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Futera Arsenal Fans' Selection 2000

Futera Arsenal Fans' Selection 2000

Year: 2000
Total cards: 107

Arsenal Fans' Selection Football Card 2000.

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 25 / completed: 3


101Patrick VieiraAttitudeBase card881.00
101cPatrick VieiraAttitudeBase card / Chrome707.00
102SylvinhoAttitudeBase card7110.64
102cSilvinhoAttitudeBase card / Chrome909.00
103Emmanuel PetitAttitudeBase card871.14
103cEmmanuel PetitAttitudeBase card / Chrome909.00
104Tony AdamsThe SquadBase card761.17
104cTony AdamsThe SquadBase card / Chrome808.00
105Alex ManningerThe SquadBase card851.60
105cAlex ManningerThe SquadBase card / Chrome919.00
106Nwankwo KanuThe SquadBase card10101.00
106cNwankwo KanuThe SquadBase card / Chrome808.00
107Martin KeownThe SquadBase card761.17
107cMartin KeownThe SquadBase card / Chrome808.00
108David SeamanThe SquadBase card951.80
108cDavid SeamanThe SquadBase card / Chrome808.00
109Matthew UpsonThe SquadBase card971.29
109cMatthew UpsonThe SquadBase card / Chrome808.00
110Ray ParlourThe SquadBase card881.00
110cRay ParlourThe SquadBase card / Chrome707.00
111Lee DixonThe SquadBase card761.17
111cLee DixonThe SquadBase card / Chrome909.00
112SylvinhoThe SquadBase card861.33
112cSilvinhoThe SquadBase card / Chrome717.00
113Patrick VieiraThe SquadBase card570.71
113cPatrick VieiraThe SquadBase card / Chrome808.00
114Emmanuel PetitThe SquadBase card460.67
114cEmmanuel PetitThe SquadBase card / Chrome818.00
115Marc OvermarsThe SquadBase card560.83
115cMarc OvermarsThe SquadBase card / Chrome808.00
116Dennis BergkampThe SquadBase card971.29
116cDennis BergkampThe SquadBase card / Chrome10010.00
117Nigel WinterburnThe SquadBase card680.75
117cNigel WinterburnThe SquadBase card / Chrome909.00
118Gilles GrimandiThe SquadBase card780.88
118cGilles GrimandiThe SquadBase card / Chrome808.00
119Cristopher WrehThe SquadBase card670.86
119cCristopher WrehThe SquadBase card / Chrome808.00
120Thierry HenryThe SquadBase card861.33
120cThierry HenryThe SquadBase card / Chrome808.00
121Paolo VernazzaThe SquadBase card771.00
121cPaolo VernazzaThe SquadBase card / Chrome808.00
122Stefan MaltzThe SquadBase card771.00
122cStefan MaltzThe SquadBase card / Chrome808.00
123Jermaine PennantThe SquadBase card690.67
123cJermaine PennantThe SquadBase card / Chrome808.00
124Fredrik LjungbergThe SquadBase card580.63
124cFredrik LjungbergThe SquadBase card / Chrome808.00
125Greg LincolnThe SquadBase card661.00
125cGreg LincolnThe SquadBase card / Chrome717.00
126Davor SukerThe SquadBase card881.00
126cDavor SukerThe SquadBase card / Chrome808.00
127Oleg LuzhnyThe SquadBase card670.86
127cOleg LuzhnyThe SquadBase card / Chrome909.00
128Nelson VivasThe SquadBase card771.00
128cNelson VivasThe SquadBase card / Chrome808.00
129Thierry HenryKickinBase card881.00
129cThierry HenryKickinBase card / Chrome10110.00
130Dennis BergkampExplosiveBase card570.71
130cDennis BergkampExplosiveBase card / Chrome10010.00
131Marc OvermarsForeign LegionBase card470.57
131cMarc OvermarsForeign LegionBase card / Chrome707.00
132Ian WrightFlashbackBase card570.71
132cIan WrightFlashbackBase card / Chrome909.00
133Alan SmithFlashbackBase card560.83
133cAlan SmithFlashbackBase card / Chrome909.00
134Charlie GeorgeFlashbackBase card590.56
134cCharlie GeorgeFlashbackBase card / Chrome717.00
135David SeamanMillenniumBase card470.57
135cDavid SeamanMillenniumBase card / Chrome909.00
136Nigel WinterburnMillenniumBase card690.67
136cNigel WinterburnMillenniumBase card / Chrome909.00
137Martin KeownMillenniumBase card390.33
137cMartin KeownMillenniumBase card / Chrome741.75
138Tony AdamsMillenniumBase card551.00
138cTony AdamsMillenniumBase card / Chrome808.00
139Nwankwo KanuMillenniumBase card3110.27
139cNwankwo KanuMillenniumBase card / Chrome818.00
140Patrick VieiraMillenniumBase card570.71
140cPatrick VieiraMillenniumBase card / Chrome717.00
141Marc OvermarsMillenniumBase card590.56
141cMarc OvermarsMillenniumBase card / Chrome824.00
142Ray ParlourMillenniumBase card380.38
142cRay ParlourMillenniumBase card / Chrome707.00
143Emmanuel PetitMillenniumBase card680.75
143cEmmanuel PetitMillenniumBase card / Chrome717.00
144Dennis BergkampMillenniumBase card570.71
144cDennis BergkampMillenniumBase card / Chrome824.00
145Davor SukerMillenniumBase card480.50
145cDavor SukerMillenniumBase card / Chrome707.00
146Thierry HenryMillenniumBase card741.75
146cThierry HenryMillenniumBase card / Chrome824.00
147Arsene WengerThe BossBase card580.63
147cArsene WengerThe BossBase card / Chrome818.00
148EmblemArsenalBase card580.63
148cEmblemArsenalBase card / Chrome909.00
149ChecklistArsenalBase card732.33
149cChecklistArsenalBase card / Chrome909.00
150Nwankwo KanuWantedBase card360.50
150cNwankwo KanuWantedBase card / Chrome707.00
E-DBDennis BergkampElectricSpecial card15115.00
E-DSEDavid SeamanElectricSpecial card1326.50
E-DSUDavor SukerElectricSpecial card1334.33
E-LDLee DixonElectricSpecial card1125.50
E-MOMarc OvermarsElectricSpecial card13113.00
E-TATony AdamsElectricSpecial card1334.33
MillenniumTeam card12112.00
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