RozierGolden State WarriorsS1. Base card1061.67
63Rony SeikalyGolden State WarriorsS1. Base card10120.83
64Latrell SprewellGolden State WarriorsS1. Base card8100.80
65Sam CassellHouston RocketsS1. Base card5110.45
66Clyde DrexlerHouston RocketsS1. Base card1091.11
67Mario ElieHouston RocketsS1. Base card9130.69
68Carl HerreraHouston RocketsS1. Base card5150.33
69Robert HorryHouston RocketsS1. Base card7120.58
70Vernon MaxwellHouston RocketsS1. Base card8110.73
71Hakeem OlajuwonHouston RocketsS1. Base card8140.57
72Kenny SmithHouston RocketsS1. Base card7120.58
73Dale DavisIndiana PacersS1. Base card7120.58
74Mark JacksonIndiana PacersS1. Base card8100.80
75Derrick McKeyIndiana PacersS1. Base card4120.33
76Reggie MillerIndiana PacersS1. Base card881.00
77Sam MitchellIndiana PacersS1. Base card9120.75
78Byron ScottIndiana PacersS1. Base card5130.38
79Rik SmitsIndiana PacersS1. Base card10101.00
80Terry DehereLos Angeles ClippersS1. Base card7110.64
81Tony MassenburgLos Angeles ClippersS1. Base card5160.31
82Lamond MurrayLos Angeles ClippersS1. Base card4130.31
83Pooh RichardsonLos Angeles ClippersS1. Base card8110.73
84Malik SealyLos Angeles ClippersS1. Base card881.00
85Loy VaughtLos Angeles ClippersS1. Base card871.14
86Elden CampbellLos Angeles LakersS1. Base card1091.11
87Cedric CeballosLos Angeles LakersS1. Base card761.17
88Vlade DivacLos Angeles LakersS1. Base card1091.11
89Eddie JonesLos Angeles LakersS1. Base card981.13
90Anthony PeelerLos Angeles LakersS1. Base card6110.55
91Sedale ThreattLos Angeles LakersS1. Base card9130.69
92Nick Van ExelLos Angeles LakersS1. Base card7100.70
93Bimbo ColesMiami HeatS1. Base card1271.71
94Matt GeigerMiami HeatS1. Base card8120.67
95Billy OwensMiami HeatS1. Base card8110.73
96Khalid ReevesMiami HeatS1. Base card8120.67
97Glen RiceMiami HeatS1. Base card690.67
98John SalleyMiami HeatS1. Base card8110.73
99Kevin WillisMiami HeatS1. Base card1281.50
100Vin BakerMilwaukee BucksS1. Base card1191.22
101Marty ConlonMilwaukee BucksS1. Base card7100.70
102Todd DayMilwaukee BucksS1. Base card7140.50
103Lee MayberryMilwaukee BucksS1. Base card5110.45
104Eric MurdockMilwaukee BucksS1. Base card771.00
105Glenn RobinsonMilwaukee BucksS1. Base card981.13
106Winston GarlandMinnesota TimberwolvesS1. Base card590.56
107Tom GugliottaMinnesota TimberwolvesS1. Base card790.78
108Christian LaettnerMinnesota TimberwolvesS1. Base card7120.58
109Isaiah RiderMinnesota TimberwolvesS1. Base card8120.67
110Sean RooksMinnesota TimberwolvesS1. Base card580.63
111Doug WestMinnesota TimberwolvesS1. Base card1071.43
112Kenny AndersonNew Jersey NetsS1. Base card1181.38
113Benoit BenjaminNew Jersey NetsS1. Base card7150.47
114P.J. BrownNew Jersey NetsS1. Base card9130.69
115Derrick ColemanNew Jersey NetsS1. Base card8120.67
116Armon GilliamNew Jersey NetsS1. Base card771.00
117Chris MorrisNew Jersey NetsS1. Base card9150.60
118Rex WaltersNew Jersey NetsS1. Base card1081.25
119Hubert DavisNew York KnicksS1. Base card971.29
120Patrick EwingNew York KnicksS1. Base card981.13
