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Fleer MLB 1990

Fleer MLB 1990

Year: 1990
Total cards: 775

collecting: 0 / completed: 0


1Lance BlankenshipOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
2Todd BurnsOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
3Jose CansecoOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
4Jim CorsiOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
5Storm DavisOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
6Dennis EckersleyOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
7Mike GallegoOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
8Ron HasseyOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
9Dave HendersonOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
10Rickey HendersonOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
11Rick HoneycuttOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
12Stan JavierOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
13Felix JoseOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
14Carney LansfordOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
15Mark McGwireOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
16Mike MooreOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
17Gene NelsonOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
18Dave ParkerOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
19Tony PhillipsOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
20Terry SteinbachOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
21Dave StewartOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
22Walt WeissOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
23Bob WelchOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
24Curt YoungOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
25Paul AssenmacherChicago CubsBase card000.00
26Damon BerryhillChicago CubsBase card000.00
27Mike BieleckiChicago CubsBase card000.00
28Kevin BlankenshipChicago CubsBase card000.00
29Andre DawsonChicago CubsBase card000.00
30Shawon DunstonChicago CubsBase card000.00
31Joe GirardiChicago CubsBase card000.00
32Mark GraceChicago CubsBase card000.00
33Mike HarkeyChicago CubsBase card000.00
34Paul KilgusChicago CubsBase card000.00
35Les LancasterChicago CubsBase card000.00
36Vance LawChicago CubsBase card000.00
37Greg MadduxChicago CubsBase card000.00
38Lloyd McClendonChicago CubsBase card000.00
39Jeff PicoChicago CubsBase card000.00
40Ryne SandbergChicago CubsBase card000.00
41Scott SandersonChicago CubsBase card000.00
42Dwight SmithChicago CubsBase card000.00
43Rick SutcliffeChicago CubsBase card000.00
44Jerome WaltonChicago CubsBase card000.00
45Mitch WebsterChicago CubsBase card000.00
46Curt WilkersonChicago CubsBase card000.00
47Dean WilkinsChicago CubsBase card000.00
48Mitch WilliamsChicago CubsBase card000.00
49Steve WilsonChicago CubsBase card000.00
50Steve BedrosianSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
51Mike BenjaminSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
52Jeff BrantleySan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
53Brett ButlerSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
54Will ClarkSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
55Kelly DownsSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
56Scott GarreltsSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
57Atlee HammakerSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
58Terry KennedySan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
59Mike LaCossSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
60Craig LeffertsSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
61Greg LittonSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
62Candy MaldonadoSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
63Kirt ManwaringSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
64Randy McCamentSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
65Kevin MitchellSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
66Donell NixonSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
67Ken OberkfellSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
68Rick ReuschelSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
69Ernest RilesSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
70Don RobinsonSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
71Pat SheridanSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
72Chris SpeierSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
73Robby ThompsonSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
74Jose UribeSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
75Matt WilliamsSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
76George BellToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
77Pat BordersToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
78John CeruttiToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
79Junior FelixToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
80Tony FernandezToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
81Mike FlanaganToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
82Mauro GozzoToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
83Kelly GruberToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
84Tom HenkeToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
85Jimmy KeyToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
86Manuel LeeToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
87Nelson LirianoToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
88Lee MazzilliToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
89Fred McGriffToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
