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Fleer Fox Kids Network

Fleer Fox Kids Network

Year: 1995
Total cards: 184

collecting: 2 / completed: 1


1Simply, The TickTick FacesBase card101.00
2Monitoring the CultureTick FacesBase card101.00
3Yee-Haw!Tick FacesBase card101.00
4Nervous TickTick FacesBase card101.00
5Grab Things?Tick FacesBase card101.00
6Tick BiteTick FacesBase card101.00
7Hmmm...Tick FacesBase card101.00
8Hungry ManTick FacesBase card101.00
9OK!Tick FacesBase card101.00
10Chef TickTick FacesBase card101.00
11Self ControlTick FacesBase card101.00
12Clean UpTick FacesBase card101.00
13Hyp-No-Tized!Tick FacesBase card101.00
14Vegged Out!Tick FacesBase card101.00
15Worst NightmareTick FacesBase card111.00
16Dairy Goodness!Tick FacesBase card101.00
17I Love Wheat!Tick FacesBase card101.00
18Secret AgentTick FacesBase card101.00
19I Arthur, AccountantTick FacesBase card101.00
20SidekicksTick FacesBase card111.00
21Hors D'Oeuvres?Tick FacesBase card101.00
22That Way!Tick FacesBase card101.00
23Free Drinks!Tick FacesBase card101.00
24American MaidGood DoersBase card101.00
25Die FledermausGood DoersBase card101.00
26Sewer UrchinGood DoersBase card101.00
27Crusading ChameleonGood DoersBase card101.00
28HangoutGood DoersBase card101.00
29Koffee KlatchGood DoersBase card101.00
30Human BulletGood DoersBase card111.00
31Big ShotGood DoersBase card101.00
32Civic-Minded 5Good DoersBase card101.00
334-Legged ManGood DoersBase card101.00
34Jungle JanetGood DoersBase card101.00
35Captain MuscilageGood DoersBase card101.00
36Feral BoyGood DoersBase card101.00
37Carpeted ManGood DoersBase card101.00
38Dinosaur NeilEvil DoersBase card101.00
39Chairface ChippendaleEvil DoersBase card101.00
40Professor ChromedomeEvil DoersBase card101.00
41Mr. MentalEvil DoersBase card101.00
42MindaEvil DoersBase card101.00
43El SeedEvil DoersBase card101.00
44Proto-ClownEvil DoersBase card101.00
45Pineapple PokopoEvil DoersBase card101.00
46Buttery PatEvil DoersBase card111.00
47The BreadmasterEvil DoersBase card101.00
48Mad Mad Bad GuyEvil DoersBase card101.00
49Lava ManEvil DoersBase card101.00
50DotSupporting DoersBase card101.00
51Sally VacuumSupporting DoersBase card101.00
52Chief LouderSupporting DoersBase card101.00
53Mayor BlankSupporting DoersBase card101.00
54BarrySupporting DoersBase card101.00
55Minding His BusinessSupporting DoersBase card101.00
56Defense MechanismsSupporting DoersBase card101.00
57YankSupporting DoersBase card101.00
58Mindy MolefordSupporting DoersBase card101.00
59Door ManSupporting DoersBase card101.00
60StuSupporting DoersBase card101.00
61Milkie the Milk BoySupporting DoersBase card101.00
62Mole MenSupporting DoersBase card101.00
63Spider-ManSpider-ManBase card101.00
64Spider-ManSpider-ManBase card101.00
65Spider-ManSpider-ManBase card101.00
66Spider-ManSpider-ManBase card101.00
67Doctor OctopusSpider-ManBase card101.00
68Doctor OctopusSpider-ManBase card101.00
69HobgoblinSpider-ManBase card101.00
70HydromanSpider-ManBase card101.00
71KingpinSpider-ManBase card202.00
72KingpinSpider-ManBase card101.00
73KravenSpider-ManBase card101.00
74LizardSpider-ManBase card202.00
75Peter ParkerSpider-ManBase card101.00
76ChameleonSpider-ManBase card101.00
77J. Jonah JamesonSpider-ManBase card101.00
78Mary JaneSpider-ManBase card101.00
79Mary JaneSpider-ManBase card101.00
80VultureSpider-ManBase card202.00
81VenomSpider-ManBase card101.00
82VenomSpider-ManBase card101.00
83VenomSpider-ManBase card101.00
84The ShockerSpider-ManBase card111.00
85RhinoSpider-ManBase card101.00
86MysterioSpider-ManBase card101.00
87ScorpionSpider-ManBase card101.00
88WolverineX-MenBase card101.00
89WolverineX-MenBase card101.00
90WolverineX-MenBase card101.00
91WolverineX-MenBase card101.00
92CyclopsX-MenBase card101.00
93CyclopsX-MenBase card101.00
94CyclopsX-MenBase card101.00
95GambitX-MenBase card101.00
96GambitX-MenBase card101.00
97JubileeX-MenBase card101.00
98JubileeX-MenBase card101.00
99Professor XX-MenBase card101.00
100Jean GreyX-MenBase card101.00
101PhoenixX-MenBase card101.00