121Derek HarperNew York KnicksS1. Base card6100.60
122Anthony MasonNew York KnicksS1. Base card8110.73
123Charles OakleyNew York KnicksS1. Base card1191.22
124Charles SmithNew York KnicksS1. Base card9140.64
125John StarksNew York KnicksS1. Base card881.00
126Nick AndersonOrlando MagicS1. Base card8140.57
127Anthony BowieOrlando MagicS1. Base card6120.50
128Horace GrantOrlando MagicS1. Base card1381.63
129Anfernee HardawayOrlando MagicS1. Base card971.29
130Shaquille O'NealOrlando MagicS1. Base card1271.71
131Donald RoyalOrlando MagicS1. Base card5120.42
132Dennis ScottOrlando MagicS1. Base card10110.91
133Brian ShawOrlando MagicS1. Base card7100.70
134Derrick AlstonPhiladelphia 76ersS1. Base card9100.90
135Dana BarrosPhiladelphia 76ersS1. Base card7110.64
136Shawn BradleyPhiladelphia 76ersS1. Base card771.00
137Willie BurtonPhiladelphia 76ersS1. Base card790.78
138Clarence WeatherspoonPhiladelphia 76ersS1. Base card790.78
139Scott WilliamsPhiladelphia 76ersS1. Base card9130.69
140Sharone WrightPhiladelphia 76ersS1. Base card780.88
141Danny AingePhoenix SunsS1. Base card7120.58
142Charles BarkleyPhoenix SunsS1. Base card9110.82
143A.C. GreenPhoenix SunsS1. Base card670.86
144Kevin JohnsonPhoenix SunsS1. Base card9100.90
145Dan MajerlePhoenix SunsS1. Base card4120.33
146Danny ManningPhoenix SunsS1. Base card8100.80
147Elliot PerryPhoenix SunsS1. Base card680.75
148Wesley PersonPhoenix SunsS1. Base card8100.80
149Wayman TisdalePhoenix SunsS1. Base card890.89
150Chris DudleyPortland Trail BlazersS1. Base card9110.82
151Jerome KerseyPortland Trail BlazersS1. Base card861.33
152Aaron McKiePortland Trail BlazersS1. Base card871.14
153Terry PorterPortland Trail BlazersS1. Base card971.29
154Clifford RobinsonPortland Trail BlazersS1. Base card991.00
155James RobinsonPortland Trail BlazersS1. Base card6120.50
156Rod StricklandPortland Trail BlazersS1. Base card9140.64
157Otis ThorpePortland Trail BlazersS1. Base card771.00
158Buck WilliamsPortland Trail BlazersS1. Base card1191.22
159Brian GrantSacramento KingsS1. Base card6120.50
160Bobby HurleySacramento KingsS1. Base card6100.60
161Olden PolyniceSacramento KingsS1. Base card7140.50
162Mitch RichmondSacramento KingsS1. Base card1061.67
163Michael SmithSacramento KingsS1. Base card890.89
164Spud WebbSacramento KingsS1. Base card7130.54
165Walt WilliamsSacramento KingsS1. Base card9110.82
166Terry CummingsSan Antonio SpursS1. Base card1081.25
167Vinny Del NegroSan Antonio SpursS1. Base card9120.75
168Sean ElliottSan Antonio SpursS1. Base card881.00
169Avery JohnsonSan Antonio SpursS1. Base card11111.00
170Chuck PersonSan Antonio SpursS1. Base card10101.00
171J.R. ReidSan Antonio SpursS1. Base card13131.00
172Doc RiversSan Antonio SpursS1. Base card11120.92
173David RobinsonSan Antonio SpursS1. Base card1391.44
174Dennis RodmanSan Antonio SpursS1. Base card1572.14
175Vincent AskewSeattle SuperSonicsS1. Base card6140.43
176Kendall GillSeattle SuperSonicsS1. Base card5100.50
177Shawn KempSeattle SuperSonicsS1. Base card971.29
