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Futera Celtic Fans' Selection 2000

Futera Celtic Fans' Selection 2000

Year: 2000
Total cards: 105

Celtic Fans' Selection Football Card 2000.

Collection preview (51% scanned images)

collecting: 16 / completed: 3


101Henrik LarssonAttitudeBase card441.00
101cHenrik LarssonAttitudeBase card / Chrome707.00
102Morten WieghorstAttitudeBase card515.00
102cMorten WieghorstAttitudeBase card / Chrome505.00
103Mark VidukaAttitudeBase card422.00
103cMark VidukaAttitudeBase card / Chrome616.00
104Paul LambertAttitudeBase card441.00
104cPaul LambertAttitudeBase card / Chrome505.00
105Jonathan GouldAttitudeBase card331.00
105cJonathan GouldAttitudeBase card / Chrome505.00
106Lubomir MoravcikThe SquadBase card431.33
106cLubomir MoravcikThe SquadBase card / Chrome717.00
107Vidar RisethThe SquadBase card313.00
107cVidar RisethThe SquadBase card / Chrome606.00
108Johan MjallbyThe SquadBase card331.00
108cJohan MjallbyThe SquadBase card / Chrome623.00
109Mark VidukaThe SquadBase card303.00
109cMark VidukaThe SquadBase card / Chrome606.00
110Olivier TebilyThe SquadBase card321.50
110cOlivier TebilyThe SquadBase card / Chrome606.00
111Stephane MaheThe SquadBase card321.50
111cStephane MaheThe SquadBase card / Chrome606.00
112Alan StubbsThe SquadBase card422.00
112cAlan StubbsThe SquadBase card / Chrome606.00
113Ian WrightThe SquadBase card212.00
113cIan WrightThe SquadBase card / Chrome616.00
114Stewart KerrThe SquadBase card331.00
114cStewart KerrThe SquadBase card / Chrome616.00
115Eyal BerkovicThe SquadBase card414.00
115cEyal BerkovicThe SquadBase card / Chrome616.00
116Regi BlinkerThe SquadBase card331.00
116cRegi BlinkerThe SquadBase card / Chrome606.00
117Craig BurleyThe SquadBase card441.00
117cCraig BurleyThe SquadBase card / Chrome606.00
118Bobby PettaThe SquadBase card404.00
118cBobby PettaThe SquadBase card / Chrome616.00
119Jackie McNamaraThe SquadBase card404.00
119cJackie McNamaraThe SquadBase card / Chrome606.00
120Marc RieperThe SquadBase card422.00
120cMarc RieperThe SquadBase card / Chrome606.00
121Harald BrattbakkThe SquadBase card340.75
121cHarald BrattbakkThe SquadBase card / Chrome606.00
122Paul LambertThe SquadBase card422.00
122cPaul LambertThe SquadBase card / Chrome505.00
123Tom BoydThe SquadBase card441.00
123cTom BoydThe SquadBase card / Chrome505.00
124Morten WieghorstThe SquadBase card431.33
124cMorten WieghorstThe SquadBase card / Chrome505.00
125Jonathan GouldThe SquadBase card422.00
125cJonathan GouldThe SquadBase card / Chrome616.00
126Henrik LarssonThe SquadBase card531.67
126cHenrik LarssonThe SquadBase card / Chrome616.00
127Mark BurchillThe SquadBase card331.00
127cMark BurchillThe SquadBase card / Chrome606.00
128Dimitri KharineThe SquadBase card422.00
128cDimitri KharineThe SquadBase card / Chrome531.67
129Johan MjallbyExplosiveBase card350.60
129cJohan MjallbyExplosiveBase card / Chrome616.00
130Henrik LarssonKickinBase card531.67
130cHenrik LarssonKickinBase card / Chrome707.00
131Vidar RisethKickinBase card321.50
131cVidar RisethKickinBase card / Chrome616.00
132Eyal BerkovicKickinBase card431.33
132cEyal BerkovicKickinBase card / Chrome606.00
133Olivier TebilyKickinBase card321.50
133cOlivier TebilyKickinBase card / Chrome616.00
134Kenny DalglishFlashbackBase card431.33
134cKenny DalglishFlashbackBase card / Chrome616.00
135Jonathan GouldMillenniumBase card551.00
135cJonathan GouldMillenniumBase card / Chrome606.00
136Harald BrattbakMillenniumBase card450.80
136cHarald BrattbakMillenniumBase card / Chrome505.00
137Vidar RisethMillenniumBase card431.33
137cVidar RisethMillenniumBase card / Chrome606.00
138Stephane MaheMillenniumBase card441.00
138cStephane MaheMillenniumBase card / Chrome616.00
139Olivier TebilyMillenniumBase card431.33
139cOlivier TebilyMillenniumBase card / Chrome606.00
140Paul LambertMillenniumBase card450.80
140cPaul LambertMillenniumBase card / Chrome606.00
141Craig BurleyMillenniumBase card340.75
141cCraig BurleyMillenniumBase card / Chrome616.00
142Eyal BerkovicMillenniumBase card460.67
142cEyal BerkovicMillenniumBase card / Chrome505.00
143Johan MjallbyMillenniumBase card470.57
143cJohan MjallbyMillenniumBase card / Chrome606.00
144Mark BurchillMillenniumBase card460.67
144cMark BurchillMillenniumBase card / Chrome606.00
145Henrik LarssonMillenniumBase card531.67
145cHenrik LarssonMillenniumBase card / Chrome717.00
146Mark VidukaMillenniumBase card441.00
146cMark VidukaMillenniumBase card / Chrome606.00
147John BarnesThe BossBase card531.67
147cJohn BarnesThe BossBase card / Chrome505.00
148EmblemCelticBase card450.80
148cEmblemCelticBase card / Chrome606.00
149Eyal BerkovicWantedBase card331.00
149cEyal BerkovicWantedBase card / Chrome606.00
150ChecklistCelticBase card360.50
150cChecklistCelticBase card / Chrome606.00
E-EBEyal BerkovicElectricSpecial card919.00
E-HLHenrik LarssonElectricSpecial card11111.00
E-IWIan WrightElectricSpecial card919.00
E-MVMark VidukaElectricSpecial card909.00
MillenniumTeam card717.00
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