90Lloyd MosebyToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
91Rance MulliniksToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
92Alex SanchezToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
93Dave StiebToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
94Todd StottlemyreToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
95Duane WardToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
96David WellsToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
97Ernie WhittToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
98Frank WillsToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
99Mookie WilsonToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
100Kevin AppierKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
101Luis AquinoKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
102Bob BooneKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
103George BrettKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
104Jose DeJesusKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
105Luis De Los SantosKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
106Jim EisenreichKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
107Steve FarrKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
108Tom GordonKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
109Mark GubiczaKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
110Bo JacksonKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
111Terry LeachKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
112Charlie LeibrandtKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
113Rick LueckenKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
114Mike MacfarlaneKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
115Jeff MontgomeryKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
116Bret SaberhagenKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
117Kevin SeitzerKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
118Kurt StillwellKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
119Pat TablerKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
120Danny TartabullKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
121Gary ThurmanKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
122Frank WhiteKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
123Willie WilsonKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
124Matt WintersKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
125Jim AbbottCalifornia AngelsBase card000.00
126Tony ArmasCalifornia AngelsBase card000.00
127Dante BichetteCalifornia AngelsBase card000.00
128Bert BlylevenCalifornia AngelsBase card000.00
129Chili DavisCalifornia AngelsBase card000.00
130Brian DowningCalifornia AngelsBase card000.00
131Mike FettersCalifornia AngelsBase card000.00
132Chuck FinleyCalifornia AngelsBase card000.00
133Willie FraserCalifornia AngelsBase card000.00
134Bryan HarveyCalifornia AngelsBase card000.00
135Jack HowellCalifornia AngelsBase card000.00
136Wally JoynerCalifornia AngelsBase card000.00
137Jeff MantoCalifornia AngelsBase card000.00
138Kirk McCaskillCalifornia AngelsBase card000.00
139Bob McClureCalifornia AngelsBase card000.00
140Greg MintonCalifornia AngelsBase card000.00
141Lance ParrishCalifornia AngelsBase card000.00
142Dan PetryCalifornia AngelsBase card000.00
143Johnny RayCalifornia AngelsBase card000.00
144Dick SchofieldCalifornia AngelsBase card000.00
145Lee StevensCalifornia AngelsBase card000.00
146Claudell WashingtonCalifornia AngelsBase card000.00
147Devon WhiteCalifornia AngelsBase card000.00
148Mike WittCalifornia AngelsBase card000.00
149Roberto AlomarSan Diego PadresBase card000.00
150Sandy Alomar Jr.San Diego PadresBase card000.00
151Andy BenesSan Diego PadresBase card000.00
152Jack ClarkSan Diego PadresBase card000.00
153Pat ClementsSan Diego PadresBase card000.00
154Joey CoraSan Diego PadresBase card000.00
155Mark DavisSan Diego PadresBase card000.00
156Mark GrantSan Diego PadresBase card000.00
157Tony GwynnSan Diego PadresBase card000.00
158Greg W. HarrisSan Diego PadresBase card000.00
159Bruce HurstSan Diego PadresBase card000.00
160Darrin JacksonSan Diego PadresBase card000.00
161Chris JamesSan Diego PadresBase card000.00
162Carmelo MartinezSan Diego PadresBase card000.00
163Mike PagliaruloSan Diego PadresBase card000.00
164Mark ParentSan Diego PadresBase card000.00
165Dennis RasmussenSan Diego PadresBase card000.00
166Bip RobertsSan Diego PadresBase card000.00
167Benito SantiagoSan Diego PadresBase card000.00
168Calvin SchiraldiSan Diego PadresBase card000.00
169Eric ShowSan Diego PadresBase card000.00
170Garry TempletonSan Diego PadresBase card000.00
171Ed WhitsonSan Diego PadresBase card000.00
172Brady AndersonBaltimore OriolesBase card000.00
173Jeff BallardBaltimore OriolesBase card000.00
174Phil BradleyBaltimore OriolesBase card000.00
175aMike DevereauxBaltimore OriolesBase card000.00
175bMike DevereauxBaltimore OriolesBase card000.00
176Steve FinleyBaltimore OriolesBase card000.00
177Pete HarnischBaltimore OriolesBase card000.00
178Kevin HickeyBaltimore OriolesBase card000.00
179Brian HoltonBaltimore OriolesBase card000.00
180Ben McDonaldBaltimore OriolesBase card000.00
181Bob MelvinBaltimore OriolesBase card000.00
182Bob MilackiBaltimore OriolesBase card000.00
183Randy MilliganBaltimore OriolesBase card000.00
184Gregg OlsonBaltimore OriolesBase card000.00
185Joe OrsulakBaltimore OriolesBase card000.00
186Billy RipkenBaltimore OriolesBase card000.00
187Cal Ripken Jr.Baltimore OriolesBase card000.00
188Dave SchmidtBaltimore OriolesBase card000.00
189Larry SheetsBaltimore OriolesBase card000.00
190Mickey TettletonBaltimore OriolesBase card000.00
191Mark ThurmondBaltimore OriolesBase card000.00
