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Futera Arsenal Fans' Selection 1997-1998

Futera Arsenal Fans' Selection 1997-1998

Year: 1998
Total cards: 109

Arsenal Football Club Fans' Selection Collector Card Series 1997/98.

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collecting: 14 / completed: 14


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1Tony Adams / Nicolas Anelka / Martin KeownTeam PuzzleBase card570.71
2Remi Garde / Emmanuel Petit / Chris KiwomyaTeam PuzzleBase card490.44
3Gavin McGowan / Isaiah Rankin / Vince BartramTeam PuzzleBase card4110.36
4Glenn Helder / Patrick Vieira / David PlattTeam PuzzleBase card460.67
5Lee Dixon / Stephen Hughes / John LukicTeam PuzzleBase card3100.30
6Paul Shaw / Marc Overmars / Luis BoamorteTeam PuzzleBase card460.67
7David Seaman / Ian Wright / Dennis BergkampTeam PuzzleBase card480.50
8Steve Bould / Nigel Winterburn / Ray ParlourTeam PuzzleBase card480.50
9Ian Selley / Scott Marshall / Arsene WengerTeam PuzzleBase card480.50
10David SeamanThe TeamBase card590.56
11Ian WrightThe TeamBase card590.56
12Dennis BergkampThe TeamBase card680.75
13Glenn HelderThe TeamBase card460.67
14Patrick VieiraThe TeamBase card560.83
15David PlattThe TeamBase card590.56
16Tony AdamsThe TeamBase card690.67
17Nicolas AnelkaThe TeamBase card580.63
18Martin KeownThe TeamBase card480.50
19Steve BouldThe TeamBase card590.56
20Nigel WinterburnThe TeamBase card590.56
21Ray ParlourThe TeamBase card5110.45
22Lee DixonThe TeamBase card590.56
23Stephen HughesThe TeamBase card590.56
24John LukicThe TeamBase card580.63
25Remi GardeThe TeamBase card580.63
26Emmanuel PetitThe TeamBase card590.56
27Chris KiwomyaThe TeamBase card480.50
28Ian SelleyThe TeamBase card4110.36
29Scott MarshallThe TeamBase card480.50
30Arsene WengerThe TeamBase card570.71
31Paul ShawThe TeamBase card560.83
32Marc OvermarsThe TeamBase card680.75
33Luis BoamorteThe TeamBase card570.71
34Gavin McGowanThe TeamBase card4100.40
35Isaiah RankinThe TeamBase card560.83
36Vince BartramThe TeamBase card490.44
37Gilles GrimandiThe TeamBase card590.56
38Marc OvermarsThe TeamBase card480.50
39Luis BoamorteThe TeamBase card560.83
40Arsenal 3 - Chelsea 3Season's BestBase card5130.38
41Arsenal 4 - Sheffield Wednesday 1Season's BestBase card580.63
42Wimbledon 2 - Arsenal 2Season's BestBase card590.56
43Arsenal 2 - Sunderland 0Season's BestBase card5110.45
44Arsenal 3 - Tottenham 1Season's BestBase card5100.50
45Arsenal 3 - Tottenham 1Season's BestBase card5130.38
46Newcastle 1 - Arsenal 2Season's BestBase card5110.45
47Arsenal 3 - Everton 1Season's BestBase card5120.42
48Arsenal 3 - Tottenham 1Season's BestBase card6110.55
49Arsenal 1 - Liverpool 2Season's BestBase card5100.50
50Arsenal 2 - Leicester City 0Season's BestBase card4110.36
51Newcastle 1 - Arsenal 2Season's BestBase card4110.36
52Arsenal 5 - Stoke City 2Season's BestBase card690.67
53Blackburn 0 - Arsenal 2Season's BestBase card590.56
54Arsenal 3 - Southampton 1Season's BestBase card4130.31
55Dennis BergkampAwesome StrikesBase card661.00
56Ian WrightAwesome StrikesBase card680.75
57Paul MersonAwesome StrikesBase card580.63
58Lee DixonAwesome StrikesBase card590.56
59David PlattAwesome StrikesBase card580.63
60Ian WrightAwesome StrikesBase card590.56
61David SeamanStunning SavesBase card580.63
62John LukicStunning SavesBase card4110.36
63David SeamanStunning SavesBase card4150.27
64Ian WrightDream TeamBase card4100.40
65Patrick VieiraDream TeamBase card590.56
66Dennis BergkampDream TeamBase card570.71
67Tony AdamsDream TeamBase card490.44
68Martin KeownDream TeamBase card380.38
69Stephen HughesDream TeamBase card580.63
70Nigel WinterburnDream TeamBase card470.57
71Lee DixonDream TeamBase card360.50
72Steve BouldDream TeamBase card460.67
73David PlattDream TeamBase card480.50
74David SeamanDream TeamBase card490.44
75ChampionsDream TeamBase card470.57
76Liam BradyHeroesBase card5100.50
77Charlie GeorgeHeroesBase card5110.45
78David O'LearyHeroesBase card4100.40
79Pat JenningsHeroesBase card4100.40
80Checklist ChecklistBase card4110.36
81Checklist ChecklistBase card460.67
82Highbury (puzzle 1)Stadium PictureBase card590.56
83Highbury (puzzle 2)Stadium PictureBase card590.56
84Highbury (puzzle 3)Stadium PictureBase card6100.60
85Highbury (puzzle 4)Stadium PictureBase card6100.60
86Highbury (puzzle 5)Stadium PictureBase card570.71
87Highbury (puzzle 6)Stadium PictureBase card580.63
88Highbury (puzzle 7)Stadium PictureBase card5110.45
89Highbury (puzzle 8)Stadium PictureBase card6110.55
90Highbury (puzzle 9)Stadium PictureBase card5100.50
SE1David SeamanArsenalSpecial Edition771.00
SE2Lee DixonArsenalSpecial Edition5110.45
SE3Nigel WinterburnArsenalSpecial Edition5110.45
SE4Patrick VieiraArsenalSpecial Edition5100.50
SE5Steve BouldArsenalSpecial Edition560.83
SE6Tony AdamsArsenalSpecial Edition690.67
SE7David PlattArsenalSpecial Edition570.71
SE8Ian WrightArsenalSpecial Edition690.67
SE9John LukicArsenalSpecial Edition761.17
SE10Nicolas AnelkaArsenalSpecial Edition5110.45
SE11Martin KeownArsenalSpecial Edition5100.50
SE12Ray ParlourArsenalSpecial Edition680.75
SE13Remi GardeArsenalSpecial Edition6100.60
SE14Stephen HughesArsenalSpecial Edition590.56
SE15Dennis BergkampArsenalSpecial Edition570.71
SE16Paul ShawArsenalSpecial Edition570.71
SE17Arsene WengerArsenalSpecial Edition570.71
SE18EmblemArsenalSpecial Edition590.56
FMDennis Bergkamp / Ian WrightFansmotionBonus card641.50
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