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Futera Aston Villa Fans' Selection 2000

Futera Aston Villa Fans' Selection 2000

Year: 2000
Total cards: 37

collecting: 5 / completed: 1


1David JamesAston VillaBase card404.00
1cDavid JamesAston VillaBase card/Chrome303.00
2Gareth SouthgateAston VillaBase card313.00
2cGareth SouthgateAston VillaBase card/Chrome404.00
3Ugo EhioguAston VillaBase card303.00
3cUgo EhioguAston VillaBase card/Chrome404.00
4Gareth BarryAston VillaBase card303.00
4cGareth BarryAston VillaBase card/Chrome404.00
5Ian TaylorAston VillaBase card321.50
5cIan TaylorAston VillaBase card/Chrome404.00
6Colin CalderwoodAston VillaBase card303.00
6cColin CalderwoodAston VillaBase card/Chrome404.00
7Steve StoneAston VillaBase card313.00
7cSteve StoneAston VillaBase card/Chrome404.00
8Lee HendrieAston VillaBase card303.00
8cLee HendrieAston VillaBase card/Chrome404.00
9Paul MersonAston VillaBase card303.00
9cPaul MersonAston VillaBase card/Chrome404.00
10Dion DublinAston VillaBase card313.00
10cDion DublinAston VillaBase card/Chrome404.00
11Julian JoachimAston VillaBase card414.00
11cJulian JoachimAston VillaBase card/Chrome404.00
12George BoatengAston VillaBase card404.00
12cGeorge BoatengAston VillaBase card/Chrome404.00
13John GregoryAston VillaBase card414.00
13cJohn GregoryAston VillaBase card/Chrome404.00
14EmblemAston VillaEmblem331.00
14cEmblemAston VillaEmblem/Chrome303.00
15Mark DelaneyAston VillaWanted414.00
15cMark DelaneyAston VillaWanted/Chrome404.00
16Ugo EhioguAston VillaAttitude404.00
16cUgo EhioguAston VillaAttitude/Chrome404.00
17Lee HendrieAston VillaExplosive!404.00
17cLee HendrieAston VillaExplosive!/Chrome404.00
18ChecklistAston VillaChecklist404.00
18cChecklistAston VillaChecklist /Chrome404.00
XLMillennium Team Card
Aston VillaXL card313.00
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