192Jay TibbsBaltimore OriolesBase card000.00
193Jim TraberBaltimore OriolesBase card000.00
194Mark WilliamsonBaltimore OriolesBase card000.00
195Craig WorthingtonBaltimore OriolesBase card000.00
196Don AaseNew York MetsBase card000.00
197Blaine BeattyNew York MetsBase card000.00
198Mark CarreonNew York MetsBase card000.00
199Gary CarterNew York MetsBase card000.00
200David ConeNew York MetsBase card000.00
201Ron DarlingNew York MetsBase card000.00
202Kevin ElsterNew York MetsBase card000.00
203Sid FernandezNew York MetsBase card000.00
204Dwight GoodenNew York MetsBase card000.00
205Keith HernandezNew York MetsBase card000.00
206Jeff InnisNew York MetsBase card000.00
207Gregg JefferiesNew York MetsBase card000.00
208Howard JohnsonNew York MetsBase card000.00
209Barry LyonsNew York MetsBase card000.00
210Dave MagadanNew York MetsBase card000.00
211Kevin McReynoldsNew York MetsBase card000.00
212Jeff MusselmanNew York MetsBase card000.00
213Randy MyersNew York MetsBase card000.00
214Bob OjedaNew York MetsBase card000.00
215Juan SamuelNew York MetsBase card000.00
216Mackey SasserNew York MetsBase card000.00
217Darryl StrawberryNew York MetsBase card000.00
218Tim TeufelNew York MetsBase card000.00
219Frank ViolaNew York MetsBase card000.00
220Juan AgostoHouston AstrosBase card000.00
221Larry AndersenHouston AstrosBase card000.00
222Eric AnthonyHouston AstrosBase card000.00
223Kevin BassHouston AstrosBase card000.00
224Craig BiggioHouston AstrosBase card000.00
225Ken CaminitiHouston AstrosBase card000.00
226Jim ClancyHouston AstrosBase card000.00
227Danny DarwinHouston AstrosBase card000.00
228Glenn DavisHouston AstrosBase card000.00
229Jim DeshaiesHouston AstrosBase card000.00
230Bill DoranHouston AstrosBase card000.00
231Bob ForschHouston AstrosBase card000.00
232Brian MeyerHouston AstrosBase card000.00
233Terry PuhlHouston AstrosBase card000.00
234Rafael RamirezHouston AstrosBase card000.00
235Rick RhodenHouston AstrosBase card000.00
236Dan SchatzederHouston AstrosBase card000.00
237Mike ScottHouston AstrosBase card000.00
238Dave SmithHouston AstrosBase card000.00
239Alex TrevinoHouston AstrosBase card000.00
240Glenn WilsonHouston AstrosBase card000.00
241Gerald YoungHouston AstrosBase card000.00
242Tom BrunanskySt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
243Cris CarpenterSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
244Alex ColeSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
245Vince ColemanSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
246John CostelloSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
247Ken DayleySt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
248Jose DeLeonSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
249Frank DiPinoSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
250Pedro GuerreroSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
251Ken HillSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
252Joe MagraneSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
253Willie McGeeSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
254John MorrisSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
255Jose OquendoSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
256Tony PenaSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
257Terry PendletonSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
258Ted PowerSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
259Dan QuisenberrySt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
260Ozzie SmithSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
261Scott TerrySt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
262Milt ThompsonSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
263Denny WallingSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
264Todd WorrellSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
265Todd ZeileSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
266Marty BarrettBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
267Mike BoddickerBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
268Wade BoggsBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
269Ellis BurksBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
270Rick CeroneBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
271Roger ClemensBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
272John DopsonBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
273Nick EsaskyBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
274Dwight EvansBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
275Wes GardnerBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
276Rich GedmanBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
277Mike GreenwellBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
278Danny HeepBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
279Eric HetzelBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
280Dennis LampBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
281Rob MurphyBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
282Joe PriceBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
283Carlos QuintanaBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
284Jody ReedBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
285Luis RiveraBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
286Kevin RomineBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
287Lee SmithBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
288Mike SmithsonBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
289Bob StanleyBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
290Harold BainesTexas RangersBase card000.00
291Kevin BrownTexas RangersBase card000.00