178Sarunas MarciulionisSeattle SuperSonicsS1. Base card1181.38
179Nate McMillanSeattle SuperSonicsS1. Base card790.78
180Gary PaytonSeattle SuperSonicsS1. Base card6100.60
181Sam PerkinsSeattle SuperSonicsS1. Base card991.00
182Detlef SchrempfSeattle SuperSonicsS1. Base card14101.40
183David BenoitUtah JazzS1. Base card8110.73
184Antoine CarrUtah JazzS1. Base card7140.50
185Blue EdwardsUtah JazzS1. Base card6100.60
186Jeff HornacekUtah JazzS1. Base card6130.46
187Adam KeefeUtah JazzS1. Base card8100.80
188Karl MaloneUtah JazzS1. Base card881.00
189Felton SpencerUtah JazzS1. Base card5110.45
190John StocktonUtah JazzS1. Base card1472.00
191Rex ChapmanWashington BulletsS1. Base card9110.82
192Calbert CheaneyWashington BulletsS1. Base card890.89
193Juwan HowardWashington BulletsS1. Base card590.56
194Don MacLeanWashington BulletsS1. Base card9120.75
195Gheorghe MuresanWashington BulletsS1. Base card1381.63
196Scott SkilesWashington BulletsS1. Base card7110.64
197Chris WebberWashington BulletsS1. Base card1091.11
198Mookie BlaylockAtlanta HawksS1. Base card5100.50
199Patrick EwingNew York KnicksS1. Base card991.00
200Michael JordanChicago BullsS1. Base card1462.33
201Alonzo MourningCharlotte HornetsS1. Base card9100.90
202Dikembe MutomboDenver NuggetsS1. Base card10110.91
203Hakeem OlajuwonHouston RocketsS1. Base card981.13
204Shaquille O'NealOrlando MagicS1. Base card1352.60
205Gary PaytonSeattle SuperSonicsS1. Base card1443.50
206Scottie PippenChicago BullsS1. Base card1562.50
207David RobinsonSan Antonio SpursS1. Base card1543.75
208Dennis RodmanSan Antonio SpursS1. Base card1863.00
209John StocktonUtah JazzS1. Base card12101.20
210Brian GrantSacramento KingsS1. Base card8110.73
211Grant HillDetroit PistonsS1. Base card9100.90
212Juwan HowardWashington BulletsS1. Base card5140.36
213Eddie JonesLos Angeles LakersS1. Base card5110.45
214Jason KiddDallas MavericksS1. Base card10101.00
215Donyell MarshallGolden State WarriorsS1. Base card771.00
216Eric MontrossBoston CelticsS1. Base card8120.67
217Lamond MurrayLos Angeles ClippersS1. Base card5120.42
218Wesley PersonPhoenix SunsS1. Base card1071.43
219Khalid ReevesMiami HeatS1. Base card1243.00
220Glenn RobinsonMilwaukee BucksS1. Base card1535.00
221Jalen RoseDenver NuggetsS1. Base card1427.00
222Clifford RozierGolden State WarriorsS1. Base card1133.67
223Michael SmithSacramento KingsS1. Base card1152.20
224Sharone WrightPhiladelphia 76ersS1. Base card942.25
225Grant Hill / Charles BarkleyDetroit Pistons / Phoenix SunsS1. Base card1262.00
226Scottie Pippen / Shawn KempChicago Bulls / Seattle SuperSonicsS1. Base card7100.70
227Shaquille O'Neal / Hakeem OlajuwonOrlando Magic / Houston RocketsS1. Base card1291.33
228Anfernee Hardaway / Dan MajerleOrlando Magic / Phoenix SunsS1. Base card6100.60
229Reggie Miller / Latrell SprewellIndiana Pacers / Golden State WarriorsS1. Base card1281.50
230Vin Baker / Cedric CeballosMilwaukee Bucks / Phoenix SunsS1. Base card9120.75
231Tyrone Hill / Karl MaloneUtah Jazz / Cleveland CavaliersS1. Base card1171.57
