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Futera Leeds United Fans' Selection 1997-1998

Futera Leeds United Fans' Selection 1997-1998

Year: 1998
Total cards: 109

Leeds Unitedl Football Club Fans' Selection Collector Card Series 1998.

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1Alfie Haaland / Ian Harte / David RobertsonTeam PuzzleBase card313.00
2Rod Wallace / Lucas Radebe / David HopkinTeam PuzzleBase card221.00
3Paul Shepard / Lee Matthews / Wesley BoyleTeam PuzzleBase card120.50
4Robert Molenaar / Gary Kelly / Andy GrayTeam PuzzleBase card111.00
5Lee Bowyer / Jimmy Hasselbaink / Mark BeeneyTeam PuzzleBase card101.00
6Jason Blunt / Bruno Ribeiro / Harry KewellTeam PuzzleBase card202.00
7Richard Jobson / Lee Sharpe / David WetherallTeam PuzzleBase card120.50
8Nigel Martyn / Mark Jackson / Gunnar HalleTeam PuzzleBase card120.50
9George Graham / Alan Maybury / Derek LilleyTeam PuzzleBase card111.00
10Team Mascot EllieThe TeamBase card221.00
11Richard JobsonThe TeamBase card111.00
12Lee SharpeThe TeamBase card101.00
13David WetherallThe TeamBase card303.00
14Robert MolenaarThe TeamBase card111.00
15Gary KellyThe TeamBase card202.00
16Andy GrayThe TeamBase card111.00
17Alfie HaalandThe TeamBase card111.00
18Ian HarteThe TeamBase card120.50
19David RobertsonThe TeamBase card101.00
20Nigel MartynThe TeamBase card111.00
21Mark JacksonThe TeamBase card101.00
22Gunnar HalleThe TeamBase card101.00
23Lee BowyerThe TeamBase card101.00
24Jimmy HasselbainkThe TeamBase card111.00
25Mark BeeneyThe TeamBase card120.50
26Rod WallaceThe TeamBase card120.50
27Lucas RadebeThe TeamBase card120.50
28David HopkinThe TeamBase card120.50
29Jason BluntThe TeamBase card120.50
30Bruno RibeiroThe TeamBase card111.00
31Harry KewellThe TeamBase card202.00
32Pierre LaurentThe TeamBase card111.00
33George GrahamThe TeamBase card120.50
34Alan MayRookiesBase card120.50
35Derek LilleyRookiesBase card202.00
36Paul ShepherdRookiesBase card111.00
37Wesley BoyleRookiesBase card111.00
38Andy Wright / Paul RobinsonRookiesBase card111.00
39Lee Matthews / Stephen McPhailRookiesBase card212.00
40ChampionsDream TeamBase card120.50
41Checklist ChecklistBase card120.50
42Checklist ChecklistBase card212.00
43Blackburn 3 - Leeds United 4Season's BestBase card101.00
44Blackburn 3 - Leeds United 4Season's BestBase card101.00
45Blackburn 3 - Leeds United 4Season's BestBase card303.00
46Leeds United 4 - Newcastle 1Season's BestBase card120.50
47Leeds United 4 - Newcastle 1Season's BestBase card101.00
48Leeds United 1 - Arsenal 1Season's BestBase card120.50
49Leeds United 4 - Derby 3Season's BestBase card202.00
50Leeds United 4 - Derby 3Season's BestBase card303.00
51Leeds United 2 - Manchester United 0Season's BestBase card101.00
52Sheffield Wednesday 1 - Leeds United 3Season's BestBase card120.50
53Stoke City 1 - Leeds United 3Season's BestBase card221.00
54Sheffield Wednesday 1 - Leeds United 3Season's BestBase card120.50
55Lee SharpeAwesome StrikesBase card212.00
56Lee BowyerAwesome StrikesBase card120.50
57Robert MolenaarAwesome StrikesBase card120.50
58Harry KewellAwesome StrikesBase card202.00
59Jimmy HasselbainkAwesome StrikesBase card120.50
60Rod WallaceAwesome StrikesBase card111.00
61Nigel MartynStunning SavesBase card321.50
62Nigel MartynStunning SavesBase card111.00
63Nigel MartynStunning SavesBase card111.00
64Rod WallaceDream TeamBase card120.50
65Lee SharpeDream TeamBase card120.50
66Lee BowyerDream TeamBase card221.00
67Richard JobsonDream TeamBase card120.50
68Bruno RibieroDream TeamBase card111.00
69Gunnar HalleDream TeamBase card120.50
70Nigel MartynDream TeamBase card120.50
71Robert MolenaarDream TeamBase card111.00
72Gary KellyDream TeamBase card212.00
73Jimmy HasselbainkDream TeamBase card303.00
74David HopkinDream TeamBase card130.33
75Paul MadeleyHeroesBase card101.00
76Billy BremnerHeroesBase card120.50
77Allan ClarkeHeroesBase card111.00
78Peter LorimerHeroesBase card101.00
79Jack CharltonHeroesBase card221.00
80Johnny GilesHeroesBase card111.00
81Norman HunterHeroesBase card221.00
82Elland Road (puzzle 1)Stadium PictureBase card202.00
83Elland Road (puzzle 2)Stadium PictureBase card212.00
84Elland Road (puzzle 3)Stadium PictureBase card111.00
85Elland Road (puzzle 4)Stadium PictureBase card111.00
86Elland Road (puzzle 5)Stadium PictureBase card313.00
87Elland Road (puzzle 6)Stadium PictureBase card202.00
88Elland Road (puzzle 7)Stadium PictureBase card303.00
89Elland Road (puzzle 8)Stadium PictureBase card101.00
90Elland Road (puzzle 9)Stadium PictureBase card120.50
SE1David RobertsonLeeds UnitedSpecial Edition202.00
SE2Robert MolenaarLeeds UnitedSpecial Edition101.00
SE3Bruno RibieroLeeds UnitedSpecial Edition120.50
SE4Ian HarteLeeds UnitedSpecial Edition101.00
SE5Nigel MartynLeeds UnitedSpecial Edition101.00
SE6Gunnar HalleLeeds UnitedSpecial Edition212.00
SE7Alfie HaalandLeeds UnitedSpecial Edition303.00
SE8David HopkinLeeds UnitedSpecial Edition111.00
SE9David WetherallLeeds UnitedSpecial Edition120.50
SE10Jimmy HasselbainkLeeds UnitedSpecial Edition221.00
SE11Lucas RadebeLeeds UnitedSpecial Edition111.00
SE12Lee SharpeLeeds UnitedSpecial Edition202.00
SE13Harry KewellLeeds UnitedSpecial Edition101.00
SE14Rod WallaceLeeds UnitedSpecial Edition404.00
SE15Lee BowyerLeeds UnitedSpecial Edition303.00
SE16Gary KellyLeeds UnitedSpecial Edition111.00
SE17George GrahamLeeds UnitedSpecial Edition101.00
SE18EmblemLeeds UnitedSpecial Edition120.50
FMLee Bowyer / Nigel Martyn / Lee SharpeFansmotionBonus card505.00
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