292Steve BuecheleTexas RangersBase card000.00
293Scott CoolbaughTexas RangersBase card000.00
294Jack DaughertyTexas RangersBase card000.00
295Cecil EspyTexas RangersBase card000.00
296Julio FrancoTexas RangersBase card000.00
297Juan GonzalezTexas RangersBase card000.00
298Cecilio GuanteTexas RangersBase card000.00
299Drew HallTexas RangersBase card000.00
300Charlie HoughTexas RangersBase card000.00
301Pete IncavigliaTexas RangersBase card000.00
302Mike JeffcoatTexas RangersBase card000.00
303Chad KreuterTexas RangersBase card000.00
304Jeff KunkelTexas RangersBase card000.00
305Rick LeachTexas RangersBase card000.00
306Fred ManriqueTexas RangersBase card000.00
307Jamie MoyerTexas RangersBase card000.00
308Rafael PalmeiroTexas RangersBase card000.00
309Geno PetralliTexas RangersBase card000.00
310Kevin ReimerTexas RangersBase card000.00
311Kenny RogersTexas RangersBase card000.00
312Jeff RussellTexas RangersBase card000.00
313Nolan RyanTexas RangersBase card000.00
314Ruben SierraTexas RangersBase card000.00
315Bobby WittTexas RangersBase card000.00
316Chris BosioMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
317Glenn BraggsMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
318Greg BrockMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
319Chuck CrimMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
320Rob DeerMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
321Mike FelderMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
322Tom FilerMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
323Tony FossasMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
324Jim GantnerMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
325Darryl HamiltonMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
326Teddy HigueraMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
327Mark KnudsonMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
328Bill KruegerMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
329Tim McIntoshMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
330Paul MolitorMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
331Jaime NavarroMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
332Charlie O'BrienMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
333Jeff PeterekMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
334Dan PlesacMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
335Jerry ReussMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
336Gary SheffieldMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
337Bill SpiersMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
338B.J. SurhoffMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
339Greg VaughnMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
340Robin YountMilwaukee BrewersBase card000.00
341Hubie BrooksMontreal ExposBase card000.00
342Tim BurkeMontreal ExposBase card000.00
343Mike FitzgeraldMontreal ExposBase card000.00
344Tom FoleyMontreal ExposBase card000.00
345Andres GalarragaMontreal ExposBase card000.00
346Damaso GarciaMontreal ExposBase card000.00
347Marquis GrissomMontreal ExposBase card000.00
348Kevin GrossMontreal ExposBase card000.00
349Joe HeskethMontreal ExposBase card000.00
350Jeff HusonMontreal ExposBase card000.00
351Wallace JohnsonMontreal ExposBase card000.00
352Mark LangstonMontreal ExposBase card000.00
353aDave MartinezMontreal ExposBase card000.00
353bDave MartinezMontreal ExposBase card000.00
354Dennis MartinezMontreal ExposBase card000.00
355Andy McGaffiganMontreal ExposBase card000.00
356Otis NixonMontreal ExposBase card000.00
357Spike OwenMontreal ExposBase card000.00
358Pascual PerezMontreal ExposBase card000.00
359Tim RainesMontreal ExposBase card000.00
360Nelson SantoveniaMontreal ExposBase card000.00
361Bryn SmithMontreal ExposBase card000.00
362Zane SmithMontreal ExposBase card000.00
363Larry WalkerMontreal ExposBase card000.00
364Tim WallachMontreal ExposBase card000.00
365Rick AguileraMinnesota TwinsBase card000.00
366Allan AndersonMinnesota TwinsBase card000.00
367Wally BackmanMinnesota TwinsBase card000.00
368Doug BakerMinnesota TwinsBase card000.00
369Juan BerenguerMinnesota TwinsBase card000.00
370Randy BushMinnesota TwinsBase card000.00
371Carmen CastilloMinnesota TwinsBase card000.00
372Mike DyerMinnesota TwinsBase card000.00
373Gary GaettiMinnesota TwinsBase card000.00
374Greg GagneMinnesota TwinsBase card000.00
375Dan GladdenMinnesota TwinsBase card000.00
376German GonzalezMinnesota TwinsBase card000.00
377Brian HarperMinnesota TwinsBase card000.00
378Kent HrbekMinnesota TwinsBase card000.00
379Gene LarkinMinnesota TwinsBase card000.00
380Tim LaudnerMinnesota TwinsBase card000.00
381John MosesMinnesota TwinsBase card000.00
382Al NewmanMinnesota TwinsBase card000.00
383Kirby PuckettMinnesota TwinsBase card000.00
384Shane RawleyMinnesota TwinsBase card000.00
385Jeff ReardonMinnesota TwinsBase card000.00
386Roy SmithMinnesota TwinsBase card000.00
387Gary WayneMinnesota TwinsBase card000.00
388Dave WestMinnesota TwinsBase card000.00
389Tim BelcherLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
390Tim CrewsLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
391Mike DavisLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
392Rick DempseyLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
393Kirk GibsonLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
394Jose GonzalezLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
395Alfredo GriffinLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
396Jeff HamiltonLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
397Lenny HarrisLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
398Mickey HatcherLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