232Larry Johnson / Detlef SchrempfCharlotte Hornets / Seattle SuperSonicsS1. Base card1452.80
233Patrick Ewing / David RobinsonNew York Knicks / San Antonio SpursS1. Base card1252.40
234Alonzo Mourning / Dikembe MutomboCharlotte Hornets / Denver NuggetsS1. Base card1662.67
235Dana Barros / Gary PaytonPhiladelphia 76ers / Seattle SuperSonicsS1. Base card1543.75
236Joe Dumars / John StocktonDetroit Pistons / Utah JazzS1. Base card1535.00
237Mitch RichmondSacramento KingsS1. Base card942.25
238Atlanta Hawks LogoAtlanta HawksS1. Base card8120.67
239Boston Celtics LogoBoston CelticsS1. Base card8140.57
240Charlotte Hornets LogoCharlotte HornetsS1. Base card8100.80
241Chicago Bulls LogoChicago BullsS1. Base card1281.50
242Cleveland Cavaliers LogoCleveland CavaliersS1. Base card8140.57
243Dallas Mavericks LogoDallas MavericksS1. Base card6160.38
244Denver Nuggets LogoDenver NuggetsS1. Base card8150.53
245Detroit Pistons LogoDetroit PistonsS1. Base card6170.35
246Golden State Warriors LogoGolden State WarriorsS1. Base card8170.47
247Houston Rockets LogoHouston RocketsS1. Base card10110.91
248Indiana Pacers LogoIndiana PacersS1. Base card1271.71
249Los Angeles Clippers LogoLos Angeles ClippersS1. Base card1343.25
250Los Angeles Lakers LogoLos Angeles LakersS1. Base card1152.20
251Miami Heat LogoMiami HeatS1. Base card1381.63
252Milwaukee Bucks LogoMilwaukee BucksS1. Base card1271.71
253Minnesota Timberwolves LogoMinnesota TimberwolvesS1. Base card1161.83
254New Jersey Nets LogoNew Jersey NetsS1. Base card981.13
255New York Knicks LogoNew York KnicksS1. Base card1181.38
256Orlando Magic LogoOrlando MagicS1. Base card1081.25
257Philadelphia 76ers LogoPhiladelphia 76ersS1. Base card1181.38
258Phoenix Suns LogoPhoenix SunsS1. Base card951.80
259Portland Trailblazers LogoPortland Trail BlazersS1. Base card1371.86
260Sacramento Kings LogoSacramento KingsS1. Base card11111.00
261San Antonio Spurs LogoSan Antonio SpursS1. Base card1481.75
262Seattle Supersonics LogoSeattle SuperSonicsS1. Base card1472.00
263Toronto Raptors LogoToronto RaptorsS1. Base card1491.56
264Utah Jazz LogoUtah JazzS1. Base card1362.17
265Vancouver Grizzlies LogoVancouver GrizzliesS1. Base card1572.14
266Washington Bullets LogoWashington BulletsS1. Base card1371.86
267NBA Logo-S1. Base card1362.17
268Checklist-S1. Base card1829.00
269Checklist-S1. Base card1371.86
270Checklist-S1. Base card1662.67
271Stacey AugmonAtlanta HawksS2. Base card340.75
272Mookie BlaylockAtlanta HawksS2. Base card350.60
273Grant LongAtlanta HawksS2. Base card350.60
274Ken NormanAtlanta HawksS2. Base card431.33
275Steve SmithAtlanta HawksS2. Base card331.00
276Spud WebbAtlanta HawksS2. Base card522.50
277Dana BarrosBoston CelticsS2. Base card331.00
278Rick FoxBoston CelticsS2. Base card441.00
279Kendall GillCharlotte HornetsS2. Base card321.50
280Khalid ReevesCharlotte HornetsS2. Base card370.43
281Glen RiceCharlotte HornetsS2. Base card313.00
282Luc LongleyChicago BullsS2. Base card321.50
