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Futera Celtic Fans' Selection 1997-1998

Futera Celtic Fans' Selection 1997-1998

Year: 1998
Total cards: 126

Celtic Football Club Fans' Selection Collector Card Series 1998.

Collection preview (88% scanned images)

collecting: 15 / completed: 4


1Alan Stubbs / Jackie McNamaraTeam PuzzleBase card404.00
2Tom Boyd / Paul Lambert / Wim JansenTeam PuzzleBase card404.00
3Stewart Kerr / Brian McLaughlin / Harald BrattbakkTeam PuzzleBase card414.00
4Morten Wieghorst / Craig Burley / Darren JacksonTeam PuzzleBase card313.00
5Tosh McKinlay / Simon Donnelly / Murdo MacLeodTeam PuzzleBase card431.33
6Phil O'Donnell / Malky Mackay / David HannahTeam PuzzleBase card303.00
7Jonathan Gould / Regi BlinkerTeam PuzzleBase card404.00
8Stephane Mahe / Henrik Larsson / Stuart GrayTeam PuzzleBase card505.00
9Enrico Annoni / Tommy Johnson / Marc RieperTeam PuzzleBase card404.00
10Jonathan GouldThe TeamBase card303.00
11Regi BlinkerThe TeamBase card230.67
12Morten WieghorstThe TeamBase card422.00
13Craig BurleyThe TeamBase card414.00
14Darren JacksonThe TeamBase card422.00
15Alan StubbsThe TeamBase card221.00
16Jackie McNamaraThe TeamBase card404.00
17Stephane MaheThe TeamBase card313.00
18Henrik LarssonThe TeamBase card414.00
19Stuart GrayThe TeamBase card422.00
20Tosh McKinlayThe TeamBase card422.00
21Simon DonnellyThe TeamBase card422.00
22Murdo MacLeodThe TeamBase card414.00
23Tom BoydThe TeamBase card404.00
24Paul LambertThe TeamBase card313.00
25Wim JansenThe TeamBase card414.00
26Enrico AnnoniThe TeamBase card505.00
27Tommy JohnsonThe TeamBase card422.00
28Marc RieperThe TeamBase card303.00
29Phil O'DonnellThe TeamBase card404.00
30Malky MackayThe TeamBase card422.00
31David HannahThe TeamBase card303.00
32Stewart KerrThe TeamBase card515.00
33Brian McLaughlinThe TeamBase card321.50
34Harald BrattbakkThe TeamBase card414.00
35James GallagherRookiesBase card422.00
36John Paul McBrideRookiesBase card313.00
37Jamie SmithRookiesBase card422.00
38John ConveryRookiesBase card313.00
39Matt BurchillRookiesBase card313.00
40Barry ElliotRookiesBase card414.00
41Checklist ChecklistBase card404.00
42Checklist ChecklistBase card303.00
43ChampionsDream TeamBase card404.00
44Celtic 2 - Morton 0Season's BestBase card422.00
45Celtic 5 - Hibernian 0Season's BestBase card404.00
46Coca-Cola CupSeason's BestBase card404.00
47Berwick Rangers 0 - Celtic 7Season's BestBase card303.00
48St Johnstone 0 - Celtic 1Season's BestBase card414.00
49Celtic 1 - Motherwell 0Season's BestBase card404.00
50Celtic 1 - Dunfermline 0Season's BestBase card414.00
51Celtic 3 - Dundee United 0Season's BestBase card414.00
52Celtic 3 - Dundee United 0Season's BestBase card313.00
53Celtic 3 - Dundee United 0Season's BestBase card313.00
54Celtic 3 - Dundee United 0Season's BestBase card414.00
55Regi BlinkerAwesome StrikesBase card303.00
56Craig BurleyAwesome StrikesBase card414.00
57Jackie McNamaraAwesome StrikesBase card522.50
58Craig BurleyAwesome StrikesBase card303.00
59Harald BrattbakkAwesome StrikesBase card505.00
60Henrik LarssonAwesome StrikesBase card515.00