399Orel HershiserLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
400Jay HowellLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
401Mike A. MarshallLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
402Ramon MartinezLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
403Mike MorganLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
404Eddie MurrayLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
405Alejandro PenaLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
406Willie RandolphLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
407Mike SciosciaLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
408Ray SearageLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
409Fernando ValenzuelaLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
410Jose VizcainoLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
411John WettelandLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
412Jack ArmstrongCincinnati RedsBase card000.00
413Todd BenzingerCincinnati RedsBase card000.00
414Tim BirtsasCincinnati RedsBase card000.00
415Tom BrowningCincinnati RedsBase card000.00
416Norm CharltonCincinnati RedsBase card000.00
417Eric DavisCincinnati RedsBase card000.00
418Rob DibbleCincinnati RedsBase card000.00
419John FrancoCincinnati RedsBase card000.00
420Ken GriffeyCincinnati RedsBase card000.00
421Chris HammondCincinnati RedsBase card000.00
422Danny JacksonCincinnati RedsBase card000.00
423Barry LarkinCincinnati RedsBase card000.00
424Tim LearyCincinnati RedsBase card000.00
425Rick MahlerCincinnati RedsBase card000.00
426Joe OliverCincinnati RedsBase card000.00
427Paul O'NeillCincinnati RedsBase card000.00
428Luis QuinonesCincinnati RedsBase card000.00
429Jeff ReedCincinnati RedsBase card000.00
430Jose RijoCincinnati RedsBase card000.00
431Ron RobinsonCincinnati RedsBase card000.00
432Rolando RoomesCincinnati RedsBase card000.00
433Chris SaboCincinnati RedsBase card000.00
434Scott ScudderCincinnati RedsBase card000.00
435Herm WinninghamCincinnati RedsBase card000.00
436Steve BalboniNew York YankeesBase card000.00
437Jesse BarfieldNew York YankeesBase card000.00
438Mike BlowersNew York YankeesBase card000.00
439Tom BrookensNew York YankeesBase card000.00
440Greg CadaretNew York YankeesBase card000.00
441Alvaro EspinozaNew York YankeesBase card000.00
442Bob GerenNew York YankeesBase card000.00
443Lee GuettermanNew York YankeesBase card000.00
444Mel HallNew York YankeesBase card000.00
445Andy HawkinsNew York YankeesBase card000.00
446Roberto KellyNew York YankeesBase card000.00
447Don MattinglyNew York YankeesBase card000.00
448Lance McCullersNew York YankeesBase card000.00
449Hensley MeulensNew York YankeesBase card000.00
450Dale MohorcicNew York YankeesBase card000.00
451Clay ParkerNew York YankeesBase card000.00
452Eric PlunkNew York YankeesBase card000.00
453Dave RighettiNew York YankeesBase card000.00
454Deion SandersNew York YankeesBase card000.00
455Steve SaxNew York YankeesBase card000.00
456Don SlaughtNew York YankeesBase card000.00
457Walt TerrellNew York YankeesBase card000.00
458Dave WinfieldNew York YankeesBase card000.00
459Jay BellPittsburgh PiratesBase card000.00
460Rafael BelliardPittsburgh PiratesBase card000.00
461Barry BondsPittsburgh PiratesBase card000.00
462Bobby BonillaPittsburgh PiratesBase card000.00
463Sid BreamPittsburgh PiratesBase card000.00
464Benny DistefanoPittsburgh PiratesBase card000.00
465Doug DrabekPittsburgh PiratesBase card000.00
466Jim GottPittsburgh PiratesBase card000.00
467Billy HatcherPittsburgh PiratesBase card000.00
468Neal HeatonPittsburgh PiratesBase card000.00
469Jeff KingPittsburgh PiratesBase card000.00
470Bob KipperPittsburgh PiratesBase card000.00
471Randy KramerPittsburgh PiratesBase card000.00
472Bill LandrumPittsburgh PiratesBase card000.00
473Mike LaVallierePittsburgh PiratesBase card000.00
474Jose LindPittsburgh PiratesBase card000.00
475Junior OrtizPittsburgh PiratesBase card000.00
476Gary RedusPittsburgh PiratesBase card000.00
477Rick ReedPittsburgh PiratesBase card000.00
478R.J. ReynoldsPittsburgh PiratesBase card000.00
479Jeff D. RobinsonPittsburgh PiratesBase card000.00
480John SmileyPittsburgh PiratesBase card000.00
481Andy Van SlykePittsburgh PiratesBase card000.00
482Bob WalkPittsburgh PiratesBase card000.00
483Andy AllansonCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
484Scott BailesCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
485Joey BelleCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
486Bud BlackCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
487Jerry BrowneCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
488Tom CandiottiCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
489Joe CarterCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
490Dave ClarkCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
491John FarrellCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
492Felix FerminCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
493Brook JacobyCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
494Dion JamesCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
495Doug JonesCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
496Brad KomminskCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
497Rod NicholsCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
498Pete O'BrienCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
499Steve OlinCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
500Jesse OroscoCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
501Joel SkinnerCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
502Cory SnyderCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