283Dennis RodmanChicago BullsS2. Base card522.50
284Dan MajerleCleveland CavaliersS2. Base card441.00
285Tony DumasDallas MavericksS2. Base card313.00
286Elmore SpencerDenver NuggetsS2. Base card441.00
287Otis ThorpeDetroit PistonsS2. Base card331.00
288B.J. ArmstrongGolden State WarriorsS2. Base card616.00
289Sam CassellHouston RocketsS2. Base card350.60
290Clyde DrexlerHouston RocketsS2. Base card404.00
291Mario ElieHouston RocketsS2. Base card340.75
292Robert HorryHouston RocketsS2. Base card350.60
293Hakeem OlajuwonHouston RocketsS2. Base card623.00
294Kenny SmithHouston RocketsS2. Base card441.00
295Antonio DavisIndiana PacersS2. Base card331.00
296Eddie JohnsonIndiana PacersS2. Base card441.00
297Ricky PierceIndiana PacersS2. Base card331.00
298Eric PiatkowskiLos Angeles ClippersS2. Base card422.00
299Rodney RogersLos Angeles ClippersS2. Base card531.67
300Brian WilliamsLos Angeles ClippersS2. Base card313.00
301Corie BlountLos Angeles LakersS2. Base card515.00
302George LynchLos Angeles LakersS2. Base card414.00
303Kevin GambleMiami HeatS2. Base card431.33
304Alonzo MourningMiami HeatS2. Base card331.00
305Eric MobleyMilwaukee BucksS2. Base card331.00
306Terry PorterMinnesota TimberwolvesS2. Base card350.60
307Micheal WilliamsMinnesota TimberwolvesS2. Base card313.00
308Kevin EdwardsNew Jersey NetsS2. Base card422.00
309Vern FlemingNew Jersey NetsS2. Base card331.00
310Charlie WardNew York KnicksS2. Base card331.00
311Jon KoncakOrlando MagicS2. Base card522.50
312Richard DumasPhiladelphia 76ersS2. Base card313.00
313Jeff MalonePhiladelphia 76ersS2. Base card303.00
314Vernon MaxwellPhiladelphia 76ersS2. Base card431.33
315John WilliamsPhoenix SunsS2. Base card531.67
316Harvey GrantPortland Trail BlazersS2. Base card321.50
317Dontonio WingfieldPortland Trail BlazersS2. Base card422.00
318Tyrone CorbinSacramento KingsS2. Base card331.00
319Sarunas MarciulionisSacramento KingsS2. Base card441.00
320Will PerdueSan Antonio SpursS2. Base card522.50
321Hersey HawkinsSeattle SuperSonicsS2. Base card515.00
322Ervin JohnsonSeattle SuperSonicsS2. Base card515.00
323Shawn KempSeattle SuperSonicsS2. Base card331.00
324Gary PaytonSeattle SuperSonicsS2. Base card331.00
325Sam PerkinsSeattle SuperSonicsS2. Base card431.33
326Detlef SchrempfSeattle SuperSonicsS2. Base card340.75
327Chris MorrisUtah JazzS2. Base card313.00
328Robert PackWashington BulletsS2. Base card431.33
329Willie AndersonToronto RaptorsS2. Base card331.00
330Jimmy KingToronto RaptorsS2. Base card331.00
331Oliver MillerToronto RaptorsS2. Base card431.33
332Tracy MurrayToronto RaptorsS2. Base card441.00
333Ed PinckneyToronto RaptorsS2. Base card422.00
334Alvin RobertsonToronto RaptorsS2. Base card431.33
335Carlos RogersToronto RaptorsS2. Base card321.50
336John SalleyToronto RaptorsS2. Base card340.75
337Damon StoudamireToronto RaptorsS2. Base card441.00
338Zan TabakToronto RaptorsS2. Base card431.33
339Ashraf AmayaVancouver GrizzliesS2. Base card321.50
340Greg AnthonyVancouver GrizzliesS2. Base card331.00
341Benoit BenjaminVancouver GrizzliesS2. Base card522.50