102BeastX-MenBase card101.00
103StormX-MenBase card101.00
104Mr. SinisterX-MenBase card101.00
105MagnetoX-MenBase card101.00
106Full Force!X-MenBase card101.00
107SabretoothX-MenBase card101.00
108RogueX-MenBase card101.00
109BishopX-MenBase card101.00
110Cyclops and Jean GreyX-MenBase card202.00
111Storm and JubileeX-MenBase card101.00
112CableX-MenBase card101.00
113Lunch Time!Eek! StravaganzaBase card101.00
114ElmoEek! StravaganzaBase card101.00
115Empty AgainEek! StravaganzaBase card111.00
116Horsing AroundEek! StravaganzaBase card101.00
117Yummy!Eek! StravaganzaBase card111.00
118Speed of LightEek! StravaganzaBase card101.00
119AnnabelleEek! StravaganzaBase card101.00
120Tug 'o WarEek! StravaganzaBase card101.00
121Aaaahh!Eek! StravaganzaBase card101.00
122Love HurtsEek! StravaganzaBase card101.00
123Hangin' OnEek! StravaganzaBase card101.00
124Feed Me!Eek! StravaganzaBase card101.00
125I'm in LoveEek! StravaganzaBase card111.00
126Kum Ba Yah!Eek! StravaganzaBase card101.00
127Tummy TroubleEek! StravaganzaBase card101.00
128Hello!Eek! StravaganzaBase card101.00
129Hey, I'm Here!Eek! StravaganzaBase card101.00
130SharkyEek! StravaganzaBase card101.00
131BobbyBobby's WorldBase card101.00
132Bobby's DadBobby's WorldBase card101.00
133Bobby's MomBobby's WorldBase card101.00
134KellyBobby's WorldBase card101.00
135DerekBobby's WorldBase card101.00
136Uncle TedBobby's WorldBase card101.00
137Meet WeeblyBobby's WorldBase card101.00
138Heeere's BobbyBobby's WorldBase card111.00
139Cool BobbyBobby's WorldBase card101.00
140Cowboy BobbyBobby's WorldBase card101.00
141Tool TimeBobby's WorldBase card111.00
142Tearin' It UpBobby's WorldBase card111.00
143Tiny TricksterBobby's WorldBase card101.00
144On SafariBobby's WorldBase card101.00
145Good Boy, Roger!Bobby's WorldBase card111.00
146Gadzooks!Bobby's WorldBase card111.00
147Paging Dr. BobbyBobby's WorldBase card101.00
148Up To No GoodBobby's WorldBase card101.00
149Checklist 1-Base card101.00
150Checklist 2-Base card101.00
PPU1The TickThe TickChase Card / Power Pop-Up Card101.00
PPU2ArthurThe TickChase Card / Power Pop-Up Card101.00
PPU3Sewer UrchinThe TickChase Card / Power Pop-Up Card101.00
PPU4Crusading ChameleonThe TickChase Card / Power Pop-Up Card101.00
PPU5American MaidThe TickChase Card / Power Pop-Up Card101.00
PPU6Die FledermausThe TickChase Card / Power Pop-Up Card101.00
PPU7Human BulletThe TickChase Card / Power Pop-Up Card101.00
PPU8El SeedThe TickChase Card / Power Pop-Up Card101.00
PPU9Chairface ChippendaleThe TickChase Card / Power Pop-Up Card101.00
PPU10DeanThe TickChase Card / Power Pop-Up Card101.00
PPU11Spider-ManSpider-ManChase Card / Power Pop-Up Card101.00
PPU12VenomSpider-ManChase Card / Power Pop-Up Card101.00
PPU13MysterioSpider-ManChase Card / Power Pop-Up Card101.00
PPU14HobgoblinSpider-ManChase Card / Power Pop-Up Card101.00
PPU15Dr. OctopusSpider-ManChase Card / Power Pop-Up Card111.00
PPU16WolverineX-MenChase Card / Power Pop-Up Card101.00
PPU17CyclopsX-MenChase Card / Power Pop-Up Card111.00
PPU18GambitX-MenChase Card / Power Pop-Up Card101.00
PPU19RogueX-MenChase Card / Power Pop-Up Card101.00
PPU20StormX-MenChase Card / Power Pop-Up Card101.00
PPU21Eek!Eek! StravaganzaChase Card / Power Pop-Up Card101.00
PPU22Check UpEek! StravaganzaChase Card / Power Pop-Up Card101.00
PPU23Batter Up!Bobby's WorldChase Card / Power Pop-Up Card101.00
PPU24Best FriendsBobby's WorldChase Card / Power Pop-Up Card101.00
SAC1The Tick-Chase Card / Suspended Animation Cels101.00
SAC2Dinosaur Neil-Chase Card / Suspended Animation Cels202.00
SAC3Spider-Man-Chase Card / Suspended Animation Cels202.00
SAC4Venom-Chase Card / Suspended Animation Cels202.00
SAC5Lizard-Chase Card / Suspended Animation Cels101.00
SAC6Wolverine-Chase Card / Suspended Animation Cels202.00
SAC7Beast-Chase Card / Suspended Animation Cels101.00
SAC8Bishop-Chase Card / Suspended Animation Cels202.00
SAC9Eek!-Chase Card / Suspended Animation Cels202.00
SAC10Bobby and Roger-Chase Card / Suspended Animation Cels202.00
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