503Greg SwindellCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
504Rich YettCleveland IndiansBase card000.00
505Scott BankheadSeattle MarinersBase card000.00
506Scott BradleySeattle MarinersBase card000.00
507Greg BrileySeattle MarinersBase card000.00
508Jay BuhnerSeattle MarinersBase card000.00
509Darnell ColesSeattle MarinersBase card000.00
510Keith ComstockSeattle MarinersBase card000.00
511Henry CottoSeattle MarinersBase card000.00
512Alvin DavisSeattle MarinersBase card000.00
513Ken Griffey Jr.Seattle MarinersBase card000.00
514Erik HansonSeattle MarinersBase card000.00
515Gene HarrisSeattle MarinersBase card000.00
516Brian HolmanSeattle MarinersBase card000.00
517Mike JacksonSeattle MarinersBase card000.00
518Randy JohnsonSeattle MarinersBase card000.00
519Jeffrey LeonardSeattle MarinersBase card000.00
520Edgar MartinezSeattle MarinersBase card000.00
521Dennis PowellSeattle MarinersBase card000.00
522Jim PresleySeattle MarinersBase card000.00
523Jerry ReedSeattle MarinersBase card000.00
524Harold ReynoldsSeattle MarinersBase card000.00
525Mike SchoolerSeattle MarinersBase card000.00
526Bill SwiftSeattle MarinersBase card000.00
527Dave ValleSeattle MarinersBase card000.00
528Omar VizquelSeattle MarinersBase card000.00
529Ivan CalderonChicago White SoxBase card000.00
530Carlton FiskChicago White SoxBase card000.00
531Scott FletcherChicago White SoxBase card000.00
532Dave GallagherChicago White SoxBase card000.00
533Ozzie GuillenChicago White SoxBase card000.00
534Greg HibbardChicago White SoxBase card000.00
535Shawn HillegasChicago White SoxBase card000.00
536Lance JohnsonChicago White SoxBase card000.00
537Eric KingChicago White SoxBase card000.00
538Ron KittleChicago White SoxBase card000.00
539Steve LyonsChicago White SoxBase card000.00
540Carlos MartinezChicago White SoxBase card000.00
541Tom McCarthyChicago White SoxBase card000.00
542Matt MerulloChicago White SoxBase card000.00
543Donn PallChicago White SoxBase card000.00
544Dan PasquaChicago White SoxBase card000.00
545Ken PattersonChicago White SoxBase card000.00
546Melido PerezChicago White SoxBase card000.00
547Steve RosenbergChicago White SoxBase card000.00
548Sammy SosaChicago White SoxBase card000.00
549Bobby ThigpenChicago White SoxBase card000.00
550Robin VenturaChicago White SoxBase card000.00
551Greg WalkerChicago White SoxBase card000.00
552Don CarmanPhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
553Pat CombsPhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
554Dennis CookPhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
555Darren DaultonPhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
556Lenny DykstraPhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
557Curt FordPhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
558Charlie HayesPhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
559Von HayesPhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
560Tom HerrPhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
561Ken HowellPhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
562Steve JeltzPhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
563Ron JonesPhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
564Ricky JordanPhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
565John KrukPhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
566Steve LakePhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
567Roger McDowellPhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
568Terry MulhollandPhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
569Dwayne MurphyPhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
570Jeff ParrettPhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
571Randy ReadyPhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
572Bruce RuffinPhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
573Dickie ThonPhiladelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
574Jose AlvarezAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
575Geronimo BerroaAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
576Jeff BlauserAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
577Joe BoeverAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
578Marty ClaryAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
579Jody DavisAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
580Mark EichhornAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
581Darrell EvansAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
582Ron GantAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
583Tom GlavineAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
584Tommy GreeneAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
585Tommy GreggAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
586David JusticeAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
587Mark LemkeAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
588Derek LilliquistAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
589Oddibe McDowellAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
590Kent MerckerAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
591Dale MurphyAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
592Gerald PerryAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
593Lonnie SmithAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
594Pete SmithAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
595John SmoltzAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
596Mike StantonAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
597Andres ThomasAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
598Jeff TreadwayAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
