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Futera Adelaide F1 Grand Prix 1994

Futera Adelaide F1 Grand Prix 1994

Year: 1994
Total cards: 122

Futera Adelaide F1 Grand Prix: 10th Anniversary.

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1Header CardHeader CardMain Series000.00
2Ayrton SennaDriversMain Series000.00
3Nigel MansellDriversMain Series000.00
4Alain ProstDriversMain Series000.00
5Damon HillDriversMain Series000.00
6Michele AlborettoDriversMain Series000.00
7Niki LaudaDriversMain Series000.00
8Riccardo PatreseDriversMain Series000.00
9Rubens BarrichelloDriversMain Series000.00
10Satoru NakajimaDriversMain Series000.00
11Alan JonesDriversMain Series000.00
12Phillipe StreiffDriversMain Series000.00
13Jean AlesiDriversMain Series000.00
14Keke RosbergDriversMain Series000.00
15Pierliugi MartiniDriversMain Series000.00
16Gianni MorbidelliDriversMain Series000.00
17Michael SchumacherDriversMain Series000.00
18JJ LehtoDriversMain Series000.00
19Nelson PiquetDriversMain Series000.00
20Phillippe AlliotDriversMain Series000.00
21Gerhard BergerDriversMain Series000.00
22Mark BlundellDriversMain Series000.00
23Teo FabiDriversMain Series000.00
24Jhonny DumfriesDriversMain Series000.00
25Andrea de CesarisDriversMain Series010.00
26Patrick TambayDriversMain Series000.00
27Johnny HerbertDriversMain Series000.00
28Roberto MorenoDriversMain Series000.00
29Thierry BoutsenDriversMain Series000.00
30Eddie CheeverDriversMain Series000.00
31Erik ComasDriversMain Series000.00
32Emanuele PirroDriversMain Series000.00
33Stefan JohanssonDriversMain Series000.00
34Karl WendlingerDriversMain Series000.00
35Rene ArnouxDriversMain Series000.00
36Stefano ModenaDriversMain Series000.00
37Elio de AngelisDriversMain Series000.00
38David BrabhamDriversMain Series000.00
39Martin BrundleDriversMain Series000.00
40Derek WarwickDriversMain Series000.00
41Mauricio GugelminDriversMain Series000.00
42Jonathan PalmerDriversMain Series000.00
43Aguri SuzukiDriversMain Series000.00
44Mikka HakkinenDriversMain Series000.00
45Jacques LaffiteDriversMain Series000.00
46Addie IrvineDriversMain Series000.00
47Christian FitipaldiDriversMain Series000.00
48Alessandro ManniniDriversMain Series000.00
49Ivan CapelliDriversMain Series000.00
50Alex CaffiDriversMain Series000.00
51Alessandro ZanardiDriversMain Series000.00
52Ukyo KatayamaDriversMain Series000.00
53Nicola LariniDriversMain Series000.00
54Pedro LamyDriversMain Series000.00
55Oliver GrouillardDriversMain Series000.00
56Piercarlo GhinzaniDriversMain Series000.00
57Oscar LarrauiriDriversMain Series000.00
58Pierre Henri RaphanelDriversMain Series000.00
59Adrian CamposDriversMain Series000.00
60Yannick DalmasDriversMain Series000.00
61OverviewCarsMain Series010.00
62Car ChassisCarsMain Series000.00
63EngineCarsMain Series000.00
64Rear WingCarsMain Series000.00
65Front WingCarsMain Series000.00
66CockpitCarsMain Series000.00
67ComputersCarsMain Series000.00
68BrakesCarsMain Series000.00
69SuspensionCarsMain Series000.00
70TyresCarsMain Series000.00
71Tyre WarmersCarsMain Series000.00
72FuelCarsMain Series000.00
73Driver’s SuitCarsMain Series000.00
74HelmetCarsMain Series000.00
75The GridAn overviewMain Series000.00
76QualifyingAn overviewMain Series000.00
77Pole PositionAn overviewMain Series000.00
78StartAn overviewMain Series000.00
79FinishAn overviewMain Series000.00
80Pit StopAn overviewMain Series000.00
81Flags/SignalsAn overviewMain Series000.00
82MarshalsAn overviewMain Series000.00
83SponsorshipAn overviewMain Series000.00
84Victory PodiumAn overviewMain Series000.00
85Circuit LayoutThis is AdelaideMain Series000.00
86ChicaneThis is AdelaideMain Series000.00
87Western SectionThis is AdelaideMain Series000.00
88Stag Corner/ Jones StraightThis is AdelaideMain Series000.00
89Brabham StaightThis is AdelaideMain Series000.00
90Racecourse SectionThis is AdelaideMain Series000.00
91The HairpinThis is AdelaideMain Series000.00
92Start-Finnish StraightThis is AdelaideMain Series000.00
93Formula One MagicFormula One MagicMain Series000.00
94Formula One MagicFormula One MagicMain Series000.00
95Formula One MagicFormula One MagicMain Series000.00
96Formula One MagicFormula One MagicMain Series000.00
97Formula One MagicFormula One MagicMain Series000.00
98Formula One MagicFormula One MagicMain Series000.00
99Formula One MagicFormula One MagicMain Series000.00
100Formula One MagicFormula One MagicMain Series000.00
101Formula One MagicFormula One MagicMain Series000.00
102Niki LaudaFormula One MagicMain Series000.00
103Keke RosbergFormula One MagicMain Series000.00
104Alan JonesFormula One MagicMain Series000.00
105Nelson PiquetFormula One MagicMain Series000.00
106Alain ProstFormula One MagicMain Series000.00
107Checklist 1-40ChecklistMain Series000.00
108Checklist 41-74ChecklistMain Series000.00
109Checklist 75-101ChecklistMain Series000.00
110Checklist 102-110 and SpecialsChecklistMain Series000.00
TC1Ayrton Senna Tribute Card
Tribute CardInserts101.00
VL1Keke Rosberg
Victory LaneInserts101.00
VL2Alain Prost
Victory LaneInserts101.00
VL3Gerhard Berger
Victory LaneInserts101.00
VL4Alain Prost
Victory LaneInserts101.00
VL5Thierry Boutsen
Victory LaneInserts101.00
VL6Nelson Piquet
Victory LaneInserts101.00
VL7Ayrton Senna
Victory LaneInserts101.00
VL8Gerhard Berger
Victory LaneInserts101.00
VL9Ayrton Senna
Victory LaneInserts101.00
WE1Exchange Card
Winner Exchange CardInserts101.00
WE2Picture Card
Winner Exchange CardInserts101.00
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