342Blue EdwardsVancouver GrizzliesS2. Base card441.00
343Kenny GattisonVancouver GrizzliesS2. Base card331.00
344Antonio HarveyVancouver GrizzliesS2. Base card431.33
345Chris KingVancouver GrizzliesS2. Base card441.00
346Lawrence MotenVancouver GrizzliesS2. Base card422.00
347Bryant ReevesVancouver GrizzliesS2. Base card340.75
348Byron ScottVancouver GrizzliesS2. Base card340.75
349Cory AlexanderSan Antonio SpursS2. Base card515.00
350Jerome AllenMinnesota TimberwolvesS2. Base card331.00
351Brent BarryLos Angeles ClippersS2. Base card522.50
352Mario BennettPhoenix SunsS2. Base card431.33
353Travis BestIndiana PacersS2. Base card422.00
354Junior BurroughBoston CelticsS2. Base card431.33
355Jason CaffeyChicago BullsS2. Base card340.75
356Randolph ChildressPortland Trail BlazersS2. Base card641.50
357Sasha DanilovicMiami HeatS2. Base card431.33
358Mark DavisMinnesota TimberwolvesS2. Base card313.00
359Tyus EdneySacramento KingsS2. Base card313.00
360Michael FinleyPhoenix SunsS2. Base card522.50
361Sherrell FordSeattle SuperSonicsS2. Base card422.00
362Kevin GarnettMinnesota TimberwolvesS2. Base card623.00
363Alan HendersonAtlanta HawksS2. Base card522.50
364Frankie KingLos Angeles LakersS2. Base card431.33
365Jimmy KingToronto RaptorsS2. Base card531.67
366Donny MarshallCleveland CavaliersS2. Base card422.00
367Antonio McDyessDenver NuggetsS2. Base card313.00
368Loren MeyerDallas MavericksS2. Base card313.00
369Lawrence MotenVancouver GrizzliesS2. Base card321.50
370Ed O'BannonNew Jersey NetsS2. Base card321.50
371Greg OstertagUtah JazzS2. Base card321.50
372Cherokee ParksDallas MavericksS2. Base card331.00
373Theo RatliffDetroit PistonsS2. Base card313.00
374Bryant ReevesVancouver GrizzliesS2. Base card431.33
375Shawn RespertMilwaukee BucksS2. Base card404.00
376Lou RoeDetroit PistonsS2. Base card321.50
377Arvydas SabonisPortland Trail BlazersS2. Base card541.25
378Joe SmithGolden State WarriorsS2. Base card531.67
379Jerry StackhousePhiladelphia 76ersS2. Base card414.00
380Damon StoudamireToronto RaptorsS2. Base card331.00
381Bob SuraCleveland CavaliersS2. Base card321.50
382Kurt ThomasMiami HeatS2. Base card321.50
383Gary TrentPortland Trail BlazersS2. Base card450.80
384David VaughnOrlando MagicS2. Base card221.00
385Rasheed WallaceWashington BulletsS2. Base card632.00
386Eric WilliamsBoston CelticsS2. Base card321.50
387Corliss WilliamsonSacramento KingsS2. Base card321.50
388George ZidekCharlotte HornetsS2. Base card441.00
389Checklist-S2. Base card441.00
390Checklist-S2. Base card531.67
391Mookie BlaylockAtlanta HawksS2. Base card431.33
392Dino RadjaBoston CelticsS2. Base card531.67
393Larry JohnsonCharlotte HornetsS2. Base card404.00
394Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. Base card909.00
395Tyrone HillCleveland CavaliersS2. Base card340.75
396Jason KiddDallas MavericksS2. Base card531.67
397Dikembe MutomboDenver NuggetsS2. Base card515.00
398Grant HillDetroit PistonsS2. Base card431.33
399Joe SmithGolden State WarriorsS2. Base card321.50