599Doyle AlexanderDetroit TigersBase card000.00
600Dave BergmanDetroit TigersBase card000.00
601Brian DuBoisDetroit TigersBase card000.00
602Paul GibsonDetroit TigersBase card000.00
603Mike HeathDetroit TigersBase card000.00
604Mike HennemanDetroit TigersBase card000.00
605Guillermo HernandezDetroit TigersBase card000.00
606Shawn HolmanDetroit TigersBase card000.00
607Tracy JonesDetroit TigersBase card000.00
608Chet LemonDetroit TigersBase card000.00
609Fred LynnDetroit TigersBase card000.00
610Jack MorrisDetroit TigersBase card000.00
611Matt NokesDetroit TigersBase card000.00
612Gary PettisDetroit TigersBase card000.00
613Kevin RitzDetroit TigersBase card000.00
614Jeff M. RobinsonDetroit TigersBase card000.00
615Steve SearcyDetroit TigersBase card000.00
616Frank TananaDetroit TigersBase card000.00
617Alan TrammellDetroit TigersBase card000.00
618Gary WardDetroit TigersBase card000.00
619Lou WhitakerDetroit TigersBase card000.00
620Frank WilliamsDetroit TigersBase card000.00
621aGeorge BrettKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
621bGeorge BrettKansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
622Fernando ValenzuelaLos Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
623Dale MurphyAtlanta BravesBase card000.00
624aCal Ripken Jr.Baltimore OriolesBase card000.00
624bCal Ripken Jr.Baltimore OriolesBase card000.00
625Ryne SandbergChicago CubsBase card000.00
626Don MattinglyNew York YankeesBase card000.00
627Roger ClemensBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
628George BellToronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
629Jose CansecoOakland AthleticsBase card000.00
630aWill ClarkSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
630bWill ClarkSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
631Mark Davis / Mitch WilliamsSan Diego Padres / Chicago CubsBase card000.00
632Wade Boggs / Mike GreenwellBoston Red SoxBase card000.00
633Mark Gubicza / Jeff RussellKansas City Royals / Texas RangersBase card000.00
634Tony Fernandez / Cal Ripken Jr.Toronto Blue Jays / Baltimore OriolesBase card000.00
635Human Dynamos - Kirby Puckett / Bo JacksonMinnesota Twins / Kansas City RoyalsBase card000.00
636Nolan Ryan / Mike ScottTexas Rangers / Houston AstrosBase card000.00
637Will Clark / Kevin MitchellSan Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
638Don Mattingly / Mark McGwireNew York Yankees / Oakland AthleticsBase card000.00
639Howard Johnson / Ryne SandbergNew York Mets / Chicago CubsBase card000.00
640Rudy Seanez / Colin CharlandCleveland Indians / California AngelsBase card000.00
641George Canale / Kevin MaasMilwaukee Brewers / New York YankeesBase card000.00
642Kelly Mann / Dave HansenAtlanta Braves / Los Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
643Greg Smith / Stu TateChicago Cubs / San Francisco GiantsBase card000.00
644Tom Drees / Dann HowittChicago White Sox / Oakland AthleticsBase card000.00
645Mike Roesler / Derrick MayCincinnati Reds / Chicago CubsBase card000.00
646Scott Hemond / Mark GardnerOakland Athletics / Montreal ExposBase card000.00
647John Orton / Scott LeiusCalifornia Angels / Minnesota TwinsBase card000.00
648Rich Monteleone / Dana WilliamsCalifornia Angels / Boston Red SoxBase card000.00
649Mike Huff / Steve FreyLos Angeles Dodgers / Montreal ExposBase card000.00
650Chuck McElroy / Moises AlouPittsburgh Pirates / Philadelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
651Bobby Rose / Mike HartleyCalifornia Angels / Los Angeles DodgersBase card000.00
652Matt Kinzer / Wayne EdwardsSt. Louis Cardinals / Chicago White SoxBase card000.00
653Delino DeShields / Jason GrimsleyPhiladelphia Phillies / Montreal ExposBase card000.00
654Checklist 1-99Oakland Athletics / Chicago Cubs / San Francisco Giants / Toronto Blue JaysBase card000.00
655Checklist 100-195Kansas City Royals / California Angels / San Diego Padres / Baltimore OriolesBase card000.00
656Checklist 196-289New York Mets / Houston Astros / St. Louis Cardinals / Boston Red SoxBase card000.00
657Checklist 290-388Texas Rangers / Milwaukee Brewers / Montreal Expos / Minnesota TwinsBase card000.00
658Checklist 389-482Los Angeles Dodgers / Cincinnati Reds / New York Yankees / Pittsburgh PiratesBase card000.00
659Checklist 483-573Cleveland Indians / Seattle Mariners / Chicago White Sox / Philadelphia PhilliesBase card000.00
660aChecklist 574-660Atlanta Braves / Detroit TigersBase card000.00
660bChecklist 574-660Atlanta Braves / Detroit TigersBase card000.00
AS1Harold BainesTexas RangersAll-Stars000.00
AS2Will ClarkSan Francisco GiantsAll-Stars000.00
AS3Mark DavisSan Diego PadresAll-Stars000.00
AS4Howard JohnsonNew York MetsAll-Stars000.00
AS5Joe MagraneSt. Louis CardinalsAll-Stars000.00
AS6Kevin MitchellSan Francisco GiantsAll-Stars000.00
AS7Kirby PuckettMinnesota TwinsAll-Stars000.00
AS8Cal Ripken Jr.Baltimore OriolesAll-Stars000.00
AS9Ryne SandbergChicago CubsAll-Stars000.00
AS10Mike ScottHouston AstrosAll-Stars000.00
AS11Ruben SierraTexas RangersAll-Stars000.00
AS12Mickey TettletonBaltimore OriolesAll-Stars000.00
LS1Barry LarkinCincinnati RedsLeague Standouts000.00
LS2Don MattinglyNew York YankeesLeague Standouts000.00
LS3Darryl StrawberryNew York MetsLeague Standouts000.00
LS4Jose CansecoOakland AthleticsLeague Standouts000.00
LS5Wade BoggsBoston Red SoxLeague Standouts000.00
LS6Mark GraceChicago CubsLeague Standouts000.00
SS1Todd ZeileSt. Louis CardinalsSoaring Stars000.00
SS2Mike StantonAtlanta BravesSoaring Stars000.00
SS3Larry WalkerMontreal ExposSoaring Stars000.00
SS4Robin VenturaChicago White SoxSoaring Stars000.00
SS5Scott CoolbaughTexas RangersSoaring Stars000.00
SS6Ken Griffey Jr.Seattle MarinersSoaring Stars000.00
