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Futera Derby County Fans' Selection 2000

Futera Derby County Fans' Selection 2000

Year: 2000
Total cards: 37

Derby County Fans' Selection Football Card 2000.

Collection preview (51% scanned images)

collecting: 7 / completed: 1


1Russel HoultMillenniumBase card422.00
1cRussel HoultMillenniumBase card / Chrome404.00
2Horacio CarbonariMillenniumBase card414.00
2cHoracio CarbonariMillenniumBase card / Chrome505.00
3Stefan SchnoorMillenniumBase card414.00
3cStefan SchnoorMillenniumBase card / Chrome505.00
4Darryl PowellMillenniumBase card414.00
4cDarryl PowellMillenniumBase card / Chrome505.00
5Seth JohnsonMillenniumBase card414.00
5cSeth JohnsonMillenniumBase card / Chrome505.00
6Tony DorigoMillenniumBase card422.00
6cTony DorigoMillenniumBase card / Chrome505.00
7Mikkel BeckMillenniumBase card515.00
7cMikkel BeckMillenniumBase card / Chrome505.00
8Stefano EranioMillenniumBase card515.00
8cStefano EranioMillenniumBase card / Chrome404.00
9Francesco BaianoMillenniumBase card515.00
9cFrancesco BaianoMillenniumBase card / Chrome505.00
10Esteban FuertesMillenniumBase card414.00
10cEsteban FuertesMillenniumBase card / Chrome505.00
11Lars BohinenMillenniumBase card422.00
11cLars BohinenMillenniumBase card / Chrome505.00
12Rory DelapMillenniumBase card414.00
12cRory DelapMillenniumBase card / Chrome505.00
13Jim SmithThe BossBase card414.00
13cJim SmithThe BossBase card / Chrome404.00
14EmblemDerby CountyBase card313.00
14cEmblemDerby CountyBase card / Chrome505.00
15Esteban FuertesWantedBase card422.00
15cEsteban FuertesWantedBase card / Chrome505.00
16Deon BurtonAttitudeBase card414.00
16cDeon BurtonAttitudeBase card / Chrome404.00
17Seth JohnsonExplosiveBase card313.00
17cSeth JohnsonExplosiveBase card / Chrome404.00
18ChecklistDerby CountyBase card414.00
18cChecklistDerby CountyBase card / Chrome404.00
MillenniumTeam card303.00