400Hakeem OlajuwonHouston RocketsS2. Base card707.00
401Reggie MillerIndiana PacersS2. Base card818.00
402Loy VaughtLos Angeles ClippersS2. Base card321.50
403Nick Van ExelLos Angeles LakersS2. Base card515.00
404Alonzo MourningMiami HeatS2. Base card313.00
405Glenn RobinsonMilwaukee BucksS2. Base card404.00
406Kevin GarnettMinnesota TimberwolvesS2. Base card741.75
407Kenny AndersonNew Jersey NetsS2. Base card505.00
408Patrick EwingNew York KnicksS2. Base card717.00
409Shaquille O'NealOrlando MagicS2. Base card606.00
410Jerry StackhousePhiladelphia 76ersS2. Base card404.00
411Charles BarkleyPhoenix SunsS2. Base card623.00
412Clifford RobinsonPortland Trail BlazersS2. Base card340.75
413Mitch RichmondSacramento KingsS2. Base card515.00
414David RobinsonSan Antonio SpursS2. Base card623.00
415Shawn KempSeattle SuperSonicsS2. Base card623.00
416Damon StoudamireToronto RaptorsS2. Base card431.33
417Karl MaloneUtah JazzS2. Base card623.00
418Bryant ReevesVancouver GrizzliesS2. Base card422.00
419Chris WebberWashington BulletsS2. Base card808.00
420Shawn KempSeattle SuperSonicsS2. Base card13013.00
421Karl MaloneUtah JazzS2. Base card14014.00
422Antonio McDyessDenver NuggetsS2. Base card909.00
423Alonzo MourningMiami HeatS2. Base card14014.00
424Hakeem OlajuwonHouston RocketsS2. Base card14014.00
425Shaquille O'NealOrlando MagicS2. Base card15015.00
426David RobinsonSan Antonio SpursS2. Base card13013.00
427Glenn RobinsonMilwaukee BucksS2. Base card13013.00
428Joe SmithGolden State WarriorsS2. Base card13013.00
429Chris WebberGolden State WarriorsS2. Base card14014.00
430Derrick AlstonPhiladelphia 76ersS2. Base card824.00
431Brian GrantSacramento KingsS2. Base card606.00
432Grant HillDetroit PistonsS2. Base card909.00
433Juwan HowardWashington BulletsS2. Base card909.00
434Eddie JonesLos Angeles LakersS2. Base card808.00
435Jason KiddDallas MavericksS2. Base card808.00
436Donyell MarshallCleveland CavaliersS2. Base card808.00
437Anthony MillerLos Angeles LakersS2. Base card707.00
438Eric MobleyMinnesota TimberwolvesS2. Base card707.00
439Eric MontrossBoston CelticsS2. Base card616.00
440Lamond MurrayLos Angeles ClippersS2. Base card616.00
441Wesley PersonPhoenix SunsS2. Base card616.00
442Eric PiatkowskiLos Angeles ClippersS2. Base card616.00
443Khalid ReevesDenver NuggetsS2. Base card404.00
444Glenn RobinsonMilwaukee BucksS2. Base card707.00
445Carlos RogersGolden State WarriorsS2. Base card515.00
446Jalen RoseDenver NuggetsS2. Base card616.00
447Clifford RozierGolden State WarriorsS2. Base card808.00
448Michael SmithSacramento KingsS2. Base card616.00
449Sharone WrightPhiladelphia 76ersS2. Base card505.00
450Brent BarryLos Angeles ClippersS2. Base card616.00
451Jason CaffeyChicago BullsS2. Base card909.00
452Randolph ChildressPortland Trail BlazersS2. Base card10010.00
453Kevin GarnettMinnesota TimberwolvesS2. Base card11011.00
454Alan HendersonAtlanta HawksS2. Base card11011.00
455Antonio McDyessDenver NuggetsS2. Base card909.00
