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Fleer Waterworld

Fleer Waterworld

Year: 1995
Total cards: 169

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 1 / completed: 0


1Fleer Ultra Waterworld-Base card101.00
2Mariner-Base card101.00
3Deacon-Base card101.00
4Helen-Base card101.00
5Enola-Base card101.00
6Gregor-Base card101.00
7Nord-Base card101.00
8Enforcer-Base card101.00
9Doctor-Base card101.00
10Sea Life-Base card101.00
11Trade Bait-Base card101.00
12Downpour-Base card101.00
13Sea of Tranquility-Base card101.00
14Ashes to Ashes-Base card101.00
15Mirrored Images-Base card101.00
16Good as Gold-Base card101.00
17Tattle Tale-Base card101.00
18Shopping Spree-Base card101.00
19Drinks for One-Base card101.00
20Questions and Answers-Base card101.00
21Proposition-Base card101.00
22Ultimatum-Base card101.00
23Outnumbered-Base card101.00
24Revelation-Base card101.00
25Captive-Base card101.00
26Lone Advocate-Base card101.00
27Wisdom and Wizardry-Base card101.00
28Mysterious Markings-Base card101.00
29Curious Gregor-Base card101.00
30Death Penalty-Base card101.00
31On the Horizon-Base card101.00
32Atoll Defense-Base card101.00
33Ski Jump-Base card101.00
34Pitched Battle-Base card101.00
35Mass Transit-Base card101.00
36In the Trenches-Base card101.00
37Unleaded-Base card101.00
38Mired-Base card101.00
39Smokers Rule-Base card101.00
40Hellfire-Base card101.00
41Rising to the Occasion-Base card101.00
42Mutual Interest-Base card101.00
43Making Their Way-Base card101.00
44Unleashed-Base card101.00
45Two Trick-Base card101.00
46Punch Line-Base card101.00
47Escape Attempt-Base card101.00
48Hang On-Base card101.00
49In Pursuit-Base card101.00
50Collison Course-Base card101.00
51Revenge-Base card101.00
52Elusive Prey-Base card101.00
53Plea Bargain-Base card101.00
54The Eyes Have It-Base card101.00
55A Matter of Perspective-Base card101.00
56Plane Greed-Base card101.00
57Hot Wheels-Base card101.00
58Depth of Humanity-Base card101.00
59Three's a Crowd-Base card101.00
60Sea and Air-Base card101.00
61Harpoon Hunch-Base card101.00
62Severed Relations-Base card101.00
63Split Ends-Base card101.00
64Guessing Game-Base card101.00
65Swap Meet-Base card101.00
66No Sale-Base card101.00
67Sea Hunt-Base card101.00
68Whale of a Catch-Base card101.00
69Swimming Lesson-Base card101.00
70Pitiful Existence-Base card101.00
71Slave Colony-Base card101.00
72Net Loss-Base card101.00
73Wounded-Base card101.00
74Motivations-Base card101.00
75Submersible-Base card101.00
76Drowned World-Base card101.00
77Neptune's Kingdom-Base card101.00
78Uninvited Guests-Base card101.00
79Uncivilities-Base card101.00
80Undivided Loyalties-Base card101.00
81Captured-Base card101.00
82Abandon Ship-Base card101.00
83Fire and Water-Base card101.00
84Airborne Rescuer-Base card101.00
85Starting Anew-Base card101.00
86No Sanctuary-Base card101.00
87Interrogation-Base card101.00
88Faith in Friends-Base card101.00
89Fired Up-Base card101.00
90To the Rescue-Base card101.00
91Going Aboard-Base card101.00
92Touchdown-Base card101.00
93Rallying the Troops-Base card101.00
94Nippers-Base card101.00
95Grand Delusions-Base card101.00
96A Child Shall Lead-Base card101.00
97Rescue Mission-Base card101.00
98Top of the World-Base card101.00
99Freedom's Flame-Base card101.00
100Flame Out-Base card101.00
101In Harm's Way-Base card101.00
102Sinking Ship-Base card101.00
103Slide of Life-Base card101.00
104Flight from Fire-Base card101.00
105The Point-Base card101.00
106Aborted Takeoff-Base card101.00
107Her Faith Rewarded-Base card101.00
108Help from Above-Base card101.00
109Unlucky Shot-Base card101.00
110Endgame-Base card101.00
111Dryland-Base card101.00
112Paradise Found-Base card101.00
113Enola's Home-Base card101.00
114Separate Paths-Base card101.00
115Out to Sea-Base card101.00
116Mount Everest-Base card101.00
117Kevin Costner-Base card101.00
118Dennis Hopper-Base card101.00
119Jeanne Tripplehorn-Base card101.00
120Michael Jeter-Base card101.00
121Tina Majorino-Base card101.00
122Kevin Reynolds-Base card101.00
123Charles Gordon-Base card101.00
124John Davis-Base card101.00
125Ski Lift-Base card101.00
126Overboard-Base card101.00
127Long Haul-Base card101.00
128Force of Gravity-Base card101.00
129No Peeking-Base card101.00
130Multimedia-Base card101.00
131Grappling with Nature-Base card101.00
132Pool Party-Base card101.00
133Hanging Out-Base card101.00
134Over the Shoulder-Base card101.00
135All Alone-Base card101.00
136Deacon of Detail-Base card101.00
137Present and Future-Base card101.00
138Plenty of Attention-Base card101.00
139Diving to Denver-Base card101.00
140Deep Blue Sea-Base card101.00
141Recycling Machine-Base card101.00
142Trimaran-Base card101.00
143Hellfire Gunboat-Base card101.00
144Take Aim-Base card101.00
145Chair Balloon-Base card101.00
146Refueler-Base card101.00
147Deaconmobile-Base card101.00
148Salvage Rig-Base card101.00
149The Atoll-Base card101.00
150Waterworld Checklist-Base card101.00
DF1InhospitableDouble Foil CardsChase Card101.00
DF2Man with a MissionDouble Foil CardsChase Card101.00
DF3The Rule of LawDouble Foil CardsChase Card101.00
DF4Trial by FireDouble Foil CardsChase Card101.00
DF5Stalker and StalkedDouble Foil CardsChase Card101.00
DF6Smokin'Double Foil CardsChase Card101.00
H1Curious GregorHologram CardsChase Card101.00
H2HelenHologram CardsChase Card101.00
H3Dolphin LikeHologram CardsChase Card101.00
H4DeaconHologram CardsChase Card101.00
H5Cyclops StareHologram CardsChase Card101.00
H6NordHologram CardsChase Card101.00
P1Waterworld Fleer Ultra (4-up panel)-Promo Card101.00
PF1In CustodyPrismatic Foil CardsChase Card101.00
PF2Means of EscapePrismatic Foil CardsChase Card101.00
PF3Home Sweet HomePrismatic Foil CardsChase Card101.00
PF4All for NothingPrismatic Foil CardsChase Card101.00
PF5FireworksPrismatic Foil CardsChase Card101.00
PF6Belly of the WhalePrismatic Foil CardsChase Card101.00
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