SS7Tom GordonKansas City RoyalsSoaring Stars000.00
SS8Jerome WaltonChicago CubsSoaring Stars000.00
SS9Junior FelixToronto Blue JaysSoaring Stars000.00
SS10Jim AbbottCalifornia AngelsSoaring Stars000.00
SS11Ricky JordanPhiladelphia PhilliesSoaring Stars000.00
SS12Dwight SmithChicago CubsSoaring Stars000.00
TS1Atlanta BravesAtlanta BravesTeam Stickers000.00
TS2Baltimore OriolesBaltimore OriolesTeam Stickers000.00
TS3Boston Red SoxBoston Red SoxTeam Stickers000.00
TS4California AngelsCalifornia AngelsTeam Stickers000.00
TS5Chicago CubsChicago CubsTeam Stickers000.00
TS6Chicago White SoxChicago White SoxTeam Stickers000.00
TS7Cincinnati RedsCincinnati RedsTeam Stickers000.00
TS8Cleveland IndiansCleveland IndiansTeam Stickers000.00
TS9Detroit TigersDetroit TigersTeam Stickers000.00
TS10Houston AstrosHouston AstrosTeam Stickers000.00
TS11Kansas City RoyalsKansas City RoyalsTeam Stickers000.00
TS12Los Angeles DodgersLos Angeles DodgersTeam Stickers000.00
TS13Milwaukee BrewersMilwaukee BrewersTeam Stickers000.00
TS14Minnesota TwinsMinnesota TwinsTeam Stickers000.00
TS15Montreal ExposMontreal ExposTeam Stickers000.00
TS16New York MetsNew York MetsTeam Stickers000.00
TS17New York YankeesNew York YankeesTeam Stickers000.00
TS18Oakland A'sOakland AthleticsTeam Stickers000.00
TS19Philadelphia PhilliesPhiladelphia PhilliesTeam Stickers000.00
TS20Pittsburgh PiratesPittsburgh PiratesTeam Stickers000.00
TS21St. Louis CardinalsSt. Louis CardinalsTeam Stickers000.00
TS22San Diego PadresSan Diego PadresTeam Stickers000.00
TS23San Francisco GiantsSan Francisco GiantsTeam Stickers000.00
TS24Seattle MarinersSeattle MarinersTeam Stickers000.00
TS25Texas RangersTexas RangersTeam Stickers000.00
TS26Toronto Blue JaysToronto Blue JaysTeam Stickers000.00
TS27Braves / Cubs / Royals / BrewersAtlanta Braves / Chicago Cubs / Kansas City Royals / Milwaukee BrewersTeam Stickers000.00
TS28Orioles / Red Sox / Reds / AstrosBaltimore Orioles / Boston Red Sox / Cincinnati Reds / Houston AstrosTeam Stickers000.00
TS29Indians / Tigers / Mets / PhilliesDetroit Tigers / Cleveland Indians / New York Mets / Philadelphia PhilliesTeam Stickers000.00
TS30Dodgers / Expos / A's / MarinersLos Angeles Dodgers / Montreal Expos / Oakland Athletics / Seattle MarinersTeam Stickers000.00
TS31Twins / Yankees / Padres / GiantsMinnesota Twins / New York Yankees / San Diego Padres / San Francisco GiantsTeam Stickers000.00
TS32aOrioles / Red Sox / White Sox / AngelsBaltimore Orioles / Boston Red Sox / Chicago White Sox / California AngelsTeam Stickers000.00
TS32bOrioles / Red Sox / White Sox / AngelsBaltimore Orioles / Boston Red Sox / Chicago White Sox / California AngelsTeam Stickers000.00
TS33Indians / Tigers / Royals / BrewersDetroit Tigers / Cleveland Indians / Kansas City Royals / Milwaukee BrewersTeam Stickers000.00
TS34Twins / Yankees / A's / MarinersMinnesota Twins / New York Yankees / Oakland Athletics / Seattle MarinersTeam Stickers000.00
TS35Rangers / Blue Jays / Orioles / Red SoxTexas Rangers / Toronto Blue Jays / Baltimore Orioles / Boston Red SoxTeam Stickers000.00
TS36Braves / Cubs / Reds / AstrosAtlanta Braves / Chicago Cubs / Cincinnati Reds / Houston AstrosTeam Stickers000.00
TS37Dodgers / Expos / Mets / PhilliesLos Angeles Dodgers / Montreal Expos / New York Mets / Philadelphia PhilliesTeam Stickers000.00
TS38Pirates / Cardinals / Padres / GiantsPittsburgh Pirates / St. Louis Cardinals / San Diego Padres / San Francisco GiantsTeam Stickers000.00
C-1Giants LogoSan Francisco GiantsWax Box Cards000.00
C-2Tim BelcherLos Angeles DodgersWax Box Cards000.00
C-3Roger ClemensBoston Red SoxWax Box Cards000.00
C-4Eric DavisCincinnati RedsWax Box Cards000.00
C-5Glenn DavisHouston AstrosWax Box Cards000.00
C-6Cubs LogoChicago CubsWax Box Cards000.00
C-7John FrancoCincinnati RedsWax Box Cards000.00
C-8Mike GreenwellBoston Red SoxWax Box Cards000.00
C-9A's LogoOakland AthleticsWax Box Cards000.00
C-10Ken Griffey Jr.Seattle MarinersWax Box Cards000.00
C-11Pedro GuerreroSt. Louis CardinalsWax Box Cards000.00
C-12Tony GwynnSan Diego PadresWax Box Cards000.00
C-13Blue Jays LogoToronto Blue JaysWax Box Cards000.00
C-14Orel HershiserLos Angeles DodgersWax Box Cards000.00
C-15Bo JacksonKansas City RoyalsWax Box Cards000.00
C-16Howard JohnsonNew York MetsWax Box Cards000.00
C-17Mets LogoNew York MetsWax Box Cards000.00
C-18Cardinals LogoSt. Louis CardinalsWax Box Cards000.00
C-19Don MattinglyNew York YankeesWax Box Cards000.00
C-20Mark McGwireOakland AthleticsWax Box Cards000.00
C-21Kevin MitchellSan Francisco GiantsWax Box Cards000.00
C-22Kirby PuckettMinnesota TwinsWax Box Cards000.00
C-23Royals LogoKansas City RoyalsWax Box Cards000.00
C-24Orioles LogoBaltimore OriolesWax Box Cards000.00
C-25Ruben SierraTexas RangersWax Box Cards000.00
C-26Dave StewartOakland AthleticsWax Box Cards000.00
C-27Jerome WaltonChicago CubsWax Box Cards000.00
C-28Robin YountMilwaukee BrewersWax Box Cards000.00
WS1Mike MooreOakland AthleticsWorld Series000.00
WS2Kevin MitchellSan Francisco GiantsWorld Series000.00
WS3Terry SteinbachOakland AthleticsWorld Series000.00
WS4Will ClarkSan Francisco GiantsWorld Series000.00
WS5Jose CansecoOakland AthleticsWorld Series000.00
WS6Walt WeissOakland AthleticsWorld Series000.00
WS7Terry Steinbach / Terry KennedySan Francisco Giants / Oakland AthleticsWorld Series000.00
WS8Dave StewartOakland AthleticsWorld Series000.00
WS9Dave ParkerOakland AthleticsWorld Series000.00
WS10Dave Parker / Jose Canseco / Will ClarkOakland Athletics / San Francisco GiantsWorld Series000.00
WS11Rickey HendersonOakland AthleticsWorld Series000.00
WS12Oakland AthleticsOakland AthleticsWorld Series000.00
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