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Futera Aston Villa Greatest Platinum 1999

Futera Aston Villa Greatest Platinum 1999

Year: 1999
Total cards: 51

Collection preview (98% scanned images)

collecting: 5 / completed: 1


1Charlie AitkenAston Villa-303.00
2Charlie AthersmithAston Villa-303.00
3Joe BacheAston Villa-303.00
4Danny BlanchflowerAston Villa-303.00
5Mark BosnichAston Villa-303.00
6Billy BrawnAston Villa-303.00
7Frank BroomeAston Villa-303.00
8Jimmy CowanAston Villa-303.00
9Gordan CowansAston Villa-303.00
10Jimmy CrabtreeAston Villa-202.00
11Vic CroweAston Villa-212.00
12George CummingsAston Villa-303.00
13John DeveyAston Villa-303.00
14John DixonAston Villa-303.00
15Arthur DorrellAston Villa-303.00
16Dickie DorsettAston Villa-202.00
17Andy DucatAston Villa-303.00
18Jimmy DugdaleAston Villa-303.00
19Albert EvansAston Villa-303.00
20Allan EvansAston Villa-303.00
21Trevor FordAston Villa-303.00
22Billy GeorgeAston Villa-303.00
23Andy GrayAston Villa-303.00
24Harry HamptonAston Villa-303.00
25Sam HardyAston Villa-303.00
26Gerry HitchensAston Villa-303.00
27Dennis HodgettsAston Villa-303.00
28Eric HoughtonAston Villa-303.00
29Brian LittleAston Villa-303.00
30Con MartinAston Villa-303.00
31Peter McParlandAston Villa-303.00
32Freddie MilesAston Villa-303.00
33Tony MorleyAston Villa-303.00
34Dennis MortimerAston Villa-303.00
35Frank Moss Snr.Aston Villa-303.00
36Harry ParkesAston Villa-303.00
37John ReynoldsAston Villa-303.00
38Jimmy RimmerAston Villa-303.00
39Gary ShawAston Villa-303.00
40Nigel SimsAston Villa-303.00
41Tommy SmartAston Villa-303.00
42Howard SpenceAston Villa-303.00
43Nigel SpinkAston Villa-303.00
44Clem StephensonAston Villa-303.00
45Billy WalkerAston Villa-303.00
46Charlie WallaceAston Villa-303.00
47Tommy WaringAston Villa-303.00
48Freddie WheldonAston Villa-303.00
49Peter WitheAston Villa-303.00
50Dwight YorkeAston Villa-404.00
CCCentrepiece Card
Aston Villa-404.00
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