61Celtic HuddleDream TeamBase card404.00
62Craig BurleyDream TeamBase card505.00
63Henrik LarssonDream TeamBase card422.00
64Morten WieghorstDream TeamBase card414.00
65Stephane MaheDream TeamBase card313.00
66Tom BoydDream TeamBase card414.00
67Darren JacksonDream TeamBase card404.00
68Jonathan GouldDream TeamBase card404.00
69Jackie McNamaraDream TeamBase card321.50
70Regi BlinkerDream TeamBase card404.00
71Paul LambertDream TeamBase card505.00
72Alan StubbsDream TeamBase card404.00
73Jimmy JohnstoneHeroesBase card404.00
74Pat BonnerHeroesBase card321.50
75Charlie NicholasHeroesBase card414.00
76Billy McNeillHeroesBase card404.00
77Roy AitkenHeroesBase card404.00
78Paul McStayHeroesBase card313.00
79Frank McAvennieHeroesBase card313.00
80Tommy BurnsHeroesBase card404.00
81Danny McGrainHeroesBase card303.00
82Celtic Park (puzzle 1)Stadium PictureBase card404.00
83Celtic Park (puzzle 2)Stadium PictureBase card414.00
84Celtic Park (puzzle 3)Stadium PictureBase card404.00
85Celtic Park (puzzle 4)Stadium PictureBase card321.50
86Celtic Park (puzzle 5)Stadium PictureBase card404.00
87Celtic Park (puzzle 6)Stadium PictureBase card422.00
88Celtic Park (puzzle 7)Stadium PictureBase card404.00
89Celtic Park (puzzle 8)Stadium PictureBase card404.00
90Celtic Park (puzzle 9)Stadium PictureBase card414.00
SE1Darren JacksonCelticSpecial Edition414.00
SE1fDarren JacksonCelticSpecial Edition / Foil606.00
SE2Marc RieperCelticSpecial Edition515.00
SE2fMarc RieperCelticSpecial Edition / Foil707.00
SE3Stephane MaheCelticSpecial Edition522.50
SE3fStephane MaheCelticSpecial Edition / Foil616.00
SE4Jackie McNamaraCelticSpecial Edition522.50
SE4fJackie McNamaraCelticSpecial Edition / Foil707.00
SE5Regi BlinkerCelticSpecial Edition515.00
SE5fRegi BlinkerCelticSpecial Edition / Foil606.00
SE6Alan StubbsCelticSpecial Edition515.00
SE6fAlan StubbsCelticSpecial Edition / Foil707.00
SE7Henrik LarssonCelticSpecial Edition616.00
SE7fHenrik LarssonCelticSpecial Edition / Foil606.00
SE8Craig BurleyCelticSpecial Edition515.00
SE8fCraig BurleyCelticSpecial Edition / Foil606.00
SE9Harald BrattbakkCelticSpecial Edition414.00
SE9fHarald BrattbakkCelticSpecial Edition / Foil606.00
SE10Jonathan GouldCelticSpecial Edition321.50
SE10fJonathan GouldCelticSpecial Edition / Foil707.00
SE11Stewart KerrCelticSpecial Edition313.00
SE11fStewart KerrCelticSpecial Edition / Foil707.00
SE12Tom BoydCelticSpecial Edition414.00
SE12fTom BoydCelticSpecial Edition / Foil707.00
SE13Simon DonnellyCelticSpecial Edition321.50
SE13fSimon DonnellyCelticSpecial Edition / Foil707.00
SE14Phil O'DonnellCelticSpecial Edition414.00
SE14fPhil O'DonnellCelticSpecial Edition / Foil707.00
SE15Morten WieghorstCelticSpecial Edition414.00
SE15fMorten WieghorstCelticSpecial Edition / Foil616.00
SE16Paul LambertCelticSpecial Edition515.00
SE16fPaul LambertCelticSpecial Edition / Foil606.00
SE17Wim JansenCelticSpecial Edition422.00
SE17fWim JansenCelticSpecial Edition / Foil707.00
SE18EmblemCelticSpecial Edition515.00
SE18fEmblemCelticSpecial Edition / Foil606.00
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