456Ed O'BannonNew Jersey NetsS2. Base card909.00
457Cherokee ParksDallas MavericksS2. Base card10010.00
458Theo RatliffDetroit PistonsS2. Base card10010.00
459Bryant ReevesVancouver GrizzliesS2. Base card808.00
460Shawn RespertMilwaukee BucksS2. Base card808.00
461Joe SmithGolden State WarriorsS2. Base card808.00
462Jerry StackhousePhiladelphia 76ersS2. Base card919.00
463Damon StoudamireToronto RaptorsS2. Base card919.00
464Bob SuraCleveland CavaliersS2. Base card10110.00
465Kurt ThomasMiami HeatS2. Base card909.00
466Gary TrentPortland Trail BlazersS2. Base card10010.00
467Rasheed WallaceWashington BulletsS2. Base card808.00
468Eric WilliamsBoston CelticsS2. Base card808.00
469Corliss WilliamsonSacramento KingsS2. Base card10010.00
470Mookie BlaylockAtlanta HawksS2. Base card616.00
471Vlade DivacLos Angeles LakersS2. Base card717.00
472Clyde DrexlerHouston RocketsS2. Base card606.00
473Patrick EwingNew York KnicksS2. Base card531.67
474Horace GrantOrlando MagicS2. Base card606.00
475Anfernee HardawayOrlando MagicS2. Base card515.00
476Grant HillDetroit PistonsS2. Base card723.50
477Eddie JonesLos Angeles LakersS2. Base card515.00
478Michael JordanChicago BullsS2. Base card707.00
479Jason KiddDallas MavericksS2. Base card818.00
480Alonzo MourningMiami HeatS2. Base card515.00
481Dikembe MutomboDenver NuggetsS2. Base card414.00
482Hakeem OlajuwonHouston RocketsS2. Base card707.00
483Shaquille O'NealOrlando MagicS2. Base card606.00
484Gary PaytonSeattle SuperSonicsS2. Base card606.00
485Scottie PippenChicago BullsS2. Base card707.00
486David RobinsonSan Antonio SpursS2. Base card606.00
487Latrell SprewellGolden State WarriorsS2. Base card707.00
488John StocktonUtah JazzS2. Base card522.50
489Rod StricklandPortland Trail BlazersS2. Base card732.33
490Kevin GarnettMinnesota TimberwolvesS2. Base card616.00
491Antonio McDyessDenver NuggetsS2. Base card616.00
492Ed O'BannonNew Jersey NetsS2. Base card707.00
493Bryant ReevesVancouver GrizzliesS2. Base card505.00
494Shawn RespertMilwaukee BucksS2. Base card606.00
495Joe SmithGolden State WarriorsS2. Base card808.00
496Jerry StackhousePhiladelphia 76ersS2. Base card623.00
497Damon StoudamireToronto RaptorsS2. Base card515.00
498Gary TrentPortland Trail BlazersS2. Base card909.00
499Rasheed WallaceWashington BulletsS2. Base card933.00
HP490Kevin GarnettMinnesota TimberwolvesS2. Base card / Hot Packs808.00
HP491Antonio McDyessDenver NuggetsS2. Base card / Hot Packs707.00
HP492Ed O'BannonNew Jersey NetsS2. Base card / Hot Packs808.00
HP493Bryant ReevesVancouver GrizzliesS2. Base card / Hot Packs808.00
HP494Shawn RespertMilwaukee BucksS2. Base card / Hot Packs707.00
HP495Joe SmithGolden State WarriorsS2. Base card / Hot Packs808.00
HP496Jerry StackhousePhiladelphia 76ersS2. Base card / Hot Packs707.00
HP497Damon StoudamireToronto RaptorsS2. Base card / Hot Packs707.00
HP498Gary TrentPortland Trail BlazersS2. Base card / Hot Packs707.00
HP499Rasheed WallaceWashington BulletsS2. Base card / Hot Packs707.00
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